staring at this for quite a long time

It’s one of those mornings where they are lying in bed, nothing going on, nothing scheduled. Outside the city is roaring and beating and rushing, but in 221B, or to be more specific, their bedroom, the world stands still.

They are both awake. Not quite awake, it is still early after all, but awake enough to hold each other, both on their sides and with their hands in each other’s hair. Awake but still sleepy, blinks still slow, minds not fully present, but their hearts all the more open.

They are looking at each other, sky blue eyes meeting ocean blue. They are staring at each other for a long time, an amount of time somehow lost in the universe, could’ve been minutes, could’ve been hours, and behind their eyes lies sheer amazement, lies wonder, lies warmth that makes the heart glow.

John stretches out his hand and places it on Sherlock’s cheek, lazily stroking his thumb over one sharp cheekbone and his palm over the slightest bit of morning stubble. Sherlock smiles shyly and closes his eyes as he presses his face closer into John’s hand. With his eyes closed, he feels him more intensely, feels the carefulness of his touch. It should be unreal, unbelievable. It has not been long since they have become this.

He concentrates on his own heartbeat, on John’s palm that is a little bit rough, the sensation making it feel a little less like a dream. He shuffles closer to him and John meets him halfway. Sherlock’s own hand raises, he lines it up against John’s chest. Hand to heart. He feels so very warm. He knows this is real then, somehow he knows. It’s the heart that beats beneath his touch, the softness of clothes as their bodies press against each other.

It’s the pair of lips, gentle, hot, close, that meets his own. Sherlock opens for him, gasping as John’s tongue finds his own and they are kissing, snogging the time away. It slows the wheels spinning in his mind, it’s like a strong drug but better, and he feels high, high above the clouds.

“Seven years ago we met,” Sherlock whispers when they part.

“You changed my life,” John whispers back. “Saved my life. Did I ever tell you that?”

Sherlock smiles against him, sadly. “You didn’t have to.”

“Hey.” John lifts his chin a little, locking eyes with him once more. “We’re still here together. And you know what’s so unbelievable about that?”

Sherlock blinks, waiting for an answer. For once, he doesn’t know.

“Seven years? And I still love you more every day, ever since.“

They skip the talking from there before one of them cries. Instead they pour all they want to say into kisses. They kiss and kiss for a long time. As, for them, it is always January 29.


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home for the holidays. (jerome valeska x reader)

words: 1331
warnings: none
sorry for the long overdue festive drabble, i was in a christmassy mood a few days ago y!kes


a scarf, a present wrapped very poorly, a kiss

“Any idea when you’re gonna be home?” You stared out the window at the quickly darkening sky, hoping to see your boyfriend making his way down the snow covered sidewalk at any time. He had been out for quite some time now, and you just wanted to spend the bitterly cold January evening inside with him. “It’s getting late.”

“I know Doll, I promise I won’t be long.” His voice made you smile, and you nodded to yourself, eyes watching the way snow drifted down from the sky and landed softly. You hated how clingy you seemed, but it wasn’t your fault you missed him so much.

Jerome had died. You watched it from the comfort of your own home, as it aired live on television. Nothing had ever hurt you so much, and you spent over a year without him by your side by the time he miraculously came back. It had been a day you would never forget. Jerome was back, and although he had suffered some minor…alterations, he was still Jerome. However, now you found yourself worried whenever he left the house for elongated periods of time. You were terrified he had come back only for you to lose him again.

“I love you.” You offered a sentiment, making a chuckle crackle through the receiver.

“Yeah yeah…” You knew he was rolling his eyes. He never seemed to take you seriously when you expressed your feelings for him, which was why his response caught you quite off guard. “Love you too.”

You were beaming, but he hung up before anything else could be said. You sighed and shook your head slightly, shutting off your phone and going back to watching out the window. He had never sounded so genuine as he did just then, and your heart was fluttering in your chest just thinking about it.

Jerome loved you.

It seemed as if the months upon months you spent thinking about him, from his laugh, to his grin, to every little freckle he possessed, weren’t a waste of time. You meant something to him, just like he meant something to you. Now your eagerness to see him was filling you to the brim, and you couldn’t wait any longer. With little to no thought, you got to your feet and headed for the front door, scooping up your coat and hat on the way outside.

