starfish at night

“When I was young I thought every star in the sky was a starfish that swam all the way up to the night, took one last breath, set itself on fire and fell, just so I could make a wish.
Life isn’t like that, it’s like this:
Hard as concrete beneath your feet sometimes, but you keep on walking block by block, mile by mile, cause every aisle in the store is empty
but the sky is never out of stock when it comes to things to live for.”
- Andrea Gibson

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Yo! Not sure if you're still taking director sanvers prompts, but I was wondering if you could do one about Alex being hit on and being totally oblivious about it. Maggie and Lucy are not happy about it where it goes is up to you :)

Sorry for the delay :)

Between a detective, the right hand of a black ops agency, and the co-director of that same agency, it was hard to schedule a date night. They were lucky to be able to schedule time at the same gun range to be honest, and that was far more entertaining for Alex and Maggie than for Lucy. Sure there was late night take out at Alex’s, one on one meet ups for drinks, that once a month game night that Lucy still couldn’t be on time to, but being able to all get out together was rare.

Tonight was supposed to be about getting out and having fun, dancing and drinks, unwinding together after weeks of hard cases and disasters, just three women having a great time, coming home a little tipsy before worshiping each other into the wee hours of their day off.

That was the plan, anyway.

“Ten bucks says she hasn’t even realized this is a gay bar.”

Lucy snorted. “I’m not taking that bet, three women have bought her drinks in the last ten minutes and she hasn’t realized they’re hitting on her.

“It was a lot cuter when we were the ones she was oblivious to.”

“Maggie, you made three sex jokes of increasing obviousness on the ride here, and she still thought you were talking about an arts and crafts project.”

Maggie laughed. And really, Lucy couldn’t hold a straight face for long after saying that either. God help her, Alex was a certified genius, but she was about as observant as a brick wall sometimes. It was cute, right up until other women got handsy.

Which was about to happen, because Alex was doing the thing she does where she ducks her head down and looks up at people while her cheeks blush all prettily and Lucy was not okay with sharing that look with anyone but Maggie. Lucy was done watching other people make her favorite agent blush. “Watch my purse, Mags.”

“Need me to hold your flower too, baby?”

Lucy paused and shot an incredulous look over her shoulder. “I need you to stop hanging out with Winn and Kara on the internet, apparently.”

Maggie’s grin was deeply dimpled, and equally unrepentant. “Go get our girl, Major.”

Lucy approached the bar with a straight spine and a smile that could make a grown man cry. She shoved her way past the women casually hanging around her girlfriend and paid absolutely zero attention to their indignation, wrapping her arms around an unnaturally stiff Alex. Hm. Maybe she was finally catching on. Despite being the taller of the two, Alex practically melted into Lucy. She, of course, basked in the glares and irritated looks she was receiving from Alex’s fan club. Couldn’t blame them, really, she had done the same to Maggie, once upon a time. But, while Alex’s bed was massive, the lanky agent was a starfish at night and Maggie stole the covers, so sorry ladies, no room for tagalongs. 

Lucy leaned up a bit to rest her chin on Alex’s shoulder and brush her lips against the agent’s ear. “I know you’re having fun making new friends, babe, but Maggie and I want some time with you.”

Alex’s smile becomes blinding when she glances over at Maggie, who holds her drink up in salute. Alex grabs one of the hands wrapped around her and uses it to spin Lucy to her front. “Well. Can’t keep you two waiting or you’ll keep me waiting later.”

A casual “Nice meeting you ladies,” is tossed over her shoulder as Alex allows Lucy to drag her back to the table. Because Lucy is Lucy, she pulls Alex into a sweltering kiss as soon as they stop next to Maggie. Which, of course, meant that Maggie pulled each of them down to her in turn. God Lucy loved the taste of jealousy in the air, and it was billowing over from the bar. Oops.

Hey if the women of National City weren’t smart enough to snatch this one up before, that’s their problem. You snooze you lose.

Also? Sometimes Lucy was really glad Alex was oblivious to the attention she drew. If she knew, she’d be a hell of a lot smoother, and then Lucy would miss out on seeing Agent Badass blush the color of her sister’s cape.

Tonight was about them, after all. Just them, a couple of drinks, a couple of dances, and hopefully, not too much later, much less clothing.

Provided the world didn’t try to end in the middle of getting her girlfriends naked. Again.

Too Close

Hoseok x Reader

(Requested by & dedicated to @sunwasrising happy birthday!!!!! ♡ sorry it’s late but better late than never right? Love youu xx)

♧ You’re the 8th member of BTS and everyone expects a couples dance for this year’s award show ♧ 

♧ Word count: 4k  ♧

Originally posted by hohbi

The song Yoongi chose was meant for the both of you. It was slow enough to be romantic while still managing to slip in and out of a fast chorus that suited both your styles. Hoseok, as always, was eating up the choreography and already making it his own while you were still just going through the motions with precision.

The best part about practicing together was that he would always become the person he was onstage, even during run-throughs. He wasn’t happy virus or sunshine Hobi while you were in his arms. He became a completely different person, trusting you to know your part enough so that he could focus on bettering his own. It was like a separate personality that you never expected to encounter in someone like Hoseok. That’s how you knew he was taking this performance seriously and it made your heart feel.. light. In a good way.

“Look at me.” He says.

So when he takes you by the wrist for the final move and twirls you back into his arms, you look up at him. His eyes were set and focused on only you and you almost felt naked beneath his heavy gaze. This wasn’t the boy you were used to being around at the dorms. Not even close. “You always tense up here,” He slides his hand up your waist, “but trust your body.”

