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Jim Kirk x Reader: Fluff.

A/N: This is for @outside-the-government ‘s Winter Blues Challenge. I was given the prompt:  “Dr. McCoy told me he’d had a patient with some weird symptoms in today… I didn’t tell him I happened to have the same thing. What the hell did you give me?!”

The walk to Kirk’s living quarter was usually a brisk short journey from your lab, but each step felt like you were on a rocky boat. Your stomach was turning, mouth was dried and something else was happening to your body, but it was far too embarrassing to even admit to yourself. Still, there was only one person to blame.

James Tiberius Kirk.

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FicRequest: Take Me Away

FicRequest: Take Me Away
Pairing: Leonard McCoy x Reader
Word Count: 1141
For the ever-lovely @southernbellestatues, Thank you so much for an amazing request!
Warnings: fluff, mentions of abuse, nerdy book love
A/N: I hope you like this one! It kinda hit me close to home.

Originally posted by town-lights

A self-proclaimed nerd, books have been a part of your life ever since you can remember. More so than movies, books were able to transport you out of a bad home life into any world you chose to pick up that day. Entering Starfleet was more of an escape from home than an active decision to explore space. Anyplace where your family weren’t screaming at each other or hitting you had to be a better place. Getting assigned to the Enterprise was shear luck. True, you were very good at you job, but you doubted that you were “Enterprise good”. Little did you know, Dr. Leonard McCoy hand picks his nurses.

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Imagine if Spock and Scotty were best friends and roommates at the academy

Scotty walks into his room on the first day at Starfleet academy and finds a Vulcan meditating on one of the beds. He stands there awkwardly for a few minutes until the Vulcan opens one of his eyes and says “I hope you do not mind that I chose one of the beds. My name is Spock, I will keep my half of the room clean and I cook.” (I picture starfleet academy dorms having little kitchenettes or something)

Scotty is just like “uh. Okay.”

The first few weeks would probably be pretty awkward while they got used to one another- Scotty is messy and snores and Spock is just so damn quiet.

But one night Scotty strikes up a conversation about one of their classes and the friendship just BLOSSOMS. Like, they spend the next several hours talking about classes and quantum physics and warp physics and eventually Scotty gets talking about Scotland and the next night he produces some alcohol from somewhere and he demands that Spock try some.

The first time someone at the academy picks on Spock, Scotty hunts them down and punches them in the face for this sweet ass Vulcan who refused to punch him because he’s a pacifist who refused to punch someone even if they deserved it. The guy punches him back and Spock has to end up treating Scotty for his wounds that night, lecturing him the whole time but there’s something there in his voice, some little itty bitty inkling of gratitude.

Spock patching Scotty up probably becomes a thing like bar fights fist fights lab accidents anything, Spock is there with alcohol and bandaids.

Scotty becomes Spock’s fricking gaurd dog like you mess with Spock Scotty will attack you even tho Spock doesn’t want him too.

And Scotty tries to set Spock up on dates, and Spock politely declines and doesn’t mind if Scotty brings a date home he quietly goes to the library until Scotty texts him saying he can come back. And they totally study together and help eachother in their classes

And they graduate together and both end up on the enterprise under pike

(In AOS, when Scotty goes to delta vega Spock worries about him and when Scotty beams aboard the enterprise with Jim after Nero is dead Scotty hunts Spock down, finds him in his room and is just like “you let me in or so help me God” and then Scotty hugs him even if Spock claims he doesn’t need it he just hugs him tight and they spend the next three hours talking about everything that’s been happening. Later, Scotty punches Jim in the face for what he said about Spock and his Mom, comforts Spock after khan happens, freaks out just as bad as Bones when Spock gets hurt in beyond, comforts him when ambassador Spock dies, and if/when Nyota breaks up with him he gets Spock’s permission before asking her out)

And when Kirk comes to the enterprise, Scotty watches him grow a friendship with Kirk and is so damn pleased for his friend but he’s scared to so one day he goes to Kirk’s quarters and asks if he can speak freely and he very calmly, almost quietly explains that Spock means a lot to him and that Spock doesn’t care about others easy and makes it very clear that is Kirk fucks up Spock’s heart- because Spock /trusts/ Kirk now dammit don’t you dare think that isn’t important- not only will Kirk lose the best engineer in the fleet Scotty will personally make sure Kirk loses at least three of those pretty teeth.

(If/when Kirk starts dating spock he gives Kirk a similar talk but this one is even more threatening)

In amok time, he goes down to the surface with them, When Sarek comes on board in journey to Babel he corners him and says it’s bullshit that the ambassador is a dick to his son and Amanda totally thanks him for being a good friend to her son.

At Spock’s wedding (whoever it may be to nudge nudge wink wink) he gives Spock away and is maybe his best man.

When Spock goes to do kolinahr before TMP, Scotty says goodbye to him with tears in his eyes, and when TWOK happens, Scotty grieves something horrible because he was there dammit, he should have stopped him

When Jim died, Scotty apologized to Spock. When Nyota died, Spock was there (Spock was the best man at his wedding to Nyota).

When Scotty died, Spock was at his side. He grieved for him.

Tl;dr, I’ve always felt that Scotty and Spock would be bros and now the idea that they were roomies is embedded in my head and I love them so much their my brotp

Meaningless Nothings

Pairings: Jim Kirk x Reader

Warnings: mentions of sex, innuendos

Word Count: 1865

The smell of the bar overpowered your senses as you walked into the familiar dive. It was only a block away from campus, and you were out celebrating having just graduated from Starfleet Academy. They next day you were supposed to ship out on the USS Enterprise, as the ship and its crew were on shore leave.

“(Y/N)!” Your friend and roommate, Karsa, called to you from her spot in a booth.

“Hey, guys.” You greeted your swarm of friends that sat at the table, all clutching a drink in their hands. “Ready to party?”

