alittlelights  asked:

Stargate SG-1 1, 6, 11, 15

1. The first character I fell in love with: Samantha fucking Carter. Could it be anyone else? She’s smart and fierce and adorable in every way.

6. The character I’d want to be like: This is actually hard because I want to be like all of them. More than anyone else I want to be like Vala Mal Doran. She’s been able to overcome so very much in her life, tragedy and disappointment and betrayal and she still comes out of it as a genuinely upbeat person. She was brilliant in her own way, coming up with plans and able to think outside the box often. She also was so incredibly compassionate and very loyal, despite what some people thought. Basically Vala is my hero.

11. Which character are you most like? Tough because I am nowhere near as brilliant as any of the characters. Probably Cam though. 

15. What are your five favorite things about your fandom?
- the huge amount of fic. There are so many characters and for every character there’s someone who loves them and will write fic of it.
- That there are Sam/Teal'c shippers. No lie. This pleases me greatly.
- The awesome female characters and the people who vehemently defend them.
- Cam Mitchell. On the show, in fandom, every time. My love for him literally knows no bounds. And even though John Crichton/Aeryn Sun is my OTP to end all other OTPs forever, I think I love Cam a little bit more.
- The general acceptance of crack, whumping, threesomes and crack.