smart phones and smart people

Summary: SG-1 gets introduced to social media.
Relationships: Sam/Jack, Daniel Jackson/Vala Mal Doran (kinda?)
Tags: Chat & messaging style, Skype, Facebook, Social media
A/N: “aerynsuns” is my new ao3 account because I want to start off w/ a clean slate. i might do more considering how many people are interested in this!!!

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Daniel Jackson added jack o’neill, Sam Carter, Teal’c to this conversation

Daniel Jackson set the topic to “SG-1 group chat

jack: whoa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is so cool technology is truly beautiful

jack: now i wont have to get out of my office to bug you

Sam Carter: Daniel what have you done

Daniel: IDK, I thought it’d be a cool thing for the four of us to have instead of emailing.

jack: dANiel even on the internet u r so uptight with how you type!!

Daniel: I can say the same with how you speak.

jack: um RUDE i am still ur commanding officer

Daniel: I’m not military.

jack: OK mr. technical pants

jack: Teal’c are you there????

Teal’c: ( ˘ ³˘)♥( ˘ ³˘)♥

jack: thanks T, kisses to u too

Sam: well while you guys are having fun talking I gtg do some experiments

jack: have fun with your doo hickeys

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#1 and/or #57, McShep! Or combine them for BONUS POINTS

1. “Pull over. Let me drive for a while.”

The system’s second planet had proven to be devoid of anything but large, carnivorous predators bent on ramming anything in their path and a crater where an outpost might once have been, and the Stargate, orbiting the barren sixth planet, is still hours away. The autopilot had been damaged on the planet, so Sheppard’s flying manually. It’s a simple flight–just straight on til morning–but he has to keep the jumper pointed in the right direction. It’s the sort of mindless that nonetheless requires constant attention. The boredom would have been bad enough, but between the flight out and the time spent planet-side, Sheppard has been awake for nearly 24 hours, and he’s not nearly as young as he used to be.

Teyla and Ronon had retired to the rear compartment hours ago, so it’s just Sheppard and McKay upfront. They’d bickered conversationally at first, but as the hours wore on, McKay had gotten more and more involved in first working on the computer propped up in his lap and then napping.

Sheppard leans on the jumper’s dashboard, his chin propped on his hand, and stares out into the inky blackness of the viewscreen. P2X-444 is a distant ball of sandy brown, still so far away. His eyes have narrowed to slits, and it’s taking all of his concentration to stay awake.

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