Random Nico Headcanons

Based on a post by @writing-central

You can request these for any other character:) Feel free to ask.

• his opinions about boys: he likes them obviously but being very committed, he doesn’t let his eyes wander when in a relationship (will appreciates this)

• His opinion towards girls: he’s had two sisters and many female friends so he respects the gender very much but he doesn’t appreciate when girls come up to him and are forward despite them knowing he’s into dudes

• his type: is the beach babe sort of guy, and he doesn’t get it. He isn’t even close to being sporty so he doesn’t know where it came from but it does explain why he liked Percy and Will consecutively

• the meaning of life: for him is to live the life that the people who died never got to live. He’s had many friends and family who died at young ages and he wants to avenge them

• nightmares: they’re are getting better thanks to the sleeping medicine that Will has him on, and he’s stopped taking it recently and still getting good sleep but he remembers how horrible they had been and that they’re the source of his dark circles

• The best flavor of chap stick: in his opinion is the strawberry Fanta lip smacker that Will once borrowed from Kayla. He had to refrain himself from kissing Will every two seconds and just to be annoying, Will has now started to wear it on a daily basis

• Inappropriate stuff? Nope, this child is one hundred percent pure thanks to Maria and Bianca’s brought up but he does let his mind wander to sex once in a while. He also had to get the talk from a homosexual point of view (thanks to Will). But that was really awkward since he’s dating Will.

• family: He considers the camps his family now, and of course Hazel. But in his heart, Maria and Bianca will never be replaced and Hazel understands this since it’s the same for Marie Levesque

•Plans for the future: they’re interesting because he really doesn’t know what he wants to do. In the end, he did end up settling between literature or psychology.

• The weirdest dream he’s had: it will always be the popcorn one he had when he was a corn plant. Never has he been so afraid of popcorn

• Vine: thanks to Lester’s big mouth, he was introduced to some modern platforms like vine and Snapchat but he doesn’t use them because of the whole demigod not supposed to have phones thing

• Spongebob: Will made him watch it when they were finding out Nico’s hobbies, but he ended up liking anime way more (he doesn’t understand how a starfish has EYES)

• Aliens: some campers decided it would be funny to tell him that when he was in Lotus, aliens had invaded the earth for a bit but he didn’t buy that because he’d done his research

• Harry Potter: despite a lot of Headcanons saying that he would like Harry Potter, I beg to differ. He would probably not be a fan of another magical world since he’s already had enough and next thing he knows the camp is being attacked by Voldemort

• The end of the world: he feels as if he’s come close to it a few times and yet he’s still alive so he perceives it as something more horrible than anything he’s suffered through

• death: it makes him feel slightly depressed which is strange coming from a son of Hades but it’s a flaw that he has but he doesn’t mind

• School: I like to think Nico tried public school but it was too much for him so Chiron allowed him to take private lessons in camp since he hadn’t been exposed to mortals very much after Lotus

• The best superpower: according to him, if he could have another one, would be bringing the dead back without consequences

• Pet peeves: they include close minded people and people who have no sense of personal space

• Who he’d sell his soul to save: at this point, it would narrow down t Hazel because of the personal relationships he has with her but there’s many other people he’s save so he can’t answer this one

• Poetry: he used to like it until Will started telling his horrible poetry smh

• Religion: he came from a strongly catholic family (thus his hesitation to come out) but he’s more of someone who doesn’t particularly practice religion but does sometimes pray

• Coke vs Pepsi: Will hates him for it but he likes sprite more than both and doesn’t drink coke if there’s alternatives. Poor Will, he loves his coke that Texan

•The worst pain they’ve ever felt : Tartarus.

•Fears: strangely, it’s darkness. Being a son of Hades he should’ve been more accepting of it but the dark makes him uncomfortable Enough to wake up and go to the Apollo cabin’s bathroom

• Childhood hopes: he always wanted to be a pirate

• What if plants had feelings? As someone who has been a plant before, he’s a strong believer of this

