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Carry me pt 2 (Saeran x MC)

Fandom: Mystic Messenger
Pairing: Saeran/MC -you
Rating : M
Mentions of abuse (nothing graphic!)
Summary: AU where all of the RFA are completely obsessed with MC the princess of the story, they become so very obsessed with her that they keep her in a golden cage. The RFA is the bad guy and the MC is tormented by each and every one in the RFA. Until her prince comes and saves her. Or at least tries to. This part is MC’s POV and her experiences, how she deals with the whole situation.

 Author’s Notes: So, I know that most of you have been waiting for this update, I truly hope you like it. There are some mentions of abuse, but there is nothing too graphic. The second part was slightly harder to write, since I had to type it on my phone and it was really stressful! But hopefully you do like it! I will post the 3rd part tomorrow! It will be Saerans POV! (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑



After I had to say goodbye to my only chance of being free, I knew exactly what was coming. It was him, who came in, the reason my prince had to leave so soon. After being locked in this cage, I was able to distinguish all of their steps from each other. Yoosung would normally run towards me, he always was out of breath and couldn’t wait until he could be near me. At first I found it adorable, at first it did seem like he couldn’t await the moment when he could be close to me. But after a while I knew what truthful motives hid behind those cute eyes. He was always out of breath and he always NEEDED me, he always tried to erase any marks any other of them left behind. He would yell at no one in particular “How dare they, how dare they make you so ugly.” I was ugly in his eyes, for each and every one of them used me in different ways. There never was a day when one of them wouldn’t do something with me.

Yoosung became intense over time, since his loss of Rika, he feared that he would lose me too. So no wonder he agreed to the cage. Since it was the only thing that could keep me in one spot and not let anyone else have me. He had his dark side, which would unleash itself at times. His dark side, it loved me more than any other of them. It loved me so much it tried to engulf me. It tried to keep me in darkness so that we would be together. His eyes looked crazed, but there was so much love behind them, it suffocated me. The words the dark Yoosung would whisper, were sweet promises of release, how in this world, there was no one who would know how to love me. How I was too much for one person to love. How magnificent I was and how only he and he meant oonly he – the dark Yoosung could even grasp to love me. You might think he made love to me like a beast? No, dark Yoosung was gentle, dark Yoosung cried as he loved me. He hated how he couldn’t control himself at times and would hurt me and then hurt himself. He hated how he promised to love me, but he couldn’t, because he was but a small part of the real Yoosung. The real one who tried to see me, but only saw Rika, the real Yoosung – who was rough and made the dark one cry. The real Yoosung who hated so many things about this arrangement. He hated how when he would visit, Zen or Jumin would leave their marks on me. How I was never truly his or theirs.  Though sharing was a problem, he soon obliged and agreed to it. If this was the only way for him to have me, so be it. Even if it would break him every time he thought of any of them having me, touching me, kissing me. He would much rather have me like this in a secluded area in a cage, where he could come and take me if it were his wish. Where I never could say no. I couldn’t, I lost all of my strength to fight. As Yoosung visited, I was always dressed in bright colored dresses, my hair would fall loosely and in waves down my shoulders. He always wanted to play board games, make me coffee and cook together. But it seemed he got mad at how I looked at him, my look was full of pity as he explained how he missed Rika and wished I would turn into her. That angered him so much, that in his anger he chose to break my leg. After he stopped hiting me, after I was lying motionless on the floor the dark Yoosung chose to come out. It was always like this, as if they made an agreement “the sweet one” would hurt me and pretend to be the good boy, whereas the dark one would patch me back up. It made me delirious and anxious, because you never know, which one will be the one to hurt you. But at least for now, he was forbidden to see me. Jumin would probably never let him visit me again, after he broke my leg.

When Zen came to visit, those were the times I was scared the most, because he seemed so normal, so composed and oh so lovely. His sweet words would try and cover the bruises and the mean words from the other day any of them would make. Those words, as sweet as they were, they were venom to my body. It hurt to look at him, at how perfect he was and how perfect he wanted me to be. How I was to always look beautiful, like a princess befitting of such a prince. It was horrible how possessive he actually was.  How he hated to share, how he hated the mere thought of Jumin making love to me. And how Jumin would tease him with marking my skin everywhere he could think of. So when Zen tried to make love to me it was mostly him pounding himself inside of me, over and over and over again. He was a beast, when he “made love” his rationality would leave him. His touches were rough and aggressive, he didn’t mind if I bled, he didn’t mind if my body turned blue – as long as his knuckles turned white. He was always on top and I on the ground. He said, he loved seeing me beneath him, how I became a mess but was still beautiful. He loved how my hair was splayed around me like a halo, but at the same time my neck was covered in bruises, which his hands made. He was the roughest of them all. He never loved me. He craved me. He carved himself deep inside of me.

