I really don’t know why Stargate isn’t more popular on Tumblr. It really seems like it’s the exact thing that everyone here would be all over. It’s like a cross between Star Trek, and Star Wars.

It’s based on real world and realistic science like Star Trek (more so, actually), without being set in a fantastic future.
It’s a series about high action, without being set a long long time ago, in a galaxy far far away.
It asks big questions, like trek, but doesn’t take itself too seriously.
One episode will deal with questioning the ethical implications of open warfare, with the very next being a literal spoof over itself, followed by a simple action/adventure story.

And It’s full of deep, complex, and lovable characters.
This really does seem like the kind of thing Tumblr would be all over. Yet going through the tags, comes up with very little. I mean it’s there, but not a lot of it, and what little is there is swamped down and buried by non SG stuff.