Again, you can ask for any other characters

,neptune in the 1st house: she has hair the colour of the ocean with starfish threaded through. her eyes are a mirror and she seams magically into every environment like a translucent liquid chameleon
neptune in the 2nd house: her hair is a waterfall and the freckles on her neck sparkle like diamonds. she is wearing a crystal around her neck and feathers on her earrings. she carries money to give to charity
neptune in the 3rd house: her eyelids are screens that play sequences of vivid fantasy. she is lost in a daze with a fringe in her eyes and a book falling out of her hands. her mind has an umbilical cord connecting it to heaven
neptune in the 4th house: she is porcelain and seems to have fractures, alone and feeling abandoned, a wanderer and roaming temple. she is barefoot and quiet, mesmerised in hypnosis and memory. her home is a sacred sanctuary
neptune in the 5th house: her eyeshadow is mist mixed with purple milkshake, and she is dressed in dazzling purple, petticoat and strawberry rouge. she sings with the birds and plays like a baby. she is walking artwork
neptune in the 6th house: her nurses uniform is blue and her heart radiates a golden glow. she is mesmerized by her coffee and wears her watch back to front. her hair smells like organic cocoa bean and her glasses are cool and quirky
neptune in the 7th house: her hair is purple and her lips are baby lavender, she blows a bubble of musky haze and allures with a bewitching moonlight. she seems captivated by the bursts of colour she can see emanating from your soul. her locket holds the whole ocean, it holds the picture of the divine
neptune in the 8th house: she holds a crystal ball in her hand and clouds of indigo analgesia crackle from her fingertips. her hair is long and black and her eyes change colours with the night sky. her phone has a reception to the underworld
neptune in the 9th house: she carries a book under her arm and a meditation mat in the other. her house smells of incense and the pages of scriptures and new age gurus. she has an accent and disappears to go on a pilgrimage
neptune in the 10th house: she floats on a cloud of fog and hallucination, she wears the cross of the savior and the wings of an angel. she is a photograph, a hologram, an idealised image, an indefinable vision
neptune in the 11th house: her halo is a radio signal that connects her to a UFO. she carries a book on astrology and wears constellations on her shirts. she has bracelets shaped like saturn rings and friends from other galaxies
neptune in the 12th house: she swims instead of walks, in a bubble with a purple mermaid tail. the contours of her body leak into the air and she soaks in and evaporates with every frequency and emotional wave. her eyes are purple and her home is ocean side

there are oceans that ache within my bones
       ships that creak within my joints with every gray rain
             sirens howl long and wild, gazing out at the world from within my tattered ribcage until I can only ever hear their sad song, their crazed tune, until their voices become my own until I am the girl with the siren song voice and the eyes of a raging sea

the whales are cruel in the way they make
               homes in the hollows of my collar bones, so large that I feel small so small and manta rays remind me that I will never be graceful,
            will never learn to fly as they do and perhaps I am a little more than desperate as i try to rip their ebon barbs from beneath my skin, not caring if I’m covered in my own blood by the time I’m free

tentacles itch across my skin and darkness and sea salt engrave themselves into a story of bitter swirls across my skin and I wear long sleeve shirts in the middle of the summer, afraid to be seen and when alone, I shed tears of salt water and white sand
            i think that perhaps a girl with starfish in her eyes, seaweed tangled in her hair and sand dollars stuck beneath her nails belongs to the ocean

one day i become a journey, a hunter of destiny
       ( perhaps home has always been the sea and not the sunflower fields I was raised in )
the rain hisses to go north, to fight towards the edge of one world and the beginning of another and I listen
   my mother does not say good bye but says, the ocean loves her own and yet devours their very soul until they are no more - that is the way the ocean loves and never forgets
      my father is already sea foam and when I reach the edge of the world and stare down into the depths I’ve always known to be home, I see his face.


“young girl found dead, washed up on the beach after jumping from nearby cliffs. her hair is decorated with sunflowers and pearls.” // l.m.s

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59 :)

There are times Aaron wants to be held. This isn’t one of them. When Robert walks in and finds him crying on their bed, fists pressed to his eyes, breath hitching painfully, he tells him to get out. So Robert does. He gives Aaron some space, but stays close enough that he’s there if needed. He spends the next hour downstairs, cleaning the already spotless kitchen and trying not to think about his husband crying alone upstairs. It breaks his heart, but there’s nothing he can do about it right now.

An hour later, he goes upstairs to check on him. Aaron isn’t crying anymore. He’s not crying anymore. He’s lying on his back, limbs sprawled like a starfish, his eyes searching the ceiling for answers that won’t be found. Robert steps over the threshold and closes the door gently behind him.