Snow flurried around you and you didn’t hesitate in pulling on your outerwear. It was truly cold, and you found yourself sniffling as you peered down the street, rocking back and forth on your feet. It was unusually quiet in the city tonight, as most people thought it wise to stay indoors. Jerome, however, had insisted there was ’something he has to do’. And ’no, it can’t wait until tomorrow, y/n…’

It just so happened to be so quiet you could hear his whistling before you saw him. The injuries to his mouth caused him difficulty, and made it come out very off key and rather painful to listen to. That was how you knew it was him.

You saw him turn a corner and couldn’t help the grin that spread across your lips as you broke out into a run.

“J!” You called, making him glance up and his eyes widen. He stopped in his tracks and let out a laugh as he watched you race towards him.

“What the hell are you doing?” He braced himself as you hit his chest, your arms immediately sliding around his torso and squeezing him tightly. He returned the gesture, giggling into your hair and furrowing his brows. “What are you doing?” He repeated, allowing you to hold him a little longer than usual. “I was only gone a few hours…”

You pulled away and shrugged, a blush rising on your cheeks. “Sorry.”

He just shook his head with a chuckle, his arms falling to rest at his sides as he gazed down at you. The two of you stood in silence, and you weren’t sure whether or not you should make a move to go inside. It was just such a calm, quiet and sincere moment, which was the complete opposite of Jerome himself. You gently pulled his scarf back to reveal his damaged yet beautiful face, and simply smiled up at him.

You looked at him and he looked at you, and there was so much hanging over your heads, unsaid because both of you were afraid of spoiling the undeniable love radiating between the two of you. Your eyes wandered across his unreadable face, lingering on the snowflakes that were accumulating in his bright hair. You gently reached up and brushed your trembling fingers through it, giggling as his nose scrunched up at your purely fond expression.

“Are you gonna tell me why you’ve been acting so…not like yourself?” You asked, settling back on your feet properly and watching him with curious eyes. “It’s freaking me out.”

Jerome’s eyes lit up slightly and a sheepish smile stretched across his scarred face. He reached inside his coat and his glove cloaked fingers produced a small gift of sorts. He shrugged and turned it over in his hands before his eyes ventured up to the dark sky littered with stars.

“I’m sorry I was…gone…for so long…” He mumbled, making you roll your eyes and pull one hand off the box to hold it in your own. You instantly knew what he was talking about.

“I’m not mad. It’s not your fault you died you idiot.”

Jerome emitted a choked, raspy laugh and shook his head, eyes rolling slightly. He held onto the gift a little tighter and took a step closer to you. “I know I know,” He waved you off, simply thinking about how long he spent dead making him feel sick. “But being dead was so…boring. Must’ve been even worse for you, y'know, without me here to keep you company.”

You playfully smacked his chest and glared up at him, before flicking your eyes back down to the gift. You couldn’t help but be curious as to what it was, and if it was for you or not.

“So, what’s with the gift?” You smiled mischievously, making him shrug halfheartedly and hold it out.

“Felt bad for missing Christmas, thought I’d uh…grab you something nice.” He said quietly as you took the gift in your own hands, scoffing at the wrapping job.

“Do this yourself?” You asked, humor dripping from your voice as you pulled at a loose flap of candy cane covered paper.

“Oh shut up. I tried, okay?”

With a giggle, you carefully unwrapped the small box and furrowed your brows, lifting the lid off. Your eyes landed on a ring—a beautiful ring lined with small diamonds and featuring a tiny crown. Your wide eyes flew up to Jerome, who had an equally widened smile and nodded to the ring.

“Well, put it on,” He encouraged, his grin widening even more as he added, “Princess.”

You nodded quickly and slid the ring on your finger, admiring the way it sparkled under the moonlight. It was definitely the nicest thing Jerome had ever given you or done for you, and it made you look to him with welled up eyes.

“Awh come on, why are you cry—”

You cut him off mid complaint by locking your lips together in a deep, passionate kiss. It caught him quite off guard, and you could tell by the way his hands seemed unsure on where to land, and the slight hesitation he showed before kissing you back. His lips were no longer soft and gentle as they moved against yours, but it didn’t stop you from pulling him closer to deepen the already heavy kiss. His hands settled on your waist, gently pulling your body towards his. You broke for only a moment to mumble a question you already knew the answer to.