So you do.

You step out, just as he lifts you at the waist, and spin, landing like you always have except.. much more graceful than you were used to. You look up at him with wide eyes as the music cuts off and he’s left beaming down at your successful landing. And thank god for that too, because you were beginning to miss his smile.

Both of you were left breathless, panting in the silence of the practice room that you thankfully had all to yourselves. He promised that you would only run through it one last time (and he always kept his promises) but he looked so ready to go again that it made you anxious.

Glancing up, you find Hobi doing the wave with his arms in your final position with a serious look on his face. “Who am I?”

“Stop!” You laugh and throw your empty water bottle at him from where you lay sprawled out across the floor. He was mimicking you! But that was a good sign. Definitely better than him telling you to fix things left and right. It meant you were doing things right enough for him to joke about it. “How do you still have so much energy?” You sigh, dropping lifelessly down like a starfish.

“I could go all night.” He says with a gin and flips backward with just one hand like he’d learned to do so well for his solo choreography. Your cheeks heat at the way his shirt rises to reveal his caramel abs for just a second. “Okay, maybe not all night.” He corrects himself and drops down on the floor beside you with a huff.

“Old man.” You snicker at his tired tone and close your eyes. Inappropriate thoughts swarming your mind at his words and you were so glad he couldn’t read minds.

“Yah!” He turns his head to look over at you but you were too tired to open up your eyes again, merely smiling up at his reaction through your tired haze. You were on the verge of falling asleep too, and he couldn’t keep the glare on his face with you looking like that. “You’re only a year younger than me.” He sulks like he’d been scolded. He just didn’t want to disturb you, looking as peaceful as you did in that moment.

“Your right.” You agree quietly, and it leaves your lips like a soft sigh. Hoseok liked to think he was old, but he really wasn’t. Besides, you were too tired to think of a comeback.

“Hey,” He nudges you. In response you grunt in acknowledgment, encouraging him to continue, “You did really well today.”

You exhale and the smile that lights up your face is so big, it makes your cheeks hurt.

“Is he hard on you?” Jimin’s eyes are wide and Taehyung sits beside him, already eating (although he shouldn’t be) a piece of chicken, “Has he hit you with anything yet?”

They were both recently very curious since you’d never actually worked with Hoseok before. You usually learned the dances well on your own and Jin always preferred for you or Jungkook to teach him because you (and/or Jungkook) were more patient with him than others. Particularly Hoseok. Or so he says. Except after working together recently, you weren’t sure how much of that you believed.

Seokjin comes wandering back into the kitchen and smacks Taehyung upside the head with his spatula on the way in.


“You three are supposed to be helping me in here, not eating the food.. or gossiping.”

Jimin grins as soon as Jin turns his back and points mockingly at Taehyung for getting hit till Taehyung shoves him and he accidentally knocks over a container of salt.


“I’m sorry.” Jimin turns and hangs his head low, ready for Jin to overreact. Behind him, Taehyung winks at you. He probably made him spill the salt on purpose.

“Both of you, out.”

Taehyung’s face falls.


“Because,” Jin waves them away with the spatula, “You’re making a mess and I don’t need your help here anyway. You’ll just gang up on Y/N and take up space.”

Jimin groans before Taehyung begins to drag him away, “Lets just go..” he mutters, realizing that Jin won’t start cooking till they leave. “Come on, I’m hungry.”

“You were the one already eating chicken.” Jimin mutters back before following him out.

Dinner smelled delicious already since Jin decided to cook the chicken early and the aroma filled the kitchen up deliciously. Chopping vegetables was always faster when there were two of you and it was great not to have to wash dishes after. The least you could do was help him when he would always cook for all of you. So you would always help Jin out when you could.

“So was he?” Jin mutters when you start to chop another vegetable.

“What?” You look up at him, confused by the sudden question.

“Was he hard on you?”

So mama Jin wanted to gossip too? You resist the urge to grin by biting down on the inside of your cheek and nod, just to see his reaction.

“Seriously? Should I talk to him?” He looks up at you, then and points the knife accusingly toward the door, “Because if he threw something at you-”

“No, no I was just kidding..” You laugh and then look up at him, “Wait, does he usually throw things at you?”

Jin huffs like it was no big deal with a sour look on his face. “Only once.” And just like that, he drops the topic.

So he threw something at Jin-hyung and lived to tell about it? Wow. What a savage.

Hoseok had quite the reputation of being a harsh teacher apparently, according to everyone else. “Remember when Hyung made Jungkook cry!” Taehyung yells from across the table with a grin. Hoseok rolls his eyes and groans loudly as Jungkook blushes, hiding his face and reaching out for another piece of chicken. You didn’t remember that at all, actually. “When did that happen?” You ask, trying not to seem too interested.

“Noona..” Jungkook whines, practically begging for you to drop the subject. But it was too late now that you knew about it. You needed to know.

Namjoon suddenly points at him from across the table, “I remember! Yoongi Hyung was there too but I left before it happened.” He sounded a little disappointed, “I came back from the restroom and he was already crying.”

Yoongi nods with a satisfied smirk on his face, staying out of the conversation. “And boys pee fast.”

Hoseok makes a distressed face, “He was so small back then.. now he makes me cry.” He whines and you can’t help but laugh along with everyone else at the table. Then Jin suddenly slams his fork down and everyone turns to face him, surprised. Jimin even chokes a little on the chicken wrap he’d previously shoved in his mouth.

