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I wasn’t going to report on this but I keep getting asked about it so, here is basically what’s going on - 

By now you’ve probably all heard that Harvey Weinstein is accused of raping multiple women and basically being a sexual predator throughout his entire career and has been fired from the Weinstein company. If you didn’t know, he is also the man that gave Ben Affleck his big break in Hollywood (along with Matt Damon) by buying the script for and green-lighting their movie ‘Good Will Hunting’ for which they won Oscars. Reports are coming out now that Damon and Affleck knew about Weinstein’s actions and played a part in covering them up.

Since the story broke, Affleck has issued a statement condemning Weinstein but it absolutely backfired on social media. And since then multiple women have come forward accusing Ben Affleck of groping them, including Annamarie Tendler (John Mulaney’s wife) and ‘One Tree Hill’ actress Hilarie Burton who responded to his statement by posting a video of him grabbing her breast during an interview from a few years ago, at which time she was 21. Rose McGowan has also tweeted that Affleck definitely knew about Weinstein and did nothing, calling him a liar and telling him to fuck off. Rose McGowan and Affleck stared in ‘Phantoms” together, which itself was a Weinstein movie. So that is basically what’s happening so far. 

After Words

Summary: Bookshop AU. Reader finds a book with some handwritten notes inside and sets out to find the person responsible.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 6,690

Warnings: language, fluff, mentions of anxiety, one mention of PTSD, mentions of mental health issues, I love italicizing things, and I make fun of people calling other people snowflakes

A/N: This is for @whotheeffisbucky​‘s AU Writing Challenge. Thanks for letting me participate! Sorry if it’s a mess!

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@remussloopin asked: lily evans or narcissa black?

He read the letter again, but could not take in any more meaning than he had done the first time and was reduced to staring at the handwriting itself. She had made her g’s the same way he did : he searched through the letter for every one of them, and each felt like a friendly little wave glimpsed from behind a veil. The letter was an incredible treasure, proof that Lily Potter had lived, really lived, that her warm hand had once moved across this parchment, tracing ink into these letters, these words, words about him, Harry, her son.

[mini fic] rising upside down: beginning [1/3]

he tian x mo guan shan

tags/notes: angst, swearing, allusions to sex, inspired by this song, artwork i commissioned by robnemmon, and a recent conversation with @19daysruinedmylife.

synopsis: jian yi disappears on the second day of high school. how does he tian tell guan shan that he’s going too? on ao3.

‘Let’s stop a second,’ He Tian says.

They stop.

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Loki x Reader

Pairing: Loki x Reader

Word Count: 2,119

Warnings: SMUT, and the uncontrollable urge to kneel before the new ruler of our world Loki of Jotunheim. 

Loki looked marvelous on that throne; and he knew it. He looked like the God he was. But, there was only one thing on the God of Mischief’s mind and it wasn’t about whatever piece of uninteresting news or advice his noblemen were currently babbling on about. No, the God’s attention was in fact solely focused on the maiden in the far corner of the vast throne room, where she stayed quietly tucked away with the rest of the young maidens of Asgard; who had no business outing any opinion they had whilst the king was conversing with his noblemen. Except of course; for the fierce Lady Sif, who had no interest in staying quietly tucked away in a corner whilst men, discussed important business regarding Asgard. 

Loki reached out for the young maiden’s mind, and was delightfully surprised to find that she had put up wards in her mind; specifically for the sole purpose of blocking him out. He chuckled to himself and retracted from her mind. He could easily shatter those flimsy wards with just a single thought and invade her mind, like taking over a defenseless palace; plundering its treasure without barely breaking a sweat. However, the God had grown to admire and respect this particular maiden over these past months, and he showed her that respect by not shattering her wards. Besides it’s so much more fun when she challenges him to come into her mind, as opposed to him sifting through her mind, like he does everyone else in Asgard; and Loki always found a challenge irresistible. He smiled to himself then reached for her mind again and whispered in her mind’s ear, brushing his essence against her wards, like a cat brushing against your legs when it wants to be petted. 

“Let me in Pet. I can’t stand to just sit here on his throne, with these fools babbling on about nothing interesting. While your half a world away from me and not know what’s going on in that delightful mind of yours.”

Y/N looked across the throne room to find that Loki was unabashedly staring at her from a top his gilded throne. His blue eyes shined as they locked onto hers.

