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Ok but Alec not realising he's grabbed the wrong shirt until he's put it on and suddenly it sits funny around his shoulders and it's far too loose basically every where else. And it's too late to change because Magnus is staring at him like he's the best thing he's ever seen and Izzy is standing in the doorway with Jace and Clary, all looking like the cat who got the cream.

okay but listen i love this concept

magnus of course looks some kind of smug, glancing at them and then back at alec and clearing his throat. and alec just kind of rolls his shoulders back, stubbornly stepping forward. “is everyone going to gawk at me wearing my boyfriend’s shirt or are we going to actually leave?”

izzy rolls her eyes at him. “you just wanted to say my boyfriend’s shirt.”

alec gets this huge, slow self satisfied smile on his face before he says. “yeah you’re right, i did.”

magnus’s laughter echoes through the loft, twinkling and gorgeous.

i also see this and raise you catarina and magnus sitting in the living room in the morning before magnus’s early clients, both sipping tea, the morning light streaming through the big windows, all molten yellow. they were discussing setting up a meeting with some warlocks to trade rare books and were halfway through deciding what location when suddenly alec bursts out of the bedroom looking sleepy eyed and all too shaky.

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Pairing: Barry Allen x Reader

Featuring: Caitlin Snow and Cisco Ramon

Words: 1436

Warnings: none

Tags: none

Request: none

Notes: none

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When you woke up that Wednesday morning you knew something was off. You weren’t feeling quite yourself. Yet, you decided to go to work at STAR Labs. On your way there you were coughing from time to time and shivering but you were in the middle of the winter so you guessed you were just cold.

“Morning guys” you greeted everyone as you walked into the cortex.

“Wow, what happened?” Cisco asked the moment he saw you.

“Nothing, why?” You replied sitting on a chair.

“You look awful” he pointed out.

“Thank you?” You chuckled. “I think I might be catching a cold, but don’t worry, it will be over in a couple of days” you shrugged it off as you turned on the laptops.

Your work at the labs was your passion. You were a robotic engineer hired by Harrison Wells. Of course, that was before the particle accelerator exploded and created all those metahumans, before you al found out Wells wasn’t exactly Wells and…basically, before life turned complicated for everyone.

When the accelerator exploded those who didn’t die just left the place. All except Cisco, Caitlin and you. They were like a family to you, they took you in the moment you put a feet into the facility just a few days after arriving all alone to Central City. You were from San Francisco but working for Harrison Wells was something you couldn’t say no to, so there you were. Four years later.

“Sorry I’m late, I got caught in traffic” Caitlin said walking into the cortex with a cup of coffee from Jitters on her hand. “Wow, (Y/N), are you ok?” She asked when she saw your face, causing Cisco’s laugh.

“C’mon! Do I look that bad?” You asked frowning.

“I think you should go home and rest” was Caitlin reply.

“It’s just a cold, I’m sure” you sighed.

But it wasn’t. By the middle of the day you have been told to go home by everyone who came to the labs: Wells, Jesse, Cisco, Caitlin…everyone. It was frustrating. Even Barry sent you a text from Star City telling you to go home. Of course you didn’t listen to them since you didn’t feel that bad, but when it was already dark outside you forced yourself to go home after Caitlin told you had fever.

When you woke up the next day, you had to call Caitlin to tell her you wouldn’t be going to work today. You felt even worse than the day before.

“Don’t worry, we have everything covered here, I promise” she assured you before hanging up.

Still you felt bad for staying at home. Not just because you wouldn’t be able to help if something came up, but also because today Barry would be coming back from Star City after five days and you wouldn’t see him after how much you had missed him. That wasn’t strange since you had spent every single day with him since the moment he came in still in a coma. But it wasn’t until a few months ago that you had the courage to tell how you felt about him, just to find out he felt the same way all along.

Ever since, you were dating, which had turned out to be the biggest adventure of your life. He was fun, smart, sweet and loving, but he was also so protective and stubborn that it got to your nerves. You understood he was The Flash, a hero, but he didn’t understand you could make your own choices. Still, you loved him like you never loved anyone before and you couldn’t wait to see him again.

By noon you finally got a text from him saying he was back at STAR labs:

Back at the labs, how are you feeling? – Barry

You smiled a little at the text and sighing, wishing you had been there to hug him and kiss him, ignoring Cisco’s complains.

Feverish and missing you L - (Y/N)

I missed you too. I’ll go visit asap. Love you, xx – Barry

You smiled even more when you read he would visit. You imagined he would go eventually but sometimes he was too busy to do it, so you were so happy to know you would be seeing him that day after all. Putting your phone down, you covered yourself up and sighed looking up at the ceiling. You coughed a little and closed your eyes, falling asleep almost immediately.

A couple of hours later you were woken up by the sound of your door closing. You rolled around in bed trying to get your phone but it was too far so you just gave up and hide your head under the covers.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you” a very familiar voice said.

Immediately, you popped your head out and there he was. Barry Allen was standing at the end of your bed with a bag on his hand and a smile on his face. A smile that you returned but soon you were back under the covers.

“Go away! I look awful!” You exclaimed remembering how you must be looking like at the moment.

His laugh echoed the room and soon you felt the bed sinking by your side, letting you know he was just there, so you stuck your head back out.

“I haven’t seen my girlfriend in five days, I think she looks gorgeous no matter what” he said.

“You really know what a girl wants to hear, Allen” you smiled.

He chuckled while you sat up on the bed and pulled your hair into a bun. Despite what he said, you knew your aspect wasn’t the best. When you were done, you looked at him just to see that he had been staring the whole time which made you blush.

“I missed you” you said, making him smile.

“I missed you too” he replied before leaning in and wrapping his arms around you in a tight hug.

“I’m all sweaty” you chuckled.            

“I don’t care” he smiled into your neck as he squeezed you. “How many times have you hug me and kiss me after being running around the city for hours?” He added.

“True” you smiled before closing your eyes.

You had missed him so much, his hugs, his smell, his embrace. All of him. He pulled away and placed a strand of hair behind your ear before leaning towards your lips but you placed a hand over his mouth, earning a confused look from him.

“I’m sick!” You explained. He took your hand off his mouth and kissed it softly.

“Then it’s a good thing I can’t get sick, right?” He smirked. You narrowed your eyes at him but didn’t have time for a comeback before he kissed you.

If you thought you missed him was because you hadn’t kissed him yet. Finally you felt like home again, like you were complete when his lips met yours.

“It’s a really good thing” you smiled when you pulled away. “How was Star City?” You asked with a frown.

“Complicated” he sighed. “They were all devastated after…Laurel” he said as he played with your hand. “She was amazing” he added.

“I know…I’m sorry” you whispered.

You never had the chance to meet Laurel Lance, aka the Black Canary, but you had heard Cisco and Barry talk about her and you had an idea about the amazing woman she was and how much she had done to protect Star City along with Oliver and the Team Arrow.

“Anyway, I brought something” Barry said looking up at you, smiling again. “But you can’t tell Caitlin or she would kill me”

“What is it?” You asked narrowing your eyes.

He smiled and took the plastic bag he had placed down on the floor. First, he took out some water and chicken soup. You raised an eyebrow: why would Caitlin kill him for that? Then he took out a chocolate ice-cream pack.

“Oh god…is it with cookies?” You asked with your eyes wide opened.

“My girl deserves the best” he winked.

“Oh my, I love you so much!” You exclaimed taking the ice-cream from his hands. “Oh, I need a sp-“ before you could finish the sentence, Barry was back from the kitchen with a spoon. “I’ll never get used to that” you laughed. Immediately you started eating it. “You want some?” You finally asked.

“I thought you’d never ask” he said taking a spoon out of his pocket and laying down next to you, sinking the spoon into the ice-cream.

Being sick wasn’t so bad if it was like this.


Where y/n is Harry’s assistant and they are both secretly in love with each other.

warnings: a lot of smut

It’s my first time writing a Harry one shot. I’ve been dreaming about being Harry’s assistant a couple of times now and I wanted to write about it. I’m so sorry if this is shit,, English is my third language so yeah but I hope you’ll be able to enjoy it :). xo ML

also shout out to my bub @17-blackaf for proof reading it :) you’re the best. 💕

Harry’s been staring at her for a while now.

He watched her as she was putting the last groceries in his fridge. She was in a hurry, as always. Y/N has been known to be a very stressed out person; always wanting to finish things as fast as she could.

But today, it was a bit different than usual.

Ever since Harry finished the last bits of his album, the level of her stress became unbearable. Harry was on promo tour in London, and though everything was going well (as they both hoped), she couldn’t help that she was anxious about every little thing.

Even after a year of being Harry’s assistant and him reassuring her every time that everything she does for him is amazing, she still doubts herself.

He wished that she wasn’t so hard on herself.

Harry admired Y/N a lot. He loved how she could speak three different languages (especially French, he loved French), while he struggled with repeating the same French phrase. Y/N always teased him when he tried to speak the language, but always helped him improve it. Y/N hated that English wasn’t her native language and struggled with it sometimes. Harry thought it was cute, and would always help her out. Just like she helped him with his French.

He was also amazed by her beautiful eyes and how they would sparkle when she smiled. He thought that she had the most extravagant smile in the world. Harry also thought Y/N was adorable, especially when she would giggle when he told her a silly joke.

Harry loved how much she loved his jokes as he adored her sense of humor. He always thought that they were very similar when it came down to corny jokes. She would tell the weirdest thing in the world and then laugh at herself. Harry thought she was a hilarious precious woman.

Harry loved the way she loved singing and dancing along to her favourite songs. It was entertaining to he catch her dancing around his house while listening to music. She would always scream and cuss, running away from him. Y/N loved all kinds of music, just like he does.