“Is that how you treat Y/N?”

Hoseok blanches at the sudden attention and you speak up in his place, “Hyung, he’s never even raised his voice at me.”

Then Jungkook looks over at you with wide eyes and everyone else follows, looking at you like you might have just said something crazy.


Yoongi puts his cup down, “He’s never lost his temper?”

“No.” You almost whisper. Why was everyone suddenly so quiet? And why were they staring?

“Not even once-”

“Aish, I don’t always loose my temper.” Hoseok finally interjects.

“It’s because she’s a girl.” Jimin grins. “And our Y/N is such a pretty girl, too.” He coos reaching over to squish your cheek. You push his hand aside and everyone goes back to casually joking around with each other, going on to tease Hoseok about his soft spot for you instead. But the thought still bothered you throughout dinner.

You knew Hoseok was only hard on the boys to make them better, and if that was the case, then why wasn’t he ever hard on you too? Did he really think you couldn’t handle it? Or were the boys just right, and it was because you were a girl? Either way, you weren’t satisfied with the answer.

You couldn’t get it off your mind.

You weren’t a hardcore feminist, but you definitely wanted to be treated equally in a house full of boys. Even if it meant being constantly bothered and teased by Jimin and Taehyung or occasionally fighting Jungkook.

So after dinner, you text Hoseok to meet you in the practice room and run off before he can protest, grabbing a coat and jogging off into the night. Yesterday was the first time he actually gave you advice and you wanted more. You wanted him to be blunt, hard on you if it came down to it, but honest.

But Hoseok was so mad that evening because everyone else was right. You were his soft spot. 

You’d already stretched and started practicing when Hoseok showed up later that night, shutting the music off on his way inside. “What’s this about?” He asks, holding up his phone to show you your own message.

“I wanted to practice.”

“We already practiced.”

You nod. “I know. I want to practice again.” You take a deep breath and focus on keeping your voice level, “And I want you to be honest with me this time.”

He immediately knew you were talking about what happened earlier at the dinner table and you try to distinguish his reaction but he keeps an unreadable expression on his face. “Then start the music already.”

Something was off. His voice was cold and there was a look in his eyes that you should have noticed when he first walked in.. but you were too caught up in your own turmoil of emotions. All the traces of his usual happy self were gone. The look on his face made you even more nervous but you start the music anyway. Was your tone too rude when he got here? Too demanding? He looked angry, and Hoseok was never angry.

The music begins and instead of getting to his usual position behind you, he stands back and leans against the mirror where he could watch you best.

You shouldn’t have been so rude. It was a pretty stupid reason to be mad at him anyway. He couldn’t have possibly known that treating you better than the others would make you feel-

“Go.” He says and you realize too late that you’d missed your entrance queue. 

Speeding through the beginning, you try and find your place in the song but end up even more confused.. especially without him to help you find your-

“Here.” His arms suddenly encircle your waist and he gets you back on track immediately. It was as easy as flicking a switch when he was beside you.

“Faster.” He calls and you start counting out the beats in your head- “Keep your arms stiff.” He says and hits you below your forearm to demonstrate. You flinch but ignore it, moving faster to keep up with him while he pushes and pulls you in different directions like he normally would, except-

“Now you’re too fast. Keep your pace steady.” He growls above your ear, pulling you back into his arms.

His movements were definitely rougher than usual and you feel your whole body begin to ache beneath his grip. It was almost too much to handle. “Hyung-”

“Keep going.” He insists, and so you do.

You turn away, step out to your left-

“Fix your posture.”

Fix your posture, reach out to the right-

“Reposition your foot.” He kicks your ankle a little too hard and you stumble. “You missed another queue.”

He wasn’t even dancing near the end and moves away so you’re left alone in your ending position without him.

“Stand up straighter. Do it again.” He commands.

The music starts up again and this time, he comes close and holds you like he normally would except it hurt. He was upset but.. if this is what you asked for..


If you had a limit, you definitely surpassed it sometime around midnight. And if you hadn’t already had the next day off, you probably would have skipped and stayed in bed all day anyway. You couldn’t even remember how late you two were out there, but you woke up feeling more sore than you’d ever been. The boys were already awake now too. You could hear them talking amongst themselves and occasionally passing your door without bothering to stop by and check in on you, luckily enough. It was unusually for then to leave you alone like this.

Last night you’d gotten back to the dorms and slept the moment your head hit the pillow, but now, even thinking about the night before gave you a headache. And heartache.

This must have been why Jungkook cried. It just felt so bad to be scolded by Hoseok.

You send Jungkook a quick text and as soon as he walks in, closing the door wordlessly behind him, tears pool and messily spill down your cheeks.

“Noona..” He locks the door and immediately rushes over, dropping beside the bed to try and comfort you. “Are you okay?”

“I’m.. okay.” You assure between shallow breaths, but you were definitly not okay. That much was obvious, considering Jungkook was on the verge of panicking.

“What happened yesterday?” He asks, keeping his voice low so that no one could hear beyond just the two of you, “I saw Hoseok Hyung leave after dinner and you weren’t in your room.”

You can’t help but smile at how concerned he was, grateful that he decided to lock the door even if it meant breaking house rules. They were pretty strict about them since there was one girl living amongst 7 guys, but you’d rather deal with getting in trouble later than risk someone walking in on you bawling your eyes out. “Why did Hoseok make you cry?” You ask through sniffles that wouldn’t stop.

