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What did you think of the Prideship in dsod?

Just to reiterate, I haven’t seen Dark Side of Dimensions yet. The sources I’m using are mainly this post and a culmination of trailers in both English and Japanese. I assume this is a follow-up to this post, so some of my points will carry over.

That being said, the movie felt more like extended insight into Seto’s psyche as he copes – tries to cope – with immense and sudden loss. I don’t personally believe the feelings there were romantic in nature, but do find them to be one of the strongest testaments of platonic love in the series. Both Pegasus and Seto lost a best friend, whether or not that was their primary title. This was the person who had seen the deepest, darkest, most unfathomable parts of them.

The person who kept them in line.

The person who built them up or took them down a notch.

The person they systematically, and in ways they never even realized, learned to build their life around. So much so that when they lost Cecelia/Atem, they didn’t recognize themselves anymore. They didn’t have a routine anymore. They didn’t know how to express themselves anymore.

We’re talking about an exceptionally guarded, traumatized kid traveling through time and space with nothing but vulnerability on his shoulders. While Seto may not realize this for several more years, the irony of Prideshipping in Dark Side of Dimensions is that, from my point of view, Seto tosses his pride in the extreme pursuit of Atem despite the risks, odds, and cost. Though the narrative may protray his journey as one of validating who is the better duelist – therefore slating pride as a primary motivation – to go to such lengths to face someone, no matter the variety and complexity of one’s reasons, is nothing short of raw. I need you and I won’t take no for an answer. 

We’re talking about the same Seto who:

Fought tooth and nail not to show weakness because psychological conditioning taught him that meant certain death.

Strived to stay ten steps ahead in every situation, against any adversary, because one of the most influential lessons from Gozaburo meant that loss equated to death.

Became both shield and sword to avoid a repeat of the lesson that loss equated to death.

Scoffed at public or private displays of vulnerability, dependence, and need as a direct result of fear reinforced by life experience, which taught him that outside parties were two-faced and unreliable.

No matter what reasons the fandom may have for Seto going after Atem in the movie – and I certainly respect all of them – the growth it demonstrates is a catch 22. It all depends on how deep the audience feels Seto’s character runs.

On one hand, we see Seto put something above the impulse not to look weak or dependent on other people. On the other, there’s plenty of potential to interpret him overcoming those impulses only to indulge his victory complex.

I personally see it as a lot more than that, but I understand why others don’t.

I can’t get over the symbolism of Seto staring down death itself to get to Atem, can’t look past the huge stride he takes in continuing to confront the abandonment and manipulation Atem first helped him to recognize, by literally taking the heart of his fear – inadequacy means death, losing means death, weakness is as good as death – and saying, I’m going to face death itself to reach you.

I could go on another tangent about the similarity and ache of Pegasus and Seto both learning to confront their irrational fear or rejection of death after losing precious people, but it’s not the place.

In any case, I think the bond between Seto and Atem has a staggering impact on both characters. There’s no doubt in my mind, no matter the connotation one places on the relationship, it is one of the most defining in the entire series.

Thanks for the ask.


Words: 1.7k

Summary: Reader feels justifiably upset and used by her asshole boyfriend and Castiel comforts her.

Warnings: Some angst, mentions of losing virginity to an asshole (nothing descriptive, just a conversation about negative feelings,) language, mostly fluffy comfort

A/N: I think this might have a part 2 if anyone wants one. Tag list is at the end, let me know if you’d like to be added.

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Things To Do When I Get FFXV

1. Stare at the box itself and cry for 10 minutes

2. Stare at the title screen and cry for another 10 minutes

3. Enter the opening scene and cry some more (especially at the cut-scene when Noctis leaves for Insomnia and Regis is saying his goodbyes)

4. Zoom in and out of the characters for a good 20 minutes (screenshot all the good angles)

5. Make Noctis warp into random locations

6. Make Noctis fall down from great heights

7. Make Noctis fall down from cliffs and boulders

8. Make the chocobros stay at all the dingy hotels (no luxury life for the Pauper Prince)

9. Crash the Regalia at random intervals

10. Never NEVER enter the second half of the game. 

i dont know why it is but like being intimate in any capacity (like even as little as like holding hands or having someone lean against me or something) with other girls just sends me into complete fucking meltdown mode like i feel like im doing something wrong like to the degree where i feel like i am doing them some sort of active harm and i think it comes from my brain just fuckin imploding into that thought process of like “youre just a man youre lying about your gender youre lying to them and youre a predator and you deserve to die bcuz u made a girl want to touch you and youre not a real girl”