“Come on pet. Come play with me.” He seemed to purr into her mind, making Y/N want to melt into his words. Y/N tried to remain strong and steadfast against the God, but the more he brushed his essence against her wards the more they cracked, and started to crumble, as well as her resolve. Y/N sighed, not being able to hold her wards for much longer and against her better judgement let down her wards, with a sigh of relief. 

Y/N immediately felt Loki’s massive power flood into her mind like a dam being busted open, and felt as he tunneled his way through her memories and thoughts, until he finally found her active subconscious tucked away in a corner. He appeared in his astrological form in front of her and approached her, placing a hand under her chin, and lifting it so her eyes could meet his sharp icy blue ones. Every time Y/N looked into those cold eyes a shiver would run down her spine, she stared into the icy depths as if to see Jotunheim itself  staring back at her. 

“Your wards were impressive for a beginner, but in here.” He gestured to the vast expanse of her subconscious. “You have no need to hide from me my pet. Nor could you ever truly hide from me, because unlike most of those fools out there in the real world, I know that the most valuable thing in this or any other world, is a woman’s mind.” Loki let go of Y/N’s chin, and bent to whisper into her ear. “Now, show me the secrets you’ve been hiding.” Loki’s hot breath tickled Y/N’s ear. 

Y/N gave Loki the most brilliantly mischievous smile and did exactly that. Then both of them vanished into smoke, being whisked away into another part of Y/N’s subconscious.

Y/N was running through the grand halls of the palace  her long hair flowing behind her as she ran. Her eyes shone with mischief as she looked behind her to see a shirtless Loki chasing after her; determination hidden in his feline smile. Y/N giggled and ran faster through the halls making a quick left at one of the corridors. Loki grinned giving himself wholeheartedly into the chase as he watched her luscious body turn out of sight knowing full well where that corridor leads to. Loki quickly caught up to her, and grabbed her from behind wrapping her in his arms, but before he could throw her against one of the many large columns in the throne room and ravish her. Y/N disappeared in a puff of smoke, only to reappear on the steps to the throne, only a few steps from the top.

“Oh, no you don’t.” Y/N mercilessly teased him, and placed her hands on her hips, trying to look serious. “This is my fantasy, and i’ll be giving the commands around here.” Y/N gave Loki a wicked grin, as she looked up at the throne, just a few steps away.

Loki knew exactly what she was thinking, and could feel himself grow weak with wanting as he walked towards her and the throne. “Then command me as you wish, my Goddess. What is it that you desire of me? Name it and it shall be yours.” He said stretching his arms out wide as if to show her his surrender, that she had complete control over him.

Y/N bit the tip of her index finger and looked towards the throne again. “If I’m really your Goddess.” she said as she began to walk up the rest of the steps to the throne ever so slowly. “Then, show me how you would…worship your almighty Goddess.” She said with awing confidence, as she sat herself upon the soft cushions of the throne, slightly spreading her legs before him, her dress long enough so it wickedly covered all parts of her from Loki’s eyes. 

Loki loving the idea of this mischievous reversal of their roles, threw himself down onto the cold marble floors in a bow spreading his body out before her, like  true worshiper would before a Goddess. 

“Oh, beautiful Goddess! Will thou not show mercy upon a weak mortal like I? And let me worship you as only a man as I can?” He said as he crawled up the steps to the throne towards her, watching her chest rise and fall with each step that he took. “Will thou not let me shower you with endless pleasure day in and day out? Or ravish you the way only a Goddess should be? Would you grant me that mercy to touch your golden skin, that would make Sol herself envious of your beauty to the point where she would blaze in a glorious fury?” Loki said as he was before her feet, eyes never breaking contact with Y/N’s. 

His voice lowered, to deep and husky whisper as he said. “Would you grant me this my Goddess?” he rasped trailing a hand from her foot up to her ankle feeling her soft skin under his fingertips itching to climb higher up her dress.