A look of relief crosses his worried expression like he was hoping that maybe you were just worried about him this entire time and he tells you everything, not even embarrassed if it meant that he could make you feel better. “He told me to fix the same part over and over again during practice until he snapped. It wasn’t even a big deal but we didn’t know each other back then so it was just scary to see Hyung angry for the first time.”

That was understandable. “Did you fix it?”

“No.” He grins.

Jungkook was such a little shit. And you loved it.

You sit up after waiting a particularly long time for Jungkook to return with your glass of water and contemplate on getting up to get it yourself when the door finally opens. Except Hoseok is the one to walk in instead of him, clutching a bottle of water.

You turn away, pulling the covers high over your head and swearing to never trust Jungkook again, that snitch. It was probably childish to hide, but you didn’t want to talk to him at all right now.

“Y/N,” Hoseok whispers like you might be sleeping, (even though you clearly werent) putting the bottle on the nightstand and climbing up on the bed to straddle you, dropping down and wrapping his arms around you like a desperate koala. “I’m sorry.”

“Get off me.”

“Not until you forgive me.” He mutters, pressing his face against yours above the thin covers. You blush and turn away. “You’re heavy!” You squirm to try and buck him off, but it was impossible when he was so heavy, keeping you pinned beneath him till you finally brought out the big guns.

“Oppa I can’t breathe.”

He pulls away immediately and flops down on the bed beside you. That was better. Still, he grabs the blanket and tugs it down so he could see your face. Your hair was a wild mess and stuck to your tear stained face in certain place.

“Were you crying?” He asks, his smile disappearing. You hear the carefulness in his tone and shake your head, despite how much of a lie it was.

“Last night I messed up and I’m not leaving here until you forgive me.” He says and suddenly pulls you toward himself, burying his face in the crook of your neck. “I’m sorry.” You stiffen at the contact, completely speechless, hoping he couldn’t hear your heart beating from where he lay. Hoseok was usually one for skinship, but this was different. “I never told you anything because you were already good without me.” He sighs, his warm breath tickling the base of your neck.

You exhale and a fresh wave of tears slams into you like a ton of bricks. He was so obviously out of it that night and you couldn’t hold it against him. You were the one who forced him into practicing afterall. A choked up sob escapes your parted lips and he holds you closer, allowing you to sob in the warm comfort of his arms. “Forgive me.” He mutters, pressing a kiss to your temple. But he’d already been forgiven.

All day Hoseok stayed with you. Till the sun set, till your eyes were dry from crying too much and Jungkook finally came back in to announce dinner.

“I forgive you.” You say to assure Hoseok as he reluctantly stood up to leave. He’d fallen asleep and his eyes were glancing down at you in a drowsy haze. With one last tired smile, he left.

If you could stay in bed literally all day, you would have, but your apatite said otherwise. As soon as you sat down you were shoving as much food in your mouth as physically possibly, not even acknowledging the people around you. Except when Taehyung tried to take something off your plate and you almost stabbed him with a chopstick.

The others kept their mouths shut, but you kept catching Namjoon’s worried glances. It was probably best to just ignore them.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t help with dinner today.”

Jin smiles, knowing that something was wrong by maybe just a mother’s instinct or the rumors floating around, before shaking his head. “It’s okay, Jimin helped out today instead.” You look over and Jimin shoots you two encouraging thumbs up. “Let’s hope he doesn’t help again tomorrow.”

You can’t help but laugh a little. Suddenly everything’s back to normal. The weight lifts off your shoulders and even Hoseok looks a little brighter after Jimin’s roast.

The door creaks open later that night, startling you out of your sleep as Hoseok’s figure pushes past the door for the second time today. What time was it? You sit up but the glowing clock on your bedside was nowhere to be found. “What are you doing?”

He doesn’t answer, taking deliberate steps toward your bed till he stood just close enough to tower over you.

“Hoseok?” You whisper..

He leans over, inching closer to you on the bed, so close that you could finally see him as your eyes adjusted. His nose was practically brushing up against yours with how close you were. It was like when he came in earlier except.. his eyes fall to your lips and you can’t help it when your heart begins to race in anticipation.

This was nothing like before. You wanted him to kiss you and the realization makes you shiver.

“Hoseok..” His skin never looked so smooth.. so soft.. and suddenly he’s leaning in closer, and closer, till his lips are just millimetres away.

So you close your eyes, unable to resist, and kiss him back.


You spring up at the booming voice down the hall and frantically shove the blankets off you in a hurry.

Photoshoot in 20 minutes?

You sit there for a second, momentarily confused.

Was it just a dream?

Man, your head hurt already.

Looking at Hoseok proved to be impossible after the dream you had last night, but luckily there wasn’t much looking at anybody involved in a photoshoot. You could stare off into space and people would just think it was part of your photogenic charm. Unfortunately, you were still required to practice with him afterward. It couldn’t be avoided if you wanted to perform well together next week.

You try to convince Jimin into staying longer but he was just sitting by the mirror taking selfies anyway.

Hoseok calls your name over his shoulder once the room is cleared out, leaving just the two of you in the very empty practice room.

“I’m sorry again.” He mutters, unable to meet your eyes.

You expect him to go back to his usual self after yesterday but he starts up the music and gets in his performance position behind you instead, his expression hardening. God, looked even more handsome up close, but you try not to think about it.

Somewhere between the choreography and the counting and concentration, you let yourself be present in the moment and realize how close you two actually were. It was intimate, and raw, and Hoseok was so focused on his movements that you wondered if he even noticed it.