wow ok time to go cry in bed now i guess

MAD || chapter two

kim taehyung

word count: 4.3K

genre: fluffy/smutty thoughts

You missed the pinch of the cold night air against your skin as you stepped through the door of the club, the heat and suffocating air making it hard to breath. The amount of sweaty, dancing bodies seemed to double since you had left, which didn’t help the heat that engulfed this place as if it was duplicating the temperature of hell. You noticed new faces that joined the party and even faces that were there when you first got to the club with your friends, and you couldn’t help but wonder how they kept the energy up to party for so long. How they kept their bodies moving and how they kept their alcohol down was a mystery to you, but the wonderings soon went unheard as a certain face popped up in your head, bringing the one question with it that meant more than the rest. Where is Taehyung? 

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Brett's Hoodie. Part Two

It’s been weeks since you’ve last seen Brett. His scent still lingers in the worn fabric of his hoodie, which you’ve been proudly wearing since he gave it to you, despite the fact that you were wearing a Devenford Prep hoodie to your school, BHHS, you loved it.

Your best friend Erica was fully supporting the idea of you dating the 6'2 lacrosse player with the most gorgeous eyes you have ever seen. And honestly, you hoped you would get to see them again.

“We need to set you guys up asap” Erica stated as she sat down at your lunch table.

"I wouldn’t mind it” you laughed, earning a smirk from your other best friend, Isaac.

"Someone’s in looooooove” he teased you, making you blush furiously.

"Oh shush, scarves.” You shot back, laughing as Isaac pouted at his nickname. •••

(Brett’s POV)

(Y/N) had constantly been on your mind since you last saw her…Her radiant smile, her sweet scent of strawberries and mint, the sight of her in your hoodie, it drove you insane…You had to see her again. •••


The news of the Devenford Prep/Beacon Hills rematch quickly spread throughout both schools. Once you heard the news, instantly you had butterflies in your stomach.

"Brett’s going to be there.” You thought excitedly, remembering the last encounter you both had. You checked the date on the calendar, to see if you had anything planned on the day of the game.

"Huh. Just the full moon.” You said nonchalantly. “I can’t wait to see Brett again.” You smiled to yourself. •••

As both teams ran out onto the field at Devenford Prep, you couldn’t help but notice Brett was nowhere to be seen.

"He has to be here…” You said, disappointedly. •••

(Brett’s POV)

Your head pounded, and you could hear your heartbeat speeding up.

"I can’t do this here…not here, not now” You yelled to yourself, your canines, and claws involuntarily extruding.

"GAHHHHHH” you yelled, as the pain of the full moon set in. You could feel your bones shifting, and your inner wolf clawed at you.

"Just give in, Brett. Just do it. It’ll make everything feel better…c'mon Brett…” It screamed. Your head throbbed, and your body ached.

"Three things cannot long be hidden…the sun, the moon, the truth.” You called, trying to regain control. •••


As you walked towards the bathroom, you could hear loud, crashing noises coming from the room down the hallway. Walking closer, you read it was the boys locker room. Timidly, you opened the door, revealing a sudden, eerily quiet room.

"Brett…?” You called, suddenly feeling so small in the large, quiet room. •••

(Brett’s POV)

You slowly turned the knob of the shower, turning on the water, to help with your shift. You could have sworn you heard your name, but you couldn’t tell over the loud, thudding sound of your rising heartbeat, mixed with the sound of the water.

Suddenly, the sickly sweet, familiar scent of strawberries and mint flooded your senses.

"Brett?” You heard again, this time much clearer, followed by a warm touch on your shoulder, that eased every pain in your body, calming you.


"Brett.” You said again.

You watched in anticipation as he slowly turned around, making eye contact with you…his once sparkly, lively green eyes, now a dauntless, fearsome red.

His stare itself made you feel small, and useless. You fell back, crawling into the corner, fearing your life.

You watched as Brett’s crimson red eyes faded back to their normal, piercing green, your heart melted. You could see the regret in his eyes…you stood up, slowly walking towards him.

"I’m sorry…” He started, his voice small, and sympathetic.

"No need for apologies…Just an explanation. What the hell was that?” You laughed.

"I’m a werewolf…” He smiled back.

"Intimidating…but also really hot.” You admitted, making him laugh.

"Is that so?” He asked, now full of confidence.

"Straight truth.” You smiled, as he brought you closer, leaning down, inching closer, and closer to your lips.

The kiss sent sparks throughout your body, you felt on top of the world. You smiled into the kiss, which was full of emotion, and need. You both have been waiting for this moment since you met each other.

As you regretfully pulled away, you smiled again, meeting his eyes once more.