And you did party. By twenty-two hundred all your friends had gone home, but you insisted on staying.

In an almost drunken haze, you sat yourself down at the bar, ordering your second, no, third Budweiser Classic that night. You usually didn’t drink this much, or at all really, but your friends had convinced you to let loose just this once.

“How many of those have you had?” A voice behind you caused you to jump. Twisting quickly to the side, you almost slam into a man. You took in his appearance.

Dark blonde hair styled to the side, although it looked as if he had run his hands through it several times. Pink lips that curved upwards in a gentle grin. Leather jacket that you couldn’t help but imagine what it would look like on your bedroom floor. Oh, don’t forget the eyes. They were more blue than the medical uniform you wore. You couldn’t deny it, you were definitely attracted to this mystery man.

“Enough to know that I shouldn’t have anymore.” You grinned, taking a sip of your beverage. The man smiled wider, leaning on arm on the bar.

“My name’s Jim Kirk.”

“(Y/N) (Y/L/N).” You smiled. Jim smiled back you, leaning closer towards your seated frame.

“Pretty name.” He breathed. His face was inches from yours, and when he spoke you could feel his minty breath mixing with yours. Your heart beat faster at the sudden closeness, but you didn’t try and pull away.

“You have two names, Jim and Kirk.” You blurted suddenly. Mentally groaning, you admitted to yourself you didn’t know how to flirt. Luckily, Jim found the humor and tilted his head back with laughter. You admired him yet again. The corners of his eyes crinkled when he smiled widely, and his eyes became even more vibrant. He was absolutely gorgeous.

“Actually, I have three.” He smiled, placing a hand on your knee. The warmth his hand provided had an effect on you even through your jeans. You quirked a brow at him, urging him to continue. “James Tiberius Kirk, at your service.” He mock a salute, causing a laugh to ripple through you.

“Well, James Tiberius Kirk, glad to have you at my service.” You teased, running a finger over the back of his hand and up his arm.

You woke up to the sound of an alarm clock. You attempted to sit up to turn it off, but an arm slung around your torso held you in place. Your naked torso.

You were completely naked.

A quick scan around the room proved your theory that you were in someone else’s apartment. Glancing at the clock with worry, a sigh of relief escaped your lips as you realized you still had three hours until you had to report to the shuttle bay. You had a piercing headache, but pushed it to the side as it was the least of your worries.

You laid back down on the bed and pulled the sheets over your chest. Turning slightly, you caught a glimpse of dark blonde hair. Suddenly, the events of last night came back to you.

“Jim.” You whispered harshly, struggling to get him awake. If you had any hope of getting out of his grip, you had to wake him up. “Jim.” You tried again. Still, he refused to stir. Rolling your eyes, you brought your hand up and flicked his face. Out of instinct, Jim pulled you closer by the arm he still had secured around your waist as he startled awake.

“What’s going on?” He groaned, bringing his free hand up to his face to rub the spot you had just attacked.

“I have to leave, but your arm is, well, not letting me.” You rambled, blushing lightly as you got a peak of his exposed abdomen.

“Are you sure you have to leave?” He grinned, and you blushed again. The look in his eyes, however sleep laden they were, made you want to stay. No. You had to leave. The next chapter of your life was about to begin and you couldn’t be late because of some drunken hookup.

No matter how tingly that hookup’s vibrant blue eyes made you feel.

“I’m starting a new job today, James Tiberius Kirk.” You sat up, still holding the blanket over your chest. Drunk you was a lot more confident than sober you.

“At least let me make you breakfast.” Jim offered, sitting up quickly. From the look on his face and his rushed tone, you could tell he was being sincere when he said he didn’t want you to leave.

“You always make breakfast for your one night stands?” You mocked with a grin, making sure to put emphasis on what you titled the little fling. It wasn’t like you didn’t like Jim, you had a genuine interest in him. But you were shipping out soon to start a five year mission in space. You were about to leave and couldn’t start a relationship just to have it end in an hour. You couldn’t do that to him, or anyone for that matter.

You knew you were making the right decision, but seeing his smile falter momentarily had ripped your heart out.

Soon enough, his grin was back on his face, acting as if he didn’t hear your declaration that this was a one time thing.

“Only for the ones named (Y/N).” He drawled. Making his way to his dresser, he quickly pulled on a pair of underwear. You had already gotten dressed again, and it was a miracle that you were able to find all your clothes. They had been thrown around the room last night during hasty undressing. You blushed as you remembered the feeling of his calloused hands making their way up under your shirt.

“I really have to go, but it was nice meeting you.” You offered pathetically, pretending not to see the deflated look in his crystalline blue eyes that you had grown to adore.

“Hope we can do it again sometime.” He quipped halfheartedly. You threw him a fleeting smile over your shoulder as you stepped out his apartment door.

Now all you had to do was make the walk of shame back to your dorm.

“Nurse (Y/L/N)!” A deep southern accent belonging to Chief Medical Officer Leonard McCoy, your superior, called.

“Yes, Dr. McCoy?” You glanced up from the PADD in your hands. You had been on the USS Enterprise for less than six hours and already were drowning in the amount of grunt work you had to do. Currently, you had been busying yourself by checking supplies.

“The Captain’s in examination room three. I can’t deal with him now.” He groaned, bringing a hand up to pinch the bridge of his nose. You had to stifle a smile. You had heard stories that the CMO and Captain were good friends. “He’s got a minor injury, so if you could just patch him up and get him out of my hair, I’ll let you take lunch early.”

“Got it.” You grinned, taking the file out of Leonard’s hands and walking towards the room.

Your nerves began to work in overdrive. It was your first day and you already had to work with the Captain. The freaking Captain!

As you walked into the examination room, your nose was buried into the file.