He adored how small she was compared to his height. Whenever she would let him hug her, she would always stand on her tiptoes. Which would always make him chuckle and hold her tighter to his chest.

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Dating Vernon would Include:

-Vernon would be the fluffiest boyfriend ever tbh
-Lots of backhugs
-Lots of hugs in general
-He would love giving you backhugs while you sit on his lap
-He would love laying his head on your lap
-He loves it when you play with his hair
-He would also hold hands and intertwine his fingers with yours
-He would be your boyfriend and best friend all in one
-You guys would laugh so much
-Random water/flour/pillow fights
-Matching outfits
-He would always be caught staring at your boobs or something smh
-Sweet short kisses
-He would be really playful with his kisses
-Not super dom but definitely NOT a sub
-Hours of foreplay
-Hot makeout sessions
-His hands would wander everywhere omo
-He would love to worship you
- “Babe you’re so hot..”
-He would dirty talk ALL. THE. TIME.
-Loves your moans
-Aftercare Specialist
-He would be so whiny when he is worn out
-But he would still remember to be polite
-He KNOWS how to treat a woman right
-He would never ever EVER hurt you
-He is so loyal omo
-He loves your family
-He gets along with everyone so well
-Overall great boyfriend


• you’ll know that you’re loved
• because he’s so precious and affectionate
• but kinda weird
• but it’s a cute weird and it rubs off on you
• so the members adore y'all otl
• his hands are so soft
• and so you love holding them
• he kisses your cheeks a lot
• and your forehead
• he shows you lots of love
• you get stuffed animals more than anything
• matching jewelry
• honestly you barely sit in his lap
• but you do cuddle and hug a lot
• his hugs are the warmest
• he stares at you alot and he usually doesn’t realize how hard he’s blushing
• “you’re so cute y/n, what did i do to deserve someone like you? seriously, you keep me going i love you”
• he can go on for hours tbh
• you usually don’t reply with words
• you just kiss him
• falling asleep together in di dorms
• you wake him up by kissing him or sometimes tickling him it just depends
• his laugh is everything to you
• you try not to stress him too much
• you really care about him
• he loves the meals that you cook for him
• even if it’s just ramen and rice
• he appreciates all of your efforts
• “i have the best girlfriend ever”
• “and i have the best boyfriend ever”
• he once pranked you by proposing with a ring pop smh
• baby kink
• neck kiss kink
• touching your curves kink
• y'all don’t wrestle in bed that much but when it happens, iz magicul
• yup
• playful couple
• always happy
• picnics by the river
• and by the park
• children at heart
• you call him
• “win win win win win win win”
• ^ when you want something
• “y/n y/n y/n y/n y/n y/n y/n”
• ^ when he’s not gonna actually answer you, you ain’t getting squat
• he does cute stuff like tie your shoes for you
• but he can also be an asshole and untie them + run away
• teaching him about your culture while you teach him about yours
• exploring the city together
• doing fun stuff together ofc
• he cute, you cute
• all you/he know(s) is love
• you stare at him too btw
• don’t hang around other people’s cause he gets jealous
• that is all.


Characters: Bones x Reader

Request: none, but it was inspired by @bkwrm523‘s post about back pain and migraines… and i’m stressed so that too

A/N: I feel like I haven’t written bones in forever and I was missing my grumpy doctor <3. No grump here, tho, just gratuitous fluff and some smut 

Warnings: light smut, fluff, lil bit o angst?, jerk spock in the beginning

Words: 2960

tags: @outside-the-government @yourtropegirl

The sound of glass shattering makes you jump and turn around in alarm.  A few feet behind you one of your rookie techs is standing near a lab bench behind you, staring in shock at the broken glass at her feet.  In an instant you know what it is; the mini habitat you’d constructed in the lab to mimic the conditions of the last planet the Enterprise had visited.  Your team, led by you and overseen by Commander Spock himself, had been tasked with studying the various flora and fauna the team had retrieved from the surface of the planet.  This particular terrarium had contained the beginnings of a fruit bearing bush, one that the commander had been particularly interested in for its healing properties.  The only sample had been in that tank.  Which was in pieces, on the hard floor of your lab.  

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Nct Dream's reaction to their s/o crying because she's grateful for them

Request: hey! could you do a NCT (127 + DREAM) reaction to you (their gf) just staring at them for a while and then start crying and when they ask what’s wrong you tell them that you’re so happy to be with him and that you love him so much that it’s overwhelming?

A/N: sounds like something i’d totally do tbh… okay but i decided to only do this for the dream unit because it got too long! if you want this for the other units do request again



His eyes would widen right away as soon as everything got quiet as the both if you sat on a bench in a small park as you did nothing else but stare at him. “W-What..?” he’d murmur to himself, as he tries to get you to speak. But as soon as he saw a tear left your eye, he’d get all flustered and worried, engulfing you in a big hug as he tried to comfort you while bombarding you with questions, “Why?”,“What is it?”,“Did something happen?”

“I just love you so much, thank you for being here-”

Mark would still be very confused, as he’s very worried for you. Still patting your head while you lay against his chest,“I love you too princess, but are you okay? I can do anything for you”

“No, i’m crying because i’m happy i’m with you, it’s just wonderful”

“*sigh of relief* You scared me, but i should be the one who’s thankful”

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As the both of you laid on the sofa cuddling while watching a short movie, you suddenly looked away from the screen and stared up at him, admiring every inch of his perfectly sculptured facial features, as a random thought hit you. Renjun would notice right away, his arms tightening around you as he gives you a small and warm smile, “Yes baobei?”

You didn’t know why you cried, but you couldn’t stop the tear from falling, as you buried your face in his chest. His arms wrapped tightly around you, as he tried to say something to comfort you, but was too shocked to say anything.

“Thank you for being my boyfriend, i love you so much”

“Wah… Baobei did you cry because of this? I love you too”

He’d giggle in the end, as he pulls you even closer to him, as he snuggles his face against your head, giving you small little pecks on the forehead.

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He’d been playing songs and singing covers on his guitar for you for the past 30 minutes, and every single time he finished one, he wouldn’t forget to flash you his beautiful and bright smile, as he mouthed a small ‘i love you’ to you. You couldn’t help but feel thankful towards everything he was, and had done for you- he was just like a perfect boyfriend. You admired him from the side quietly and unknowingly, a tear fell from your eyes as you pursed your lips.

Jeno immediately put his guitar down, and rushed to your side to pull you into a hug, your head now lying on his shoulder. Your arms wrapped around his torse tightly, “Jeno you’re just wonderful, thank you for being such a great person and boyfriend”

Jeno would smile immediately, as he pinches your cheek and gives a small giggle, “You’re so cute, i love you”. This was something he’d always remember, and would also bring it up at times to tease you.

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Donghyuck held on to the toy microphone (/cough/ vroomvroom talk show /cough/) in his hands as he imitated his fellow member Doyoung on the screen, over exaggerating and making silly yet funny actions in attempts to make you laugh, after he noticed how stressed you were while you were doing your work. Yet you were so touched and overwhelmed by his actions you started tearing up instead of laughing, making him drop the microphone immediately, rushing over to hug you, “It’s okay babe, you deserve a break” i live for soft hyuck.

You’d cry even more, as you hugged him tightly. “No… I’m just thankful for everything, especially you babe”. You’d notice Haechan smile instantly, his cheeks turning bright red as he cuddles you closer,“I love you”

But one hour later he’d appear beside you and tease you, “Someone said that she was thankful for me just now, where’s my daily kiss? You’re late by 15 minutes today, you poop”

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You found yourself staring to and fro at the big packet of food and sweets sitting on the table in front of you, to the slim and tall figure sitting beside it, his eyes glued to the television screen. His hand was holding on to yours as his fingers found their way between yours. He’d appeared in front of your doorstep with a big pile of food just one hour ago, just because he missed seeing you after one long week.

Your tears were rolling down your cheeks, and you saw Jaemin’s head turn to you as soon as he heard your sniffling. He’d raise his eyebrows, as he gives you a big and warm smile, hoping that it’d make you feel better. He was now closer to you, as you heard him ask lovingly, “What is it babe?”. You’d shake your head and just hug him, “Nothing, i’m just happy you’re here”

He’d smile again, then give you small kiss on your cheek, “I’ll always be here hm?”

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The boy in front of you jumped excitedly as he held on tightly to your hand, pulling you into the cafe he promised to bring you to last month. He finally managed to get some time off from promoting, and he wanted to dedicate this day fully just to spend time with you. The fact that he woke up early despite having practice late at night just to meet and bring you to a cafe-you were touched.

You held his hand tightly as you tried to fight back the tears that was forming on the brim of your eyes. Chenle noticed immediately, as he’d be flustered and try to wipe of your tears with his fingers, “Are you upset? Do you not like this place anymore? We could change you know” he says as he tries to make you stop crying, but his words made you cry more, as you try to stop and assure him, “No no, it’s just that, i appreciate what you’ve done for me today and i love you so much”

Chenle let out a small awkward yet cute giggle, as he pats your head and smiles, “You scared me omg, i love you too”

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You watched as your boyfriend danced confidently in front of you, his every move hitting the beats of the song. You didn’t and couldn’t complain that your date with him was in his practice room, instead, you were more than grateful that you could spend time with him, after long weeks of waiting. He had excitedly called you the day before to call you to come down to his practice room, and as soon as you stepped in, he mentioned that he had specially choreographed a dance for you.

You sat still in your seat, as your eyes followed his every move. As soon as the song stopped, you got up and hugged him tightly, as a sudden gush of emotions hit you, a tear gently rolling down your cheek. Jisung noticed right away as you pulled away, “Why are you crying? Don’t be sad” he’s get all flustered and shocked, unsure of what to do. But his hand was holding yours, his eyes widened but following your every move, thinking of what to do.