“Did you actually pay for the ring?”

“Don’t spoil the moment.”

Let me tell you guys about my Johnlock dream!

It was only like a minute long but you’re gonna hear about it anyway-

So it’s an established relationship AU where John is a hot college professor and Sherlock is still Sherlock. John is walking up and down the aisles of his classroom talking, he’s wearing rectangular glasses and an old gray cardigan.

He asks the class “who can tell me what [insert complicated question here]?”

Then we hear a familiar deep voice respond with the perfect answer. Everyone turns to find Sherlock leaning in the doorway - who knows how long he’d been standing there watching his lovely John

John and Sherlock stare adoringly at each other with mega heart eyes and the class LOVES 👏 IT 👏

Because Sherlock visits quite often apparently and John is just as surprised and flustered and smitten Every. Damn. Time.

@kimbiablue @shag-me-senseless-watson @love-in-mind-palace @the-asexual-detective @hushwatson @vanetti @johnandsherlock


imagine this calum fucking this michael,

michael would be whimpering and whining as his small hands gripped at the pale pink sheets of his bed, the small boy resting on his hands and knees. calum would be tightly gripping michael’s pale hips, leaving bruises where his fingertips were, as he pounded into the small boy. as the pleasure grew more intense michael’s noises would grow higher in pitch, and his thighs would begin to shake. “d-daddy,” michael would whimper, knowing that it drove his boyfriend crazy. soon enough michael would collapse onto the bed, only his knees holding himself up, as calum’s harsh thrusts increased in speed. calum would be letting out deep grunts and muttering “fuck yeah” under his breath as he stared down at michael, his plump lips parted as he let out heavy breaths. the two boys would reach their highs at the same time, michael letting out a long whine as his body shook quite violently, a stream of white cum coating his pale stomach. calum would not give a fuck and release his hot load inside of michael, causing the small boy’s back to arch as he cried out loudly, letting out soft sobs from the overstimulation. afterward, calum would give michael a bath and wash his body, giving him kisses and making sure that he knew that calum loved him.

history repeats itself II

note:  I’m trying a new thing; finish a chapter at a good point, not by word count. I’ve seen it work well for other stories, so I hope it will work for me too.



summary:  Airports are busy, busy, busy. So many people!


Marinette honestly wouldn’t have been able to say if the flight had been good or bad, because she spent the entire time staring out the window wondering if she could use her yoyo to break the glass and leap out.

Two weeks.

For two weeks, she would be sharing a room with Adrien Agreste.

The thought made her want to scream again.

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More Women than Warriors by @steklir  (moodboard)

“The first time Clarke sees the Head Girl she’s sitting on a throne, presiding over her dominion with a piercing stare and a crown of braids in her hair. Her warriors are spread at her feet, a multitude of them, all long-haired and wild and clad in identical brown regalia. There’s something of the sacred about her, like the crimson cloak draped across her shoulders and her divinity are one and the same.

Or at least it feels that way”

British girls’ boarding school AU. Obviously.

Do Not Go Gentle

On AO3

Single malt whiskey didn’t burn going down, at least not after the third shot. He made note of that, stroking his beard thoughtfully and staring down his reflection across the bar. The place was empty aside from a half asleep bartender and a single waitress filling the salt shakers. Mike had never been a day-drinker, but there was something about how dimly lit the bar was that made it seem okay. He could delude himself into thinking he wasn’t being pathetic.

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a table for

She cleared the table and wiped it clean.
She’s wiped it with such frequency that its varnish
is beginning to thin.

She waits for you at a table ready for two, or more. 
She waits for you to come without reservations; for
old friends that never should have lost each other to
encounter once more what needs to be confronted.

She sits each night and sometimes stares into invisible
space, and at times she grows impatient, but not with you. 
She becomes restless, maybe even a little irritable because
this need to see you and sit with you is profound.

It’s been such a long time since the two of you sat across
from one another, and at the same time, it’s as if it were
yesterday. You are quite possibly closer today then you
were, when time together was an actuality. 