“Do you want me?” He asks gently.

Aaron nods.

Robert makes his way over, perching on the edge of the bed, not yet touching his husband. He’s letting him take the lead here, it’s the only way to go. Aaron pats the mattress beside him, moving an arm to let Robert lie beside him. Robert lies down, studying the side of Aaron’s face. It’s red and blotchy, speckled with white from dried-up tears. Robert lifts a hand to Aaron’s face, stopping before making contact.

‘Is this okay?’He asks.

Aaron nods again.

Robert runs a thumb over Aaron’s cheek.

‘Whatever you need,’ he breathes.

‘You,’ Aaron says. ‘Right now I need you.’

Robert smiles as best he can and opens his arms, letting Aaron curl into him, burying his face in his chest and clutching at the front of his shirt.

‘I’m here,’ Robert says, kissing the top of Aaron’s head. ‘And I’ll always be here.’

The Pain in Paint

*Laurens × Reader
* 156: I’m like 20% sure this plan will work. The other 80% means we could die horribly and violently, but honestly it’s a really solid plan.
* 272: Tell me again why I even let you convince me this was even remotely good idea
* 276: That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard
* Modern
* Requested by anonymous

A/N: So I hope you guys like this. It was a silly little idea that kinda became something awesome in my mind. And Aaron Burr with the Hamilsquad because why not. I hope the anon who requested this, and all my followers, enjoy!

Word Count: 1,540


You and Alexander huddled with John Laurens who was like the undecided leader of the trio. You adjusted the gun strapped around your torso to make it more comfortable.

“Ok. So I’m like 20% sure this plan will work. The other 80% means we could die horribly and violently, but honestly it’s a really solid plan.” John said.

“I’m in.” Alexander said without hesitation.

“Die horribly and violently?” You asked in astonishment. “John, we’re playing paintball!” You reminded him. “There’s no actual death involved.”

“Well we’re playing against Aaron, Hercules, and Lafayette. You never know what they’ll pull.” He said in response.

“The plan?” Alexander said, drawing attention back to the task at hand.

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{ poly!hamilsquad hc’s }

a/n: most of these come from early drafts of five’s company so i don’t want to say that all go with my current story but most do! i can still write more detailed fics on these, but i just figured headcanons would be a little faster to do. thank you to the person who requested this!

how you meet!

you meet hercules first! he thinks you’re very cute but he has 3 other partners already so he’s not really sure what to do about these feelings

  • in my first drafts you meet them while working at a bakery with Peggy during college! Herc comes in because he needs a cake for laf’s birthday and you frost it for him
    • yes you put laf’s full name on the cake bc alex and john thought it would be hilarious
    • it is.

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For Sou+Rin+Mako, scenario where their gf is in track is about to cross the finish line but trips and slides across the finish line. She still got first place though. 😂😂 She's not injured aside from a few scratches.

Omg imagine this happening though, i’d piss myself laughing if my partner did it

Sousuke was sat on the side lines, quietly cheering you, his girlfriend, on as you did your race, the 200m sprints. You were doing exceptionally well, quite the way in front of the other sprinters, and he was proud to say the least. However, as you neared the finish line, it all went wrong. Your foot landed funny and you began to stumble, taking comically long strides as to not fall. It didn’t help though, and Sousuke could only watch in silent shock as the other sprinters began to catch up to you. Despite this, you still ended up winning as you finally gave in and tripped, sailing over the finish line in the least graceful way possible, landing in a heap on the floor. Sousuke stood up, suddenly over come with worry, thinking you had seriously injured yourself because you weren’t moving. Then he saw your body shaking, but not with tears. Unless you count tears of laughter. He watched as one of the other athletes gave you a hand up, shaking their head and chuckling at your clumsiness.

Rin actually almost missed it. He was checking the time when you tripped. He looked up from his phone just as you tripped, one foot over the other with your pony tail flying behind you. The expression on your face was priceless, chin pulled in, eyes wide and lips shaped in the word ‘fuck’. All Rin could do was watch in amused horror as you sailed right over the finish line, tumbling to a finish about four meters away. He was shocked to see that despite all this, you still came first. That, he couldn’t quite believe.

