stargat atlantis

  • Allura: How are Lance and Pidge?
  • Lance: He shot me!
  • Shiro: …They’re both fine. And uh… I think the Galra are out of the woods too.
  • Lance: You shot me!
  • Allura: And none of you have experienced any after-effects from this Galra device?
  • Shiro: Well, I mean, we’re all a bit creeped out.
  • Hunk: It was the most unsettling thing I’ve ever experienced.
  • Shiro: But, we’ll be fine.
  • Allura: All right, we’ll check in in a few hours. We’re out.
  • Lance: You shot me!
  • Shiro: Yes Lance, I shot you; and I said I was sorry!
  • Keith: You shot me too.
  • Shiro: I’m sorry for shooting everyone!!

“I had done another TV series at one point called, um, Providence where they had me comb the hair down and they couldn’t do it.  And FINALLY, the special effects department came into Hair & Make-up and they go, “No, no, we can get it down. ::laughter::  We have this stuff called Gafqat.  It’s an industrial strength polymere.  You just stick it on there and it’s like plastic.”  So they did it and, uh, it’s like, “Wow, this is really cool.”  And sure enough, after an hour…BOING!” 

Joe Flanigan talking about his hair “issues” at Stargate Atlantis Con 2007 

(For @uuuhshiny who reminded me of this today)