Y/N’s cheeks blushed as she did her best to stay in character. “You may do so this night mortal; worship your Goddess as you have only dreamed to.” She said with the voice of an actual Goddess and spread her legs slightly apart, showing him just exactly how she wished to be worshiped, this night. Loki bowed his head to her and began running his hands up the insides of her thighs, working ever so slowly to her hot core. His fingers itched to be buried deep inside of her, feeling her hot folds under his fingertips, but he reeled himself back, remembering that this was only about her. Loki lifted the hem of her dress just above her knees, making sure to take his time and began kissing the same trail his fingers had previously traveled,  his fingers ultimately reaching their goal. He kissed her inner thighs spreading her a little more to nestle himself between her legs, his broad shoulders opening her more to him.  Loki’s fingers traced the outside of her womanhood but didn’t touch her yet, which made Y/N squirm to his delight.

Loki took one finger and put it in his mouth and sucked on it. Y/N watched, completely transfixed in his actions as he took it out of his mouth and trailed it down the length of her center making her gasp and arch back begging his fingers to continue their mission. He took one finger and parted her petals and started swirling her clit between his fingers, immediately warming her entire body, before he plunged his finger deep within her core keeping it there for only a moment then started pumping it in and out at an achingly slow pace. Loki looked up at her pleasure filled face and licked his lips; leaning closer to her already smoldering core and blew cool air on her core.

Y/N gasped and tried to shut her legs against Loki, but he overpowered her and kept her spread apart with his shoulders against her legs. Loki took his tongue and ran it up the inside of her thighs slowly reaching the tips of her folds and giving them a kiss. Before he switched to the other thigh and did the same thing. Y/N was getting restless as she watched the God, marveling at the fact that even on his knees before her, he still looked and held so much power, it’s like it radiated off of him. Loki looked up at Y/N pleasure filled face once more, seeing the anticipation building across her face, as he gave her a wicked smile, before lowering his head again. Loki ran his tongue down her silky petals, taking her clit and started circling it with his tongue earning a hearty groan from Y/N as she arched into his mouth taking his tongue and finger deeper inside of her. He swirled his tongue around her clit a few times, before taking it between his lips giving it a small tug, then let it go. 

Y/N let out a loud moan and grabbed a fistful of Loki’s long raven hair, and pulled him closer to her hot center, demanding more of his silver tongue.

“Oh god.” She moaned.

“How intriguing that even when you have a God paying homage before you, you still moan out some other God’s name. I want you to moan my name Y/N. Moan for me. Scream for me Y/N.” He purred sucking on her viciously.

“Oh Loki!” Y/N screamed pushing her head harder against the back of the throne as she felt her orgasm building at a peak, she didn’t think she’d survive the inevitable fall from it. 

“Oh Loki.” She moaned again, grabbing the armrests of the throne, with such a fierce force she thought they’d shatter under her grip.

“Yes.” Loki murmured against her lips, loving the sounds of her pleasure filled cries.

“Yes! Oh Loki!” She screamed as her orgasm shattered her and left her a quaking mess before him. Loki licked up all of Y/N’s love juices and climbed up her body and kissed her passionately on the mouth. Y/N could taste her sweetness on Loki’s lips as he dived his tongue in her mouth, plundering her already shattered equilibrium.

“Is my Goddess pleased with my offering?” Loki smiled at her.

“Oh yes.” Y/N sighed in contentment, running her hands through his silky hair. “Your crops shall be plentiful this year and your women fertile.” Y/N giggled and Loki let out a booming laugh, that seemed to shake the entire throne room.

“Now my pet, I think it’s time we head to reality, people may think we’ve fallen into a catatonic state.” He smirked and pulled himself from her mind and Y/N, felt like she had just woken up from an incredibly sexy dream and that everyone was watching her. But, before she could even look around to see if anyone actually was. Loki’s booming voice echoed throughout the throne room. 

“Everyone out. I have some private business to attend to here.” Loki looked at Y/N and smiled, as people confused on what had just occurred flooded out of the throne room. Loki lounged on his throne as his blue eyes staring intently at her, and saw they were filled with mischief, as he sent a message into her mind. “Now, should we play out your little fantasy in real time, my Goddess?”


Holy hell you guys, I found out that the writer of My Immortal had a Youtube channel. And, if this video’s anything to go by, it is fucking amaaaaaaazing,


Do you ache for him?