“(Y/N)?” The oh-so familiar voice called. You froze, standing with your back to him. Slowly, you turned on your heel. Oh god, it was him. Your eyes went wide as you took in the disheveled dark blonde hair.

You had boned your Captain last night.

“Captain.” You greet formally, throwing in a curt nod just to make things more awkward.

“Oh come on,” he grinned. “it’s Jim.” You let out a breath you didn’t even realize you were holding. If he didn’t feel awkward about what had happen then why should you?

“Jim, we’ve been in flight for less than a day and you’re already hurt.” You tried to hold a formal tone, but exasperation leaked into your words. He gave you an innocent grin, and you mockingly rolled your eyes. “What’d you do?”

“I hit my head.” He mumbled out. Clearly, he was embarrassed. Quirking a brow, you wordlessly asked for more information. “Okay, so I was in the dining hall, minding my own business and talking with Lieutenant Uhura when suddenly I was attacked.”

“Attacked?” You asked in disbelief. No one in their right mind would attack the Captain in his own ship. “What do you mean, attacked?” Jim sighed heavily, and you knew the story was about to get better.

“Well, it might have just been Commander Spock suddenly appearing behind me and talking—”

“Which scared you so much you tripped, fell, and hit your head on a table?” You finished, guessing where the story was going. When he nodded, it took all the professionalism in you to stop you from laughing.

“Spock said I should go to medical and see if I got a concussion.” He said glumly. You nodded, picking up the tricorder and scanning him. When you finished, you sighed and placed all the tools back where you found them.

“Well, all I found was a bruised ego from being bested by a bench, but other than that you’re fine.” You teased, turning back around to log your findings into the PADD.

Your heard Jim move, and suddenly felt his presence right behind you.

“You know, I think you owe me for running out like that this morning, and not even telling me you worked on my ship.” He whispered into your ear. You blushed, turning to face him.

“Sorry about that, but in my defense I didn’t know you were in Starfleet.” You shrugged, hyperaware of the practically nonexistent gap between the two of you.

“I think you should tell me more about you.” He grinned, taking a half step back. “Over lunch.” You smiled widely, glad your luck had worked and things weren’t awkward between you and him. That meaningless hookup had even scored you a date with the Captain.

“Alright, fine.” He took your hand in his, and led you out of the examine room.

“Hey, Bones!” He shouted with a giddy smile. You blushed, hoping your superior wouldn’t get upset at the fact you were fraternizing with a crew mate while on duty. Leonard took a quick glance between the two of you, noticing your entwined hands before letting out an exasperated sigh.

“Do you have to get all sweet on my nurses?”

Kirk’s Not So Great Idea

Fandom: Star Trek (AOS)

Pairing: ReaderXBones

Prompt: Cowboy McCoy and a certain country song. ;-D

Word Count: 1751

Rating: Teen+ (I stink at ratings)

Beta’d: @outside-the-government

A/N: Happy Valentine’s day!

Originally posted by whichisnone

2256 Starfleet Academy

As the anniversary of McCoy’s divorce nears, Kirk decides that the best way to help his friend forget is to get him good and drunk. He drags the reluctant doctor to one of the local bars just off the academy grounds. A couple of hours and a few drinks later Kirk puts his arm around his friend and leads him out of the bar. He grins as they make their way down the sidewalk, “Hey Bones….I’ve got a great idea.”

McCoy pulls away from him and shakes his head. “No…uh-uh…whatever it is I’m not that drunk.”

“I swear you’ll enjoy it…” He pushes McCoy toward an old red brick building with a green and blue neon sign featuring a microphone. The door opens and he ushers his friend inside. “Grab us a table and I’ll get the drinks.”

McCoy shakes his head, “I’m gonna need something stronger than what they were serving at that last place.”

“I think I can handle that.” Kirk says grinning broadly. He turns and walks over to the bar while McCoy finds an empty table along the wall near the small stage. Kirk joins him with their drinks a few minutes later and they settle in for the show.

After a number of drinks and quite a few songs, the Orion girl being Kirk’s favorite, McCoy stumbles up onto the stage and grabs the microphone. The song he chose, while Kirk was drunkenly flirting with the Andorian twins at the next table, begins playing.

“Well, I walk into the room

Passing out hundred dollar bills

And it kills, and it thrills, like the horns on my silverado grill

And I buy the bar double round the crown

And everybody’s getting down

An’ this town, ain’t never gonna be the same”

He continues singing very off key and occasionally slurring his words. He steps off the stage and gets up close and and a little too personal with a dark haired young woman wearing a shimmering black dress. “And the girls say…Save a horse, ride a cowboy!” The young woman smiles and exchanges a look with her friends while he continues to serenade her.

Kirk sits back in his seat with a devilish grin as he watches his friend make a spectacle of himself.

The next morning McCoy wakes to someone pounding on the door of his room. He opens his eyes and groans. The sun streams in from the half open window, reflects off of the silver instruments on the desk and hits him right in the eye. He puts a hand to his head and stumbles out of his bed. The person at the door knocks louder and more persistently. “I’m coming!” He grumbles. His eyes half open he manages to make his way to the door and presses the button on the panel.

Kirk grins at him as soon as the door opens. “Rough night?”

McCoy shakes his head and leans on the doorframe. “What was in those drinks?”

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flamingbluepanda  asked:

Okay so I have for a long time had a headcanon that Amanda Grayson is a legitimate badass. Like, she has floral tattoos all up and down her back and shoulders, she used to ride motorcycles and had a bunch of guys for friends. Her father was abusive and her mother had three other daughters and two sons, so she joined a gang and became able to hold her own in a fight and then win fights and she knows how to use weapons and cusses like a sailor- and I fully believe she was in starfleet. I think(1/?

(cont)  She joined Starfleet and joined the linguistics department and those boys from her gang love her (their not like a bad gang their just sort of a group of friends who skipped school and were super protective of one another) and are so proud of her when she goes on a starship for two years. 