The dream was making you feel this way, you try and convince yourself, but you wished it wasn’t just a faked intimacy in his dancing. The song ends way too soon.

“Yah!” He grins when the music cuts off, but doesn’t realize how heated your cheeks were or how you were still standing so close together. Maybe he just thought you were winded, but you were most definitely blushing. “That was great.”

“Yeah.” Pushing your sleeves back, you reach up to further tighten your ponytail and his whole body goes rigid beside you. “What?” You turn to face him.

He’s staring up at your wrists, “Is that-”

Oh. Realizing his intentions to reach for your hand you draw back like he’d burned you and hide them both behind your back. Too late.

“Did I-” He looks up at you, eyes wide, “Did I do that?”

You let his question linger and try not to look too defensive, grateful that he couldn’t see the worst of the bruises on your waist from where he’d held you too tightly that night.

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

Obviously because then he would feel awful about it. It was just a little bruising anyway. It would go away. “It’s fine.” You mutter, but his expression remains tense. You should have kept it hidden, but for just a moment there, you forgot.

He exhales in disbelief.

“I’m fine, Hobi.”

But he wasn’t.

This would eat him up inside, and by the look on his face, you could tell it already was.

He left right after the incident and you let him storm out of the practice room, clearly angry with himself. And after an uneventful hour of attempting to practice by yourself, you head back to the dorms too. There was no use in trying when your body felt like lead and your mind was still picturing Hobi’s broken expression.

It must have been your fault that he was so stressed lately.

In the morning Namjoon calls a family meeting and you drag yourself out of bed, dropping yourself beside Taehyung on the couch. 

“Where’s Hoseok?” You ask, glancing around the room for him.

Namjoon clears his throat. “Hoseok went home.”

A few of the members start whispering amongst eachother but you feel your entire body go rigid, your head beginning to hurt from trying to process the information. “Why?” You look over at Namjoon, desperate for answers.

“I promised him I wouldn’t say.”

You look away. It had to be your fault.

Running a hand over his tired eyes, Namjoon continues, “So, since the award show is in a few days-”

“I need to find a new partner.” You mutter before he can even say it.

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sheith headcanon: shiro falls asleep on his side, loosely curled around keith, and it's all fine. until he wakes keith up in the middle of the night starfished over the entire bed. like, elbow on keith's neck, foot tucked under his knee. and by morning shiro's on his side of the bed again and keith wonders if he just dreamed it or what because it simultaneously annoying and adorable to watch him relax and be so vulnerable with him

thank you for blessing me with this headcanon

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How would allies sleep with their s/o?


*Imagine a koala and a starfish mixed together, that’s what you got boo.

*Half the time he’s likely to cling onto his s/o like his life depends on it

*The other half is hitting them in the face

*I have this head canon that when he sleep-talks and comes up with crazy stuff

* “No (snore) maple dude, you can’t (snore) eat my car”

*Also snoring (but only if it starfish night)


*Big spoon when awake

*It’s makes him powerful

*But as soon as you fall asleep he turns into the little spoon REAL QUICK!

*Stroke his hair, it makes him sleepy (It’s like silk)

*If you are able to find him under EVERY PLUSHY HE OWNS

*He currently has 1030 In his room alone


*He has said he hates to cuddle (HE LIED)

*As soon as you wake up BOII

*You are trapped between the bed and this British gent on top of you

*Ya wanna pee, TOO BAD you’re stuck till he lives

*Or you whisper “Mint bunny is taking the tea”

*He looks half dead and will yell “THE BLOODY HELL HE WILL!”


* You ain’t getting into to bed until EVERYTHING is perfect

* You will be damned if he is not perfect for his beauty sleep

*After that it’s all cuddles and love

*He is likely to sleep naked or if he can’t his caleçons

*If he can’t sleep for what every reason he will gently troll you

* 1am “HONHONHONHONHON” right in your ear


*You shall be clung onto you

*The more you move the tighter he shall squeeze you

*If Ukraine,Belarus or The Baltic’s are there they may help you, if you want.

*The Baltic’s will pull you out, Belarus will take your place and Ukraine will give you emotional support

*The next morning you will not be allowed to leave his side

*His scarf will keep you near.

Bonus, Canada: 

* “S/o c-can we cuddle please? Sorry aboot asking I just wanted to cuddle, sorry.”

* If you say no he will get teary-eyed and if don’t give at that point you have no soul.

* Kumajirou will gt between the two of you for warmth

*He can’t sleep with glasses on 

* He will cling onto your arm till he can see again

* “s-s/o I can’t see where is (Blank)” You are his going to have to help him with everything.

You Wish - Stella Carlin Part 2

So after a very long and excruciating wait, this part is finally here :) As you can tell, I have no experience whatsoever in the art of sex, and this is the first ever smut I have posted anywhere, so please don’t be to judgemental!

I seriously recommend reading part one, but you don’t have to, it just makes a bit more sense :)  

Previously on You Wish 

“Just please at least put a towel on,” I pleaded, picking at the end of mine nervously. She tugged on mine playfully, making me squeal and bat her hands away.
“What about if I just take yours hmm…” she bit her lip, raising her brows suggestively. “Then I get to see your beautiful body.”
“You wish babe,” I stuck my tongue out, giggling when she began to pout childishly. “Maybe one day.”