You couldn’t help but laugh at him and his awkwardness, as you shook your head, “Silly, i’m not sad, i’m just too happy i get to spend time with you” Jisung would nod his head and laugh, “Ah~, i thought you missed me too much that’s why you cried hehe”

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Boyfriend Brad

- accidentally wearing matching clothes and having a good laugh about it

- him being so willing to let you borrow his clothes while he’s away on tour and it smells like him

- sometimes, he’d ask if he could tie up your hair for you and he actually does a good job

- he’d only reply to your texts and answer your calls

- when he’s away on tour, he’d stay up late hours in the night just to talk to you on the phone so he can hear your voice before he goes to bed

- all the cuddles

- so many bear hugs

- tangling your legs together in bed and spooning

- he kisses you whenever and wherever which always leaves you breathless

- having silent moments where you just stare into each others’ eyes and wonder how you got so lucky

- he always tries to make you laugh by making weird faces, telling jokes or by tickling you

- catching each other’s eye and smiling

- he’d make you tea when you feel a bit sick and it always makes you feel better

- he’d mess around just to get you a little angry when you want to take pictures with him

- night’s in, watching movies together all snug on the couch

- going on long walks together and/or have jess come along

- he’d surprise you by singing a song he wrote for you

- whenever he holds your hand, your fingers interlock and he gives a little squeeze

- watching the sun set together

- travelling to the places he loves to go to

- he’d make you playlists of songs that remind him of you for your anniversary or when he’s away

- feeling so at home as you fall asleep in his arms

- if you have troube sleeping, he’ll sing for you

- sing alonging to the radio together when he drives

- when you sleep together, he pulls you close to him and you fall asleep to the feeling of him breathing or to the sound of his heart beating

- he’ll tell you everyday how beautiful you are and that he loves you

- so many fun adventures and romantic dates

- the cutest gestures ever

Older!Prompto Proposing

Prompto has had the engagement ring since the second week of your relationship. His friends called it overkill. They called it… crazy. Prompto… just knew you were the one for him. He just knew you were the person he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. 

He held on to the ring for a year  before planning out the proposal. He didn’t want to jump into anything. More importantly, he didn’t want to freak you out. 

He constantly was trying to find the perfect way to propose. You were his angel. You didn’t deserve an average proposal. You deserved something special.

That’s when he got the idea…

His pictures. His proposal would have something to do with the numerous photo’s you have taken over the length of the year you’ve been together. 

Quickly, he dialed your number on the phone. 

“Hey, uh… you wanna come over for dinner tonight?”

“You’re not cooking right?” You teased. He’d tried cooking for you on a number of occasions, but it always ended in a visit from the fire department. 

“Of course not,” he responded with a giggle. “We’re ordering out. Anything you want.”

“Sounds good,” you replied, unable to wipe the smile off your face. “I’ll be at your house around six.”

“Okay,” he accepted, bidding you a nervous goodbye and a see you soon. The instant the call ended, he got to work. 

Hastily, he gathered an arm full of photos and began to tape them across his living room wall. 

Will you marry me?” The pictures spelled out. By the time he finished it was only 3 o’clock.

Three hours of sitting in anxiety.

He sat on his couch, staring at his message. He adjusted it here and there, making sure everything was absolutely perfect for your arrival. 

Knock knock.

His heart rate sped up immensely. 

Taking in a deep breath, he answered the door. You greeted him with a hug and a kiss. Like normal. 

“Come in,” he took you by the hands and pulled you in. Once the door was secured behind you, he rushed to the living room. You followed after him.

You eyes met with his creation. He stood beside it, sliding his hands into his pockets. He exhaled a nervous sigh and beamed brightly at you. 

Clearing his throat, his blue eyes burned into yours. “Well…?” 

Wildest Dreams (Peter Parker x Reader)

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You knew it was stupid, but it was unavoidable. It was a long walk to your favorite art store and naturally you lost track of time. In fact you stayed until they closed at nine. Then there was the three-hour walk home.

So here you were walking the streets of Queens at eleven o’clock at night. Of course it had to be foggy and slightly rainy just to add to the ominous feeling. The puddles gushed under your converse as you pulled your hoodie closer to your body.

You weren’t the only one with a hoodie and a man behind you emerged from the shadows wearing a black one with his hood up. At first you told yourself not to panic because this was way too cliché to actually happen. As his distance became shorter and shorter you thought again.

You picked up your pace and you could hear that he did too. There was no doubt now, he was following you. Your speed walking turned into running and so did the man’s. The streets were completely empty and if you could outrun the man you were almost home.

Sadly the man was more athletically inclined than you, an artist, and caught up to you. He dragged you by the hood of your hoodie into the nearest alleyway. You tried to punch him in the face but he grabbed your hand and pinned it against the wall.

You tried to knee him and instead felt the cool kiss of a blade pressed against your neck. “The less you move, the less painful this will be” The man grunted.

He tore off your hoodie and began to snake his hand up your skirt when a voice from above stopped him.

“I’m no expert but I do believe that is not how you hold a lady”

You looked up ever so slightly as to avoid a cut from the blade still pressed against your neck. In the moonlight you could see Spider-Man looking down on you.

The man pulled his hand away but left the knife against your neck. “Why don’t you come down here and fight like a real man” The brute taunted.

With ease the hero used his webbing and gracefully landed on the ground facing the man. “Well you said you wanted to fight. So let the girl go and we’ll fight”

The man removed the knife from your neck and took one lash at Spider-Man. The hero without hesitation knocked the knife away punching the man square in the jaw.

The man realizing he was easily beat ran off out of the alley and back into the darkness. “Are you ok?” The surprisingly young sounding boy asked rushing over to you. “He didn’t do anything did he?” He asked even more concerned.

You shook your head. “I’m ok. Thank you very much”

“It’s my pleasure miss” He said, and even though you couldn’t see his face you could tell he was smiling. “Can I escort you home safely?" 

You nodded. As he started to walk away you turned back and began to pick up your art supplies. Luckily everything remained unharmed. “You like art?” The hero asked handing you a stray paint bottle.

“Yeah” You said allowing yourself to smile. “I’m not very good at it but I enjoy it”

He nodded. “Let’s get you home”

The walk home was quite pleasant even though it was only a block. You liked Spider-Man, he seemed like a really good guy. Next time anyone questioned his motives you would be sure to defend him. 

“Thank you very much” You said turning around to thank him, but he was gone. You wish he would have stayed so you could say more. You really liked his company, but back into the night he disappeared.

The next day at school he was all you could think about. Instead of paying attention to the book you were supposed to be reading, you spent your English class sketching Spider-Man. You wanted to draw his face and you wish you could have seen it. Instead you drew his mask and used blue and red markers to define the detail.

As you struggled to get the jaw line right the boy sitting next to you leaned over. “You like Spider-Man?” He asked his chocolate brown eyes lighting up.

“Oh, yeah” You said nervously looking down at your drawing. “I actually met him last night”

“No way” The boy said, seeming to take a closer look at you.

“Yeah” You nodded.

“I’m Peter” He said extending his hand to you. “Peter Parker”

You took his hand in return and smiled. “I’m Y/n. Have you sat next to me all year?” You asked a little embarrassed.

He scratched the back of his neck. “Yeah, I’m sorry. I don’t talk much”

You shook your head. “No it’s ok, I keep to myself too”

“L/n. Parker. Zip it” Your teacher said angrily.

Peter lowered his voice and continued to talk. “So what was he like?”

Your eyes lit up. “He was wonderful. He left before I could thank him. I don’t think I’ll see him ever again but I wish I could”

Peter shrugged. “I don’t know, life has a funny way of surprising you”

“That’s it! Y/n, Peter, detention after school today” Your teacher growled writing you both up.

‘Sorry’ You mouthed to Peter. He shook his head smiling.

You found your stomach twisting in knots and you shifted in your chair. Something about the way he smiled at you gave you butterflies and made you feel more confident than you’d ever felt in your entire life. 

After English had ended you walked with Peter out into the hallway. “So I’ll see you in detention” He said smiling.

“Yeah” You nodded desperately trying to suppress your smile. “I’ll see you there”

For the rest of the day you found yourself unable to concentrate. You actually wanted to go to detention. You wanted to see Peter again. You could not believe you had actually never seen him before.

It was your final class of the day and you were staring the clock down. Your mind was racing. Thirty more seconds. Was he excited to see you too? Twenty. Maybe you two could turn into something. Ten. Whatever the answer was you had to find out. The bell rang and you basically trampled the other students rushing into the hallway.

You made your way to the assigned detention room and Peter was already there scrolling through his phone. As soon as he heard you enter he looked up and smiled again. Breathtaking.

“Hey you like the Avengers?” He asked pointing at your shirt with the logo on it.

“Oh” You blushed looking down. “Yeah I’m kind of dork” You said taking the seat next to him. You two were the only two in the room.

“I would also consider myself a dork. In a cute way” He added stumbling over his words. “Not that dorks aren’t cute because you are. I mean what” He said flushing shade of red.

“Don’t worry” You said giggling. “And thank you, you’re not so bad yourself”

For the next three hours you and Peter spent the entire time talking and sharing your interests. Turns out you shared the same music, movie, and book tastes. He even asked to see some of your artwork. By the end of detention you left with Peter’s number and a smile on your face. You didn’t want to go home.

Peter was so captivating. So much so that you had even forgotten about Spider-Man while you were with him. Spider-Man couldn’t be anything compared to Peter. Sure he saved you and was a nice guy, but Peter was giving you joy, and maybe even a chance at love.