Then she gets into a fight with her crew member and gets resigned to teaching at starfleet because she’s good at languages. She doesn’t care, says “fuck space” and becomes the BEST teacher. And then,  One day, Starfleet asks her to act as a translator for a Vulcan ambassador who has to meet with a Deltan, and she’s like one of the best Deltan speakers. So she goes and acts as a mediator for the Deltan and some guy named… Sarek? She thinks he’s cute, but kinda stuck-upish. 

Later that evening she goes out with her friends and walks home alone- she gets grabbed and dragged into an alley. A voice calls him to let the woman go. The momentary confusion of the man gives her the chance and she knees the man in the balls and punches him and then whirls around to see… Sarek. He was the one who asked the man to let her go. He insists on walking her home despite the fact that she can “handle myself!" 

And Sarek doesn’t understand why he likes this human so much but she’s so  so pretty and he gets this lil green blush. When they get to her house, she turns and says in perfect Vulcan  "So, is this gonna be like a an old romcom and we’re gonna fall in love now?" 

And she’s mostly joking but Sarek says "I do not understand what a romcom is but I believe I may already be "falling in love with you” as the Terran phrase goes" and Amanda is so flattered and he’s so cute that she laughs and that laugh is what does it, it’s beautiful and they date for maybe a few months before marriage comes up for the first time.

Amanda jumps in. She loves Sarek. All her boys from her gang  are there and they all cry like big babies and she goes to Vulcan- and she’s hated. Everyone hates her and she doesn’t care- but the first time some lady calls Sarek a traitor Amanda screeches “I’m gonna rip your ears off!” And tackles her and Sarek has to bail his wife out of jail later but he doesn’t say a thing, he doesn’t call her illogical because Amanda is passionate and to her, this is logical. 

To her, defending him is logical. They’re perfect together- oh sure they fight sometimes  But they’re so CUTE. And then Amanda gets pregnant and for the first time she is terrified. She’s terrified for herself, for her baby, for Sarek- especially when the word gets out of the baby and someone throws a rock through her window. 

Spock is born and Amanda falls hard for her baby. The birth takes a lot out of her, but she is legit mom number one she never stops going and Spock is a sickly child but she believes with all her heart that Spock can do ANYTHING. She tells him that, makes sure her child can be anything he wants. She teaches him how to fight, sings him old rock songs and plays him music by people like MCR, AC/DC, Twenty One Pilots, Aerosmith- classic music. She teaches Spock how to use a gun when he’s like 8 (to Sarek’s horror) and Sarek- Sarek lets his wife raise their son the way she can because he knows this is good. 

He knows Spock will prosper with her. And when Amanda dies…  When Amanda dies Sarek is heartbroken because all that, everything she survived and she dies because of someone she couldn’t fight. When Spock meets Nero, he grabs him by the collar and right there with Jim watching he clenches his fist and snarls “bitch-! this is for my fucking mother!” Before he socks him in the face in a way Amanda would be proud of.  And if somehow (fingers crossed) Amanda comes back, she says “death can’t get me!” And  Sarek and Spock are ECSTATIC. 

They can’t breathe they’re so happy to have her back and she adopts the enterprise crew she’s just like THEY ARE ALL MY CHILDREN NOW and when Bones and Jim say they want to date Spock she says “if you hurt my son Im gonna kill you” and gives her blessing and welcomes them into her family. And just- GIVE ME BADASS AMANDA GRAYSON OR GIVE ME DEATH 

@flamingbluepanda is having emotions in my inbox again, holy shit.

1amvengeance  asked:

why can't we have like a starfleet regulation black undergarments of sexiness day or week? this should be a thing. what do we want? black regulation starfleet undergarments of sexiness!!! when do we want it? pretty soon, sometime in the near future? i dunno, like around the new yearish. shed that old uniform and ring in the new year with some skin and black undergarments.

this is a very important question, why DON’T we have a sexy starfleet undergarment day of the week? (tbh probably because we would want it every single day of the week and that wouldn’t look very professional) anyways, HERE’S SPOCKO SHOWING OFF HIS UNDERGARMENTS!!

December 11th, 2014

AUTHOR: Anonymous

11th of December, 2014

Alfred F. Jones was being transferred to the USS Spontaneity and promoted to their Junior Science Officer. He would spend the next five years exploring strange new worlds, seeking out new life and new civilizations, boldly going where no man had gone before.

It was a promotion Alfred had been dreaming out since his days at Starfleet Academy, but the American Science Officer couldn’t even pretend to be excited about it. Because whilst he was being transferred, Arthur Kirkland was staying aboard their current ship, the USS Camelot, and Alfred wouldn’t see him for at least five years. And that was definitely a problem, considering Alfred had been secretly in love with Arthur since high school, and couldn’t imagine life without him.

It would have been so easy to take his secret with him to the USS Spontaneity, and Arthur need never know Alfred had been watching him longingly since they were seventeen years old. But Alfred hated himself for even thinking like that. Arthur deserved to know that he meant the entire universe to someone out there, and even if it meant embarrassing himself when he was so close to escape, Alfred knew it was time. This confession was long overdue.

And it seemed fate thought so, too, because Arthur called him one evening and asked to speak with him before his departure. Before he could chicken out, Alfred invited Arthur to his room, saying he had something to talk about as well.

So here they were, sitting on the sofa by the window in Alfred’s room, looking out into glittering space.

“Well, then, Jones, why don’t you go first,” said Arthur, folding his hands gracefully in his lap and putting on the formal air of the Captain he wished to be one day. “What did you want to tell me?”

Alfred had proven his bravery in all kinds of crises aboard the USS Camelot, but nothing compared to the courage it took for him to lift his head and look Arthur in the eyes. It was the scariest moment of his entire life, and for a moment he wasn’t sure he could go through with his confession.