It had been a few days since the incident in the bathroom, and things had been awkward; for me at least. Stella had been acting normal, if not a bit more flirty that usual, always sitting next to me during meal times and cuddling with me in my bunk after a hard days work. I wasn’t necessarily complaining, but I was entirely sure where we stood, and I didn’t really know how to bring it up in a regular conversation.
“Alright chicken, what’s on your mind?” Alex placed her tray in front of me, breaking me from my train of thought.
“What? Nothing,” I said quickly, keeping my eyes trained on my food.
“That’s bullshit and you know it,” she fired back, pointing her fork at me accusingly. “Is this about what we said the other day in the bathroom? Because if it is, you need to man up and admit your feelings cause she quite obviously likes you too.”
“I don’t…” I paused, frowning down at my food. “I don’t know what to say to her…”
“Just say ‘Hey Stella, I like you and I hope you like me too, because we’d make a pretty great couple.’ Simple as that…” she shrugged, picking at her food. “Then y’all would probably fuck in the church or something and bada bing bada boom, you’re dating.”
“Did you really have to say that last part?” I screwed my face up, rolling my eyes at her crudeness.
“Yes, I really did,” she sent me a smug smile, glancing over my shoulder and letting out a scoff. “Looks like she wants to do it, considering she stole a pair of lacy panties.”
“She what?” my brows flew up in amusement, whipping around and just barely catching a glimpse of the pink lace hidden under her pants. “Jesus…”
“Close your mouth Y/N,” Alex chuckled, making me turn back around and glare at her. “I’m sure she’ll let you rip em off her later.” I gave her a sarcastic sneer, sticking my finger up at her.
“What’s going on ladies?” Stella appeared with Piper in tow, each taking their respective seat at the table.
“Y/N here was just telling me something that is of great interest to you Stella,” Alex smirked, tilting her head and gesturing for me to talk.
“Oh really?” Stella turned to look at me expectantly, brow quirked in interest. I sent Alex a glare, turning to the curious girl next to me.
“Alex is just being a little shit, ignore her,” I smiled, eyes flicking down to the waistband of her pants briefly. She shrugged, seemingly not bothered by it and didn’t appear to notice the small peek I had taken.
“So,” Piper cleared her throat, trying to avoid the awkward tension that was bound to loom over our small group. “Did you guys hear that Morello and Nicky and hooking up again?”

“Alright everyone, lights out in 5!” Pornstache yelled through the common rooms, making everyone groan.
“God I fucking hate that guy,” Piper poked her head above the wall separating the cubes, a scowl on her face.
“Don’t we all,” I sighed, kicking my shoes off and beginning to get ready for bed. “I wish he would just fucking quit already. We’d all be a bit happier.”
“Ladies! In bed! Now!” Pornstache bellowed from the door, making me scowl in annoyance.
“Jesus Christ  , calm your fucking man tits,” I muttered under my breath, collapsing onto my bed and spreading out like a starfish.
“Night Y/N,” Piper blew me a kiss, disappearing from view and lying down on her own bed.
“Wait!” I whispered, making her pop back up. “Where the fuck is Stella?”
“Oh yeh,” she laughed softly, face palming herself. “I knew there wasn’t enough sexual tension in here.”
“Ha ha ha you’re fucking hilarious,” I sneered, sticking my finger up at her. “But seriously, she’s gonna get a shot if she doesn’t get here in like 2 minutes.” Piper simply shrugged, plopping back down on her bed and letting out a loud sigh.
“Not my problem,” she simply said, muttering a soft good night. I rolled my eyes, pulling my poor excuse for a blanket up and over my body, turning so I was facing the entrance to cube incase Stella decided to show her face any time soon.
It was another 5 minutes of silence before I heard a soft shuffle of feet padding across the floor, obviously not caring about getting caught. Stella slipped into the cube without being seen by any of the guards, who were probably asleep by now, and sat down on her bed.
“Where were you?” I asked, making her jump slightly.
“What are you still doing awake?” she avoided the question, pulling her jumper over her head and throwing it to the end of her bed. “Were you worried about me?” she cooed, making me scoff and turn around so I was facing the wall, not wanting to run the risk of her seeing the blush that was forming on my cheeks.
“Well sorry if I didn’t want my friend to get in trouble,” I huffed, pulling the blanket over my head to sign al that I didn’t want to talk anymore. It was quiet for a few moments before I felt my bed dip down slightly, the blanket being tugged on gently. I let her pull the blanket down, not having the strength to resist.
“Is that all I am to you?” she mumbled, running her hand down my arm, playing with my fingers when she reached them. I shifted slightly, turning my head and gesturing for her to get under the covers, shuffling closer to the wall. She slipped in beside me, tangling her legs with mine and wrapping her arm around my waist and slipping her hand under my shirt.
“If you were just a friend, would I let you in my bed?” I sighed softly, pushing my back against her chest. She simply tightened her hold on me in response, pressing soft kisses to the back of my neck, making me shiver in delight.
“Since I’m not a friend anymore,” she spoke softly, beginning to trace circles on my stomach, slowly moving down to the waistband of my pants. “Can I try something?”
“Stella,” I let out a deep breath, catching her hand before it could slide inside, making her whine softly. “We can’t do this here.”
“Sure we can,” she chuckled against the back of my neck, nipping playfully at my tattoo there. “You just have to be quiet so we don’t get caught.”
“I’m not exactly know for being quiet,” I huffed, tensing slightly when she continued to poke at my lower stomach.
“Do you want me to gag you then?” she asked, making me scoff. “Never knew you could be that kinky.”
“Fuck you,” I hissed, finally letting go of her hand and inside bringing mine up to rest near my mouth, ready for the sudden need to cover it.
“I plan to,” she chuckled, flicking the waistband of my pants playfully before sliding her hand under it, ghosting over my heat. I whined childishly, wriggling slightly in her grip, trying to get her to do something. “Don’t. Move.” I halted my movements, opting to bite down slightly on my thumb. Her hand began to draw circles on the outside of my panties, brushing over my clit as she switched sides.
“Stella!” I huffed, getting annoyed with her lack of touching. “If you don’t fucking touch me I will kick you out of my bed and do it myself!”
“Gosh, someones inpatient,” she giggled, sitting up suddenly, rolling me on my back and straddling my waist, the blanket being thrown to the floor. She leaned down so her chest was resting against mine, capturing my lips with her own. I let a soft grunt of approval, tilting my head slightly to get better access to her amazingly soft lips. She smiled slightly into the kiss, poking her tongue against my closed lips, hands tickling my sides to try and get me to open up. I rolled my eyes, parting my lips and moaning against her mouth as her tongue invaded mine, playfully prodding against my own. She broke the kiss once I was really starting to get into it, making me pout and raise my head, trying to bring her lips back to mine. She simply smirked, sitting back up and pulling her shirt over her head, throwing it across the room, doing the same with her bra a moment later. She slid down my body, tugging gently on the end of my sleep shirt. I quickly sat up and threw it off me, squealing slightly when she pushed me back down. She hooked her fingers into the waistband of my pants, tugging harshly till they were resting at my knees. I hurriedly kicked them off, reaching up to place my hands on her shoulders, roughly pulling still she was once again lying against me, connecting our lips in a messy kiss, her body grinding against mine. 

