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RFA + the minor trio, daydreaming headcanons

(secret ending spoilers under the cut, be wary of spoilers of each character’s route in their section~)


  • When he first met you, he dreamed of being a LOLOL power couple with you. True story. He wanted to go on adventures with you, get famous in the online world with you, have people look at your characters and go “oh!! they’re so perfect together, they work together so well, they’re so strong!!”
  • A lot of those daydreams transfer over into the “real world” as well. He wants to be a responsible, functioning person - but the idea of you filling in the spaces where he’s lacking and him doing the same in return is wonderful to him. He wants to help you organize parties, wants to pick you up from work and then be surprised in the car when you bring him a little pastry you picked up on the way…
  • …he just wants to be in a sickeningly sweet, healthy and supportive relationship with u ok.


  • What does this boy not daydream about, particularly when it comes to you? Cuddling, kissing, petting your hair, you seeing him looking cool on stage… Every time he gets a new script, he imagines you as the leading lady.
  • You help him practice his lines, and he’s just so happy. It’s like… he can pretend to be whatever, whenever with you. You can meet and fall in love a million times and it’s so!! Great!!
  • Whenever he’s having trouble, he daydreams how proud you’ll be of him if he succeeds - and that makes him try his hardest to make those dreams come true.


  • …What does she have to daydream about when being with you is already a dream come true?
  • The pair of you laugh, and she admits that she daydreams about the two of you being able to go to the premier of a movie that has Zen as the lead actor.  Wouldn’t that just be perfect? Being able to see your friend have a career and a life just as successful as yours…
  • And maybe… sometimes… she thinks about other things. Sillier things. Like what kind of bouquet she wants to hold when she marries you… (Ahh! Did she say that out loud?)


  • He’s a practical man who doesn’t often indulge in fantasies. Isn’t it better to make things reality, instead? He’d rather plan than dream, and many of these plans predictably involve cats. Cat islands, cat amusement parks, cat cafes and being able to spend all day petting cats at a shelter…
  • …sometimes, when thinks are difficult, he replays memories to comfort himself. Times when he slept in with you, Elizabeth curled up next to you, times when wore cute things just for him, that time when you tried to make his pancakes in the shapes of animals and -
  • …gosh. He’s getting awfully distracted now, isn’t he?


  • He loves stargazing, and he dreams of being in space where it’s so empty and peaceful and quiet. No one to bother him, nothing to hurt him, no obligations, no pain… Wouldn’t it be nice to get married at the space station? He could see the earth with you, the moon, the stars - everything, and yet be so far away from anything that could hurt him.
  • …But also, sometimes, he dreams of being a star. No one hates stars, right? They’re flawless. Everyone admires them, everyone looks up to them… they’re never broken little boys with horrible, cracked hearts. There’s a reason famous people are called stars.
  • He lives vicariously through Zen and through these fantasies - of being admirable. Of being loved. (And one day, you point up at the sky, at the biggest, brightest star you can see… and you tell him it’s name is Saeyoung now.)

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One Line Prompts: “How. THE FUCK. Are you- so motherfucking tall?”

Stiles may have snuck out into the woods with a few cans of beer and his dad’s whiskey, hoping to drink the night away and distract himself from the persistent thoughts of a certain werewolf. He may have been distracted by said thoughts was that he may have forgotten what moderation was. He may have sat down in a clearing and laid back to preoccupy his time with stargazing and dreaming of Derek Hale.

Okay, he did.

He picked up the large bottle of Jack Daniels again and settled down among the blanket of damp leaves that covered the cool earth. He brought the bottle to his lips, the amber liquid sloshing about in the glass, waves crashing against each other as he gulped back the liquor, ignoring the burn as it made its way down his throat. He pulled it back and swirled the bottle around before his face. He stared at it, mesmerised by the small bubbles caught beneath the swirling tides of whiskey. He lifted the bottle to his mouth and downed the liquid, finishing off the bottle.

“I’m gay for a werewolf,” he drunkenly confessed to himself.

