starfish hitler

You know, why is it that Japan seems to go waaaaaay weirder for monsters even in “serious” works than US authors do in the crowd pleasers?

Like, US creators go “Oh, nobody will take the monster in our popcorn blockbuster seriously if it’s not another Grey Bioluminescent Retromammal Product” whereas in Japan it’s like “In our serious meditation on paranoia and escapism in Japanese society, we decided to make the final monster a giant cartoon dog made of human hate.”

Or like how in American superhero film it’s like “Clearly to articulate the struggle of man-against-man we need some big dude painted grey,” whereas in Japanese fiction it’s like “The forces our fascist organization in our work about the struggle of Man Vs Society include Ant Capone, Starfish Hitler and Ambassador Hell who is also a rattlesnake-monster.”


Starfish Hitler.

I could stop this post right there. That’s pretty much all you need to know, right? In the 1970s, one of the Kamen Rider MOTWs was a combination of a starfish and hitler.

The 70s were weird.

In Kamen Rider X, the Big Bad organization G.O.D. had two types of monsters: monsters based off of greek mythology, and monsters based on a combination of animals and historical figures. The latter included monsters like Spider Napoleon, Ant Capone, and… Well…

Yeah. This guy’s got a unique design, but he’s still kind of ridiculous. So ridiculous that he’s become a minor internet sensation. A dude even wrote a song about him.

 I guess, if you’re going to be known for something weird, might as well make it… really weird.

flei-the-chaos-dragon  asked:

top ten most wtf villains and monster (but no starfish hitler,everyone knows this one :p)

Oh, I wouldn’t do anyone as overused as Hitode Hitler.  That’s too easy!

I will use this thing though:

6. Bullton from Ultraman (1966)

This meteor monster is actually a creature from another dimension and uses attacks beyond the understanding of humanity. It comes from a fourth dimensional world and all of it’s powers take advantage of this. It kind of resembles the structures used on the Japanese coastline to protect against waves and erosion.  However, if you look inside, you can clearly see it is a biological creature.

Just a REALLY weird one.

5. Ant Capone from Kamen Rider X

Sure, he hails from the same batch of monsters as the verboten Starfish but I personally think Ant Capone is even stranger.  He’s an insectoid mobster in a top hat with a cane but what really sets him off as weird is the map of the Great Lakes across his chest emblazoned with the word CHICAGO. Maybe he just REALLY loves that band and rocks out at home to “25 Or 6 To 4″.

4. Fork Kamen from Himistu Sentai Goranger

Goranger is chock full of strange villains of the week but I don’t think any quite match the weirdness of Fork Mask. He takes his motif to the next level by not only have a fork for a mask and a fork for a weapon but his head is a giant pin cushion full of forks that he throws like Ninja stars!

3. Word Processor Armadillo from Kagaku Sentai Dynaman

I can understand some of the combined monsters from the later episodes of Dynaman. Axe Bear and Machinegun Jaguar are so ridiculous they loop around to completely awesome. However, combining a word processor (though it really looks more like an Apple II or something) with an Armadillo just seems kind of pointless.

2. Hambular from Denshi Sentai Denziman

He’s a hamburger.  He’s an ambulatory hamburger.  He’s an ambulatory hamburger with a single eye made out of a pickle and a body carrying his own condiments.  Do I really need to say any more?

1. Pink Armadillo from Jinzo Ningen Kikaider

If Word Processor Armadillo was kind of goofy, Pink Armadillo barely even resembles the animal she is based on. She is, however, a pretty snazzy dancer and a fantastic road hazard, unlike her living kin who are pretty much just speed bumps.

I am sorry I only got to 6 on this list but I ran into some kind of technical problem where I can’t put in any more pictures and I am short on time. :(  I hope this list is good enough for now, even if it isn’t my best.

Tokusatsu 101: Kamen Rider Memes (Part 4)

Meme #10


Point of Origin: Kamen Rider OOO

Kamen Rider OOO was one part of the 40th anniversary celebration of the franchise (the other part was Fourze), featuring a hero who uses the mystical and natural powers of animals in the form of coins called Core Medals. The series currently holds the record for most Rider forms with over 129 total possible forms for the main hero!