“Fuck,” I mumbled against her lips, breaking away from the heated kiss and closing my eyes, trying to ignore the tingling feeling in my lower regions.
“What do you want Y/N?” she asked, leaving a trail of kisses down my neck, ghosting her teeth over my nipples, making me whimper.
“You!” I sucked in a deep breath, arching my chest into hers, smiling slightly when her fingers slipped behind to undo my bra. “Fuck, I want you Stella!”
“As you wish,” she chuckled darkly, pressing one last peck to my lips before she all but ripped my bra off my body, enveloping one of my nipples in her mouth. I let out a sharp gasp before I remember that I had to be quiet, opting to squeeze my lips together. She sucked until it was almost painfully hard, doing the exact same to the other one, leaving me to whimper as the cold air brushed over the hard points. I almost didn’t feel her fingers slid themselves down the sides of my body and fiddle with the lace of my smuggled in panties. She moaned approvingly against my skin, pulling the barely there material down my legs and threw them carelessly. She sat back on her feet for a moment, eyes running up and down my exposed body, making me flush in embarrassment.
“So beautiful,” she gave me a soft smile, running her hands along my thighs, biting her lip. I let her pull them apart, my breath hitching in my throat when I felt her warmth breath against my core. Her nose nudged gently against my clit, making me let out a strangled whimper and try to clench my thighs together only to have them pinned open. “Don’t.”
“Please,” I whined, bucking my hips slightly only to have her rest an arm across my waist, keeping me firmly secure against the bed. I almost gave up all hope before she licked a long stripe up my heat, making me moan loudly, my hand slamming over my mouth a moment later. She chuckled against my core, making me let out deep muffled groans behind my hand. She flicked my clit a few times with her tongue before covering it with her mouth and sucking softly. I let out a shaky breath which soon turned into full on pants one I felt her finger gently poke at my entrance before slipping inside.
“Fuck, why are you so tight!” she murmured against my core, making my eyes roll back in my head at the pleasure it was giving me.
“I h-haven’t been f-f-fucked since I g-got here,” I managed to get out. She let out a sound of understanding and without warning, inserting another finger knuckle deep inside me. I bit my lip harshly to keep the moans quiet, fisting the sheets tightly. She began to mercilessly pound her fingers into me, keeping her tongue pressed flat against my clit, the other hand holding me down still. I felt her fingers curl in me, brushing against my g-spot and making me see white, my body convulsing slightly at the intense pleasure. “Do that again.” She obeyed, continuously curling her fingers so they hit my g-spot until I felt my climax begin to bubble up. “Fuck fuck fuck! Stella!”
“It’s ok babygirl,” she shifted so she was now hovering above me, her fingers still buried deep inside.
“S-Stella, I’m going to-“ I couldn’t even finish my sentence, the pleasure too much for me to handle.  
“Cum for me Y/N,” she whispered, giving one last prod at my g-spot before I finally came undone, eyes squeezed tightly shut and body convulsing violently against hers. Cum dripped down my thighs and onto the mattress, making me screw my nose up slightly at the mess I was bound to clean up. I was distracted however by the fact that Stella had removed her hand from my core and was now licking my juices from her fingers, humming in content. I whined slightly, trying to grab her attention. She chuckled, resting her arms either side of my head and nuzzling her nose against mine affectionately, lips brushing over mine.”Did you enjoy yourself?”
“Very much,” I blushed, averting my eyes from her own. “Thank you.”
“Any time babe,” she winked, pressing her lips to mine once before before sitting back up. “Let’s go to my bed and we can clean yours in the morning.” I nodded in agreement, letting her pull a shirt over my head and my discarded panties up my legs before we shuffled over to her bed, collapsing on it and instantly cuddling together.
“Night Stella,” I whispered, resting my head against her (unfortunately) clothed chest.
“Night Y/N,” she whispered back, pressing a kiss to my forehead. We began to drift off to sleep curled against each other, the only sounds being the soft breathing of the various girls in the block.
“Fucking finally, I thought they would never stop!”  Piper suddenly spoke, the rest of the girls giggling in agreement.
“Oh my god!” I squeaked, my face turning a bright red. Stella simply laughed, pulling me closer to her chest. “Sorry!”
“It’s fine babe,” Piper chuckled. “Atleast the sexual tension is finally gone.