For me, these two scenes effectively sum up just how alone Hannibal and Will are without each other. We see Will desperately attempting to focus all his attention on fixing a boat motor, a problem we heard Hannibal refer to as ‘easy’ to solve in season one. The simplicity of this creates a stark contrast in relation to Will’s current state of mind regarding his feelings for Hannibal, confirmed through the series of flashbacks we see. Will is not entirely haunted by the fact that Hannibal gutted him; he is haunted by the fact that Hannibal left him. We see flashbacks of Hannibal holding Will, followed by Will falling to the ground and Hannibal bending over him. These are not the typical flashbacks generally associated with people suffering from post-traumatic stress; these flashbacks are rooted in Will’s heartbreak over the fact that Hannibal left him.

In relation to Hannibal, we see him sat in a chair, pensive as he stares ahead. This in itself is unusual as we usually see Hannibal busying himself with something or other. Again this serves to elucidate just how barren his existence is without Will. This also confirms how much Will has changed him, given that the Hannibal we met in season one was entirely self-reliant and self-serving. I believe there was a void in Hannibal’s life, an ache he couldn’t quite identify or pin point. Will filled that void. Independence and the isolation associated with it was something Hannibal was used to and previously drew comfort from. Now there is no comfort in his isolation. He and Will quickly realise and accept just how empty, how devoid of purpose their lives are without each other, testament of the vicious mutual co-dependency they each fostered.

Brett's Hoodie. Part Two

It’s been weeks since you’ve last seen Brett. His scent still lingers in the worn fabric of his hoodie, which you’ve been proudly wearing since he gave it to you, despite the fact that you were wearing a Devenford Prep hoodie to your school, BHHS, you loved it.

Your best friend Erica was fully supporting the idea of you dating the 6'2 lacrosse player with the most gorgeous eyes you have ever seen. And honestly, you hoped you would get to see them again.

“We need to set you guys up asap” Erica stated as she sat down at your lunch table.

"I wouldn’t mind it” you laughed, earning a smirk from your other best friend, Isaac.

"Someone’s in looooooove” he teased you, making you blush furiously.

"Oh shush, scarves.” You shot back, laughing as Isaac pouted at his nickname. •••

(Brett’s POV)

(Y/N) had constantly been on your mind since you last saw her…Her radiant smile, her sweet scent of strawberries and mint, the sight of her in your hoodie, it drove you insane…You had to see her again. •••


The news of the Devenford Prep/Beacon Hills rematch quickly spread throughout both schools. Once you heard the news, instantly you had butterflies in your stomach.

"Brett’s going to be there.” You thought excitedly, remembering the last encounter you both had. You checked the date on the calendar, to see if you had anything planned on the day of the game.

"Huh. Just the full moon.” You said nonchalantly. “I can’t wait to see Brett again.” You smiled to yourself. •••

As both teams ran out onto the field at Devenford Prep, you couldn’t help but notice Brett was nowhere to be seen.

"He has to be here…” You said, disappointedly. •••

(Brett’s POV)

Your head pounded, and you could hear your heartbeat speeding up.

"I can’t do this here…not here, not now” You yelled to yourself, your canines, and claws involuntarily extruding.

"GAHHHHHH” you yelled, as the pain of the full moon set in. You could feel your bones shifting, and your inner wolf clawed at you.

"Just give in, Brett. Just do it. It’ll make everything feel better…c'mon Brett…” It screamed. Your head throbbed, and your body ached.

"Three things cannot long be hidden…the sun, the moon, the truth.” You called, trying to regain control. •••


As you walked towards the bathroom, you could hear loud, crashing noises coming from the room down the hallway. Walking closer, you read it was the boys locker room. Timidly, you opened the door, revealing a sudden, eerily quiet room.

"Brett…?” You called, suddenly feeling so small in the large, quiet room. •••

(Brett’s POV)

You slowly turned the knob of the shower, turning on the water, to help with your shift. You could have sworn you heard your name, but you couldn’t tell over the loud, thudding sound of your rising heartbeat, mixed with the sound of the water.

Suddenly, the sickly sweet, familiar scent of strawberries and mint flooded your senses.

"Brett?” You heard again, this time much clearer, followed by a warm touch on your shoulder, that eased every pain in your body, calming you.


"Brett.” You said again.

You watched in anticipation as he slowly turned around, making eye contact with you…his once sparkly, lively green eyes, now a dauntless, fearsome red.

His stare itself made you feel small, and useless. You fell back, crawling into the corner, fearing your life.

You watched as Brett’s crimson red eyes faded back to their normal, piercing green, your heart melted. You could see the regret in his eyes…you stood up, slowly walking towards him.