The first thing Makoto did was worry. He had just watched you fly over the finish line, literally head over heels. You had tripped over your shoelace, which had come undone half way through the race. As you fell he had watched with wide eyes whilst Nagisa laughed next to him. When you hit the floor and bounced a little he leapt up and almost fell himself in his haste to get to you. You were lying on the floor, spread out like a starfish with your eyes closed and mouth curved in a small smile. You could feel his presence as he hovered above you, and you just knew his face had concern etched onto it without even opening your eyes.

“___! Are you okay?”

“I still came first. I’m blessed, babe.”

30 Day Kaiju Challenge Day 22


Name: Astroidanim

Age of origin: Possibly Awakened Ancient, or possibly a Modern Mutant

Length/Height: While “standing” she’s about 150 Meters tall

Description: Astroidanim is a kaijufied starfish, but that is not easily recognizable at a glance. Her body is covered in thousands and thousands of starfish eyes, which look like red disks. The eyes are impossible to competely count, and add in the extra limbs and it becomes a futile task. A starfish’s limbs aren’t the arms, but the small pieces that grow from the arms. These have become so numerous that they look almost like thick hair growing from the arms.


Bulk-Astroidanim is incredibly bulky, and can use this to her advantage. She can tank extremely powerful attacks with little issue and throw herself around with ease.

Heavenly Light-Organs produced by her mutation allow Astroidanim to generate electricity, which is dangerous to the touch already, but most dangerous of all this allows her to generate flashes of light. These flashes of light are so bright that they can burn layers of skin away. Prolonged exposure is not advised.

Weakness: There is one glaring flaw to Astroidanim’s offense: lack of defense. She may be able to shine a light so righteous it can burn your flesh, but her body isn’t exactly built to take a lot of attacks. She’s one large soft target, and while killing her is still incredibly difficult, injuring her is not.

Backstory: Astroidanim is among the strangest kaiju seen by humans, but despite her appearance, she is also among the most benevolent. She has repeatedly saved lives from various disasters, be they natural or otherwise, to the point that some wonder just how intelligent she is. Is she among the kaiju with human level intelligence? Or is it merely a case of being in the right place at the right time?

How they Interact with Other Kaiju: Astroidanim enjoys the presence of other kaiju but is also willing to fight them if the need arises. She would prefer their silent companionship, the enjoyment of just being together, but if they are hostile to herself or others she will drive them off, but will never kill them.

While strange, I like how Astroidanim turned out. She mixes a starfish with things seen in some stranger angels, like the eyes, and the blinding light speaks for itself. She also has to be benevolent, since that’s kind of what angels are about. What do you guys think? Her story could use some work, but not all of these are meant to be the same type of story. Some are snippets of stories planned in my head, some are simply void, and others are more mysterious.

Mr Lovecraft (1979).This image by American photographic artist JK Potter, was used on the cover of the October 1979 issue of Heavy Metal magazine. “The Lovecraftian creature’s ingredients included a zucchini, a horse vertebra, some octopus tentacles and a dried starfish with a glass eye,” reveals the artist, “not to mention the cat litter in the foreground.”

5. Lazy days

Member/Group: Zico/Block B

Type: Fluff

Word count: 1588

A/N: So as I announced yesterday, I wrote a fluff for @zico-mino-trash‘s birthday. It’s still October 17th here so… yeah. I’ve actally had this idea in my mind for a while. It does have mention of sex-it’s really nothing, tbh-but i wanted to let you know nonetheless. Anyway, enjoy!

It was a chilly Friday afternoon, and you had just gotten of the train. The hordes of people customary to rush hour were pouring out like a half frozen river in winter: slow and steady. Your watch read six, which frustrated you beyond what you thought was possible. You’d had a long day and all you were thinking about was the comfort of your bed. Moving out of the family house seemed like such a great thing, and it was, but it wasn’t you what you expected. You though you’d be living the life of the party, doing what you wanted when you wanted, but funny thing, it turned out the only thing you wanted to do was sleep and stay home all the time.

Following the routine, your feet led you across the street into the convenience store where you bought yourself an iced tea and a snack. Once you paid, you made your way across the plaza and finally you were at the bus stop. All that was left was the bus coming on time and you getting home in the next 30 minutes.

