I love the idea of Mochi, so I drew and coloured them! I don’t know what colours older PJ and Fresh are, so I left them alone. Sorry!

I also drew up my Knot Sans as a Mochi. You can find him on my blogs, but you don’t have to. =P (Perhaps Starfruit/Blueberry flavoured?) 

Love your art! Keep up the good work, and have a nice day! -Anna

Awwwwwwww!!!!!!!! Look these cute mochi!!!!!!! OMG your art so cute <3333
Thank you! 


Starfruit and Amethyst. July 10th, 2016. Digital Painting.

Holy crap, this piece has been delayed so many times. I started this game back in December and have currently put in 74 hours making it to the end of Spring Year 3. I love everything about this game from the music and the characters, to the art and game play. If you have not played this game yet, please do for yourself and to help support the amazing creator!

I just opened up a shop on Etsy! If you’re interested in buying hats or other goods sewn from fleece, please consider checking out my shop or keep reading for information about commissioning me.


What I can make for you:

  • Various types of hats:
    • Hats with animal ears
    • Hats based on a series or character
    • Basic hats on patterned fleece
    • Single or multi-colored basic hats
  • Various types of pillows or stuffed animals:
    • Square or Circular Pillows (patterned fleece, solid colors, with a symbol,etc.)
    • Star-Shaped (starfruit or paupo fruit, stars with faces, etc.)
    • Simple to mildly complicated Pokemon (stuffed animal or face pillow)
    • Cubed Pillows (patterned fleece, solid colors, multi-colored, etc.)
    • Dice-shaped Pillows (8-sided or less for best results)
    • Navi (Legend of Zelda)

See nothing that sounds like what you want? Ask me. I can’t think of everything, but if it’ll fall into the range of what I can do, I’ll do it!


All items will fall between the price range of $8-$25 plus shipping.

  • Hats start at a base price of $8 (solid color or patterned fleece)
    • Multi-colored: $12 for 2 colors, then add $1 per color.
    • Animal Ears: $12
    • Character/Series Based: $12-$18 depending.
    • Anything else, we can discuss.
  • Pillows start at a base price of $10 (solid or patterned fleece) and stuffed animals have no base price.
    • Multi-colored Square/Circular/Cube/etc Pillow: $12 for 2 colors, then add $1 per color
    • Square/Circular/Cube/etc Pillows with symbol: $12
    • Star-Shaped Pillows: $12
    • Dice Pillows: $10-14 (depending on number of sides)
    • Pokemon Face Pillow: $15
    • Pokemon Stuffed Animal: Varies, $12-$25
    • Navi (LoZ): $8
    • Anything else, we can discuss.

Payments are to be made before I ship the product and through PayPal only. I can definitely send you pictures before payment and shipment to make sure you’re 100% satisfied. :)

Standard Shipping to the US is $2.95 and US Priority Shipping is $6.95. For international shipping prices, please message me or email me with your location and I will let you know how much shipping would cost!

In addition to the products in my shop, some more samples can be found here. I’m sorry there aren’t a whole lot right  now, but I’ll be adding more stuff to Etsy soon.

Send me an email at to officially commission me, or if you have any questions you can send me a message on Tumblr or Etsy! If not, please consider reblogging this post so I can get the word out.

**I will be updating this post as things change and as I come up with patterns for new things to make. My stock on Etsy right now is very minimal as I’m just getting started and am still working on things to sell. 

peaches, before she met nova: i dont give a FUCK what anyone thinks abt me my daddy n pops taught me well i Will Break You
peaches, now: nova..nova look at me flexing….nova look at.. my muscles…nova look at me… nova….

anonymous asked:

What skins do you use on your sims? I've been looking for some pale Asian skins :c but usually people say they are personal skin blends they won't release

 Hi! ^^

Some skins you can try are: 

- Ephemera Skins : Skinny - Game - NV1 FIX - Fresh Asia

This skins are very good. They don’t look specifiacally ‘asian’ but you can work that with make up and sliders. Also, they can look very pale while having some nice and realistic details. 

Iced Epicanthic Starfruit ND-Skin by Kurasoberina

Single eyelid and can go very pale. Also, very beautiful. 

- Sayuri by Moonskin93.

Single eyelind and pale. It has a nice texture, more realistic. 

- Annd0lby Skins: 1 - 2 - Vampire - Snowflake

Not ‘asian’ but very pale and soft. 

- Morning lovely skin by M-o-rning.

Single eyelid on the male version. Very pale and cute. 

- The monolid version of this skin multipack by Noodlesims. 

Is not super pale but it looks really good and soft. 

- Nectar skin by Brntwaffles and Imamiii

Soft and cute and can go very pale without looking white. 

- Asian Skin by S-Club.

I don’t use it that much but it is good and very pale.  

Pâte Choux Skin by Momosims

Single eyelid, very pale, nice details. 

- Asian skin by Tudart

Single eyelid, pale, nice details, very good looking. 

There are more skins that I use but they aren’t available anymore. 

As you can see, I use a lot of skins. I hope this helps you. 

irlseiko  asked:

What's your favorite fruit and what fruit is Seiko? :0c I absolutely love fruit, my favorite is Soursop!

My favourite fruit is a starfruit (hence, url)!! (⌒▽⌒)☆ And I’m actually so glad you came to me with this message, because I might make Seiko a Soursop? I hope that’s okay!! And I hope you have a lovely day!!


Thought I should give you an update on the tropical seedlings. I have one cherimoya left. The other died for mysterious reasons. Next to that is the telegraph tree (Codariocalyx motorius). The two starfruit I kept are still alive and doing really well. I think I need to repot them though. the dragonfruit continue to grow slowly on my kitchen windowsill, but they’re making good progress.

THE REASONING to starfruit as a ship name is that nova is like..supernova…like space..and a peach is a fruit so fruit + space eQUALS STARFRUIT

starlifting  asked:

5, 14, 18, 27, 50, 54, 65, 91, 100?

Thank u my dude my bro my moon

5) If you could be anywhere else right now, where would you be?

I’m not at home at the moment and even though this place is really nice I’d probably like to go home for a little bit. Or London. London’s nice too.

14) What is your favorite fruit?

STARFRUIT ARE BAE (but mangoes are neat too. Also avocados.)

18) What do you do to get over your anger?

I wait for it to go away. Usually I’m less angry and more upset in negative situations, so I don’t really have to deal with being specifically angry.

27) What is something most people don’t know about you?

Anything that most people don’t know is a negative trait/secret that I don’t want to reveal so I won’t answer this one.
But I guess I don’t say this a lot on the Internet: I’m actually Russian.

50) What worries you most about the future?

Never finding a romantic partner and spending my life alone. Yes, I put a lot of value on romantic relationships.

54) What big lesson could people learn from your life?

Don’t be a piece of shit??? I’ve done a lot lot lot of shitty things.

65) Which do you use more often, the dictionary or the thesaurus?

Dictionary because English isn’t my first language.

91) What is your favorite word?

They change from time to time. For now it’s “hangry”. It’s a mix of hungry and angry and I feel that way all the time.

100) What are some words that you live by? Why?

I don’t really understand the question, sorryyyyy

anonymous asked:

hi! question! what skin do you use for your sims? :-)

well my default is skin i do not use at all so i probably should change that out soon lol but for nearly all of my sims i use some kind of starfruit skin, depends on the sim bc i have a lot of them installed lol but the ones i use most often are ea match defined eyes and freckled fruit and sunkissed freckled fruit.