"I’m sorry…” He started, his voice small, and sympathetic.

"No need for apologies…Just an explanation. What the hell was that?” You laughed.

"I’m a werewolf…” He smiled back.

"Intimidating…but also really hot.” You admitted, making him laugh.

"Is that so?” He asked, now full of confidence.

"Straight truth.” You smiled, as he brought you closer, leaning down, inching closer, and closer to your lips.

The kiss sent sparks throughout your body, you felt on top of the world. You smiled into the kiss, which was full of emotion, and need. You both have been waiting for this moment since you met each other.

As you regretfully pulled away, you smiled again, meeting his eyes once more.

"Sooooo, does this mean I can keep your hoodie?”

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Words: 1.7k

Summary: Reader feels justifiably upset and used by her asshole boyfriend and Castiel comforts her.

Warnings: Some angst, mentions of losing virginity to an asshole (nothing descriptive, just a conversation about negative feelings,) language, mostly fluffy comfort

A/N: I think this might have a part 2 if anyone wants one. Tag list is at the end, let me know if you’d like to be added.

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Toxic [II]

Summary: “We all know him to be a proud, unpleasant sort of man; but this would be nothing if you really liked him.” -Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice. His dark demeanor is nothing more than a mystery to you. His dark past explains the reasoning of his desired passion to completely destroy every inch of your innocence.

Warning: Angst [M]

Word Count: 4k

Toxic Masterlist

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It was clouding your thoughts like smoke, suffocating you with every inch of those words that left his lips. His voice cycling through with every breath of air you thought you could take. You had known him for less than 24 hours and he had already made it clear that he was going to the center of your attention without having to tell you.

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Things To Do When I Get FFXV

1. Stare at the box itself and cry for 10 minutes

2. Stare at the title screen and cry for another 10 minutes

3. Enter the opening scene and cry some more (especially at the cut-scene when Noctis leaves for Insomnia and Regis is saying his goodbyes)

4. Zoom in and out of the characters for a good 20 minutes (screenshot all the good angles)

5. Make Noctis warp into random locations

6. Make Noctis fall down from great heights

7. Make Noctis fall down from cliffs and boulders

8. Make the chocobros stay at all the dingy hotels (no luxury life for the Pauper Prince)

9. Crash the Regalia at random intervals

10. Never NEVER enter the second half of the game. 

Sometime you’ll walk all night. You’ll
come where the sky bends down. You’ll turn
aside at a fold in the earth and
be gone from the day.

When the sky turns light again
the land will stare blank for miles
at itself. You won’t be there
to see any more.

Back where you lived, for those
who remember well, there will come
a glass face, invisible but still and real,
all night outside in the rain.

William Stafford, “A Glass Face in the Rain”

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drunk part 2 joseph, drunk jotaro, drunk rohan hcs?


-He has a regular tolerance to alcohol, but honestly he doesn’t even realize the amout of drinks he has consumed until he starts laughing because he sees two Caesars.

-This dude is going to be a happy drunk. He would get one hundred times more loud, tells bad jokes (some of them actually dont make sense at all) and, if he is with his partner he will get all hansy and touchy-feely with them.

-”Hmmm baaabyy your hair smells so goodmm….do you wash your hair with clouds becasue you smell…like..heaven…..”

-But he will also fight with absolutely anyone (and everyone), no doubts on that.

-”Hey! Were YOU looking at my partner?! i saw you blinking….winking at them! Come at me bro!” His partner would have to try (and obviously fail) to stop him because he starts swinging his fists everywere and will hurt other people by accident and then he suddendly is fighting like, five guys at once.

-By the end of it all his partner will have to somehow drag him out of the bar by force, and he will probably put all his weight on them and crush them in the middle of the street. Rip.


-He has a high tolerance to alcohol and doesn’t tend to drink a lot, so drunk Jotaro is a rare Jotaro. Maybe if someone dares him to do drink a lot he will give in. Because his pride.

-When he is drunk though, it’s going to be quite hard to tell, unless his partner is there with him.

-If he already has a resting bitch face all the time, imagine it amplified four times. He starts to look scary even for his partner. He just glares at everyone and you can practically feel holes being dug in wherever he is looking at.

-But rarely enough, he will be more smiley and affectionate! He will show a little bit of PDA (which is quite rare) and will smile and kiss his partner’s head everytime they do or say something cute.

