hey guys, i can’t believe i reached my goal right before christmas!! what a nice present. this is just a thank you to everyone i follow because you make my tumblr experience so amazing by just existing, i love you all ♥  ♥ 

my loves:

my lovely wife marissa, i know we joke all the time about being married but honestly i love you with all my heart and i dont know what i would do if we didn’t talk everyday or i couldn’t tag you in anything. honestly you are the most amazing person and im so lucky you love me as much as i love you ♥ ♥
katie omg i literally love you so much like i can’t put it into words. everytime you reply to my gifsets or seflies with ridiculous shit like you did the other way i literally die, you’re so funny and beautiful and you make me so happy, i love you!! ♥ ♥
@lyidastiles: carly my love, you are my honestly such a bae and so hilarious, like your tags on everything give me life. you’re so much more together at 15 than i was lmao, like just keeping do you because you’re amazing ♥ ♥
@obrodens: mariaaaaa my darling, sincerely from the bottom of my heart you are one of nicest i have EVER come across, like honestly you’re such a ray of light and so beautiful, i love you so much!! ♥ ♥
@hollvndroden: dasha i know we only just started talking but honestly i love your blog and your gifs and you so much, i feel so honoured everytime you tag me in your gifs and i look forward to all the conversations we’re going to have in to future!! love you ♥ ♥
@martinskki: cassie you are a ray of light!! honestly i love reading your posts and tags and just hearing what you have to say, keeping doing you i love it ♥ ♥
@merrykristoff: jj my darling, i just realised the other day that we never shared any fandoms except for t100 yet we always found random shit to talk about lmao, honestly though you’re beautiful and lovely and i love having you on my dash ♥ ♥
lyss my love, i know you’re on a little hiatus but i miss your lil face and imparting my wisdom on you, please come back soon and i love you ♥ ♥

favourites are italicised


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so sorry if i’ve forgotten anyone, here is my blogroll just in case. have a nice holidays and love you all ♥  ♥

Merry Christmas!!! I haven’t done one of these follow forever in sooo long. This is a thank you for you all, because you are always so nice to me and keep supporting me. This has been an amazing year and i hope you are all gonna spend an amazing holiday with the people you love. Please forgive me if i forgot someone, i triple checked everything but you never know.

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hi guys its phillipiasoo but i just did my 1st url change ever!! and i am now roryvmariano courtesy of gabi so yeah i wanted to do a ff so here it is thanks for following me love u all bye bye!

@thebaywindows @farklesmenorah you two gals were my first friends on this wild site and it means a lot 

@snowbrina @mayapenelopeharts squidney, almy, u two gals are my random-talk-to-at-weird-times buddies and ur both real stars and i appreciate u a whole lot

@lucasdanes @rorygil i love ANKSJNDKJD with you two ladies

shoutout to my girlz n motion who i didn’t already mention i love them a lot:  @farxleminkus @merrymayas @merrymeyer @sabrinacarpentrs @americasinger @jimmygibbler @stargals @w-byers @katyharts @jollytothecore @coreyfogalmanis @zaybabineauxs 

other friends who i love:
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then some mutuals who i like talking to/want to talk to:
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then some people whose blogs are just really really good:            @miloventimglias @bighaired-child @nancyywheller @jessmairano @jessvmariano @herhmione @potentialpeach @literrati @daydreamsandwhispers @alspancakeworld @mayaahart @mayahart

happy thanksgiving everyone!!! i just wanted to make a post for everyone that i love <3


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