When Jaehee visited, her steps were careful and slow, but she did come inside with a certain amount of anger. She was kind at first, she let me believe that she would never hurt me, that she was there for me and only me. That I only needed to be there for her and listen. But at times, when she was frustrated with herself she would grasp my hair and pull it, she would hold my head and scream at me, she would make me eat from the floor. But mostly she would make me just sit there in front of her naked, while she would just stare. She wanted me, but she feared what would become of her, could she even face herself with loving a woman. And then, when she was so angry with herself and her situation at work, she would slap my skin and as it turned from red to blue, she would kiss it and then just leave me be.

I hated it. I hated it when they would visit me, I hated it how the maids would dress me for them. How I was a different person for each of them. I hated how the doctor would always do checkups on me and would never save me. I seemed healthy enough, he said. He admired how strong my body and will were, he would always leer at my body and made me hate myself. I was an experiment it seemed. “For how long can a mere human body last?” I hated how the maids enjoyed playing dolls with me, how they would roughly wash me and make me feel like dirt. All the while placing me in my seat, where I was to sit as a doll in waiting for the next one.

The next one who would visit, would walk slowly but if you listened you could hear his breathing, which was deep and feral. He could hardly hold back at times. When he came, they dressed me in white, my hair would fall loose and I was to wear no shoes. I was to sit still, quietly and in one place. If he would wish for it at times, he would make me sing, play the piano, whatever he wished for I did in silence and calmly. That is how he liked it – me looking like a doll that did as he wished. He wanted to see me pure and angelic. But the pure me was long gone. After so many times of being hurt and broken, after so many times of wishing it would be over – the pure heart was hidden deep in a shell of ice. But he held on so tightly to that last inkling that was left behind on the surface. I heard him open the gate of the cage, I heard him say something to the maids that left my side and then he stepped inside and walked towards me. Out of all of them, he was the one I feared the least. But I assure you, he was a frightening sight to behold.

His eyes were filled with craze, passion and a hint of love. This man, the man I thought I would be able to love, turned into something akin to a monster. His love was almost like poison, though it did leave a sweet aftertaste. Because of that sweetness, I could not hate him. He bowed down, just like he always would, he reached out to my legs and wanted to kiss them, but I shook my head – I needed to let him know that they were broken. “J-Jumin.” I tried to say his name, but it pained me to speak. I wonder why, when – as I spoke with my prince it never hurt.

“Fear not my sweet canary, I already know, what has happened to your lovely legs. Ah, you remind me of all the beautiful birds my father used to own, behind beautiful and intricate cages, their wings clipped – so that they would not fly away, they used to sing in the beginning; they sang such lovely tunes. But after a while, they all died of loneliness. For no matter how beautiful a creature is, the most lovely it can only be, once it is set free.” As he finished, he gently put one of my legs on top of his knee; while he was on the floor crouching down. With his hands he gently went over them and then as I expected it the least, he took hold of my leg and grabbed it with such sheer force I had to squeal out.

“Though my rationality tells me to free you, to let you go. To see how beautiful you can be once you love me truly – I cannot. I am far too afraid, I am so terrified that you will leave me behind. I don’t want to lose the only thing I care to live for. You understand don’t you? You are safe here, well mostly safe. I I will make sure, Zen and Yoosung will be punished for breaking your legs, I promise that it will not happen again, I will protect you. Please, please, promise me, that you won’t leave me.”

Then he laid his head on my lap and cried, he often would just be there talk to me, beg me to stay and cry. As he did, I would stroke his hair and sing to him.

It hurt so deeply, how he controlled me, how much his weakness had an effect on me. How I tried not to fall into the darkness with him. But when you see – the one you loved fall so quickly, you try to grasp their hand, you try to save them. And though I wish to be free, I also wish this for this broken prince.

Maybe when I am finally free and saved, I will save all of them from themselves.

As the broken prince slept on my lap, I couldn’t help but think of my shining prince. The one that tried to be a knight, the one that was so utterly beautiful that my heart just wanted to be with him.

All of them told me countless times to save them, to be there for them, to show them the light that is within me. So as I could not save all of them, their chants of “save me” turned to “hate me”.

I made countless promises of never letting them go, of staying and not complaining. I promised HIM, that I would endure. The wizard assured me, that I didn’t need to make any promises to HIM, that if it were to become too much, that he would send help that he would free me. But as I became human and as all the emotions, which were sleeping in me awoke – they just were too much to handle and I couldn’t help but try to save them all, I couldn’t help but be kind to all of them. So no wonder I made promises that were painful to keep.

Ah, it is as though I can hear HIS words again.

“You need to stay here for them. Promise me, you will never let us go. You can hate me for all they do. If they break you, you can hate on me but promise me you won’t let us go.”