In spirit, she never formally walks away from the table
she has cleared and wiped clean; over and over again.
She is in truth, never too far.  She even stores a fresh
ream of lined paper in her matching hutch, and some
unused pens ready for your use, should you want it;
should it be easier to write than to enunciate. 
She also keeps her door unlocked because she is
incapable of giving up hope that one day you will
push through, and aside whatever fear keeps you

Perhaps, you will never feel the same need as her
to sit and share.  Perhaps this is all different for you,
but this possible fact does not deter her spirit.
She remains true to herself.

Lexa’s Bedroom Revelation (Clexa)

“Just hold me for another minute.”

“You’ve been saying that for the last twenty minutes Lexa.” Clarke smiled but complied and pulled Lexa in. She kissed the nape of her neck three times before she pulled away.

“I’ve meant it every time.” Lexa replied and Clarke could almost see the sly look on Lexa’s face even though she was staring at her back. 

“You have so much to do today. Titus said you have meetings and-” Lexa turned carefully in bed, trying not to break Clarke’s hold on her. 

“Shhh.” Lexa put a long finger against Clarke’s lips. “I’m Heda, and as Heda I say I only have one meeting today and I’m quite happy with the outcome so far.” Lexa moved closer with every word. The last was just a breath against Clarke’s lips as she kissed them. 

“What’s gotten into you this morning?” Clarke laughed against Lexa’s mouth as she rolled on top of Clarke. 

“The freedom of knowing that I won’t walk up in this bed alone anymore.” Kiss. “The fact that you Clarke kom Skaikru are quite naked under those furs.” Kiss. “And knowing that the little vein in Titus’ temple is protruding just thinking about me missing another meeting.” The last kiss was the longest. It was soft and light with nothing attached. Lexa didn’t care if they had sex again, though she wouldn’t say no. All that mattered was that Clarke was with her and as long as they were together Lexa felt complete. 

“I love you.” Lexa whispered, kissing the corner of Clarke’s mouth.

“I love you.” Clarke replied, feeling Lexa’s lips traveling lower.

 “If every morning is going to be this active I may need to start training with you.” Clarke giggled as Lexa threw the blankets over them and crawled down Clarke’s body. 

And you know what it is?

It’s the soft spot we have for the person. You know what I’m talking about. The I hate you, but I love you type of relationship. The I can’t stand you, but don’t leave person we all adore. The you make me feel amazing and like shit at the same time.

This very person, the idea of this human in the flesh is quite absurd.

You cannot let go of them no matter how many times you have attempted to. It’s like trying to kill yourself with a butter knife, it doesn’t cut you anywhere, but still you’ll try it.

It’s this hollow and deep person.

You want their shallow.
You need their depth.

This person, who you thought was perfect… you eventually saw flaws.

Or maybe you saw how flawed they were and became intrigued… if you stare into a blackhole long enough you’ll eventually see the beauty within it. The light disappearing into its spaceless appearance. Absorbing your many colors and leaving nothing, but a still painting made from your passions.

It’s the soft spot, I tell you.

I don’t want to talk to you anymore.

Two hours later–

Hey, I missed you.
Can we hang out?

Hey, I’m sorry. I was being a jerk.
How’s your day going?

I didn’t mean it…
Can you forgive me?

I wasn’t thinking,
why do we argue so much?

It all works out with this person.
It could be a lover, or a friend.

Most of the time?
It’s a lover.

You could say they’re like
the first breath taken
after you held your head
under water to see
if you can go under
long enough without

You could say they’re like
the first time you knew
that this was it, you had
to love this person…
even if they broke you
and cut you down at
every fucking angle.

You could say they were
made from the same star as you;
made from the same stardust,
made at the same time,
the universe gave both of you
more than enough second chances.

You could say both of you
blew them all away for a
chance with this thing
called love; this terrible,
but beautiful thing.

I’ve ran out of ways to describe love,
so it’s a thing now.

It has too much emotion,
but it also has none.

We put effort into such a powerful being, how destructive they could be,
how soft and delicate they can touch,
and how lovely their eyes can feel.

It’s like finding that perfect flower
and snapping a picture of it.

It’s like finding broken glass
and wondering who broke it.

It’s like falling in love everyday
and finding new reasons to stay.

It’s like feeling soft skin after a shower
and wondering how lucky you got.

