staring at itself


Do you ache for him?

For me, these two scenes effectively sum up just how alone Hannibal and Will are without each other. We see Will desperately attempting to focus all his attention on fixing a boat motor, a problem we heard Hannibal refer to as ‘easy’ to solve in season one. The simplicity of this creates a stark contrast in relation to Will’s current state of mind regarding his feelings for Hannibal, confirmed through the series of flashbacks we see. Will is not entirely haunted by the fact that Hannibal gutted him; he is haunted by the fact that Hannibal left him. We see flashbacks of Hannibal holding Will, followed by Will falling to the ground and Hannibal bending over him. These are not the typical flashbacks generally associated with people suffering from post-traumatic stress; these flashbacks are rooted in Will’s heartbreak over the fact that Hannibal left him.

In relation to Hannibal, we see him sat in a chair, pensive as he stares ahead. This in itself is unusual as we usually see Hannibal busying himself with something or other. Again this serves to elucidate just how barren his existence is without Will. This also confirms how much Will has changed him, given that the Hannibal we met in season one was entirely self-reliant and self-serving. I believe there was a void in Hannibal’s life, an ache he couldn’t quite identify or pin point. Will filled that void. Independence and the isolation associated with it was something Hannibal was used to and previously drew comfort from. Now there is no comfort in his isolation. He and Will quickly realise and accept just how empty, how devoid of purpose their lives are without each other, testament of the vicious mutual co-dependency they each fostered.

Who Wears Short Shorts? Dean Wears Short Shorts

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      “Wanna bet?” 

      They were words Dean would soon regret. For years, Castiel was the abyss where pop culture references went to die. Dean could not recall how many times he’d mention a movie or song only to be met with that (admittedly charming) vacant stare that would find itself pasted on Cas’s face. And Dean, great guy that he was, liked the guy regardless. It kept slipping his mind that, for over a year now, Castiel walked around with Metatron’s gift. He had gone from being culturally clueless to a savant. It was a fact that was easy to neglect - the forces of the universe seemed to be intent on keeping them apart.

       So really, it wasn’t so strange that he’d been so assured in his assertion, made after a few midday beers he was sharing with Cas, a sort of impromptu welcome back to the bunker from being-ripped-to-shreds-by-Leviathan-and-resurrected-with-amnesia-to-remember-who-you-are-only-before-going-insane-and-then-ending-up-in-Purgatory-only-to-be-freed-to-be-Naomi’s-minion-and-then-kind-of-sort-of-being-responsible-for-the-fall-of-all-angelkind-losing-your-grace-and-becoming-human-being-responsible-for-the-celestial-civil-war-living-on-stolen-grace-watching-me-get-turned-into-a-demon-and-then-just-sort-of-be-a-real-dick-for-a-year-get-your-grace-back-only-to-have-me-beat-it-out-of-you-nearly-again-and-then-the-Darkness-and-then-the-curse-and-holy-hell-I-thought-I-had-a-rough-couple-of-years. He wanted to spend some quality time, one-on-one, with his best friend.

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Words: 1.7k

Summary: Reader feels justifiably upset and used by her asshole boyfriend and Castiel comforts her.

Warnings: Some angst, mentions of losing virginity to an asshole (nothing descriptive, just a conversation about negative feelings,) language, mostly fluffy comfort

A/N: I think this might have a part 2 if anyone wants one. Tag list is at the end, let me know if you’d like to be added.

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The Car Boys universe

I love how fleshed out the multiverse of Car Boys has become. Busto, Destroyer of Worlds. Gridmap, Busto’s eternal prison. Busto 1.0, having winked out of our reality into a better one. The Sun Chips Place. The Steam Train, its fumes hiding unspeakable eldritch horrors. Garfield Heights, aka BeamNG.Drive domestic AU with occasional briefly high-speed car chases. Wasteland, the bombed-out exterior hiding a portal to incomprehensible depths where one can stare into time itself. And that’s saying nothing of things like the crusher tesseract, the dual sledgehammers, the crucified plane, the unseeable steering wheel, etc. It’s such a compelling fantasy. If I had an idea, I would be all over writing that fanfiction.

