This started as a sketch of Hayato from the somewhat obscure Capcom 3-D fighter Stargladiator and wound I would up taking it a little further because I was having so much fun on the iPad Pro. I love these character designs so much and think I see a bit of their influence in overwatch (which has some incredible designs as well). #stargladiator #capcom #hayato #joaquimdossantos #ipadproart #procreateapp

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I’m finally allowed to show off my tribute artwork for Udon’s “ Capcom Fighting Tribute” art-book which will be released this year!

We got to choose any Capcom fighting game character to make a tribute piece for. I picked Rimgal from Star Gladiator (Sony PSX) because he’s a great character in a great game. He died at the end and never reappeared in any other Capcom game (unlike Ryu or Ken etc.) which kind of makes him unique to that game. Oh and I also picked him because he’s a dinosaur ;)
- Capcom Fighting Tribute will premiere with a limited-run convention edition hardcover at San Diego Comic-Con, July 9-12!
- The standard edition of Capcom Fighting Tribute will be released September 2015. Links to pre-order the book at a variety of online retailers can be found here: