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Imagine if Spock and Scotty were best friends and roommates at the academy

Scotty walks into his room on the first day at Starfleet academy and finds a Vulcan meditating on one of the beds. He stands there awkwardly for a few minutes until the Vulcan opens one of his eyes and says “I hope you do not mind that I chose one of the beds. My name is Spock, I will keep my half of the room clean and I cook.” (I picture starfleet academy dorms having little kitchenettes or something)

Scotty is just like “uh. Okay.”

The first few weeks would probably be pretty awkward while they got used to one another- Scotty is messy and snores and Spock is just so damn quiet.

But one night Scotty strikes up a conversation about one of their classes and the friendship just BLOSSOMS. Like, they spend the next several hours talking about classes and quantum physics and warp physics and eventually Scotty gets talking about Scotland and the next night he produces some alcohol from somewhere and he demands that Spock try some.

The first time someone at the academy picks on Spock, Scotty hunts them down and punches them in the face for this sweet ass Vulcan who refused to punch him because he’s a pacifist who refused to punch someone even if they deserved it. The guy punches him back and Spock has to end up treating Scotty for his wounds that night, lecturing him the whole time but there’s something there in his voice, some little itty bitty inkling of gratitude.

Spock patching Scotty up probably becomes a thing like bar fights fist fights lab accidents anything, Spock is there with alcohol and bandaids.

Scotty becomes Spock’s fricking gaurd dog like you mess with Spock Scotty will attack you even tho Spock doesn’t want him too.

And Scotty tries to set Spock up on dates, and Spock politely declines and doesn’t mind if Scotty brings a date home he quietly goes to the library until Scotty texts him saying he can come back. And they totally study together and help eachother in their classes

And they graduate together and both end up on the enterprise under pike

(In AOS, when Scotty goes to delta vega Spock worries about him and when Scotty beams aboard the enterprise with Jim after Nero is dead Scotty hunts Spock down, finds him in his room and is just like “you let me in or so help me God” and then Scotty hugs him even if Spock claims he doesn’t need it he just hugs him tight and they spend the next three hours talking about everything that’s been happening. Later, Scotty punches Jim in the face for what he said about Spock and his Mom, comforts Spock after khan happens, freaks out just as bad as Bones when Spock gets hurt in beyond, comforts him when ambassador Spock dies, and if/when Nyota breaks up with him he gets Spock’s permission before asking her out)

And when Kirk comes to the enterprise, Scotty watches him grow a friendship with Kirk and is so damn pleased for his friend but he’s scared to so one day he goes to Kirk’s quarters and asks if he can speak freely and he very calmly, almost quietly explains that Spock means a lot to him and that Spock doesn’t care about others easy and makes it very clear that is Kirk fucks up Spock’s heart- because Spock /trusts/ Kirk now dammit don’t you dare think that isn’t important- not only will Kirk lose the best engineer in the fleet Scotty will personally make sure Kirk loses at least three of those pretty teeth.

(If/when Kirk starts dating spock he gives Kirk a similar talk but this one is even more threatening)

In amok time, he goes down to the surface with them, When Sarek comes on board in journey to Babel he corners him and says it’s bullshit that the ambassador is a dick to his son and Amanda totally thanks him for being a good friend to her son.

At Spock’s wedding (whoever it may be to nudge nudge wink wink) he gives Spock away and is maybe his best man.

When Spock goes to do kolinahr before TMP, Scotty says goodbye to him with tears in his eyes, and when TWOK happens, Scotty grieves something horrible because he was there dammit, he should have stopped him

When Jim died, Scotty apologized to Spock. When Nyota died, Spock was there (Spock was the best man at his wedding to Nyota).

When Scotty died, Spock was at his side. He grieved for him.

Tl;dr, I’ve always felt that Scotty and Spock would be bros and now the idea that they were roomies is embedded in my head and I love them so much their my brotp

Kirk’s Not So Great Idea

Fandom: Star Trek (AOS)

Pairing: ReaderXBones

Prompt: Cowboy McCoy and a certain country song. ;-D

Word Count: 1751

Rating: Teen+ (I stink at ratings)

Beta’d: @outside-the-government

A/N: Happy Valentine’s day!

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2256 Starfleet Academy

As the anniversary of McCoy’s divorce nears, Kirk decides that the best way to help his friend forget is to get him good and drunk. He drags the reluctant doctor to one of the local bars just off the academy grounds. A couple of hours and a few drinks later Kirk puts his arm around his friend and leads him out of the bar. He grins as they make their way down the sidewalk, “Hey Bones….I’ve got a great idea.”

McCoy pulls away from him and shakes his head. “No…uh-uh…whatever it is I’m not that drunk.”

“I swear you’ll enjoy it…” He pushes McCoy toward an old red brick building with a green and blue neon sign featuring a microphone. The door opens and he ushers his friend inside. “Grab us a table and I’ll get the drinks.”

McCoy shakes his head, “I’m gonna need something stronger than what they were serving at that last place.”

“I think I can handle that.” Kirk says grinning broadly. He turns and walks over to the bar while McCoy finds an empty table along the wall near the small stage. Kirk joins him with their drinks a few minutes later and they settle in for the show.

After a number of drinks and quite a few songs, the Orion girl being Kirk’s favorite, McCoy stumbles up onto the stage and grabs the microphone. The song he chose, while Kirk was drunkenly flirting with the Andorian twins at the next table, begins playing.

“Well, I walk into the room

Passing out hundred dollar bills

And it kills, and it thrills, like the horns on my silverado grill

And I buy the bar double round the crown

And everybody’s getting down

An’ this town, ain’t never gonna be the same”

He continues singing very off key and occasionally slurring his words. He steps off the stage and gets up close and and a little too personal with a dark haired young woman wearing a shimmering black dress. “And the girls say…Save a horse, ride a cowboy!” The young woman smiles and exchanges a look with her friends while he continues to serenade her.

Kirk sits back in his seat with a devilish grin as he watches his friend make a spectacle of himself.

The next morning McCoy wakes to someone pounding on the door of his room. He opens his eyes and groans. The sun streams in from the half open window, reflects off of the silver instruments on the desk and hits him right in the eye. He puts a hand to his head and stumbles out of his bed. The person at the door knocks louder and more persistently. “I’m coming!” He grumbles. His eyes half open he manages to make his way to the door and presses the button on the panel.

Kirk grins at him as soon as the door opens. “Rough night?”

McCoy shakes his head and leans on the doorframe. “What was in those drinks?”

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Every Valentines day Starfleet Acadamy leaves a bundle of flowers at every cadets door. 1 red rose (love) and 5 purple roses (platonic love). This is onl the starting bundle though, and cadets who want more of either rose colour can go to multipul desks around the acadamy that day and ask for them.

The point is to hand out your roses to those you love. The red roses for those you love with all your heart and would like to presue a romantic relationship with (or already have one with). the purple roses are for platonic love. strong friendships that you never want to end. there’s nothing to be gained by handing out or keeping your roses, it’s just for fun and a good opportunity to show people how you feel about them,

Some students keep their red roses. choice to love themselves that year because they need a break, they’re aro or they just haven’t found anyone to love romanticlly yet.

some students hand out multipul red roses. they have a lot of love in their hearts and it spreads out to multipul people.

some students end up with large bundles of purple and red roses. all the love of other students showing proudly and a bright smile on their face.

some end up with only a small bundle, but that’s ok because knowing that even just one person loves you in some way is really amazing and will brighten up their day.

Nyota gives her red rose to Spock and vice versa. it makes sence since they’ve been dating a while and they really love each other. her purple roses go to Gaila, Leonard and a few other friends she made at the acadamy. she even has to go get some extras.

Spock gives his purple roses to no one. it’s not that he doesn’t have friends, it’s just that they’re not here on vulcan. though, he does get two extra red roses that he puts in a vase in his room with two purple roses. he sends a picture to his parents and tells them the red roses are for them from each other and the purple roses are from him to them. he may not understand the purpose of such trivial ridiculousness, but he does love the way his mom sends back a picture with a bright smile on his face. definitly worth it.

