staring at kisses and hugs for hours

THE STYDIA KISS (and hug)- an Extra™ frame by frame analysis

ok so we start out with this shit. even before this frame, dude is staring at them Martin lips like he’s in the middle of the desert and they’re the only water for miles. Then we get here and they both go in OPEN goddamn MOUTH for this kiss. she is PUCKERED for him. She was puckered ten feet ago, she was puckered when she walked in the damn door, hell, she was puckered 3 months ago. She got her tongue fucking ready to dock at Port Stilinski Lips.

She comes in fucking Little Caesar’s Hot ‘N Ready with the hands on the neck. goddamn. And they are PRESSED into each other. If they were kissing any deeper they would swallow each other. Which now, come to think of it, might have been their goal.

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EXO Reaction when they are in detention with their girlfriend

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“Let’s escape jagi! this is my fault! I got you into this! I won’t let you stay here until 5pm! Let’s leave now! No one’s watching” *Feels like in a movie*


“Shall we… kill some time” *I bet he comes from Naughty Galaxy*


*Stares at you like this all the time* “I just love spending time with you jagi… this is fun kekekeke*


*Can’t actually believe it* “We are in detention baobei! What are we going to do! I told you that kissing in the library was forbidden!”


*Knows you are angry* “Jagi… can I sit next you please? I don’t think I’ll be able to not talk to you for three hours… not to mention hug you” *Puppy nini*


*Sits on the teacher’s desk and stares at you like this* “You’ve been… a very naughty girl this school year…”


“Thank god I brought enough food for you, me and Jongin… at least we won’t be hungry” XD


“It’s okay baobei it’s okay… I’m here. I’ll talk with your parents, it was my fault after all” *Manly Luhan got it, don’t worry*


*You two are the only ones at school* “Well… during these three hours… we can play that we are the king and queen of the school!”


*Really awkward* “what should I do.. what should I say… I bet she’s angry..”


“Let’s pretend to be penguins.. You know who’s an expert? Kyungsoo!” *Tried everything to not bore you*


*Feels like a bad boy* “We should go wild jagi… if you know what I mean* ;)))))

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I adore you and your Prompto to no ends. You both just bring such a huge smile to my face? You're incredibly sweet and persevere, and then you write with such incredible fondness for your character. And you work to build such a deep understanding of him, both the fun-loving side that he's renowned for, but also the more serious and driving elements underneath that. That and you really make him yours in a way that works and keeps that smile going strong. Thank you for being a blessing.

         i dunno how much this’ll mean, ‘cos we all know what a giant weenie i am by now, but this lil message had me in TEARS earlier. like— actual, tangible piles of salty wetness dripping from my sight holes n spillin’ all over my statistics homework ( thank god, actually, fuck statistics ). this is SO incredibly kind, so uplifting to hear, especially after a tough monday and i just….. idk. i can only assume the sweet lil anon goin’ around and givin’ everyone soft little compliments is you, but even if it ISN’T i hope you know what a great inspiration you’ve been today. i pray with my deepest feeling that you find the absolute happiness you deserve, ‘n that someone you love tells you how important you are today ❤

Being Namjoon’s girlfriend means
  • nights out where you don’t come home until like 3 am because he takes you out for dinner then dancing
  • and at first he tries to be cool and two step it but as the night goes on he gets comfortable with you and he starts to go real wild
  • and you laugh because he’s laughing and his dimples are showing
  • “babe what are you looking at?”
  • “just checking SN–”
  • “let me see that”
  • “naMJOON NO”
  • “…”
  • “….i only touched it”
  • you telling him everything–your secrets, your fears, the last movie you really loved, how many hours you slept last night–and he would listen super attentively and remember it all because he just genuinely finds everything you say fascinating
  • “namjoon what’d you do with the gudetama onesie?”
  • “it’s in my closet why?”
  • *you leave the room*
  • *come back in wearing the gudetama onesie*
  • *namjoon loses it* “oh my god come here” *gives you kisses and tight hugs and can’t stop staring at how cute you look*
  • you guys doing normal shit like eating chips in the kitchen or watching tv and he gives you this look that’s all wiggling eyebrows and lip biting and you guys “discreetly” leave the room
  • but really you’re jumping over one another to reach the bedroom
  • him wrapping you up in his arms and whispering in your ear “i wrote a song about you” and you’re all excited and he’s like “buuuut i’m not gonna show it to you” and you attacking him until he lets you see it
  • and it’s beautiful but also slightly sexual just like him
Family ‘Verse: Part Two

A/N: Back by (shockingly) popular demand, it’s a sequel in the family ‘verse! Part one can be found HERE, or follow along on Ao3!

Warnings for brief/implied torture and just a lot of h/c.

Tony hugs his children goodbye in the morning, tickles Nuru until she laughs out her surrender, tucks Sipho under his arm as the boy shows him his latest drawings, presses a kiss to the top of Adannaya’s head. He kisses T’Challa before he has to leave, a quick peck on the lips. They’re absent, quick embraces, sure in the knowledge that he’ll be back in just a few hours to see them again.

Hours later, as Tony stares in mute horror at a bomb with his name on it, a text to T’Challa half finished in his hands, he’ll wish he had known to hold them longer.

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the touch of her swimsuit on your skin when you hug her underwater. cold showers together @ 3 am when it’s too hot to sleep. the taste of her sunscreen on your lips when you kiss her thighs. getting drunk on her sweat, her lips, on cold dessert wine. waking up early and watching her sleeping with the sun on her face, unbothered. walks on the beach late at night, hugging her when it gets too cold. taking her to your favorite summer cinema and staring at her instead of the screen. stargazing and falling asleep. countless hours together. she turns summer into your favorite season and when she leaves, it still feels like summer inside you.

How the reunion should go
  • Rumple: *Stares at Belle for 5 minutes
  • Belle: *Stares at Rumlpe for 5 minutes
  • Rumple: *Looks down
  • Belle: *Throws herself at him, 5 minutes hug, 10 minutes kissing
  • Rumple: So...I guess I'll be at the cabin if you need me
  • Belle: *Grabs Rumple by the collar and starts dragging him home "YOU ARE NOT GOING ANYWHERE MISTER UNTIL WE HAVE A GOOD HOUR TALK AND 2 DAYS IN BED. AND LEAVE THE CUFFS
  • Rumple: *Smiles to himself


The club is full of people. Music is too loud. The moving bodies mess with his senjutsu. The multitude of sensations and impressions is as intoxicating as the Liquor 43 in his left hand. He didn’t want to drink - his friend bought it. SageKisame sits at a lounge bench, one woman at each knee. They’re kissing and licking his neck. It feels nice, to be hugged. He holds them too. Feels nice, to have teeth over his skin. He’s staring off into space, frowning. He checks his phone. Any messages?

Ino had a few too many surprises in the last 24 hours. She had been madly in love with a  member of the Akatsuki, and she was  — basically a whore for her village, and that’s how they met. She hated thinking of that, all of the time, and effort  she put into being some usable little …. thing. So, she decided to investigate on her own terms. Using a henge jutsu, Ino transformed herself into another woman, basically a girl she saw on a magazine, with short auburn hair and green eyes, she was taller, and built different, but she would still look good. As she walked into the club her eyes focused on the tall, sharklike man. Women all over him, maybe everything he had said was some elaborate lie…. and she didn’t mean much to him. She quickly made her way to the bar and ordered a very strong drink as she plotted her next move.