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Smash Series Swap - Fire Emblem x Star Fox

Okay, this is very silly, but I just wanted a chance to draw the Fire Emblem cast in Arwings. ;) If you have any ideas for two Smash series you’d like to see “swapped”, I’d love to hear them!

Dear Jim,

Please can you paint Fox McCloud from Starfox in his Arwing fighter, Miles “Tails” Prower in his biplane, and the cyborg ninja Grey Fox from Metal Gear Solid chasing down Theresa May whilst Brian May and some badgers cheer them on?

Cheers, Andy Welch

Birthday Gift! (Falco/Fox)

Hello matsutzu & readers! By following this story, from the index here, you’re agreeing that you ship Fox with Falco above all else. Because, let’s be real, that’s the biggest gay ship of the series.

Anyway, continue on ahead if you want some Falox romance! And enjoy! 


Taking the door to the hangar, Fox stepped in, and gazed around. He glanced at the docked Landmaster, a tank that was covered with a sheet and due for upgrades. A board was across from it, usually used for blueprints and schematics, though it was currently switched off.

Further along, toward the hangar gates, a quartet of Arwings rested. Between them, a blue-feathered bird ambled by, squinting at a computer behind them and nodding.


Raising his head, the bird glanced up and waved to Fox.

“Yo, Fox! Come on down, let’s have a race!”

“Pass. I mean I’m coming down, but not to race.”

Taking a lift that lowered to the base level for the hangar, Fox walked across the hangar and to the Arwings. Falco stepped from between them and folded his arms, wearing a smirk on his face.

“Ah, why no race?” Falco rolled his eyes. “It’s not like we have anything better to do now, do we?”

“Well, no, but—”

“So what’s the problem?” He nudged Fox and beckoned him back. “Come on, I’m fixing for a flight, and I’m looking to whoop your butt again.”

“It’s late,” reminded Fox, “we don’t need to tear through the night sky at blazing speeds for fun.”

“Under all the stars, over Corneria’s open waters? That’s the kind of stuff folks find romantic.” He blinked and jerked his head back. “Not that I would, I just wanna fly, but, ah, you know what I mean.”

“Falco Lombardi, are you getting softer these days?” Fox mockingly gasped and touched his chest. “Goodness, it’s almost like you’re interested in other things besides just proving how great you are at flying!”

“Ok, ok, you can take it easy on the insults there, Foxie,” grumbled Falco. “Sheesh, I try to talk about a nice time just once, and you go to town on me for it.”

“Ha, I’m sorry Falco. I couldn’t resist.” Fox patted his friend’s shoulder. “You never really loosen up, or open up, and it’s nice to see and hear that from you now and again.”

“Hey, I’m plenty open!” Falco folded his arms as Fox lowered his eyes. “…When I, ah, want to be, that is.” Falco smirked and shrugged. “Whatever, Fox, you want to sit up in the Great Fox tonight, be my guest. I’m sure you can fool around with Slippy or Peppy, right?”

“They’re both busy.” Fox smirked. “You, on the other hand—”

“Ouch. Fox, it’s almost like your insults are getting as sharp as mine.” Falco rolled his eyes. “Maybe it’s better if we’re not hanging out, then.”


Fox folded his arms and waited as Falco blinked. He shifted his eyes around the room, and shrugged.

“Uh…you wanna finish that thought?”

“And here I thought you were getting good at opening up,” mocked Fox. “I was waiting for you to suggest something else.”

“Me? Geez, just spit out, Fox!”

“You could too, you know.”

“Huh? W-what?”

“Suggest something else for us to do, Falco.”

“Oh. Yeah! I knew that!” Falco paused and tapped on his head. “Uh…gimme a sec.”

“Take your time.” Fox grinned and opened his mouth to continue, but had a wing press against his lips.

“Yeah, no, don’t need that next part, thanks.” Falco sighed and tapped his foot. “…You know what? We are flying tonight!”

“Again, I’m not in the mood—”

“To race, sure you’re not. But how about you let me do the flying, and you just come along for a ride?”

“Uh, sure, I guess.” Fox shrugged. “You know, I could just follow in another Arwing.”

“Yeah, but uh, I don’t have anywhere in particular to go,” admitted Falco. “So, it’s better to, um, just take out one ship and we won’t go far. Just…around a few times in the air. Sound good?”

“Why do I get the feeling that you have some, I don’t know, ulterior motives?”

“Me? Nah, you’re crazy, Fox,” insisted Falco. “Just wanna get some fresh air, and I’m kidnapping you for fun too. How about it?”

“Ah…well, sure,” relented Fox. “Let’s just not stay out all night.”

“Foxie, I’d never!” He grinned as Fox rolled his eyes. “I promise I’ll be good tonight, honest.”

“If you insist.”

Unfolding his arms, Fox followed Falco to one of the Arwings. He paused and scratched his head as Falco opened the fighter’s cockpit.

“Uh…Falco, the Arwings aren’t exactly roomy.”

“What’s wrong? You got a problem sitting on my lap?” Falco winked. “I won’t tell the others much if you enjoy it.”

“Wow, that’s not even…fine, your lap’s funeral, then.”

Laughing, Falco climbed into the Arwing, followed by a hesitant Fox. He slid in as Falco scooted back in the seat, slowly lowering himself against his teammate, and then blushed as the bird reached around his waist for the controls.

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