This cheerful fellow is Kousei Kougami, the President of the Kougami Foundation, a corporation that is researching alternative energy and mystical artifacts among other things. They help the hero but also stay neutral as they have their own agendas.

Mr. Kougami is…a bit out there, he loves the beginning of things seeing them as beautiful and loves to make birthday cakes, so much so his office sits on top of a bakery. (Hence some fans nickname him “Japanese Cake Boss”)

Whenever something new happens with OOO or the evil Greeed he exclaims: “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” and he is overly enthusiastic and excitable. When things go his way or please him, he loudly proclaims that this is “SUBARASHII!” (Splendid!) This makes him a fun character as you never know what to expect from him and the delightfully hammy acting and mugging of Takashi Ukaji really sells it.

Uses: Simply a way to wish a Rider fan, actor, producer or writer a Happy Birthday. When something excites you. When you see a birthday cake in a Kamen Rider Series.

Also fun fact, the song “Happy Birthday to You” is now in a legal battle to enter the public domain. So if you wish to do a silly video impersonating Kougami singing it, soon you may not have to pay royalties to the guy who wrote it… despite the fact he’s been dead for over 100 years.

Meme #11


Source: Kamen Rider X

There are moments in Japanese TV that make you say: “What in God’s name am I watching?” This is one of them and arguably the most infamous enemy in Kamen Rider. Even some non-Rider fans know of this due to how bizarre it is.

Kamen Rider X was the 3rd series and had an aquatic Rider who was the first to have an on-board weapons system in the belt.

After failing to defeat Kamen Rider X with their Greek Myth themed cyborgs, the Government of Darkness aka G.O.D. decided to up the ante. They created cyborgs made from what I can only assume to be the bio-matter of animals and infamous figures in history to try to do in the swashbuckling hero. At some point after failing a few times with stuff like Ant Capone, they decided to fuse a Starfish’s cells… with Adolf Hitler’s DNA. Thus Starfish Hitler was born!

Uses: To showcase that tokusatsu goes to weird places that even the fans cannot explain. To show how lovingly campy and goofy the Showa Era could get (despite X being one of the darker series in the franchise). A logic breaker. Showcase how overused and stock a villain type the Nazis are in fictional media and how silly this can get if not used properly in writing stories.

Meme #12

Catchphrases/Belt Sounds

Source: The Heisei Era Series

So many quotes from Riders and belts, so little time…

Insert Here:

Yes Rider fans! I want you to be a participant in this one to show the newcomers!

I’ll Start!

“DAI KAIGAN! OMEGA DRIVE!” (Ghost Driver-Kamen Rider Ghost)

The life you have taken…please return it to God!” (Kamen Rider Ixa -Kamen Rider Kiva)

“Rocket! Drill! LIMIT BREAK!” (Fourze Driver-Kamen Rider Fourze)

“Despair awaits you at the finish line…” (Kamen Rider Accel - Kamen RIder Double)

Edit: X is the 3rd series not 5th. Too much Turkey causes memory loss, don’t eat it.

sg-roadbuster  asked:

in response to your recent post on KR Amazons, are there any other Kamen Riders that you think could work with a similarly styled updating?

Oh heck yes!  I would love to see an update of a Rider like Kamen Rider X.

Much like Kamen Rider Amazon, though he is a part of the Showa Rider continuity, his origin isn’t explicitly tied to Shocker or its later incarnations quite the way the first three (or four if you count Riderman) were. Sure, they later had him fight a version of the Great Leader but his origin wasn’t tied directly to it. I would love to see them really explore a character adapted for underwater combat in a modern tokusatsu series, especially with how his first set of enemies (before the weirder ones like Starfish Hitler) were all based around Greek mythology. That could really work for a darker update, especially if you played up the mythological aspects or even had G.O.D. be a religious cult planning more realistic crimes to conquer the world.

His costume would already work for the more muted color palette we see in shows like Kamen Rider Amazons and with a few tweaks and modernizations could really be amazing.  Just look at the slight re-design for the S.I.C. figure and you can see how that might work.


Hey guys, it’s starfish Hitler.