That annoying carrot top, but he appeared in so much pain, all I could do was nod.

I only hope my prince is safe and sound. Maybe soon, we will be together? Maybe soon, we will both fly together under the blue sky?

Sadly, I didn’t know, that my lovely prince was in danger, for the person that stopped him turned out to be his greatest enemy. Someone who used to be his other half. Someone who promised him the blue sky, but all my prince received was pain, torture and tears. This someone was the same person, which kept me inside this golden cage.

No other than his brother, the Gatekeeper 707.

War of Hormone [Taehyung]

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Part 1 | Part 2 | 

Type: Smut and Fluff

Summary: y/n is filming once again with the BTS gang after a couple of months passed from Boy in Luv, but as Jungkook’s feelings for y/n got stronger but wasn’t supposed to due to the fact that she is dating Taehyung.

Word Count: 4,353 words

Member: Taehyung and Jungkook from BTS.

A/N: This is the sequel to my other fanfic about Taehyung, and if you didn’t read that one go ahead and read it so it makes much more sense. And in the beginning there will be some explicit content in italics so you may skip that part but if you don’t read at your own risk. Enjoy :) 

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Magcon Preference - Sleepovers

Nash: “Shut up and pick a movie or I will.” Nash is skimming through your movie shelves, “It is my turn to pick and I shall take whatever amount of time I please.” You toss a throw pillow at him, hitting him in the jaw. “Oh. Is that how it’s going to be? You’ve just unleashed the Kraken. Good job at the putting the whole world in danger.” He growls. “You are such a dork!” He stares at you intently. Then he attacks you with kisses, making you laugh until your stomach hurts.

Cameron: You lie in bed with Cam, resting your head on his chest. He lightly strokes your hair, “You are staying over tonight, right?” You nod. He places his fingers under your chin and gently pulls your face up, “God, you’re beautiful.” You blush. It wasn’t often that you were called beautiful until you met Cam. He takes every opportunity he gets to tell you. Making you feel faultless.

Shawn: He takes a bite of your pizza slice. “Hey! Get your own slice.” He laughs and walks to the other side of the room to grab a slice. “So is your mom okay with you staying over?” You swallow and begin to talk, “I told her I was sleeping over at a friend’s. Technically, you are a friend.” He puts his pizza slice down, “Is that all I am? A friend?” He licks his bottom lip and you bite yours. You slowly walk over him and give him nudge so he sits on the chair behind him. You straddle his lap, “Why? Do you like being more?”

Aaron: Your screen lights up, “Follow my dog @TheChickenAgnew I’ll follow a couple of people that do”. Really, Aaron? He walks into the room. “Did you follow your dog’s followers already?” He stares at his phone screen before returning his stare at you, “You read that?” He seems pleased with himself. “Yes, I did. Although I love that you interact with your fans,” You snatch the phone out of his hands, “Leave some time for your girlfriend. Tell you what, I’ll give you this back.” You wave the phone, “In exchange for a kiss.” He leans down and kisses you, his lips are sweet and you want more but you part. You give him back his phone, “Plus we have the whole night together.” You wink.

Hayes: “Can Hayes stay overnight?” You pout at your mom. She places her gaze on Hayes, “Of course. You know you are always welcome here.” He shyly smiles. “I told you so. Mi casa es tu casa. Come on.” You grab his wrist and pull him into your room. “What do you want to do?” He just shrugs. “Well, aren’t you a bundle of shyness today. Hayes, what’s wrong? You’ve stayed over plenty of times. You’ve literally spent more nights here than in your own home.” He ogles you. Oh. “Is that so? I am a full-grown girl.” He turns red, “What?” You giggle. “Hayes, I’m not stupid. How long has this little crush been going on and don’t lie to me.” He fixates his stare to the floor, “A year, at least.” You smile. “If I give you a quick peck, will you promise not to tell mom? She won’t let you over again if she finds out.” He nods, “Gay scout’s honor.” You raise an eyebrow. “You’re clearly not gay, unless I look like a man, and you aren’t a scout. But I’ll take your word for it. What are you going to do? Have a cup of tea with my mother and chat about me?” You crash your lips into his and then pull away. “It wouldn’t be our first cup of tea.” He smiles so wide all his teeth are visible. “Hayes!”

Jack Gilinsky: You are microwaving popcorn. Jack walks up to you and presses his hard body to yours; he places his hands on your waist and spins you so that you are facing him. He attaches his lips to your collarbone, sucking on your skin. “Jack.” You moan, “Not here. Not now.” He pulls away. “They trusted me with the house while they’re away and, already, you’re staying over without them knowing.” You frown. “Fine. I understand, baby.” He sits on one of the stools. The microwave beeps and you take the popcorn bag out. You open the bag and grab a few popped kernels. You give the bag to Jack and he does that same. When he’s done eating them, you stare at him as he licks his fingers. The way he does it keeps you in a trance. Screw it! What they don’t know doesn’t hurt them. You spring, startling him. “I knew you’d break,” He says, sliding his hands under your shirt.