The next day was Saturday and there was a knock at your door. You opened it to see a huge bouquet of red and white roses. As you smiled Peter peaked out from behind them. “Peter” You laughed shutting the door and stepping outside.

“I wanted to thank you” He said smiling. “For giving me such a good day yesterday. I’m so glad we started talking and I wanted to see you again” 

“Well I’m flattered” You said blushing.

“Would you like to go get some ice cream” He asked now swaying back and fourth nervously.

“Of course I would” You said biting your lip to keep a squeal from coming out. “So is this is date?” You asked innocently.

You could tell Peter was taken aback by this question and he swallowed before responding. “I’d like to think it is” He said looking at your for confirmation.

You nodded. “A date it is”

The ice cream was great and Peter was as sweet as could be. He walked you home at the end of the day and you wanted to kiss him but instead ended in a hug. His cologne smelled amazing and you nestled your face in his neck breathing it in and basking in his warmth.

“See you Monday” You called to him as he walked away.

“See you Monday” He confirmed. “I look forward to it”

Monday came but Peter was nowhere in sight. You stared at his seat in English the entire hour, hoping he’d run in late. He never did. You texted him as many times you though acceptable but no response. Did you do something wrong? Your thoughts were eating you alive and by the time you left school you were exhausted.

You always walked home through a field behind the school but for some reason today something didn’t feel right. It was the same feeling as when you walked home that night after the art store. Someone was watching you.

Without warning a cloth was placed over your mouth and nose and the world started to go blurry. You fought to stay awake but your vision was blackening and soon enough you were out cold.

When you woke up again you were in a warehouse. You pushed yourself off the floor and squinted. The light burned your eyes and your head throbbed. As you surveyed the room you realized you were in a supply closet. You pushed yourself up off the floor and wobbled to the door. As you turned the doorknob it was opened for you. A man with a gun dressed in all black ordered you to follow him.

You walked through the empty halls. Dust coated the floors and the ceilings were white with cobwebs. The room you were being led too was brightly lit and it looked like a lab. Strapped to a seat next to a man with his back turned to you was…Spider-man. Upon seeing you he began to struggle in the chair.

“Ah, she’s awake” The man said turning around. He was rather scary looking with almost black eyes and a large scar across his face. “Now we can get started”

“What’s going on?” You asked trying to back away until the man that escorted you in blocked you from movement.

“Miss L/n. So curious” He said getting closer to you and grabbing your chin.

“How do you know my name?” You asked strongly trying to mask your fear and confusion.

“I know everything about you” He said with a smile roughly pulling his hand away from your chin. “My name is Doctor Heizenberg, but you can just call me Doctor. You see Miss L/n I want to know what makes Spider-Man, Spider-Man” He said hitting the hero on the back causing him to gasp for breath. “But, we are running into a bit of an issue. You see the machine I want to test him in is rather…unforgiving. If a subject doesn’t go in willingly, they will die. Now I don’t want him dead but I do need him in that machine”

“I don’t understand” You said shaking your head. “Where do I come in?”

“Motivation” He said clapping his hands together making you jump.

“I think you’re mistaken. I don’t even know Spider-Man. He saved me once and that was the end of it.”

The doctor laughed at your comment. “You don’t know?” He asked far too amused for your liking. “See for yourself” He said ripping Spider-Man’s mask off.

“Peter?” You asked shocked looking at his beaten face.

“I’m sorry” He pleaded. “I’m so sorry. I wanted to tell you, I just didn’t have the chance”

“So, motivation you are. Peter’s silly crush turned out to be rather useful to me. I didn’t realize how much he actually cared about you until I mentioned your name. Son now” He said turning to Peter. “You get in that machine, or she dies”

Holy crap. You had to think fast. You watched the Avengers, what would Black Widow do. Weapon, you needed a weapon. You had watched the man that escorted you here put his gun in a thigh holster. You had to get it.

In one swift motion you grabbed the gun and pointed it at Heizenberg. “Let him go” You demanded.

Adrenaline was rushing through your veins. It was the kind of adrenaline that was a mixture of fear and excitement. Almost like waking up too early on Christmas morning and having to wait in bed until everyone else woke up.

Heizenberg laughed again. “Yes you’ve got a gun. Quite the spunky one you got here” He said punching Peter in the shoulder. “The real question is do you have what it takes to pull the trigger” 

Anger rushed through your body. “I do when someone messes with someone I love” Before you could even register what happened you had shot Heizenberg and he was on the ground.

You let out a sharp breath and dropped the gun. A big mistake. The man that had escorted you there lunged at your and tackled you to the ground. Within seconds his hands were around your neck cutting off your air supply.

As you gasped for breath you could hear Peter yelling your name and him struggling in his chair to get to you. You started to black out again so you weren’t sure what happened. There was a large clatter and the man was ripped off of you and into a wall. Moments later Peter was at your side helping you up.

“Are you ok?” He asked cupping your face in his hands. You nodded and he pulled you into a tight hug. “You scared me to death” He whispered into your shoulder.

“Me?” You asked pulling away. “You, you’re Spider-Man” You exclaimed. “You got kidnapped”

“You got kidnapped too” He said interjecting.

“And me, I…did I kill him?”  You gasped. “I mean he was a bad guy, but damn. I killed someone” You said for some reason excited.

“Ok, you’re in shock” Peter said grabbing your hand. “Come on I’m taking you to see a friend”

“Who?” You asked.

“Tony Stark”

On your way to wherever Tony Stark was, Peter called the police and left an anonymous tip about what had happened at the warehouse. He asked if you could slip into an alley so he could change. Spider-Man shouldn’t exactly be walking the streets for fun.

He stripped off his suit and could help but stare. This adorable loving geek was ripped, and you were talking ripped. His chest was so toned, and his arm….

“You ok?” Peter asked causing you to notice you were staring.

“Oh…yeah” You blushed. “Work out?” You asked innocently earning a laugh from Peter.

After walking a little longer you arrived at your destination. “The Avengers tower?” You asked excitedly. “I get to go in?” You were such a nerd.

“Yeah” Peter laughed scanning his thumbprint granting him access. “FRIDAY, tell Tony we’re here and will meet him in the lab”

“Yes Mr. Parker” The AI woman replied.

After being sat down in the lab Peter went in the hall to talk to Tony about what happened. You kept craning your neck to get a glimpse at the hero. After a few minutes he was walking in.

“Mr. Stark it’s an honor” You said gushing.

“Call me Tony” He said extending his hand to you. “Here” he handed you a glass. “Something for the nerves.

“What is it?” You asked taking a sip.

“Scotch” He said smirking as you spit out the bitter liquid. “You doing ok?” He asked examining your face as Peter watched worried.

“I’m fine, actually better than fine. I actually stopped a bad guy” You said still really proud of yourself.

Tony rolled his eyes. “Parker she’s fine. What you got here is a grade A badass” He said winking at you. “I’ll be back I think I should speak with the police” He said leaving the lab and the door sliding closed behind him.

“You’re sure you’re alright?” Peter asked coming to stand at your side.

“I’m sure” You nodded. “Are you?” You said gently brushing a bruise on his face.

“I’m ok, I can’t really feel anything actually. Although” He paused scratching the back of his neck awkwardly with a little laugh. “What you said back there, about messing with people you love. You love me?”

Now it was your turn to blush and get flustered. “I know we just met and it sounds silly but, I do love you Peter, I really do”

Before you kept rambling Peter’s lips were pressed upon yours. A warm feeling spread through your stomach and soon through the rest of your body until you practically melted into Peter’s strong arms. His lips were warm and surprisingly super soft. His hands wrapped around your wait and you allowed your hands to rest on his toned chest. Finally Peter pulled away.

“I love you too. What about the danger? It doesn’t bother you?” He asked suddenly very worried.

“No, and I trust you to keep me safe. Just as you can trust me to keep your secret”

He smiled again pulled you closer his lips locking with yours again. This time it was more urgent and was slowly turning into full on making out. Peter lifted you up and set you on a lab table. It was amazing until…

“Woah! Peter I thought you said this girl was just a friend” Tony said barging in and pulling him off of you.

“Not anymore” Peter smirked.

“I’m going to pretend I didn’t see that” He said walking back out. “And stay off the furniture will you?” He called as he disappeared down the hallway.

“You know something awesome I just though of?” You said lighting up. “My boyfriend is Spider-Man. I’m dating Spider-Man!” Peter laughed and grabbed your hand as you followed after Tony.


Requested by @a-girl-who-loves-disneyHi, Meg! I would like to request a Steve Rogers/Avengers x fem!Reader. (Y/N) is graduating college and all of the Avengers attend the ceremony. They’ve all been supportive/helpful during her schooling, especially Steve, who she is dating. Also, I would love a group photo moment at the end, if possible. Whichever Avengers you include is up to you! I will be walking in May for my Associates degree so this idea came to mind :)

 Here you are, Nicole! Congrats on walking the stage!! I do not own ANY of the Avengers. They belong to Marvel. 

Warnings: Fluff

Pairings: Steve Rogers/Avengers x fem!reader

Originally posted by hobbithope

You sat in your seat, wringing your hands. You couldn’t believe it was finally here. After so many hours of studying and stress, the day of your college graduation had finally arrived. You were wringing your hands because you were certain you were going to trip as you walked across the stage. However, you had a wonderful support group. The Avengers. They were your closest friends. Your family. Especially your boyfriend, Steve.

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Part 18 - Young Hearts

Hey guys ! its been awhile. Been pretty busy with studies and work, that I was just physically and mentally worn out.

Last week I was on my way to work, scrolling through JackD as usual, checking out hot guys nearby and I stumbled upon a very cute boy I just couldn’t resist initiating a conversation.

Me : Cute.

Hanson : Thanks. you’re cute too.

Me : So are you studying ?

