stargate x marvel

People ask me where I get my ideas, so let me demonstrate.

I saw this picture on Pinterest. The first thing I think is Asgardian princess, because of the gold architecture and general coloring. Then I think green, which means Loki. So obviously, this girl is tied to Loki in some way. She’s not a sweetheart though, look at her face. So political marriage maybe? She’s the black sheep in her family and they’re going to marry her off to Loki and banish them both together, because they are too powerful to execute, so exile it is.

And then I look at her belt. That doesn’t look Asgardian to me, that looks Egyptian. But why would she be wearing an Egyptian looking belt when she isn’t Egyptian? And then I remember…Stargate. All those Egyptian gods and goddesses running around as Goa'uld. What if she’s not human, what if she’s a Goa'uld? 

So I google egyptian goddesses with wings, and get two, Isis and Maat. I check a list of Goa'uld in canon, Isis was killed on the show and that means this would be Maat, who is the Egyptian goddess of truth, order, law, and justice. And that just made things a whoooooole lot more interesting when you think about pairing her with Loki.

So, why is she here? Well, the Goa'uld got their butts kicked and are in all sorts of disarray. How well do you think Maat is going to tolerate that? This is the woman who set the universe in order at the moment of creation. So she wants to reorganize the Goa'uld, but she doesn’t have the forces necessary to impose order. Who would be good soldiers? Asgardians. So she comes to Asgard (deal with the whole Asgardians in Stargate versus Norse myth/Marvel Universe later) with a deal. She has Stargate technology and Asgard has a broken bifrost. She’ll give them the Stargate and all known coordinates, if they agree to fight with her to beat the rest of the Gou'ald. And to seal the deal, Loki and her get betrothed. Loki gets the chance to go be king of the Gou'ald, Thor gets him out of his hands, and they get Stargate tech and a reason to go bash people in the head.

That could be an interesting basis for a story.

So, that’s how my brain works. 

The end.