stargazer's tower

Starry-eyed || Newt Scamander x Reader

Request: Hey!! Could you maybe do a story where newt and the reader are at hogwarts and they’re just stargazing in the astronomy tower and being cute? Thanks <3
((So I’m just gonna make the reader hufflepuff as well, but if you want any other with different houses just tell me :3 ))


Newt has decided he was going to ask you up to the astronomy towers tonight, since it was supposed to be a clear night where you could see it all. While he was having this internal crisis of asking you out, you were currently taking notes during the herbology class.
“U-Um Y/N… I w-would like to.. ask you s-something.” He whispered over the sound of your classmates talking.
“Then ask away silly!” You replied, smiling over at him.
He was messing with his wand, a pink blush visible on his cheeks before Newt looked up at you with his bright blue eyes.
“I just wanted… to know if you might.. want to come with me to the astronomy tower t-tonight?” Newt looked away as his face flushed darker, not seeing you smile widely. He took your silence as rejection, and glanced over at you, now noticing your reaction.
“S-so is that a yes?” You quickly responded to this question with a nod and told him that you would love that.
He smiled softly at you, both your faces holding the same blush. You went back to taking your notes on a strange glowing plant in front of the professor, trying to sneak peeks at his face the entire time.
Once that class was over, you both hurried down to the dinner buffet, talking easily the way there. The pair of you sat down next to each other, a bit closer then usual and continued your conversation throughout the meal, striking a few of your housemates curious, but luckily they said nothing.
“So what time are we going there? Right after we finish or later tonight?” You asked him when you started on dessert.
“I think we c-could leave right after? It should only be.. us in there, I wouldn’t w-want anyone being a bother” Newt answered, shyly glancing at you.
“Id love that so much! Hurry and eat, I just can’t wait!” You almost jumped up in excitement, watching as he hurried to eat his full before you two went off towards the astronomy tower.
The both of you were surprised when no one seemed to both you on your way there, not even one of the ghosts. So when you finally got the the tower, you each had smiles upon your faces.
“Well here we are… I’m really glad that you uh.. that you said yes to joining m-me tonight.” Newt spoke while holding the door open for you.
“Why wouldn’t I? You’re the best person I know!” You giggled while walking in, butterflies starting to appear as he took your hand and led you to a spot in the middle of the room.
“I-I’m the best person you know? That… that’s very very kind of you..” he seemed to blush, yet you couldn’t quite tell as the room became darker as stars became to appear, looking even brighter with the moon in one of the corners.
“It’s true though Newt, and oh my… this is so beautiful..” you had laid down beside Newt, staring up at the sky.
“It is… but not as b-beautiful as you Y/N…” at his words you blushed darkly, looking over to find him staring at you with those intense blue eyes. Then you found yourself moving towards him, with him doing the same, and then you two kissed. His lips moved against yours, yet it was still awkward and new, both trying to be good enough for the other. After a moment you pulled away, smiling at him.
“I love you Newt, I’m so happy we got to share this” you spoke, hugging him tightly before laying back again.
“I.. I love you too Y/N, I agree.. I’m so glad you said yes and stuff… this is lovely with you.” He laid back down as well, staring up at the sky with you.
After a while of stargazing, you both decided to hurry back to the common room before anyone found you gone, you both didn’t realize how much time had passed until you both saw how deserted the common room was. This had you share a look of sneaky smiles as you raced back to your rooms, which you were both met by many questions of where you were.

I’m unsure if such pursuits would appeal to any of my friends, but in the off chance that someone is interested, the stargazing forecast for Wednesday is supposed to be satisfactory and I plan to take advantage of the clear night. Anyone is welcome to join then or at another time in the future when conditions are favorable.

Mira & Franck - Tower of the Stargazer

Player: @fulmatchest

Almost a hundred years ago, a great wizard built himself a tower to watch the stars. He was feared across the land, but now rumors have spread that he’s dead, and his treasures and artifacts are still in his cursed tower, waiting for those with the guts and wits to grab them.

Mira’s Research Center For Magic Treasures And Occult Artifacts has therefore sent their best operative, Mirabelle Tarth (who also happens to be the chairman, the accountant and secretary as well as the only actual member) to retrieve what’s left.

She has met in her travels Frank “the short”, so named not for his size but for the length of his sentences and times spent reading books, and hired him as a bodyguard.

Their strange little group has found it’s way to Geneva, and after a short night’s rest, decided to leave early for the Tower of the Stargazer, sitting a few miles from there between the mountaintops, according to the rumors.

After two hours of travel, they finally reach the tower, an imposing structure, taunting them with it’s gruesome majesty, a perpetual lightning storm raging over it’s top.

The tower itself is about 25m meter tall and made of good old swiss stone, reeking cheese and neutrality. It has no windows, but small stairs start up the ground and lead to a double entry door.

The top of the tower is an enormous metal globe, sitting upon a ring of metal spikes that the lightning bolts strike periodically.

The tower is surrounded by four 10 meters spikes all placed at 15m from the tower, pointing towards it’s base.

The ground between those spikes and the tower is a mini wasteland, periodically struck by lightning.

Also, there seems to be a corpse, or someone having a very long nap at the base of the occult building. Hard to tell.