But then his eyes met Arthur’s, that deep green gaze more dazzling than any star system the Science Officer had ever seen, and Alfred couldn’t let him down.

“I love you. I’ve loved you since the moment I saw you.”

There. It was out. After all these years of keeping them locked away in his mind, the words slipped out so effortlessly, as if they didn’t spell the end of his life as he knew it. And soon he was gushing forth words he’d been hiding for nine long years.

“That day you showed up at our high school I’d been hearing your name all morning, and I was so excited to meet you. I wasn’t sure why at first, but when I finally saw you outside at lunch and it was like I’d known all along I was born to meet you.

"I was completely swept away by you. And it wasn’t just your looks or your sexy accent…It was your passion. That infectious fire you were spreading around the school with all your talk of Starfleet, and moving to San Francisco just to be closer to the Academy for entry prep courses. I’d never met anyone like you before.

"See, I’d never had a dream when I was younger. Even in high school I couldn’t grasp the idea of the future or figure out what I was supposed to do with my life. I guess I was scared – not knowing what to do or how to make the most of myself. But then you showed up – talking about Starfleet and exploring the universe and making a difference to the human race. And you were so excited about the future and Starfleet Academy that I wanted to be part of it all, too. Suddenly I felt inspired – like I could change the world, like anything was possible! You made me feel as if I had the world at my feet, and I decided I wanted to join Starfleet, too, and be part of something bigger than myself.”

Arthur hadn’t said anything, but Alfred was sure he knew what the other man must be thinking. If Alfred had felt this way all these years, why had he never said anything? He wasn’t normally such a coward, but he had been nothing but shy around Arthur for nine years.

Alfred raked a hand through his hair, desperately, searching for a way to explain that terrible pull that had kept him away from Arthur all these years.

“I wish I could have told you all this when we were still seventeen but I was too scared. I didn’t know how to just go up to you and say: ‘Hey, I’m Alfred. I think you’re perfect, do you wanna go out? By the way, you also inspired me to copy your ambitions for the future so I’m going to Starfleet, too. How about that!’ I knew it would make me sound like a total weirdo and I wouldn’t have blamed you if were terrified and never wanted to speak to me again! I didn’t want you to think I was only joining in Starfleet because I had a crush on you, so I kept away from you for a few days while I tried to figure out what to do.

"And then, before I knew it, it had been a whole week and I hadn’t spoken to you at all. Then it was two weeks, and a few more, then a month…And the longer I waited the more awkward it felt to just go up and try to talk to you. It had already been so long I didn’t know how to change the way things were, and I didn’t want you to think I was joining Starfleet just because I had a crush on you…”

Alfred paused again, realising for the first time that he had been staring at Arthur this entire time, with Arthur’s eyes wide and green looking right back. He had been so lost in his thoughts and memories that he had barely been able to see the Englishman right before him.

But now, looking at Arthur clearly again, he felt his heart swell. This confession might lead to nothing but anguish if Arthur turned him away and called him a creep. But it was still the right thing to do. Just thinking about these memories made that passion that Arthur had awoken in him flare up once again, just like it had that afternoon he’d first seen Arthur at school. All these years that fire, that dream of joining Starfleet, his entire future – it had all been a gift Arthur had given him. And it was about time the Englishman knew it.

“You gave me my dream,” Alfred concluded. “If it weren’t for you, I never would have found my place in this universe, which is right here in Starfleet, so I owe you my entire life, basically.

"But you are my number one dream, Arthur,” Alfred vowed, his voice steady and sincere. “You will always come first. I want to be a great Science Officer someday, but you will always be the most important thing in my life. Without you, I wouldn’t be here in Starfleet where I’m meant to be. Without you…the universe just isn’t as beautiful.

"I know I’m going to the Spontaneity and we won’t see each other for a long time – hell, you might never want to see me again at all. But if you ever need me, Arthur, just call. I’ll always be here for you. I know I’ve been a coward and I should have told you all this a long time ago, but it’s always been true. I’m just sorry I couldn’t be the kind of guy you deserve who could have shown it to you all this time.”

A tingling silence settled over the two men, as Arthur kept staring and it finally dawned on Alfred everything he had just confessed. But rather than panic, he felt oddly empty and blank – like the dark space between the stars.

“I’m sorry, I’ve probably taken up way too much of your time with this dumb stuff,” he said, forcing a smile that he hoped didn’t look as tense and upset as he felt. “And I completely forgot you came here to say something!” he remembered suddenly. “So what did you want to tell me?”

“…I came here to ask if you would like to continue working on the Camelot as our new Junior Science Officer.”

There was another long pause as Alfred worked over the words in his head, taking far too long to grasp what Arthur had just said. He gazed at Arthur blankly, as if caught in a daydream, but even through his dazed confusion something felt off. Arthur looked strange, but why?

And suddenly he realised: Arthur was blushing. The sure, confident, captain-in-the-making was blushing, stammering, and averting his eyes. Alfred had never seen it before, not in nine long years of watching Arthur from afar.

“The choice is up to you, of course,” the Englishman said quickly. “I just…wanted you to have the option, rather than being sent away. You've…been a real asset to the Camelot these past five years and I’d hate to see such talent transferred. So I talked it over with the First Officer, and contacted the Spontaneity and Starfleet Command and called in a few favours from my Academy days…and I managed to get permission for you to stay on board. …If you’d like.”

Alfred still couldn’t manage to open his mouth and say anything. He stared, amazed and somewhat horror-struck, until Arthur finally looked up and met his eyes.

The passion and hope and earnestness in Arthur’s gaze took Alfred’s breath away. It was a look he recognised, despite never having seen it before.

This was the way he had always looked at Arthur.