Hanson : Ya. In design field.  You ?

Me : ( I didn’t reply him for 3 days) (busy working) 

well after the 3 days of course I did reply him saying sorry for late replying explaining etc and both of us were pretty chatty and eventually end up texting on Whatsapp instead. In between the time of us texting each other I felt something to be honest, as we’re both replying our messages the moment we sent, tell about hows your day etc. Getting to know each other.

on Friday night. we were texting the whole night after we both came back from classes. We kinda talk about relationships and he was kinda emotional when we talk about it and I felt sorry for bringing up his unpleasant memories with his past relationships experience so I called his number : 

Hanson : (Sniffing)

Me : Hey… you okay ?

(In silence)

Hanson : yeah. Im okay

Me : Sorry to bring that up.

Hanson : nah dont worry. Its fine

Me : just wanna call to check if you’re okay

Hanson : aw..

and we continue talking over the phone for the next few hours.

Hanson : Hey. Thanks for calling.

Me : anytime Hanson.

Hanson : See ya tomorrow ?

Me : sure. Our bubble tea date.

Got myself a haircut and drove to his place. He was standing there with a black t-shirt, dark brown long sleeves shirt on top, white shorts, his cute face and perfect jawline. As he got into my car. We greeted each other (I like his British accent) and drowning in our own world talking non-stop despite the bad traffic.

Hanson : Sorry if I talked too much

Me : Its fine. I love talking too. I told you I’m all ears for you today.

Hanson : You’re very cute you know ?

Me : (just smiled at him)

As we reach The Gardens Mall, we had our lunch and of course our promised Bubble Tea at Gongcha. We both love bubble tea and he’s favorite was Gongcha while I prefer Koi and I’ve never tried Gongcha before. 

Me : (taking the first sip of my Gongcha)

Hanson : How was it How was it ? (excited)

Me : Erm its good. 

Hanson : (look down and frowned a little) 

Me : No no its good. The pearls is chewy but I prefer Koi’s but the tea here is better !

Hanson : (Smiled) the tea is better ? 

                                                      He’s cute.

While on our way home at 6. I drove him back to my place since its empty. I took a shower, put on my singlet and tight boxers. We were laying on the bed watching some video clips I promised him to watch together. Halfway through the videos I got carried away by the look on his face, just staring at him

Hanson : (Looking at me) What ? (Laughing)

Me : Nothing. (smiling)

Me : Do you wanna watch another one ?

Hanson : I’m a little tired. Do you want to rest awhile ?

Me : Sure.

Covered ourselves in blanket and staring at each other without physical contacts. This is the kind of silence I enjoy being in. As I put my hands on his face fondling his cheeks and ears to the back of his head touching his hair.

Hanson : Do you want to cuddle ? (smiling)

I open my arms wide as he dives into my embrace. Its really been awhile I felt so happy and comfortable, same goes to him. With his head resting on my shoulder. His hands holding my back tightly, smelling me.

Hanson : You’re so nice to hug…

On and off we let out very deep breath as a sign of feeling comfortable hugging each other. My fingers were running across his hair.

Hanson : You smell so good…

Gently. I gave him a kiss on his forehead. 

Me : let me switch off the lights.

I woke up and switched off the lights. Put on my favorite music and lay back down on the bed with him laying right next to me.

Me : (Whispering next to his ears) thank you for coming.

Hanson : Thanks for asking me out too. 

   “The Lumineers : I belong with you. You belong with me in my sweet hut”

Hanson : where do you wanna go for dinner later ? 

Me : (Whispering softly next to him) Anywhere as long as I’m with you.

Hanson : Aww. (Got on top of me and gave me a quick kiss on my lips)

as he lay back down and hide his face into the pillow.

Hanson : (Mumbling) I hope you don’t mind that (Shyly laughing with his face still hiding in the pillow) 

I got ahold of his chin and remove his face from hiding under the pillow and gave him a proper kiss this time. It felt like it lasted forever. Detaching our lips from each other. We were smiling and my hands fondling his face, bring him closer to me as he rest on my shoulders. 

On and off we kissed, hugged, laughed as he burps halfway kissing, laughed as he tried very hard to flirt (he’s nerdy but cute.) and showering me in compliments. 

In the midst of cuddling with the lights off. My eyes were open and doubts were swimming across my mind. In that moment, I felt so vulnerable. As if my heart just turned to glass that it could shatter in any second. But I closed my eyes just enjoying his presence for now. 

Hanson : I wish I could stay..I can do this all night (resting on me) 

It was almost 1am and I said : 

Me : Hey..its late do you wanna go home ?

Hanson : I don’t want to leave…

I smiled at him, woke up from laying down. His hand reaches mine and pull me back down to the bed. 

As we’re really about to leave. My hands reaches for the door knob. He was hugging me from behind tightly whispering : 

Hanson : Can I see you again ?

turns around and hugged him.

Me : Yes you will.

In the midst of silence, all that left heard was our heartbeat, the warmth of our bodies, smell of his that was left on my singlet, the love of his that fills up my tank, the smiled left on my face. 

Hanson : Thanks for spending time with me today (hugging me tightly) I hope I am not draining your energy.

Me : I’m recharging. ( in my most sincere tone)

Hanson : aww. (Look up to me and gave me a kiss)

Me : now let’s go and fill up your tummy !

Despite his small body he could eat big portions even at this ungodly hour. On our way back, I stared at him for a few seconds.

Hanson : eyes on the road boy !

I just smiled

              “Coldplay : Lights will guide you home. I will try to fix you.”

Its hard to not admit that I don’t feel a thing. I’m human after all.  

But we’ll see where this ship will sail this time. 

Come what may. xo

pyroinquisitor  asked:

Aaaaaaalllright. Another one... Let's do... Oh! Since I love jumin (obvs)... WHAT would Mr. Trust-Fund Jumin Han be like as a Father™? After the princess Elizabeth the 3rd, would they have more cats just like Elly? Or would Seven boycott the kitties?

I wrote so much because daddy Jumin is just really cute and like I couldn’t stop. ~Admin Shadow

Jumin Han as a Father

Originally posted by amy-chickadee

• He was there the moment his child came into the world – and you couldn’t pry him away from your side for a second. He was the first person after you to hold your child and couldn’t stop himself from smiling when the baby stopped crying and stared at him. He couldn’t fathom how his child could just stare at him as if he was their whole world. It was love at first sight for him.

• Jumin is nurturing, and loving toward his children. I could see him opening up a little more with his child more so than he had with you. Hugging his child all the time and reminding them of how much they are loved is a must. He’s the type of dad that plants little kisses on their head whenever he has to drop them off somewhere or leave them for more than a span of an hour.

• Takes his role as a father very seriously and has strict rules for his children to follow – he believes that discipline is essential in a child’s upbringing. He follows many conventional rules, like his child must always eat everything on their plate, he sets a bedtime for them that they must abide by. Of course, Jumin can’t pass up offering a bedtime story – he just can’t resist watching their face light up when they get to the climax of every small novel he reads to them.

• Jumin cares greatly about his child’s education and would be very much on the fence about sending his child to boarding school or a highly respected private school near the both of you. I think he would decided upon a wealthy private school in the end, just because the idea of his child being pried away from him becomes too painful to consider.

• He still wants to make sure they are properly educated in all of the high and sophisticated literature and music of the upper echelon. He also tries very hard to push them to play a musical instrument, and makes sure they are well versed in reading people and gauging others motives. He can’t stand the idea of people trying to take advantage of his child.

• He has certain fears he can’t quell when it comes to his children. The one thing he worries greatly about is their social skills and ability to open up. That was always his own shortcoming so Jumin wants nothing more than to guide them in the right direction – he takes them out frequently so they can socialize and learn how to interact with people their own age.

Jumin Getting More Cats

• I honestly don’t think Jumin would get anymore cats after Elizabeth the 3rd. He really viewed Elle as a companion, a friend and an outlet not so much as a cat. For him, she is irreplaceable and getting another cat would cheapen her value to him. I honestly don’t think he would ever replace Elle.

Double Trouble (Poly!Hamilsquad x reader)

Pairing: Hamilsquad x reader

Word Count: 1050

Warnings: Poly, probably really bad

Summary: You and the boys have the same idea, but there is conflict in the situation. 

Authors Notes: I wrote on this for a week, but it probably isn’t my best. I just felt it was a while since it was the last time I posted.

“This is perfect,” John said.

“Agreed, mon amour,” Laf said kissing his cheek.

“I can’t believe we are doing this,” Hercules said excitedly examining what everyone was awing over.

“All is left to do is to finish writing the song,” Alexander said.

The boys made their way to the subway quickly. On the train Alex and John sat on the bench with Laf and Herc standing in front of the holding hands. People were staring so Alexander leaned over to John and pulled him into a kiss making everyone dart their eyes away. Herc gave Alex a wink.

On the walk from the subway to the apartment the boys were quiet. When they came in you still weren’t home so they still had time to finish what they needed to. You got home about an hour later and all the boys came and hugged you. This hasn’t happened in a while so you were caught off guard until you remembered it was your anniversary.

“Happy Anniversary!!” you told the boys giving each of them a kiss, “Let’s get ready, we should get going soon.”

“Yes ma’am,” John mocked.

You and the boys were in the room getting ready for dinner. Tonight was y’all’s 3 year anniversary. Reservations were made at Eleven Madison Park , which was a group favorite. You noticed the boys were taking their time making sure every wrinkle was out of their clothes and their hair was perfect. Hercules decided not to wear a hat, Alex only pulled half of his hair up into a nice bun. Laf and John left their perfect curls down. You but on your favorite outfit and did your hair.

“Y’all took your time getting ready, more than usual, I mean. Is there something else planned i don’t know about?” you asked.