Things To Do When I Get FFXV

1. Stare at the box itself and cry for 10 minutes

2. Stare at the title screen and cry for another 10 minutes

3. Enter the opening scene and cry some more (especially at the cut-scene when Noctis leaves for Insomnia and Regis is saying his goodbyes)

4. Zoom in and out of the characters for a good 20 minutes (screenshot all the good angles)

5. Make Noctis warp into random locations

6. Make Noctis fall down from great heights

7. Make Noctis fall down from cliffs and boulders

8. Make the chocobros stay at all the dingy hotels (no luxury life for the Pauper Prince)

9. Crash the Regalia at random intervals

10. Never NEVER enter the second half of the game. 

[!] Seventeen is now included on Naver Mobile’s being only 1 of 5 groups included! allows anyone that searches ‘세븐틴’ on Naver’s mobile app to find a specially personalized set of pages for Seventeen with the theme their official colors! The set of pages included: A general profile page that lists official links, the members names, their discography and more. A timeline page which lists out an in depth timeline of Seventeen’s music show appearances, festivals, V-app broadcasts, and their many achievements with corresponding news photos. A talk page where you can post supporting messages and chat with other Carats about Seventeen. A page listing recently and popular articles relevant to Seventeen. Come on, honestly tell me it also just isn’t really pretty to stare at just in itself??

The Signs As Lyrics.
Aries: Do you have a card? My irregular heartbeat is staring to correct itself

Taurus: This conversations not about reciprocation no more

Gemini: I think I’ve lost my phone, so would you call it up for me?

Cancer: I know your lungs need filling since your gums have lost their feeling but don’t say that your giving it up again

Leo: Hey boy! Stop pacing around the room using other people’s faces as a mirror for you

Virgo: It’s just a simple diarrhetic that prevents the empathetic from giving it up again

Libra: I’m gonna wait until you finish so I can talk some more about me and my things, my car, my living and how I’m giving it up, giving it up again

Scorpio: I don’t have the capacity for fucking you’re meant to be helping me

Sagittarius: The kick won’t last for long, but the song only last three minutes

Capricorn: When I said I liked it better without money, I lied - it just took me a little time to recognize that I’m not giving it up again

Aquarius: I know it’s wrong, but give me one.

Pisces: You’re the only thing going on in my mind - taking over my life a second time

See you in the morning.

Part One of Two. / Part Two
Words: 1665 words (drabble)
Genre: Sweet and drunken fluff. Neighbor!Yoongi.
“In which you’re tipsy and ran into a very frustrated mint haired boy sleeping outside his apartment because he locked himself out.”

The night you met Yoongi you were drunk and a little too excited for the end of the semester. A party was thrown at a classmate’s apartment near campus and you dragged your friends because you still felt nervous around your fellow students.  

By the time you left the party, it was five thirty in the morning and the sun was staring to reveal itself. It was cold outside and the girls had already left, carelessly leaving you behind. The walk home wasn’t that long, only a few blocks away from your dorm and –honestly- you didn’t mind walking by yourself. You’ve always used this moments to think about life and how overwhelming college could be sometimes. Finals were one things but thinking about the fact that you were actually being an older person, older than what you were in school and older than freshman, that was mind-blowing. On the other hand, you were younger than seniors, teachers and your parents. You were right in the middle. Old but not old enough.

A big rock on the ground made you trip unexpectedly, almost falling down and you let out a chuckle.

“Fuck, that was close” you straighten up and take a deep breath. “Focus, ____, focus.”

You walk a couple more blocks, finally getting to your dorm’s fence, only a find a blue haired boy sitting on the ground against the red bricked wall of your building. He had his head was down and his body relaxed so you assume he was asleep. The boy’s attire was a yellow bomber jacket, black jeans and Doc Martens, nothing too fancy but he looked good. Really good. It wasn’t weird to find passed out people around this area. The building was solely habited by students and god knows how much some college students love to party. Still, there was something about his young man that did not simply let you walk away so you –impulsively- bend down and softly poke on his shoulder, not getting any kind of reaction from him. The next time you decide to poke his cheek, hearing an irritated groan. Sighing in relieve, you know he’s not entire dead, only dead drunk.

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He read the letter again, but could not take in any more meaning than he had done the first time and was reduced to staring at the handwriting itself. She had made her g’s the same way he did; he searched through the letter for every one of them, and each felt like a friendly little wave glimpsed from behind a veil. The letter was an incredible treasure, proof that Lily Potter had lived, really lived, that her warm hand had once moved across this parchment, tracing ink into these letters, these words, words about him, Harry, her son.
—  Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Chapter 10: Kreacher’s Tale