He fumbled with his bag, pulling out a few cans of bourbon and cola. He cracked the can open and slumped against the fungus-covered stump. He lifted the can to his lip, feeling the bubbles tingle his nose as he chugged it, quickly following it with second can.

“I’m going to regret that in the morning,” Stiles muttered under his breath, his chest lurching with a hiccup before he continued his previous train of thought, “Does that count as bestiality? I mean it doesn’t if you only fuck the man part, right?”

He let out an inarticulate whine, “But he’s so fucking hot when he wolfs out. The no-eyebrows thing is a little weird but the sideburns, the eyes, the howl, and the… alphaness - - so fucking hot.”

“What’s wrong with me? Why am I pining over a guy who would never be the faintest bit interested in me?” he mused to himself.

He cracked open another can and sipped at it. He sloshed it over his hand a little as he waved his arms about in elaborate gestures as if he were talking to someone.

“I’m a closeted bisexual with a throbbing boner for Derek Hale,” he screamed to the sky above.

“Are you now?” a familiar voice asked.

Stiles froze, his body shuddering as his eyes flew wide open and he turned to look at the approaching man.

Derek stopped before him, looking down at him with a somewhat amused expression.

“How. THE FUCK. Are you- so motherfucking tall?” Stiles babbled, staring up at Derek as if he were monstrously tall.

Derek didn’t reply. He merely rolled his eyes, withdrew his hands from the pockets of his soft leather jacket and sat down next to the boy. He rested his arms on his knees and stared off into oblivion.

Stiles turned away from him, rummaging through his bag for another can. He offered it to Derek - who took it without a word - and watched as Derek’s firm hands cracked the can open. He held his breath as Derek lifted the can to his mouth, balancing the edge of the aluminium against his lips – dear God, those lips. He watched Derek’s Adam’s apple move as he gulped down mouthfuls of alcohol.

After a moment of silence Derek said, “I’m a closeted bisexual with an interest in Stiles Stilinski.”

“Are you now?” Stiles drolled. He snorted and burst out in laughter at something he found amusing. After a moment, his laughter died away and he asked, “Do you want to stop being closeted and do something about that interest of yours?”

“I’d like that,” Derek replied. “But you’ll have to ask me again when you’re sober.”

“Okay,” Stiles agreed. “But you might have to remind me to because I’m going to have one hell of a hangover in the morning.”

clay & apollo finally graduating high school and not tossing their hats since they have something special for it, they run and go while no one is looking

apollo leading clay the way to a place where he had hidden a telescope all along and then both of them carry it and prepare for tonight’s special stargazing trip

apollo & clay preparing their clothes in their respective homes but this time they wear the clothes that they want their future jobs to be so apollo has a lawyer suit while clay gets an astronaut’s outfit and a helmet

at night they go out and sit by the tree and prepared to holler up the telescope and both of them successfully bring it up.

apollo & clay having problems preparing the telescope in the tree but they find a way though it took a lot of time but they were contented

apollo & clay wait for a shooting star to pass until it’s midnight and they finally make a wish and they promise each other not to tell what it is until they die

the moment they make a wish, they threw their graduation hats up in the air

then years later (present timeline), apollo receives a letter after a month or so after clay’s death and it contains what clay wished and it was that “i wish for apollo to have a longer, a more successful life that i’ll ever have, and most importantly, for him to have a family”

apollo just breaks down and cries

Sweet dreams are made of...

Aries: Swingsets // Childhood

Taurus: Reciprocated love + Happily Ever After

Gemini: Diamond Necklaces // Glowsticks

Cancer: Unbroken Promises + Self-Forgiveness

Leo: Perfect Smiles // Unsolved Mysteries

Virgo: Accomplishments + A sense of stability

Libra: Opening Presents // Cuddling with someone else

Scorpio: Brown Eyes + Black Hair

Sagittarius: Sipping Tea // Spreading Salt

Capricorn: Uncharted Lands + Beautiful Aesthetics

Aquarius: Daydreaming // A sense of purpose

Pisces: Once Upon A Times + Stargazing