Jack Johnson: “JJ, come cuddle with me.” He plops next to you, “Just don’t call me JJ.” You glide on the couch to place your head on Jack’s lap. He plays with your hair for a while and then stops. You groan, “I was falling asleep. Keep stroking my hair.” He does. He runs his fingers through your tangled hair, “Do you have any idea what a brush is, sweetie?” You scowl. “You’ve never complained about how it looks.” He pulls your hair, “Oops! It’s just how tangled it is.” A smile plays on his lips, “It was actually unintentional. Sorry, Rapunzel.” You crane your neck back to look at him, he leans down and kisses you. 

Sam: “Ouch!” Sam looks over to you, “What happened?” You bring your index finger to your lips, “Papercut.” He takes your finger and places it on his lips. “You see what happens when you read? If you were doing something else with me, this wouldn’t have happened.” You poke his shoulder, “Pervert.” He just shrugs, “I’m just stating the truth.” You raise your brows, “Oh yeah? Would you prefer if I did this?” You brush your lips against his jaw. You softly suck on his skin long enough to leave a visible mark. Then, repeat the same thing underneath the apples of his cheeks. “How am I supposed to go out tomorrow with my bruised face? Also, probably, when I see my reflection I’ll remember how turned on I am right now and will get turned on then. I’m gonna make you pay.” His eyes are dark with lust. “Oh, I agree; you should make me pay.”

Matthew: The door slams open. At the frame is Matt, struggling to get his suitcases inside. Before you know it, you’re rushing towards him with such momentum that you tackle him. You are now sitting on his torso and reach down to kiss his lips. You hear someone clear their throat and look up to see Matt’s mother. You awkwardly scratch behind your ear and get off him. “Hey, mom. Great to see you again. Can she stay over?” His mother raises an eyebrow, “I guess she can. But be careful. Emphasis on careful.” The rest of his family is snickering in the background.

Taylor: A sound coming from your window wakes you up. It takes a moment for your eyes to adjust to the view in front of you, Taylor waving from outside your window. You groggily walk to the window and let him in, “Why are you even here?” You are beyond annoyed; you look over to your wall clock, 2:28 AM. “You usually go to sleep after two in the morning, so I figured you were awake.” He hurls himself to your bed. “Be quiet. My parents are asleep.” You plop down on your bed and Taylor pulls you to him. He rests his chin on your neck, “The things I do for you.”  You scoff, “I didn’t ask you to come visit me in the middle of the night while I was sleeping, stalker.” The knob on your door rattles, you gesture Taylor to hide. You walk to the door and open it, “Hey, dad. What’s up?” It’s dark but you can feel him narrowing his eyes at you, “Is there somebody here with you?” You shake your head but then remember he probably can’t see you. “No. I had my phone on speaker. Sorry, won’t happen again.” You hope he doesn’t go inside your room and he doesn’t; he stays put. “Give me your phone and go back to sleep. This isn’t the time to be answering phone calls.” You scurry to your bedside table and pick up your phone, “Won’t happen again.” You give him the phone and close the door. You sigh a breath of relief. “I suppose I am staying over,” Taylor sits once again in your bed. “I suppose so.”

Jacob: You’re slurring. Your every word is unintellingible. Jacob puts your arm around his shoulder and holds your waist, “You’re coming home with me.” You giggle. “Jacob, you naughty boy.” You walk approximately two blocks when you finally arrive to his house. Jacob opens the door and you’re still babbling. Sierra’s coming down the stairs, “What are you even doing?” Jacob, tiresome, looks at you. “I’m taking her to my room.” Sierra crosses her arms, “Are you really?” Jacob walks past her and guides you up the stairs. After you sober up a little, which is around three o'clock, Jacob is still awake, watching you. He hands you a glass of water. You mouth the word thank you. He shrugs. “You didn’t have to do this. You could’ve just left me there. So, really, I am thankful.” He smiles, “Hey. I always have your back. Wanna play monopoly until we fall asleep?” You gladly nod.

PSA: Carter Reynolds is trash, so I deleted his preference. Thought I should point that out, so I could voice my dislike of him. He is a trashy human being and has the comings of a rapist. Be careful out there. Don’t trust men like him. Also, no means no. Girls and boys, if you led your partner to believe you will have sex with them but you feel like not doing it, you can say no. If you say no, and they force you into it, it is called rape and you are the victim. You weren’t asking for it. Just a reminder. Be safe.