"Sooooo, does this mean I can keep your hoodie?”

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Do you ache for him?

For me, these two scenes effectively sum up just how alone Hannibal and Will are without each other. We see Will desperately attempting to focus all his attention on fixing a boat motor, a problem we heard Hannibal refer to as ‘easy’ to solve in season one. The simplicity of this creates a stark contrast in relation to Will’s current state of mind regarding his feelings for Hannibal, confirmed through the series of flashbacks we see. Will is not entirely haunted by the fact that Hannibal gutted him; he is haunted by the fact that Hannibal left him. We see flashbacks of Hannibal holding Will, followed by Will falling to the ground and Hannibal bending over him. These are not the typical flashbacks generally associated with people suffering from post-traumatic stress; these flashbacks are rooted in Will’s heartbreak over the fact that Hannibal left him.

In relation to Hannibal, we see him sat in a chair, pensive as he stares ahead. This in itself is unusual as we usually see Hannibal busying himself with something or other. Again this serves to elucidate just how barren his existence is without Will. This also confirms how much Will has changed him, given that the Hannibal we met in season one was entirely self-reliant and self-serving. I believe there was a void in Hannibal’s life, an ache he couldn’t quite identify or pin point. Will filled that void. Independence and the isolation associated with it was something Hannibal was used to and previously drew comfort from. Now there is no comfort in his isolation. He and Will quickly realise and accept just how empty, how devoid of purpose their lives are without each other, testament of the vicious mutual co-dependency they each fostered.

Your Night Is of Lilac

The night sits wherever you are. Your night
is of lilac. Every now and then a gesture escapes
from the beam of your dimples, breaks the wineglass
and lights up the starlight. And your night is your shadow—
a fairy-tale piece of land to make our dreams
equal. I am not a traveler or a dweller
in your lilac night, I am he who was one day
me. Whenever night grew in you I guessed
the heart’s rank between two grades: neither
the self accepts, nor the soul accepts. But in our bodies
a heaven and an earth embrace. And all of you
is your night … radiant night like planet ink. Night
is the covenant of night, crawling in my body
anesthetized like a fox’s sleepiness. Night diffusing a mystery
that illuminates my language, whenever it is clearer
I become more fearful of a tomorrow in the fist. Night
staring at itself safe and assured in its
endlessness, nothing celebrates it except its mirror
and the ancient shepherd songs in a summer of emperors
who get sick on love. Night that flourished in its Jahili poetry
on the whims of Imru’ el-Qyss and others,
and widened for the dreamers the milk path to a hungry
moon in the remoteness of speech …


Mahmoud Darwish (1941–2008, Palestinian) - Your Night Is of Lilac
Translated by Fady Joudah 

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drunk part 2 joseph, drunk jotaro, drunk rohan hcs?


-He has a regular tolerance to alcohol, but honestly he doesn’t even realize the amout of drinks he has consumed until he starts laughing because he sees two Caesars.

-This dude is going to be a happy drunk. He would get one hundred times more loud, tells bad jokes (some of them actually dont make sense at all) and, if he is with his partner he will get all hansy and touchy-feely with them.

-”Hmmm baaabyy your hair smells so goodmm….do you wash your hair with clouds becasue you smell…like..heaven…..”

-But he will also fight with absolutely anyone (and everyone), no doubts on that.

-”Hey! Were YOU looking at my partner?! i saw you blinking….winking at them! Come at me bro!” His partner would have to try (and obviously fail) to stop him because he starts swinging his fists everywere and will hurt other people by accident and then he suddendly is fighting like, five guys at once.

-By the end of it all his partner will have to somehow drag him out of the bar by force, and he will probably put all his weight on them and crush them in the middle of the street. Rip.


-He has a high tolerance to alcohol and doesn’t tend to drink a lot, so drunk Jotaro is a rare Jotaro. Maybe if someone dares him to do drink a lot he will give in. Because his pride.

-When he is drunk though, it’s going to be quite hard to tell, unless his partner is there with him.

-If he already has a resting bitch face all the time, imagine it amplified four times. He starts to look scary even for his partner. He just glares at everyone and you can practically feel holes being dug in wherever he is looking at.

-But rarely enough, he will be more smiley and affectionate! He will show a little bit of PDA (which is quite rare) and will smile and kiss his partner’s head everytime they do or say something cute.

-He is also more open and will start conversations and speak about a wide range of topics, surprising the people that think of him as the silent type.

-Jotaro also will get red when he is drunk! It’s really cute and he will blush harder if his partner points it out! And will send death glares at anyone else that does it.


-Rohan drinks a shot ad he is done for.