Jim turns down a lot of red roses that day. It’s not that he wants to hurt people, it’s that he thinks they could find someone better to give their heart to. However, he gives out a ridiculouse amount of purple roses. he’s pretty sure there’s no end to them and the desks just get used to holding out a new bundle to him when they see him. it’s amazing. he even gives a whole bundle to Gaila just because that’s how much he adores her.

Leonard gives out his purple roses easily. one to Nyota, one to Spock (they don’t know each other well but Leonard does like him), one to Joseph and Christine. he gets extra’s so he can make a big purple bundle and send a picture to Joanna. she calls him up squeeling and telling him that she loves him more than anything.

Leonard also gets a ton of extra purple roses that he gives out to every patient he see’s plus their family. he likes brightening up their day and even if he has to explain the purpose to them it always ends in hugs and smiles. it’s nice to make someone smile when they’re stuck in the hospital.

But both Leonard and Jim hold onto their red rose. They know who they want to give it to, but they’re not sure if it’s appropriate. if it could cause troubles or start something amazing that will crash and burn soon. so they hold their red rose close to them. Bones wears his attached to his medical uniform and smiles when people ask him if it’s his or if someone else gave it to him. He doesn’t have anyone try to give them their rose, which he’s thankful for because he’d hate to turn someone down.

that night when they get back to their room, both Leonard and Jim notice that they each only have one red rose. Leonard makes a joke about the ‘lucky person’ for Jim, but Jim smiles sheepishly and says it’s his rose. it’s a little surprising for Leonard, but he likes the idea of Jim maybe choicing to love himself this year.

that’s why he’s a little surprised when Jim slowly holds out the rose towards him and bows his head in embaressment. Leonard was expecting a purple rose from Jim, not a red one. He might have even expected a bundle considering some of the stories that he had heard about Jim and his love for giving out roses today.

Leonard takes a moment to process what’s happening, a smile pulling at his lips slowly as he takes the red rose off of his medical uniform and carefully switches it with Jim’s rose, laughing when Jim’s eyes go wide.

“You didn’t think it was just you falling for my gruff charm, did you?” he jokes playfully, laughing when Jim lunges forward and hugs him. 

they have a lot to talk about later, but for now Leonard is fine with being hugged to death

Star Trek Advent Calander

hi guys, you know how around Christmas people have those calendars where you countdown the 25 days til Christmas? well i thought it would be fun to have something similar that is trek/spirk related. so everyday you post a picture from your favorite star trek fandom to answer one of these questions. if you don’t celebrate christmas thats fine too, i just thought it might be fun! there are no rules or restrictions on what you post/reblog and all trek fandoms are welcome :)

Day 1 - Favorite episode (or scene from film)
Day 2 – favorite film
Day 3 - Favorite Character
Day 4 - Favorite side character
Day 5 - Favorite Villain
Day 6 - Favorite crewmember
Day 7 – favorite character who isn’t a member of starfleet
Day 8 - Favorite starfleet track
Day 9 – favorite uniform
Day 10 - Favorite location/planet
Day 11 - Most Beautiful Character  
Day 12 - Most Missed Character who dies or disappears in movie/episode
Day 13 - Saddest Moment
Day 14 - Favorite star trek fanfiction
Day 15 – Favorite behind the scenes moment
Day 16 - Favorite promotional photo
Day 17 – favorite quote from star trek
Day 18 – favorite issue/concept discussed by characters
Day 19 – favorite spock (aos spock, tos spock, spock prime, kid spock)
Day 20 - Funniest Moment
Day 21 - Most romantic Moment
Day 22 - Favorite star trek technology
Day 23 - Favorite star trek novel/comic
Day 24 – Favorite species
Day 25 - Favorite star trek pairing

what *actually* happened on starfleet academy orientation day
  • kirk: my name is james t. kirk, the t stands for trouble!
  • bones: yeah well MY name is leonard h. mccoy, and the h stands for like Hell it does, jim
  • spock: full name is s'chn t'gai spock...
  • kirk:
  • bones:
  • kirk:
  • bones:
  • kirk: S'CHN T'*GAY* SPOCK