“Do you always buy a snack?” a deep voice resonated past your headphones and you paused the music, turning to see who it belonged to. Behind you was a man with honey blonde hair that was darkening at the roots as it grew. His plump lips were curled into a smile as he stood under your sweeping gaze. You felt like you’d seen him before, but you couldn’t place a finger on it. Your eyes were too perspicacious and you noticed too much to ever register faces until the need arose. He was wearing a yellow hoodie and red pants. ‘Flamboyant, you thought. ‘Who dresses like this?’

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Kingsman Harry/Eggsy vignette

APPARENTLY!!!!!!  the only Kingsman fic I can write is stupid little scenes that fit into much longer fics that are probably great but I have not written and will not write. HERE is a scene where Harry is grossly in love with Eggsy and Merlin is concerned. Kinda sad and melodramatic bc Harry is a fucking drama queen.

Merlin knocked and entered without waiting for a reply, whirling in all bustle and clipboard and a clipped, “Harry, we need to look at–”

Harry, from his recline on the Chesterfield, raised his finger to his lips as carefully as he could, hushed out a quiet hiss of a “Shhh.”

Merlin stopped abruptly, head snapping up from its customary home craned over his clipboard screen, and his eyes tracked down from Harry’s face. Eggsy gave a little huff of breath, but stayed asleep, sprawled over Harry’s chest, one foot tucked between Harry’s own, the two of them in socked feet like they’d cuddled up for a nap, all domestic afternoon bliss.

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“Hey, Kenma. Am I…am I doing a good job as captain?”

Kenma doesn’t look up from his game. “No, you’re absolutely awful.”

“Heh.” Even though Kuroo knows Kenma’s being sarcastic, his comment still stings. He can’t even bring himself to properly laugh.

He pulls his knees into his chest and falls back into the couch, where he’s been watching Kenma play some new game on his DS for the past hour. Normally, he finds this relaxing, but tonight, his thoughts are scattered and restless.

“You know that was a joke, right?”

Kuroo scoffs. He grumbles, “It’s only a joke if it isn’t true…”

He doesn’t realize that Kenma’s turned off his game until he’s sitting cross-legged in front of him, wide eyed and concerned.

“It’s not true,” Kenma says. “You know that…right?”

Kuroo tucks his head behind his knees. “I know.”

He feels Kenma’s little hands poke at his shins. Softly, first, and then more adamantly when Kuroo refuses to leave his leg prison. “Kuroo. What’s wrong?”

“There isn’t anything wrong,” Kuroo mumbles into his thighs. He’s perfectly happy in his leg prison, thank you very much.

Kenma pokes his leg. “Is too.”

“Is not.”

“Is too.”

“Is not.”

“Is too.”

“Fine!” Kuroo gives up, kicking his legs out and flopping back onto the couch like a limp starfish. His eyes are already getting misty, might as well lay it out there. “It’s just…I feel like I’m doing something wrong. I feel like I’m not a good enough captain. Bokuto, and Gora, and Ogano, and even that Daichi guy from Karasuno - they’re all doing a better job than I am. Am I not pushing you guys enough? No, I’m pushing too hard, aren’t I? Maybe that extra Saturday practice really isn’t necessary. I just want to be good enough. All of you work so hard, and Coach Nekomata has put so much into making our team this good, but I’m not doing enough and - ”

Kenma slaps his hand over Kuroo’s mouth.

“Kuroo. Shut up.”


Kenma lifts his legs and straddles him, and any other time, Kuroo would probably be aroused, but his eyes are fogging up with tears and he just feels embarrassed. Kenma takes Kuroo’s face, now red with frustration and shame, in his hands. His thumb runs under Kuroo’s eye, wiping away the tears before they fall.

“You’re doing a great job as captain. You work harder than anyone else on the team. You bring out the best of our abilities. The other captains are good, but none of them are as hard worker or clever as you. Even that stupid speech of yours is kind of inspiring.”

Kuroo can’t help but smile. “I knew you liked it.”

Kenma rolls his eyes and goes on. “I take that back. But everything else is true. Our team is lucky to have you. You’re an amazing volleyball player, and a great captain. And when we make it to nationals, it will all be thanks to you.”

Now Kuroo is really crying.

“Kenma…you really think that?”

“Of course, you big sap. Everyone else on the team does, too.”

Kuroo lets out a loud sigh, wipes his eyes, and wraps Kenma in a big hug.

“Thank you. That was exactly what I needed to hear.”

Kenma nuzzles his shoulder. “Good. Can I go back to my game now?”