“But…” said Arthur, his hand inching towards Alfred’s until their fingers brushed together. “What I was really trying to say by all that was…Don’t go, Alfred. Please stay here with me.”

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Hey, I know you seem to favor Kirk and Chekov at the moment, but I was wondering if you could work your magic on some Dr. McCoy dating headcanons. Love your writing.

gargling noises i love bones
I tried. i’m not good at writing for new charaCTERS.
Likes and reblogs are really appreciated guys. Like, for real.

Thanks! and enjoy :)

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Dating Leonard ‘Bones’ McCoy Would Include…

  • The two of you meeting during your days at Starfleet Academy.
    • You were one of the girls that Kirk tried to hook up with, and he almost had you if it wasn’t for Bones, who accompanied him that evening to make sure he didn’t do anything stupid.
    • You felt more attracted to Bones than you did Kirk, and spent much of your night talking to him.
    • The two of you becoming inseparable the more you got to know each other. Thus resulting with you ending up being really good friends with Kirk.
    • Kirk tries to convince you to ask Bones out. Probably more than once. But, you insist that you’re only friends.
  • Everyone on the Enterprise knowing the two of you have the hots for each other, but you two are either A) Ignoring the feelings you have for one another, or B) hiding your relationship really well. It’s actually neither. You’re too shy to bring it up, and you’re unsure if Bones wants a relationship.
    • This leaves room for everyone, Kirk especially to tease the two of you about it.
    • “I heard (Name) is going on some shore leave. I can approve some time for you if you want to go with her.”
    • “(Name) was lookin’ good today, don’t ya think?”
  • Him being super careful about entering a relationship, especially with what happened before with his ex-wife.
    • So, he takes his time and dwindles with being friends with you, until one day, something inside of him just snaps. But, fortunately, he’s not the one who confesses his feelings.
      • And he asks you out for drinks, thinking you couldn’t possibly like him like that but SURPRISE.
    • You probably confessing to him in a very sad/crying drunk way. “You always seem so mean, so I never told you!” You wipe your eyes, and he takes a minute to process that you’re crying, let alone what’s happening.
    • You playfully mocking him by saying, “Damn it man, I’m a Doctor not a match maker!”
    • “Kirk told me to tell you I like you because he thinks if you get laid, you’ll be happIER.”
    • He takes it upon himself to kiss you before you could say anything more about Kirk, because it isn’t his right to ruiN THE MOMENT. The kiss surprises him more than it surprises you, but it still leaves you a bit shocked. “I didn’t know you had that in you.” You mumble as he pulls away, a small blush attacking your cheeks from the action, and some from the alcohol running in your blood.
      “I didn’t know either.” He replies and looks down at the glass in front of him.
  • Calling him by his name, Leonard.
    • Not to say you disagree with the nickname Bones, you’ll use it on occasion, especially when you want something and need to beg( Ex: pleaseeeeeeee, Bones. ) usually accompanied by puppy dog eyes. You’ve just always called him Leonard.
    • Sometimes Leo, but not often.
  • Cute little things that he pretends gets on his nerves, but really doesn’t. ( babe, baby, boo, honey, etc.). He’ll act like they’re annoying little names, but deep down, he actually enjoys hearing you call him that sort of stuff. Call him a romantic, if you will.
  • Lying down together and listening to older music that he used to listen to when he was a kid.
    • The “Classical music”.
    • Queen, REO Speedwagon, David Bowie, The Beastie Boys(Which he started listening to because of Kirk, but shhh), Night Ranger, Journey, Prince, etc.
    • Moments like these he tells you about a memory associated with the song that plays.
    • Sometimes they’re happy, sometimes they’re a bit harder to talk about. He has the hardest time opening up about his ex-wife, but he’s slowing coming to terms with it, and will answer you if you have any questions about it. He gave you the laydown when you first started dating about what happened(with his ex-wife) which he lightly mentioned before, but the occasional question, or memory does come up.
  • Playing with his hair, and vice versa.
    • No doubt, Leonard is really good with his hands(comes in handy in other ways too ;p ), and he loves the feeling of your hair between his fingertips.
      • Contrary to that, he loves the feeling of your hands brushing through his hair, and making it messy.
    • Sometimes he rubs his stubble against your cheek just to play with you. You say you don’t like it, but you sort of do.
  • Him giving you that infamous half, tilted grin a lot.
    • Leonard knows you like it, so he does it just to tease you.
    • Kirk lowkey notices this a lot, especially when you’re there to give him a report, and Bones happens to be there as well. You turn a lighter shade of pink when Bones gives you that look before handing off your report to Kirk.
      • Kirk flat out asking Bones why he does that right in front of him.
      • “No reason other than to show off, Jim.”
  • His sense of humor rubbing off on you incredibly.
    • Probably surprises him when you shot back a sarcastic comment to something he says. Stares at you for a moment before feeling proud and giving you that tilted grin to tell you so.
    • You saying “damn it man” under your breath now.
  • Laying on his chest, and cooing him to sleep occasionally because he does have a hard time falling asleep in space.
    • (Before) the two of you were together, he was very heavy on taking sleeping pills, but now that he has you there, he does sleep better, and falls asleep faster.
    • Still a bit uneasy about the whole ‘space’ kaboodle, but he’s slowly learning to adapt and appreciate it.
  • (more than once) make-out sessions in the medical supply closet. (Oneshot for this coming soon).
    • Leonard pushing you against the wall and snarling against your lips. You fighting against him and pushing him against the wall.
    • Probably snarls when you bite his neck too.
    • Lots of small noises on his part, as he tries to contain the loud noises.
    • You had to stop doing that when Kirk found out. (or did he always know and let you get away with it? You never did find out).
  • Lots and lots of forehead, and finger kisses.
  • Bones really likes forehead kisses? They’re the most accessible kiss, and aren’t really appropriate. Will give you cheek kisses as well as a small peck on the lips while in public.
  • You kiss his fingers and knuckles a lot while in public. Especially if he’s going off ship, you’ll grasp his hand, press your warm lips against his knuckles and say, “If you don’t come back, I’m selling all of your stuff.” To this, Bones smiles cockily and replies, “deal.”
  • Him convincing you to go with him to Georgia while on shore leave on Earth.
    • He’s very excited to show you where he grew up.
    • Says “the best peach tea is made there, you need to try it”.
    • But he really just wants you to come with him because he’d miss you.
what *actually* happened on starfleet academy orientation day
  • kirk: my name is james t. kirk, the t stands for trouble!
  • bones: yeah well MY name is leonard h. mccoy, and the h stands for like Hell it does, jim
  • spock: full name is s'chn t'gai spock...
  • kirk:
  • bones:
  • kirk:
  • bones:
  • kirk: S'CHN T'*GAY* SPOCK

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How we would meet: we would share a class at Starfleet Academy, and one day one of us would forget our PADD. So we would share, which would lead to conversation. Then it would be discovered that we both love stars and have the same favorite constellation. Then you and I would break into the engineering lab and try to jerry rig a satellite telescope that would let us remotely map the constellation and determine the scale of it. Then we'd probably get caught and wind up running laps or something.

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Comment(s): YES YES YES to all of it.  Preferably, this would all happen our first year so we can be friends for years <3.  And after they make us run laps, they ask us to show them what we did to the satellite because they are in awe of how incredible we are ;) 

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^^^A professor


Want one?

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For the ship prompts, I'd request kirk/spock (of course) Blind Date AU. I think there's so much potential for self exploration (and exploring each other) with that one!

Sorry it took me so long! Been working on my big fic and this story that my wife and I are writing so it’s been a writing week, that’s for sure! Also I’m sorry I didn’t go quite that deep into it! I have a tenancy to write really long, and I wanted to just do something short and fluffy :)

Thanks so much for asking! I hope you like it!! <3 <3 <3

Words: 1,903

Pairing: K/S

Universe: AU, they’re in their Starfleet Academy days, precious baby cadets

Summary: Jim’s blind date is the very last person he expected.

Jim fiddled with the straw in his drink, twirling the ice cubes around and making a little whirlpool, telling himself he wasn’t fidgeting. But, obviously he could only lie to himself so much, and he’d been sitting there definitely fidgeting for almost a half hour.

Only desperate people showed up to blind dates this early, but Jim was just a little desperate. If only because he had no idea what to expect.

Bones had been dropping enigmatic hints to the nature of this date for a week now, and Jim had started to lose patience. “You can tell me who it is, or what they’re like,” he’d said. “The blind part just means we don’t know each other yet.”

But Bones had kept his lips sealed. “Not this time. It’s a surprise,”  was all he’d said.

Since they were roommates and shared a few classes together, Jim had almost 24 hours a day to pester and wheedle, but Bones had remained steadfast, not even telling Jim the gender (or non gender) of the person.

Which led Jim to believe that he did know this mystery date, at least somewhat. Or there was no way keeping it secret would be that important.

Jim leaned back in his chair, scanning the little restaurant for someone who looked as lost as he did. Everyone else was sequestered in booths with their partners, or drinking at the bar with friends. He sighed.

Then, the door past the host booth opened, and Jim looked away the second he recognized the person. Not today. Of all days, here of all places. If he wanted the Vulcan in his science courses to look down on him, all he had to do was partner with him on a project. He did not need the guy to witness him on a blind date.

He risked a glance back toward the front and, to his surprise and horror, Spock began to take purposeful strides in his direction.

“Cadet Kirk,” Spock said by way of greeting as he approached, and Jim’s heart skipped. He actually knew his name. “May I?”

He gestured to the seat across from Jim, who was a little too stunned to say no. He was waiting for someone, but he forgot about the date for a second.

“Oh, sure.”

Spock sat. There was a second of silence.

“Um,” Jim started, sitting up a little straighter to mirror his counterpart. “What brings you to this part of town?” It was a lame question, but definitely a point of curiosity.

Spock raised an eyebrow, and he actually looked… confused.

“I–” Spock stopped midsentence, something Jim had never seen him do, though they didn’t know each other that well. “You extended the invitation,” Spock finally said.

Jim blinked. “I what?”

“I received a message,” Spock said, stiff and uncomfortable. “From you, incidentally. You requested–”

A server, the same sweet Andorian girl who’d greeted Jim, came by and interrupted Spock, though he seemed relieved that he had more time to think. Jim certainly was.

“Hi there, my name’s Leel and I’ll be your server today! Well, this one knows that,” she winked in Jim’s direction. “He’s been here for almost a half hour!”

Jim almost put his face in his hands, but restrained himself.

“What can I get you?”

Spock glanced at Jim, then back to her. “Nothing at present. Thank you.”

Something in his tone must have been off-putting, because Leel smiled nervously and her antennae twitched. “Sure thing. I’ll be back, kay?”

They both mumbled a thank-you as she left and Jim turned expectantly back to Spock. It took a moment, but the Vulcan continued.

“You requested I meet you here. For– well. There has clearly been a misunderstanding. I will take my leave.”

Spock began to stand, and Jim put a hand flat on the table, “Wait, wait. For a date?”

Lowering himself slowly back into the chair, Spock blinked, suspicious. “Yes.”

“I asked you on a date and you said yes?” It felt like a hot air balloon had just started rising in Jim’s chest. He felt his lips begin to smile, in spite of himself.

“Do you suffer from memory loss?” Spock’s tone very well could have been read as sarcastic, and Jim almost laughed.

“No, no, it’s just… I think my friend sent that message.” Bones had access to all of Jim’s things, including his communicator. The bastard.

“Then it was a prank?” Spock’s eyes narrowed, “I see.”