“Non, mon chéri, we just want to look our best for you.” Laf responded.

“We want to look good for each other,” Hercules corrected.

John was hiding his face so you knew something was up. You just hoped it didn’t interfere with what you had planned for later. After dinner you suggested a walk through the park on the way home. The boys said they already planned on it. Y’all started walking then stopped when you reached the big fountain. The boys loved the fountain, Alex sat near it when he needed a relaxing environment to write, Laf visited it when he was missing home, John liked to look at all of the coins and tried to find the oldest one, and Herc used it as a relaxing place for sketches. You arranged to have it filled with roses and candles. As they awed and stared at the fountain you got on your knee and pulled out a big ring box and cleared your throat. They all turned around.

“(Y/N), what are you doing?” Herc asked.

“Well what does it look like? I love every single one of you. I don’t want to live without any of you. Each of your different personalities make me a better person and I need it to survive. So, will you, Alexander Hamilton John Laurens, Hercules Mulligan, and Gilbert de Motier, Marquis de Lafayette marry me?”

“Only if,” Alex started, “You marry us.”

All four boys got down on a knee and Alex pulled out a ring.

“Of course! I do have to ask though, how long have y’all planned this?”

“Oui, mon amour, we have planned on this for months. We even had a song written and much more planned.”

You sunk down and lowered your head. Tears came to the brim of your eyes. The boys rushed to your side to comfort you.

“Hey, what’s the matter? This is supposed to be a happy thing.” Alexander said.

“I know, but y’all had so much more planned and I ruined it.

(Y/N/N), baby, it’s okay. You don’t understands how much it means to us that you proposed to us. That never happens, a girl proposing to her boyfriend.” John said

“But y’all had so much more planned that wasn’t just getting on a knee and asking.”

“Sometimes that’s when it’s the best. It was so simple, yet it means the world to us,”Herc said giving you a kiss on the back of your head.

Mon amour we can still do everything we had planned if that would make you feel better. We would just already be engaged and that would be wonderful.” Laf suggested.

Alex lifted your head and gave you a kiss. Hercules lifted you to your feet and kissed you. Laf hugged you from behind before giving you a kiss. John reached for your hands, kissed them, then your lips. He swiftly took the box from your hands and looked at the rings.

“(Y/N), this is so sweet, all of our initials are on the inside.” John said.

“I wanted the date too, but there wasn’t enough room.”

“It’s perfect, you’re perfect, this moment is perfect.” Herc said.

“Say, why don’t we put these on?” Alexander asked.

They took the rings out and placed them on their fingers. It took a couple of tried to find their fit but when they did they looked at them and smiled. Alexander whispered something and they all got into a position and he walked over to a bench and pulled out his guitar. They sang and danced to a song they wrote and it was the cutest and funniest thing ever. At the end they all got on one knee and Laf pulled out a box with the most beautiful ring. It had your birthstone in the middle of the ring surrounded by theirs.

“Because we were all born to be together,” John said.

He was always so cheesy but you loved it. You slipped the ring on your finger with tears on the brim of your eyes again, but this time they were happy tears. It fit perfectly. They escorted you to a carriage and took you to all of your favorite spots in the city. When you arrived home you and your boys snuggled in bed with a movie playing. The next morning you woke up and looked at your hand to see if it was all just a crazy dream. It wasn’t and you couldn’t be happier.

The 102- Part 17: Flowers On Her Ankles

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Pairing: Bellamy x reader
Characters: Bellamy, the reader
Warnings: swearing, fluff 
Summary: Bellamy and the reader take the night to get to know each other, and when Bellamy notices her tattoos and asks about them, she decides to open up
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When you and Bellamy got back to camp, you were exhausted. The day, just as any other, had been a nightmare, and all you wanted to do was go to sleep. So when Bellamy suggested the two of you stay in his tent that night, you didn’t object. 

The minute your head touched the makeshift pillow you fell asleep. And you’d happily spent the rest of the night there, tangled between the sheets with him. 

For the first time in a while nightmares didn’t chase you from your sleep. You didn’t know if it just was from how tired you were, or because of Bellamy’s presence, but something had changed. The distorted images of Stella and Luke’s faces which usually had you waking up in a cold sweat stayed away, and you dreamt of blackness instead. 

The night was a break from the chaos of your everyday lives. Both you and Bellamy needed time to spend with each other, to keep from going insane. Living on the ground and having to keep 98 people alive was nearly impossible, but it was how the card had fallen. You, him, and Clarke were the makeshift leaders of the camp, so, for good or for worse, you would lead. 

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Hello!!! Do you have any more clony headcanons? Im starving

Hi! Of course I have! I feel you, this fandom needs more fics, and headcanons and everything.

1. Tony is the one who plan their dates, and as he know how much Clay like old movies he often takes him to drive-in cinema. So they can watch some good movie and make out in mustang witch is a win-win situation.

2. For first few weeks Clay is a little shy, cause it’s first time he is with guy, or anyone actually. So at first ther is not a lot of hugs or kisses, later they cuddle a lot when they are alone, and it ends with Clay insisting to make out almost everywhere and they were caught so many times that it become common thing finding them somewhere in school snogging.

3. Clay is not a morning person, he can sleep all day, Tony always wake up first but he never get up from bed before Clay. It’s because he look really peacfull and adorable in his sleep, and Tony can stare at him for hours.

4. Tony take Clay for hiking a lot. Clay at first doesn’t like it at all and complain all the time, but after few times he started enjoy this. His favourite moment is when they are on the top and rest, look up to the view. They just sitting holding hands, Clay rest his head on Tonys arm and he feel really happy.

5. Tonys brothers like to tease them all the time, but it’s all in lovely way. They are actually very glad about their little brother being in healthy and happy relationship. They also had a bent when those two will end up together, but they refuse to tell which one win. It was Mr Padilla.

6. Clay always admire Tonys tattoos and thinks they are really sexy. He wonder a lot about getting tatto and what could it be. So one day he and Tony are cuddling in his room, lying on the bed and kissing a lot. Tony takes off Clays shirt and gasps when he see black tattoo on his ribs. He just can’t control himself and this is probably his biggest kink. After all Clay look him in the eye “It’s just henna you know?”

7. Tony made a lot of mix tapes for Clay, cause his music taste is awfull and someone needs to take care of it. Clay is not so sure about this, especially after tapes made by Hannah, but he decided to listen first one and it turns out, that before every song is short record of Tonys voice, saying why he likes certain song, for example, cause they kissed for the first time when it was played.

8. Tony sometimes have nightmares about Clay jumping from cliff. Thats the most terrifying thing he can imagine, and when he wake up he always needs to text Clay, just to make sure if he is ok. He also ride to his house, cause texting is just not enough, so they are sitting in mustang only in their pyjamas and hugging, Tony kisses Clays forhead and they sit like that untill sun rises and Clay ask if Tony wants  to come for breakfast.

Never Again-Spiderman Imagine.

Request: Can you please write me a peter imagine with 41 & 8? I want it to be sad but also happy at the end. Like the reader doesn’t know he’s spiderman then at the end they get back together? But whatever is fine, you’re the writer 😸 Thanks!

A/N: I’m sorry I’ve been taking so long with requests, but I’m really excited about this one!

41-“I’m doing this for your own good. I can’t risk hurting you again.”

 8-“Don’t act like you didn’t know what you were doing. You knew you were breaking my heart.”

 Warnings: Angst, depression, tears.


 4 weeks. That’s how long it’s been since you’d last seen Peter. You called, texted and even went over to his apartment to check on him. When May answered she had a pitiful look on her face, saying Peter wasn’t home although you could see through her lie. It hurt, knowing Peter was deliberately trying to avoid you. He wouldn’t even talk to you at school, he’d just throw his head down and walk away whenever he saw you. The worst part was, you didn’t even know why. Maybe he finally realized that he was too good for you. That you are nobody compared to the billions of other girls on this planet. 

 Your eyes sting from lack of sleep and you can feel yourself getting weaker. You spent most of your time locked up in your room doing nothing but sit there staring at the wall, or the ceiling, or the lamp. It didn’t matter. You just felt numb. You’re mom was concerned and even tried to convince you to move on, “Not all relationships last sweetie.” she had said to me, “You’re going to push through.” she had encouraged, although her tone held doubt. He didn’t even break up with you. And that’s what you hated. You were still dating him, and he didn’t even have the courage to properly get rid of you. You curl up in a ball on your bed, doing your best to ignore that little voice in your head that seemed to hate you so much. You stared at your window, reminded of the constant memories of Peter showing up on your fire escape. You never knew how he got up 20 stories of stairs, but he shrugged it off as his “amazing ability to do athletic stuff.” you laughed slightly at his dorkiness, which turned into a slight sob. You hid your head into your pillow as the tears came down, and you let yourself fade.into unconsciousness as the cries echo through your room. ——————————————————————– 

 You wake up to the sound of tapping on your window. You dismiss it as your imagination or maybe a bird as you try to let yourself drift back into slumber, but the tapping (more like knocking) won’t suffice. You freeze, trying to tell yourself it’s just a bird or a pebble falling from an upper floor, but you knew the truth.

Peter always did the same pattern. The same three knocks. You held back a tear from falling down your face as you tried to convince yourself you were making it up, just hearing it so you could see him in some way. But the knocking continued.

Slowly and hesitantly, you pulled your comforter off of your frail frame. It was instinct, walking to the window like you had countless nights before, ignoring the coldness of the floor causing you to shiver. 

It was only now you noticed it was night, you had slept for a long time. 

As you make it to the foggy window, you can make out your boyfriend’s frame, crouching down as he knocks on your window. You pause at the glass, staring out and making out his saddened face. he doesn’t deserve to be sad. i should be the one who’s sad. 