-He is also more open and will start conversations and speak about a wide range of topics, surprising the people that think of him as the silent type.

-Jotaro also will get red when he is drunk! It’s really cute and he will blush harder if his partner points it out! And will send death glares at anyone else that does it.


-Rohan drinks a shot ad he is done for.

-He has the biggests mood swings when he is drunk. One moment he is telling you to go fuck yourself and to suck a dick and next moment he is giggling and telling you how nice you are!

-Then the next moment he is staring at the void itself, the bags under his eyes accentuating, lost expression. “Rohan, are you ok?” “What is the meaning behind being ok? Is any of us actually ok? ”

-Rohan will start ranting about anything rapidly, yelling and hitting the table. After he is done, he’ll take another sip and then stare at the void again.

-He will probably get inspired and will ask for a pencil or even take one that he brought himself and start sketching on any surface that he can later take with him, probably a napkin. He can’t believe that such a wonderful work of art looks actually so awful next morning though……

-Picture Rohan lying on his stomach in bed, face facing sideways, with his hair and make-up mess while droll is falling from his mouth. If his partner opens the courtains to his room he will groan and get under the sheets. “For god’s sake just bring me some headache medicine……”



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What did you think of the Prideship in dsod?

Just to reiterate, I haven’t seen Dark Side of Dimensions yet. The sources I’m using are mainly this post and a culmination of trailers in both English and Japanese. I assume this is a follow-up to this post, so some of my points will carry over.

That being said, the movie felt more like extended insight into Seto’s psyche as he copes – tries to cope – with immense and sudden loss. I don’t personally believe the feelings there were romantic in nature, but do find them to be one of the strongest testaments of platonic love in the series. Both Pegasus and Seto lost a best friend, whether or not that was their primary title. This was the person who had seen the deepest, darkest, most unfathomable parts of them.

The person who kept them in line.

The person who built them up or took them down a notch.

The person they systematically, and in ways they never even realized, learned to build their life around. So much so that when they lost Cecelia/Atem, they didn’t recognize themselves anymore. They didn’t have a routine anymore. They didn’t know how to express themselves anymore.

We’re talking about an exceptionally guarded, traumatized kid traveling through time and space with nothing but vulnerability on his shoulders. While Seto may not realize this for several more years, the irony of Prideshipping in Dark Side of Dimensions is that, from my point of view, Seto tosses his pride in the extreme pursuit of Atem despite the risks, odds, and cost. Though the narrative may protray his journey as one of validating who is the better duelist – therefore slating pride as a primary motivation – to go to such lengths to face someone, no matter the variety and complexity of one’s reasons, is nothing short of raw. I need you and I won’t take no for an answer. 

We’re talking about the same Seto who:

Fought tooth and nail not to show weakness because psychological conditioning taught him that meant certain death.

Strived to stay ten steps ahead in every situation, against any adversary, because one of the most influential lessons from Gozaburo meant that loss equated to death.

Became both shield and sword to avoid a repeat of the lesson that loss equated to death.

Scoffed at public or private displays of vulnerability, dependence, and need as a direct result of fear reinforced by life experience, which taught him that outside parties were two-faced and unreliable.

No matter what reasons the fandom may have for Seto going after Atem in the movie – and I certainly respect all of them – the growth it demonstrates is a catch 22. It all depends on how deep the audience feels Seto’s character runs.

On one hand, we see Seto put something above the impulse not to look weak or dependent on other people. On the other, there’s plenty of potential to interpret him overcoming those impulses only to indulge his victory complex.

I personally see it as a lot more than that, but I understand why others don’t.

I can’t get over the symbolism of Seto staring down death itself to get to Atem, can’t look past the huge stride he takes in continuing to confront the abandonment and manipulation Atem first helped him to recognize, by literally taking the heart of his fear – inadequacy means death, losing means death, weakness is as good as death – and saying, I’m going to face death itself to reach you.

I could go on another tangent about the similarity and ache of Pegasus and Seto both learning to confront their irrational fear or rejection of death after losing precious people, but it’s not the place.

In any case, I think the bond between Seto and Atem has a staggering impact on both characters. There’s no doubt in my mind, no matter the connotation one places on the relationship, it is one of the most defining in the entire series.

Thanks for the ask.