It’s like freeing up your mind
and only smiling to their laughter.

It’s like flipping the goddamn table
and calmly breathing when they wink.

It’s like forgetting your name
and remembering only theirs.

It’s like flying into their eyes
and not caring about the time.

It’s like fearing everything they can do
and not stopping when it hurts.

You see… this person.
The idea of what they can do,
what they will do,
and how badly
this may end up…

None of it matters.

Well, this is the soft spot.

The person you will always love.

—  We all have a soft spot for someone. Who is yours?

anonymous asked:

Literally anything with Turkey and/or England

“One more stitch,” Doctor Sadik Adnan muttered as he pulled the needle through one last time. “And done! Great work team!” 

Everyone in the operation room cheered. It had been a grueling surgery to go through. You patted Sadik on the back. He turned to you, and even though he was wearing a mask, you knew that he was beaming at you. 

“(Y/N), when does your shift end?” he asked as you were both sterilizing. 

You dried your hands effectively before glancing at your watch. “In about three hours, so about ten.” 

He nodded. “Well, I’m here that long, too. Maybe we’ll see each other in that time.” He stared at the clock. “I must get going. There’s quite a few patients I have to get to.” Sadik dried his hands before busting out the doors. 


“Doctor Adnan asked you to take this to room 113 when you can,” Nate, a nurse, told you as he handed you a file. You nodded as you took it. 

Without any hesitation, you were making your way to room 113. You only had ten more minutes of your shift left. 

You knocked on the door to the room before entering. To your surprise, there was no one in there. With a huff, you checked the number on the file, and then the inside for a name. 

However, you didn’t find a name. Instead, there was a note in an empty file. 


It’s been a long shift, but your’re still as radiant as ever. I don’t know how you do it. Maybe it’s your beauty that makes me what to take you out. Maybe it’s your stunning personality. Whatever it is, you should go out with me sometime.

Doctor Sadik

He had even scribbled his signature at the bottom. You giggled to yourself as you strolled back into the hallway in search of him. 

Thomas couldn’t quit staring past the open door, into the pool of inky darkness. He felt a now-all-toofamiliarclench of apprehension, knowing that something had to be wrong or the people who’d rescuedthem would’ve come for them a long time ago. But Minho and Newt were right—they had to go out thereand find some answers.

anonymous asked:

(This is more for mun than the outsider srry) but I have two questions: how hard is it to get The Look™ ready. Question two: from your makeup tutorial the change is pretty drastic, do you ever look in the mirror in full costume and not recognize yourself?

[  At this point it takes maybe 10-15 minuets to get into full Outsider look - contacts wig and all… I’ve been doing him a long ass time now though heh.  And yeah I look quite different out of the makeup.  It makes the entire process for the blog easier as I would never be able to do video and make gifs and such if it was just me staring at my regular dumb face.  But since I do look so different it is easy to think of it as not really being me and it helps get into character, especially the contacts.  And well let’s just say I have done a lot of stuff in the Outsider makeup I would never do while out of it cx  ]    

banishedblossomdancer  asked:

@Bellossom: The Gardevoir mindfully stepped towards the swampy-looking Grass-type, covering her mouth with a fan. "How curious..." she mused aloud, "... it is not often I see your kind, much less one with your visage. You seem to have lived for quite a long time... forgive me if this is personal, but I am curious, how long have you been alone? Any family to speak of? ... Or is there a reason for your solitude...?"

To answer the first question: I’ve been alone for nearly my entire life up until a season change ago… [For a moment the Bellossom stares at the spiky wayfarer then to peachy inquisitor as he folded his arms before answering the other following questions] 

As I’ve told a seafarer that asked a different question. I have no one that is related to me. I was born out here alone, simple as that. [The Bellossom answered with a simple shrug.] 

As to why the solitude? I guess it’s because of the violent tension that carries with me. Your guess is good as mine…

(featuring Deshi from a previous ask)

Cute Game Store Boy

It was funny how you could feel a connection with someone you had never said a single word to. The emotion that can be passed through the simple body language and little smiles is truly incredible.

You worked in a store that was located in the middle of a large shopping centre, he worked in a video game store just across from you. You noticed him the very first time he was interviewed for the job a long 7 months ago. He had come in wearing a button up shirt with his usual skinny jeans that you had come to adore. That was the first time this connection was felt, as he left the game store he saw you and almost instantly a smile appeared on his face and neither of you could look away.