Without thinking, you unlatch the window, letting yourself come face to face with your brown eyed boyfriend for the first time in weeks. The two of you hadn’t been this close in proximity for a while, and it almost made you gasp. Peter said nothing. You said nothing. Silence took over as the two of you stared deep into each other’s eyes. 

You wanted to hug him, kiss him, hold him and forgive him, but you knew what he was really here for. This is it, he’s going to break up with you.

After what felt like hours, Peter finally cleared his throat, his Adams apple bobbing nervously, “C-can I come in…please?” he asked, his sweet voice invading your ears. Before you knew it, you were moving out of the way, your (E/C) eyes trained on the floor as you forced yourself not to look at him.

Seeing him here, back in your room like the countless nights you would binge watch cheesy rom-coms hurt like hell, and you didn’t want to look back up into his doe eyes and break down in front of him. He didn’t deserve your tears.

As Peter stood in front of you, his eyes trained on the far wall, refusing to face you, he spoke, “I think we should break up,” he said, his voice hoarse and breaking at the end, almost like it hurt him as much as it hurt you. You were expecting the words, but you didn’t expect it to physically pang your chest. You felt heavy, like the world was pushing your shoulders down. You wanted more than anything to sob, to fall down and scream, but you couldn’t move. 

“I-I’ve been thinking it for a while,” Peter continued, his words getting more and more stern as he went on, “I couldn’t face you for a while but Michelle convinced me to tell you, it’s only fair.” he spoke, his words cold as ice. Each thing he said was like a knife to your chest. Were you angry? Sad? Relieved? Hurt? You didn’t know, you didn’t know what you felt, just…empty. 

“Why?” You managed to squeak, your voice hardly audible, although Peter heard you. He tensed, almost like he was hoping you wouldn’t ask that question. “B-because–” he struggled, taking a deep breath. Why is this hard for him? I’m the one whose heart is being ripped out of there chest. “Because I don’t love you anymore,” he said confidently, finally turning to face you. 

You looked up to meet his gaze, his eyes were hollow, empty, his face showing no sign of remorse or regret. He meant what he said, at least that’s what you told yourself.

As you said nothing, Peter made a move towards the window, but as he got closer, you blocked his path. He gave you a confused look, then averted his gaze, “No,” You barely managed to mumble. He didn’t move, almost like he was expecting this, “(Y/N)…” he began, “No Peter, tell me the real reason.” You said, looking up at him, “What did I do?” You asked painfully, a lump forming in your throat. He looked at you with shock, “Nothing!” He answered immedietly, catching you off guard, “Then why?” You asked, a tear falling down your cheek.

“I-I have to go,” He mumbled, attempting to move around you, but you blocked him once more, “No Peter, I’m not letting you leave until I understand!” You practically yelled, all of your pent up emotion finally pouring out of you. “I-I can’t (Y/N),” he said, a tear falling down his cheek. Why is he crying? you asked yourself.

As an instinct, you wiped the tear from his face as he automatically leaned into your touch, his eyes closing momentarily as he tried to savor the moment. “You can’t keep lying to me Peter,” You mumbled, tearing your hand away, “I deserve to know the truth!” You exclaimed as he turned away. He threw his hands into his curly hair, gripping his head angrily and grumbling to himself as he paced. 

Before you knew it, he kicked the lamp off of your nightstand in anger, making you jump in shock, “Can’t you see I’m doing this for your own good. I can’t risk hurting you!” He said, turning to face you and immedietly going silent, as if he let something slip.

You furrowed your eyebrows in confusion, studying Peter as a silent message to continue. He sighed, “I-I can’t hurt you (Y/N)..I care about you too much.” he mumbled as he sat on your bed, his head in between his hands.

You sat next to him, keeping a distance as you still were uncomfortable and hurt by this beautiful boy, “You’re hurting me now Peter,” You laughed bitterly, “Can you not see that?” You asked in disbelief as he looked up at you momentarily, before training his eyes on the floor and thinking about your words. “I-I never meant to hurt you–” He began before you scoffed, “Don’t act like you didn’t know what you were doing.” you say, looking down at Peter, “You knew you were breaking my heart.” He looks up at you, his chocolate eyes filled with regret and hurt, making you want to hold him close until you saw that beautiful smile once again, but you held your ground. 

“I would rather you be safe without me, than in danger with me,” he spoke softly, convincing himself more than you. Once again, you furrowed your brows, “How could you put me in danger Peter? You’re the least dangerous person I know,” Peter laughed bitterly, “If only you knew–” 

“Knew what?”; you interrupted, gaining anger. He sighed, “Tell me Peter,” You demanded once again, “I can’t help if you don’t tell me,” You practically begged, another tear slipping from your (E/C) orbs despite your efforts. “You can’t help (Y/N)” he sighed.

You placed your dainty hand onto Peter’s. He glanced down at your touching limbs and intertwined your fingers together, a motion that was all too familiar. “Tell me,” you asked softly.

He shook his head, “I-I can’t,” he struggled as you sighed, “Why not Peter?  Just tell me!” You demanded, “You don’t understand,” he said, getting angry, “Then make me understand!” You exclaimed, “I’m Spiderman okay?!” He yelled, as you both froze.

You stared at Peter as he caught his breath, looking at the ground, “I-I’m Spiderman…and I can’t risk  hurting you.” he says, making you finally breath, only then realizing that your breath had been held. 

“I-if anything happened to you I–” he choked out before you shushed him, getting up from the bed and wrapping your arms around the damaged boy. He responded immedietly, wrapping his strong arms around your smaller frame and pulling you impossibly close. “I’m not going anywhere Peter,” You whispered as you patted soothing circles on his back. You felt him sob slightly as he whispered, “I love you.” You sighed in happiness, a smile making its way onto your face, “I love you too Peter,” you mumbled, burying your head into his chest.

He stroked your (H/L) (H/C) hair, humming contently. “Don’t you ever scare me like that again,” you scolded, “And don’t think I’m not still mad…cuz I am.” You told him, making him nod, “Yes, be mad, please do,” he encouraged, “I deserve it.” he smiled against you. You smiled as well, “Yeah you do you plant.” He laughed slightly, “Did you just call me a plant?” he asked in fake disbelief. You shrugged against him, “Maybe, got a problem with that.” he laughed slightly, “Not at all, I just missed you.” he hummed as you smiled, “I missed you too Parker.” 

The two of you stood there in silence, soaking up each other’s presence that you’d missed so much, not caring about anything else as the world disappeared, and it was just you and Peter.

“Oh, and Pete?” You asked as Peter hummed in acknowledgment, “You owe me a new lamp.” You say, laughing as Peter cringes. 


A/N: I feel like I kind of made this more like Andrew Garfield Spiderman than Tom Holland Spiderman so…sorry if it feels that way haha. I hope you enjoyed it! Love you all! <3

Dating Emily Fields would include

-Shy glances and flirty jokes when you first meet

-Everyone can tell you like each other

-Hanna sets the two of you up on a study date after weeks of you two flirting

-Trying desperately to look at your book instead of her lips

-Finally she gives you a long sweet kiss

-Mostly going on dinner dates, you’d rather spend hours talking than going to a movie

-Going to every one of her swimming events

-If you do any sports, musicals, competitions, etc. she would always be there to cheer you on as well

-Having sleepovers and spending hours talking and staring at each other

-Holding each other as a movie plays in the background

-This is the first time you said I love you

-Her placing her hand on your thigh when you sit together

-Short and sweet kisses everytime you separate

-Being good friends with the other girls

-Emily doing everything she can to keep A from hurting you

-Knowing about A and trying to help without prying into their business

-If one of you ever thinks the other might be in danger you freak out

-And reunite with the tightest hug ever and a desperate kiss

-“I dont know what I would’ve done if you ever got hurt”

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I’ve never loved someone (as much as I love you)

aka First Platonic “I Love You”

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Cassian x Reader

Words: 1932

Series Summary: Cassian and Reader Firsts – from meeting each other to the first time, first kiss, first fight, first “I love you”, to their (first) last breaths (maybe…that might be too depressing)

Time Cassian and Reader have known each other: 7 months

Prompt: Anonymous- “firsts” for cassian x reader please?!? (like first date, first kiss, first fight etc) :-))

Chapter: 5/20

Author’s notes: Always say I LOVE YOU to your friends. My best friend and I say it everyday :D Hope you enjoy!!!!

It had been rough since your return. You had severe flashbacks from your past mission that caused you to constantly feel on edge. Though your time with the rebellion’s psychiatrist helped you were still skittish around others. Because of this your first few weeks back were spent avoiding others. You’d camp out in your room during busy times. You’d eat in the mess hall after hours (thanks Alfi for the food). And you’d immediately turn on heel when you saw someone walking toward you.

Loud noises would startle you and you didn’t like people near you. A gentle brush against your arm would send you hurtling into a defensive position against the wall.

The only person you were okay around was Cassian. He would be a comfort next to you.

He would sit with you in your room when you didn’t feel comfortable leaving. When you walked through the hallway you would feel his warm hand on your back, anchoring you to the ground. He would consciously place himself between you and other people and glare at anyone who was coming too close. He became your shadow in more than one way.

As the weeks passed you were surprised that you didn’t get called for any missions. You were beginning to get antsy. You would ask your supervisor over and over when your next mission was; however, you were always sent away. General Draven finally informed you that you were grounded for the foreseeable future.

To say you took that badly would be an understatement. General Draven still hadn’t regained full hearing in his right ear.

It wasn’t till a week after being grounded (1 month after you had returned) that the rebellion realized they had no one like you. You had somehow become their only bounty hunter. You were one of a kind. The rebellion had never had an issue finding stranded and missing rebels, because you were always there. But now that you were grounded, they had no body. Because of this Draven decided that the new recruits that had just landed would be trained. By you

After the first day of training you were ready to give up.

“They’re incompetent, Cassian. Positively incompetent” You groaned falling back dramatically onto his bed.

“They have no idea how anything works. Marcus couldn’t even hit the target from five feet away, Liana took an hour to pick a lock, and don’t even get me started on Tibbeo, I swear that boy couldn’t replace a light bulb if I asked.”

You looked over to the silent Cassian, bent over his desk scrubbing away on his data pad.

Casssssssian. Stop ignoring me.” You whined.

Cassian snorted, “Now I know how you feel dealing with those bratty children.”

“You shit.” You gasped, taking off your shoe and lobbing it at his head. 

Without even looking he dodged it and looked back at you over his shoulder giving you a loving smirk.

After two months of torture with the thoroughly incompetent children, okay maybe some of them weren’t


bad, you were finally assigned on your next mission. Draven ordered you to take along one of your trainees. You took your top student obviously (though that didn’t mean much). She was decent at fighting and flirting. However, her skills at interrogation and stealth were pretty much non-existent. Her voice squeaked when she would try to yell and one time she knocked over four trashcans, two racks of equipment, and smashed a chair when trying to be “stealthy”.

To say that you were nervous would be an understatement. It wasn’t just that you would have to keep an eye on another living breathing person, but you were worried about getting back out there. Though you had been begging to go back on missions, now you weren’t sure you were ready. Cassian promised that you would be fine and that he would check in on you. And if anything went wrong he would be there in a heartbeat, rules be damned.

After you landed the tension flowed out of your body. You were back in your element. You had nothing to worry about.

The mission began relatively normal. It wasn’t meant to be a difficult one. You just had to locate a stranded rebellion and bring him home. He wasn’t even on an imperial occupied planet. The probability something would happen was slim to none.

What happened next was a freak occurrence. You swear that even if there had been a sign you wouldn’t have seen it.

You’re not really sure what happened, but long story short you got shot. 

It was a scratch.

“That is so not a scratch!” Mila screeched yanking you up off the ground.

After taking care of the problem (yes Mila sometimes you have to “take” care of imperial agents) and finding your rebel, who thankfully was being held by those exact imperial agents, you were able to stumble back to your ship.

After giving Mila directions to fly back to Yavin 4 and making sure your rescued rebel was alright, you went to collapse on the bed in the back of your ship.

Just as you closed your eyes, your comlink rang. Pulling it out you let out a long groan just thinking about the dreaded conversation you were about to have.

“Hey! Fierabrás, how did your mission go? Hopefully Mila is still alive. You didn’t leave her behind, right?”

You took a deep breath, “Before you freak out, just know I’m alright and it’s barely a scratch.”

What happened?”

“I may or may not have gotten myself a little bit shot? 

Cassian cursed.

“I’m fi-“ You started, but Cassian cut you off.

The next ten minutes were full of reprimands, questions, and curses.

When you were finally able to squeeze a word in there, you told him that you had to go.

He grumbled in reply telling you that you had better be in one piece when you get back.

“Hey. Listen, I really need to go check on Mila. Poor kid is probably freaking out. I’ll see you tonight, alright? Love you. See you soon.”

“Love you too,” Cassian said without missing a beat and then the call cut off.

It didn’t take long before you realized what you had said. And then you proceeded to stare at your comlink for the next hour wondering what the fuck had just happened. Little did you know, Cassian was doing the exact same thing.

Had that really just happened?

You should have assumed that this would’ve happened sooner or later. It wasn’t a rare sight to see the affection you two showed each other. From long hugs to kisses on foreheads, pet terms of affections, and lounging together on each other’s beds.  You guessed that this was just like the physical affection, but finally vocalized. However, figuring out what this meant wasn’t exactly coming easy.

You and Cassian had both grown up without family. The rebellion was all you knew for most of your life. Just because the other rebels had become a sort of family didn’t mean that you received the same love and affection you would receive from true family.

However, that had all had changed when you met Cassian. He had become your family. Truthfully, you had been saying “I love you” in many different ways for a long time.

The next few hours of your flight went by too quickly for your liking. As you were landing you were tense. Usually Cassian was waiting on the tarmac for you. But what if he wasn’t this time. What if what you had said caused a rift between you two?

But there he was. You quickly let out a sigh of relief before you hobbled down the ramp. Cassian quickly walked up to meet you, taking off his jacket and draping it around your shoulders.

As he reached up to place his arm around your waist, you flinched away and began to stagger off to the med bay. Cassian fell in step beside you and you both remained tensely quiet for the next few minutes. You weren’t sure what to say and you were still freaking out in your head.

Cassian on the other hand wasn’t as freaked out. After his initial freak-out he had realized that there was nothing wrong with saying “I love you”. He had memories of his sisters and parents saying it. It had been a normal tradition he had missed over the years. A tradition that he planned to keep going with you.

“I can hear you thoughts from over here. Listen… I love you.” Your head snapped up and you backed away from him a little. He put his hands up, “I love you. You’re my best friend. You’re my family. That’s a normal thing to say to family isn’t it?”

You nodded your head.

“Good. Then I’m going to continue saying it. If that’s alright.”

You smiled slightly, your racing thoughts finally slowing down, “I love you too.”

And thus began the tradition of saying, “I love you”.  

 Cassian was usually the one to say it first. Usually it was said in privacy, but as the weeks passed, it grew so comfortable that you would say it wherever you were.

You would say it in the packed hallways when you went your separate ways. He would leave you a note on your workshop’s door. You would scream it across the hangar as you went off on a mission. He would tell you every night before you went to bed.

Like everything else, it soon became a competition on who could outdo each other.

Cassian had a 15 foot banner printed and hung it on your ship.

You made the chef’s and rebellion jazz band sing and play him a love song in the mess hall.

Cassian convinced Draven that if went up to you and said, “Cassian loves you” that he would turn in all his future reports on time for the next four months.

That was not something Draven was going to pass up. So he did it.

Of course, like it usually did, the competition went a little bit too far when you set up 500 candles in the intelligence center. And right there in the middle, red flames spelled out  “I love you”.

It was impossible to move an inch into the room. Let’s just say that seeing the best intelligence agents play “the ground is literally lava” is way more entertaining than you would think.

You were then prohibited from huge spectacles of your love.

However, that didn’t stop the tradition and you said, “I love you” every day.

To the both of you, “I love you,” meant many different things. Stay safe. I’ll see you when I get back. I hope you sleep without nightmares tonight. I picked you up a book from this obscure bookshop on Tatooine. But most of all, it meant I love you, even if you weren’t ready to admit it yet.

I love you became something easy to say for you. However, the lingering uncertainty cowering in the back of your head grew more and more each day. Did you mean more by it? Did Cassian mean more by it? Did you love each other more than family?

Then one day all those feelings you had repressed all those months ago came flooding back. And they were stronger than ever. However, instead of pushing them back this time you let them flow throughout you. And you realized…

You loved Cassian.

Fuck. That was going to come back to bite you in the ass.

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Next up: how did I live so long (without your lips on mine) aka First Kiss


@calzona-all-ways I was worried it’d be a bit too long for a reblog aha. But, this is what should have happened when asked if there was a picture of the blob..

Callie was just finishing her surgery, a hard one at that. She was drying her hands, stress and exhaustion settling into her bones when her wife unexpectedly popped in.

“You missed our appointment.”

“Mmm?” She turned to face her wife, realization flashing before her eyes. “Oh, damn it!”  she rambled, searching for words. “I’m so sorry, I,” she shook her head. “My surgery went long, and I completely forgot. How’d it go?”

Arizona stood still, Callie unable to read her expression. She didn’t let the strange mood emanating off of her wife ruin her excitement. “I mean, I know the ultrasound’s just a blob at this point, but still…” A large smile graced her face. “Did you get a picture of the blob?” she laughed. 

 Arizona’s head hung, her hands reaching to take off her own scrub cap. “Um,” she sighed, the tears pooling into her blue eyes alarming Callie. Her smile disappeared almost instantly. 

 “They looked and looked-”


 Quivering lips were licked before a smile showed up, Arizona pulling a folded picture from her scrub pants. “They looked and looked, but they finally found it. They found a heart beat.” 

 “Oh!” Callie ran up to Arizona and hugged her tightly, joy spreading through her chest, her heart beating fast. Arizona unfolded the picture, the tiny, dark circle the most beautiful thing Callie had ever seen in her life. 

 “We’re really having a baby,” Arizona kissed Callie. 

 Callie kissed her back, taking the picture in her own hands and stepping back to stare in amazement at the photo. “We really are.”

 “He’s got your eyes,” Callie whispered. 

 After ten hours of strenuous labor, Arizona had delivered a beautiful baby boy. Ten perfect fingers. Ten perfect toes. Light brown hair curled all over his head and stunning blue eyes to match. He slept soundly in Arizona’s arms, Sofia peering at the tiny bundle with excitement. 

 Sofia tickled an exposed foot, the baby’s face twitching to reveal two perfectly set dimples. “Oh my god, he has dimples.” Callie cooed. “How am I ever going to say no to this face?” 

 Arizona laughed and kissed the top of his head. “You’re positive about the name?” she was doubtful even with Callie’s constant reassurance ever since they found out the sex of the baby.  

 “What do you think, Sofia?” 

 The little girl nodded with even more excitement. “Timmy!” 

 “That’s a good name, huh?” Arizona asked kissing the baby’s forehead again. “Timothy Marcus Robbins-Torres.” 

 As if on queue, the baby squirmed in her arms and yawned. 

 “I think that’s a yes.” Callie smiled as one of his tiny fists wrapped around her finger.