Modern Worshippers: Spirit of the North Sea [Requested by lilislovesongs]

The wind whips the waters into froth and waves, grey-green and black-blue. They brave the choppy waves in search of mermaids and glittering fish. They jump from sheer-cut cliffs down down into the awaiting chilly embrace of the Sea. Salt coats their lips like sweet sugar as they breath it down into their lungs, watching the run rise and scatter pink and white and cornflower blue through the sky and waves. Sometimes smooth as a shadowy mirror and other times the stuff of nightmares, they reflect what is shown in the Sea. They leave tokens of sun-bleached shells for the mermaids - for this IS their home territory - and wear starfish jewelry around their necks or tied to their wrists or even wrapped around their fingers.

They swim as fast as mermaids and are as giving yet temperamental as the Sea
Under the Sea Cuff Bracelet
Like stepping under the waves, this whimsical terrarium bracelet will make you feel like youre under the sea! Secured under the glass domes are shells, preserved moss, river rocks, and a real starfish! The bracelet is adjustable and will fit most wrists (wrist pictures is 7 inches). Combined shipping when ordered as an add on to any other item in my shop! When ordered alone, shipping fee will still apply.

#byHillTribe silver beads @ ;handmade silver starfish (or is it star fish?) bead created in Nasai village by Thai karen hill tribe silversmiths. 13mm silver bead, weighs about 1.5g each; currently selling at $1.05 per gram retail price. Wholesale price available starting from $0.81/g. Visit our site for more details.