Every working day since then, both of you would smile and give awkward waves in the mornings as you opened up the stores. You would quite often look across into his store, only to find him staring straight back. He would become flushed and look away quickly.

Yep… 7 months of awkward waves and flushed smiles and you were yet to say a simple “Hello” to each other.

This morning you had woken up at 4am to the sound of loud yelling coming from the home next to yours. You sat up, instantly placing your hand on your forehead as you took notice of the painful headache. There was no way of falling back to sleep now so you climbed out of bed and dragged your feet into the kitchen where you searched for aspirin or something of the sort, only to come up short handed.

You sat on the couch, drinking water and simply waiting for the sun to rise before you decided to start getting ready. You ran around the house trying to sort out an outfit, once you wear finally ready you took your purse and keys before heading out to your car.

You sat in the drivers seat, pushing the key into the ignition and turning it, only to hear a worrying sound. You tried a number of times after that yet it just wouldn’t start. As if this day couldn’t get any worse.

You took a deep breath, climbing out of the car and heading to the bus stop. As you sat in the bus watching streets go by, you had to hold back the tears. You were so tired and nothing was working out for you today.
The bus stopped and you walked off after thanking the driver. At least the weather suited your mood, dark and cloudy.

You rushed through the shopping centre, running about 20 minutes late. Finally you unlocked the doors, switching off the security alarms and switching on the lights before opening up the entrance doors.

Finally able to take a minute to breath, you rested your head in your hands and your elbows on the counter.

Dan had been worried all morning, you never took a day off and you were very rarely late. So when he looked across and saw you opening up he couldn’t help but smile, but his smiled was quick to fade as he noticed your stressed demeanour and the way you continuously held your head because of your headache. It honestly upset him to see you like that, his favourite part of the day was seeing you smile at him in the morning and this time you hadn’t even looked over.

You stood up straight as you heard a customer enter the store, they spent 20 minutes asking you continuous questions and complaining about the store opening late before leaving without buying anything. You took another deep breath as you looked down as your hands on the counter top.

Large hands appeared before your eyes, they were sliding a large coffee and a muffin in front of you. You looked up to find him giving you a small smile.

“Bad morning?” He asks, and your mind suddenly goes blank. His voice was so smooth… so hypnotising. And seeing his features up close for the first time… God he was gorgeous.

“y-yeah” You stutter, trying to pull yourself together.

“Uh, I got you a cappuccino, sorry if thats not what you drink. You usually have a coffee when you get here but I noticed you didn’t today so…”

“It’s perfect. Thank-you so so much… But you really didn’t have to do this for me.” You reply. He didn’t have to but god were you thankful, coffee was just what you needed.

“Yes I did, I needed to see my favourite smile” You blush instantly at his words and your cheeks redden. You look down trying to hide the smile on your face.

“There it is” He says with a dimpled smile.

“Don’t you need to be watching your store?” You questioned, not in a rude way but you were genuinely wondering if he had just left the store for you.

“I asked the boss if I could have 15 minutes off, the store was quiet anyway” he replies. The thought that he even asked his boss for a break just to make sure you were okay made your stomach swirl.

“I’m Dan by the way” He introduces himself. Dan… The name suited him perfectly.

“Y/n” You reply with a smile.

“Beautiful” Dan mumbles, mostly to himself.

“So y/n, I was wondering… well I wanted to know if maybe I could take you out for dinner tonight?” Dan asked and you couldn’t help but widen your eyes. Cute game shop boy wants to take you on a date?

“Uh yeah, I would… I would love that” you answer. Dan’s eyes brighten and a smile spreads across his gorgeous features.

“Great. I have to go back to work now, but could I get your number so I can find out where to pick you up and stuff. Or we can go straight after work.” Dan chatters as he holds out his phone.

You take the phone out of his hands, typing in your number and handing back to him.

“I can’t wait. And thank-you so much once again for all of this” you say gesturing to the coffee and muffin in front of you.

“My pleasure. I’ll see you later beautiful” He says before walking back across to his store and leaving you in a dreamy state for the rest of the day.