Omigosh all of the love I have received from all of you beautiful people today has just been…. so incredibly overwhelming and amazing and I literally don’t even know what to say to all of you but thank you. You guys make every day awesome just because y'all exist. Just taking the time to tell me happy birthday means soooooo much to me and just guh really THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH YOU HAVE MADE MY 20TH EVEN MORE SPECIAL!

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oh poor bb loki i mean the only reason he keeps killing his brother and wanted to wipe out an entire race is because he’s sad and misunderstood aw poor regina 28+ years of suffering but look she did one good thing hug her now the good guys are dicks

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p.s. i love you both you more than you’ll ever know

can i just… laughing at how you added in that p.s omg <33 you precious thing. 

but lololol oh heeeyy now. we have discussed this before my dear. YOU KNOW I UNDERSTAND 100% WHERE YOU ARE COMING FROM. CAUSE I AGREE. Don’t get me wrong, I love all of them, buut in saying that. There’s no excuse for more or less all of their behaviors and actions. I GET THAT. AND SO DOES AMY.