“What? No, not on you at least!” Jim scratched his head nervously. “He was probably trying to do me a favor, though it would’ve been nice if he’d told me as much.”

Jim felt so awkward saying any of this aloud. Spock was older than him, infinitely more proficient in their classes (though Jim thought himself pretty smart) and also cool as a cucumber. Nothing fazed him. Jim just assumed all this time that there was no chance, but Spock had said yes.

This seemed to mollify Spock slightly, though he certainly didn’t offer much. “I am not quite sure I understand. Your friend is the one who requested my presence here tonight, on your behalf?”

“Well I didn’t exactly ask him to, but essentially yeah. He was probably sick of me talking about you.” Jim stopped himself there, eyes growing wide. This time, he did put his face in his hands. “Okay, I didn’t mean to say that out loud.”

Spock didn’t say anything at first, which Jim did not think was a good sign, but just as the Vulcan opened his mouth, the server returned.

“Did you get a chance to decide?” She said, a little less obtrusively than before.

“Tea, please,” Spock said, and Jim looked at him. He was staying? That was a miracle.

“You got it,” she said with a smile and tottered off.

Jim decided he’d just ask. “So you’re staying?”

“We are on a date, are we not? I believe it would be considered rude to leave now.” Spock’s shoulders seemed to have loosened up. This was too surreal.

“Yeah. We’re on a date.” The reality hit him and Spock looked at him with concern. “But, I mean, don’t get me wrong. Why did you say yes? You hardly know me.”

Spock leaned back in his chair, considering.

“On the contrary, I have frequently observed you in our shared classes. You are enthusiastic about the sciences, considerate to others, and you try very hard to master areas of study. I find that quite admirable. Your invitation, or, rather your friend’s invitation, was flattering. It was an honor to think you might have interest in me.”

Jim felt his face flush, and he immediately kicked himself for it. He didn’t know if it was the fact that Spock admitted to observing him or if it was the word “admirable” that got to him, but he was downright glowing. Who was that honest right out of the gate?

“I wish to be clear on the matter,” Spock said before Jim could respond, which was probably for the better. “Do you have romantic interest in me?”

Jim’s mind stuttered a moment. The answer was, of course, ‘of course’. But he was having trouble forming the words. But Spock had been up-front. Returning the gesture was the least he could do. “Well, yeah,” he said elegantly. “Doesn’t everyone?”

The corner of Spock’s mouth twitched and his eyes seemed to soften. Jim was painfully pleased with himself for that reaction.

“It is not a common phenomenon, no.”

“Only you would call romantic intentions a phenomenon.”

“Considering this is the first time someone has invited me on a date, I would argue that the term applies.”

Jim’s jaw dropped. The Andorian slipped by again, landing Spock’s tea on the table. “Can I get you boys anything else?”

“You’ve never been on a date.” Jim deadpanned, not hearing the woman at all, and Spock looked uncomfortable again.

Leel, perhaps more uncomfortable than even Spock, quickly left.

“If that is a problem–”

“No,” Jim said immediately. “No, I’m just surprised, that’s all.” Spock eased slightly.

“I believe we have at last discovered a subject in which you have more experience than myself.”

Jim allowed a wondering sort of smile to bloom. “Are you teasing me?” He read the faint lines of humor in Spock’s expression. “You’re teasing me!”

“Yet you are pleased.”

“You have no idea,” Jim said, laughing. Oh lord, he was actually giddy.

“Perhaps, given your experience in these matters, you can tell me how to proceed.”

“With the date?” Jim asked, unsure if even he knew. Since coming to the academy, he hadn’t really made dating a priority.


Jim gave Spock a considering look. “I honestly never thought I’d have a chance with you,” he said, laughing at himself a little, “so I didn’t think that far ahead. Maybe just… order dinner? Get to know each other?”

Spock’s lips twitched again, and Jim decided it was his night’s goal to get that expression on Spock’s face as often as he could. “I am intrigued by the idea of getting to know you, Jim,” he said, trying out Jim’s name for the first time.

Jim was very pleased with the way it sounded. “You too, Spock.”

“Though I believe we may have alienated our server,” Spock said lightly.

“Dinner can wait then.” He leaned back with a grin, perhaps a little self-satisfied. “Tell me about how you came to Starfleet.”

Spock did, and their conversation ebbed and flowed well into the evening. Spock asked Jim about his own journey to the academy, and they shared stories. Jim told Spock all about this mystery friend who had set them up. The best and worst person in the world, according to Jim at that moment. At some point, Leel returned and at some point they had a delightful meal, but when they left the restaurant that evening the last impression they had was the way their eyes had lingered on each other.

“So your first date ever,” Jim said, standing awkwardly at the parting street where their paths split. “What do you think? Successful experiment?”

“Difficult to say. I believe I will have to… repeat the experiment in order to form a final analysis.”

Jim’s heart jumped into his throat. Who would have guessed the stoic Vulcan could be such a shameless flirt.

“That’s very smart,” Jim said, sidling up to him a little, grinning, “probably a few times. For science.”

“A logical point. May I request your presence Sunday evening?”

Jim hadn’t expected that. Already diving into it? Most people played hard to get, waited a few days, Jim was instantly relieved Spock was not going to dance that dance.

“I’m there.”

“We can discuss the details tomorrow during applied warp theory.”

“First time I’ve ever looked forward to that class,” Jim replied with a sideways smile. Spock hesitated.

“Good night then, Jim,” he said finally.

“I, yeah, good night, Spock.”

They parted, and Jim rounded the corner already wishing he’d gone for the kiss, but he’d have another chance. As he made his way in the darkness toward his dorm, he felt a wide grin blooming. He’d have another chance, when just hours ago he’d been sure he’d never have a first.

He was going to have to kill Bones, just on principle for hiding this from him, but he figured he also owed the guy something major.