Imagine waking up on the Enterprise with a surprise in your bed.

This one is slightly naughty. Tags under the cut.

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Your throat felt raw as your eyes flutter open, the sound of your alarm echoing in the room, hurts your head. Trying to reach over to the right of you where the night stand was, a foot suddenly comes from under the covers, nearly hitting you in the face. You yelp, pushing it away afraid to see who it belong to.

“Dammit, darlin’. Will you shut that thing off!”

Your eyes widen at the southern accent mumbling under the blankets, it was Bones.

Holy crap!

McCoy was in your bed, you quickly shut the alarm off and slowly lift the sheet up.

Holy crap!

Bones is in your bed, sleeping naked. Your mouth nearly salivates at the sight of the Doctor’s very nice assets, when last nights escapades slowly come back to you.

The crew was docked on Starbase Yorktown, for a few days leave. You had gone out with Bones, Jim and Scotty for a couple  rounds of drinks, mainly to shoot the shit and finally relax after a tense few weeks on the Enterprise. As the night went on, the drinks came more frequently and you remember feeling more relaxed by the minute. Flirting nonstop with Bones and-

Your thoughts are cut off when a hand slips over your waist, pulling you closer.

“Hey beautiful, what a night, huh?” A familiar voice murmurs from under the covers.

You pull back the blankets, revealing a very sleepy looking Jim to the left of you. He looks up at you with his dreamy blue eyes and famous smirk. Your eyes gives his body a once over, quickly darting them away from the nude Captain. Opening your mouth to speak, but nothing comes out. Jim just laughs softly, sitting up and leaning against the headboard pulling the blanket over his groin.

“Don’t remember much from last night?”

“It’s slowly coming back to me.” Your head was spinning with images of the flirtation taking a turn when Scotty left the bar. Things had escalated when the three of you decided, for some reason, to head back to the ship even though the entire crew was staying in a hotel. When you had arrived back on the Enterprise, you lead the men back to your quarters, offering up a bottle of whiskey for further consumption. Jim had insisted on music, so when you obligated he asked for a dance. And that’s when things really got heated. You remember swaying closely to the Captain, laughing at what a horrible dancer he was, until Bones intervene with a, “Dammit Jim, move aside. She deserves a decent dancing partner.”

And boy, did he know how to dance. The way his body moved against yours, it had flushed you with a deep arousal that filled the whole room. The three of you could sense something arising and it was Jim who made the first move. Bones had moved his hands to your waist, when you felt Jim behind you, his breath steady on your neck. Not even a moment of hesitation came from you, as you leaned against his back. The rest of the night was a blur of passionate and fulfilling sex that now made you blush profusely.

You look over to Jim, his hair all ruffled up as he places a small kiss on your bare shoulder. He stretches his legs and jumps out of the bed,  grabbing at his boxers from the floor and slipping them on.

“Listen, I don’t know about you two, but I’m starving.” He pulls his shirt over his head, moving over to were Bones’ head was resting and smacking it lightly.

“Come on, get up. Let’s go get some breakfast.” Jim smiles at you, grabbing your dress from last night and tossing it in your direction. You catch it with a relax smile, glad to see that everything felt pretty normal and not at all awkward.

“Dammit, Jim. Now I’m awake!” Bones threw the blanket off himself and sat on the edge of his bed running his hand over his face. You can’t help laughing at the way his usual neat looking hair was sticking out in every direction, but also trying to not stare at his bare thighs.

His eyes meet yours and he breaks into a smile, “Mornin’ sweetheart. You must be hungry after last night’s strenuous activity.”

You shrug playfully, “I guess, it wasn’t too bad. But breakfast does sound good.”

Pulling the covers around your chest, dress in hand you get off the bed.

“Let’s get ready. Breakfast is on me.”

Jim’s eyes light up, but you point a finger at him, “Not literally.”

The two men laugh as you head into the bathroom, closing the door behind you. As you pull the dress over your body, you can hear Bones yelling at Jim, “Dammit man, pass me my pants!”

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So, I’m brushing my teeth while wearing my super awesome NASA shirt when I suddenly noticed something.


Seriously, how have I reached the age of 23 without noticing this??

It’s even more obvious in other versions of the Starfleet logo.

External image

I mean, damn.

Please tell me I wasn’t the only one.


Represent the Federation in Starfleet Academy!

Another partnership with Quantum Mechanix, Inc., the Starfleet Academy Enlistment Campaign poster series was set in motion just after the 2009 Star Trek film debuted in theaters and inspired a whole new generation of fans to don their dress uniforms and descend into Geekdom with the rest of us. 

The four core tenants of Starfleet were represented by each illustration and meant to inspire recruits to sign up and serve the Federation.  While the series has not been produced, it was a rewarding experience to get to illustrate and design these WPA-style recruitment posters.


In Star Trek #29, coming January 29 from IDW Publishing, the U.S.S. Enterprise’s five-year mission continues under the command of Captain Jane Tiberia Kirk. You read that correctly: Captain Jane Tiberia Kirk. And her crew also includes Lt. Nnamdi Uhuro, Lt. Pavlona Chekov, Lt. Hikari Sulu, Chief Engineer Marjorie Scott, Yeoman Jason Rand and Lt. Commander Spock.

Star Trek #29 is titled “Parallel Lives” and will kick off an exciting two-part adventure overseen by Star Trek Into Darkness and Star Trek (2009) writer-producer Roberto Orci and written by Mike Johnson. The art is by Yasmin Liang, while Cat Staggs handled the cover (and fans should be on the lookout for a variant photo cover). Star Trek #29 will run 32 pages and cost $3.99.

they saw the fic and the art and wanted to join the party you guys i am ALL ABOUT THIS