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Toxapex line is still a sea urchin. I don't care what you say just because you're an "expert" in animals doesn't mean you're right. It's a sea urchin. Final word.

haha whatever bro, you are perfectly entitled to believe what you want and have your own opinions, but that doesn’t mean you can’t acknowledge objective facts.  Also, I’m not claiming to be an expert. The truth of the matter is however, that I have spent four years studying the biology and ecology of the animal kingdom, and I got a degree out of it, and I am still studying at grad school. I also spent 6 weeks on a coral reef studying marine invertebrate communities, which included many urchin and starfish species (inclUDING crown of thorns), so I think that I can add a little weight to my opinion on these matters. 

Even so, it’s not about my opinion. I have always focused on laying out objective fact, which is not effected on whether I am an “expert” or not, or whether you care or not. When we first had the Toxapex line leaked, I associated it’s resemblance to a crown of thorns starfish due to numerous anatomical and aesthetic characteristics (discrete arms, hollow dome shape, folded inner body like that of a starfish stomach, colour, spine appearance, and a literal crown), and whilst recognising that there may be some inspiration from hawaiian helmet urchins, this was minimal (urchins are a closed dome, urchins do not have split bodies/arms/ helmet urchins have round platy spines, they are dark black/purple in colour) however I recognised that we would have to wait for the pokedex entries etc, and boy now we have them. 

You may believe that it is an urchin, but you cannot deny the fact that:

  •  Mareanie and Toxapex are known as the brutal star pokemon 
  • That a dex entry for Mareanie includes:  It’s found crawling on beaches and seafloors. The coral that grows on Corsola’s head is as good as a five-star banquet to this Pokémon. 
  • And for Toxapex includes: Toxapex crawls along the ocean floor on its 12 legs. It leaves a trail of Corsola bits scattered in its wake.
  • The other two entries for both reference to poisonous spines (which CoTs have too, it’s not just urchins)

Like bro, it’s calling them sea stars, it’s saying that they have arms, and lots of them (CoTs have between 7 and 23 arms), and it is describing veracious coral eating behaviour of which crown of thorns starfish are NOTORIOUS and INFAMOUS FOR, they have literally decimated whole coral reefs, meanwhile sea urchins are exclusively herbivorous. This isn’t an ”expert opinion”, these are facts man, and this is on top of all the aesthetic similarities too. Ignore them if you must, but that doesn’t make them false. Final Word.