-He has the biggests mood swings when he is drunk. One moment he is telling you to go fuck yourself and to suck a dick and next moment he is giggling and telling you how nice you are!

-Then the next moment he is staring at the void itself, the bags under his eyes accentuating, lost expression. “Rohan, are you ok?” “What is the meaning behind being ok? Is any of us actually ok? ”

-Rohan will start ranting about anything rapidly, yelling and hitting the table. After he is done, he’ll take another sip and then stare at the void again.

-He will probably get inspired and will ask for a pencil or even take one that he brought himself and start sketching on any surface that he can later take with him, probably a napkin. He can’t believe that such a wonderful work of art looks actually so awful next morning though……

-Picture Rohan lying on his stomach in bed, face facing sideways, with his hair and make-up mess while droll is falling from his mouth. If his partner opens the courtains to his room he will groan and get under the sheets. “For god’s sake just bring me some headache medicine……”



First acid trip - LSD + Alan watts

First time tripping on acid, 2 tabs dosed at 100ug each. First at 10:20 second tab at 15:00. Enjoyed a nice walk to see the animals on my field, sat with the sheep and meditated for a bit before coming home and dropping the second tab. Also smoked ¾ doobies throughout the day.

Time now is 21:42, acid is fucking awesome. Listening to Alan Watts was enlightening. I’ve definitely gotten the questions the I was asking myself going into the trip.

22:00 I’m just the universe staring back at itself, we all are. Its so fascinating yet so obvious, consciousness is just an illusion that we are separate from the universe. However that couldn’t be further from the truth, we are the universe along with our consciousness.

I’d just like to thank Adam from psyched substance/SWIM on YouTube for his wise words of wisdom.

22:20 Life is so beautiful, yet thinking about the pain in the world today is crippling. I wish everyone in the world could all take a trip at the same time. Everyone, everywhere, all of mankind completing embracing themselves and each other for a day. Imagine how much a hard reset in consciousness could do for humanity?

Think I’m going to sleep now. Sorry for any spelling errors, I don’t know if anything I’m writing even makes any sense… But let’s hope it does! One love. And goodnight.

Who Wears Short Shorts? Dean Wears Short Shorts

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      “Wanna bet?” 

      They were words Dean would soon regret. For years, Castiel was the abyss where pop culture references went to die. Dean could not recall how many times he’d mention a movie or song only to be met with that (admittedly charming) vacant stare that would find itself pasted on Cas’s face. And Dean, great guy that he was, liked the guy regardless. It kept slipping his mind that, for over a year now, Castiel walked around with Metatron’s gift. He had gone from being culturally clueless to a savant. It was a fact that was easy to neglect - the forces of the universe seemed to be intent on keeping them apart.

       So really, it wasn’t so strange that he’d been so assured in his assertion, made after a few midday beers he was sharing with Cas, a sort of impromptu welcome back to the bunker from being-ripped-to-shreds-by-Leviathan-and-resurrected-with-amnesia-to-remember-who-you-are-only-before-going-insane-and-then-ending-up-in-Purgatory-only-to-be-freed-to-be-Naomi’s-minion-and-then-kind-of-sort-of-being-responsible-for-the-fall-of-all-angelkind-losing-your-grace-and-becoming-human-being-responsible-for-the-celestial-civil-war-living-on-stolen-grace-watching-me-get-turned-into-a-demon-and-then-just-sort-of-be-a-real-dick-for-a-year-get-your-grace-back-only-to-have-me-beat-it-out-of-you-nearly-again-and-then-the-Darkness-and-then-the-curse-and-holy-hell-I-thought-I-had-a-rough-couple-of-years. He wanted to spend some quality time, one-on-one, with his best friend.

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The Return (Legend of Zelda au)

Hey everyone Mr.E here with my big project i had planned for @starcoweek3 ‘s au you of choice. haha man am I late with this but i hope you all still enjoy it.

So this au is heavily based on the Legend of Zelda’s newest game breath of the wild but I did try to add little jokes and references from the entire series here and there especially a certain well known disguise. 

This one is more serious than usual as Star deals with intense feelings of disconnection and loss as she awakens from a slumber only to find the world is different than she remembered. There is humor and romance but when i first started writing this forever ago, i wanted it to be a reminder that we must always do our best and keep going even in trying, difficult times. it isn’t easy but we can do it and make the world a better place through drive and a determination not to give up.

This means flashback 

That’s it for me, have an amazing day, a great week and stay awesome and remember I believe in you! 

notification squad: @hipster-rapunzel @isolated-frequencies @artgirllullaby @minthia-ren @staryu-l @thefandombytes

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