Time well spent

So I did a thing at work today… because it was slow and I spend my time wisely. Also I know he might not own the collar but a girl can dream right? 

You knew he had the interview set up, knew that it was for a cover and that he would be having a photo shoot. You didn’t know about the collar. 

And you certainly didn’t know he owned the damn thing. 

Your mouth had gone dry and heat had pooled in your belly when you saw the pictures. Your head spinning with thoughts that had never occurred to you before. Being dominate had just never crossed your mind - you were more than content with the current dynamic, Harry played the part of “daddy” better then anyone should. But images of a panting, sweaty, fucked out, desperate Harry begging you to ’please fucking please just let him cum’ assaulted your mind enough for you to broach the subject when he got home.

You had eaten dinner in mostly silence, chewing over how to bring the subject up more then you’d chewed any of your food. Once you had both finished and retreated to the den - you curled up behind a new book and Harry mulling over lyrics in his well worn journal - you charged forth with all the awkward grace you could muster. 

“I like the pictures you posted today” you blurted out. He “hmm’d” in response and nodded once - letting you know that he didn’t really hear what you’d said. “so uh, wh-where did you get the collar anyway?” rushed out in a single breath over the top of the book you’d hidden behind. 

Harry lifted his gaze to you, a crinkle of confusion on his brow “wha’ was tha’ love?“ 

“the uh, the collar - from your cover. I’ve just never seen it…. I - where do you even get one?…” your voice got smaller, as his smirk got bigger. You were losing your nerve. “I’m just curious, it’s not… never mind” you mumble out, lifting the book back up to hide behind again. 

“Don’ be embarrassed, love”

you hadn’t realized that he’d made his way to you until he was gently pulling the book out of your hands and placing it on the table beside you - careful to mark your page before doing so. You kept your gaze on anything but him. 

“’m not embarrassed” said with all the maturity of a child, the red tint on your cheeks proving your words false. 

He slid his hand over your cheek and placed a gentle kiss to your forehead before gliding his lips down to your ear. “Does my kitten like the idea of collaring me?” his voice is husky with the hint of a groan.

Your breath hitched and teeth sunk into your bottom lip to stop a whimper from slipping out.

You didn’t want to answer that. Didn’t trust your tongue and lips to form the words. He turned his lips to press a kiss to your cheek “Tell me kitten, please?" 

"Do you like it?” you managed to breathe out. You felt him pull back slightly and reached up to grasp at his bicep - scared that he would move farther away. He was intoxicating - his proximity something you craved. 

“The collar?” he asked while shifting forward again. You shake your head slightly “being… in charge” you clarify, you feel his body shake with his laugh.  

“Do I like pleasuring my girl?” he rests his forehead against yours and his smirk returns “like to watch you, feel you, fuckin' taste you when you cum so hard and I know it’s all because of me?” he closes his eyes and inhales deeply “I fuckin’ love it kitten, hearin’ yeh beg and givin’ yeh everything yeh need”. 

“I wanna try” your confession - barely audible makes him whine low in his throat, hand slipping around to the back of your neck. 

“You wanna dominate me kitten?” asked because he wants to know you’re sure. 

“Yes” you breathe back. He nods and shifts back again, you realize that he is waiting to follow your lead. 

Chasing him forward you brush your lips against his “Get the collar” your words come out as more of a question than you meant. 

His smirk returns as he says “Yes, ma'am”. 

It’s not very long and not very good but i thought i’d share. Also titles are hard. Anyway, hope your night is good!!

Okay more sleep headcanons to distract myself from being pissed off.

Nori tries to make himself smaller in sleep, curling up, stays very still. Nori and Dori bookended Ori on the quest to keep him safe even in sleep.
When sleeping with a bed partner he has a tendency to either glomp on, or ending up in a lonely corner of the bed curled up in a little ball. (Think fox curling up basically)

Glóin will snuggle anyone lying close enough, as Bilbo found out first hand. (It was really quite comfortable tho so he didn’t really mind once he’d gotten over the initial moment of !!)

Bifur and Thorin are the only Dwarfs (in the company) who don’t snore and Bombur and Glóin are the loudest ones.

While he doesn’t snore Bifur is a restless sleeper and will leave his bed looking like someone deliberately tried to untuck the sheets.

Bombur doesn’t really take the initiative to cuddle, but if you nudge his sleeping form and snuggle in close he’ll tug you closer still (all the while snoring in your ear)

Kíli talks in his sleep, you can even hold a conversation with him even if the replies you get is mostly nonsense. (Tauriel might find this incredibly amusing). When he has a fever he hits peak sleep talking.

Fíli is an evening person who has trained himself into being a morning person. Sleeping in is a rare luxury, and when he recovered from BoFA he did enjoy the opportunity to just roll over and go back to sleep. (As long as he remembered to roll over to his not injured side because otherwise ouch)

Bofur either falls asleep really quickly or has trouble falling asleep at all. When he has trouble sleeping he usually goes up and busies himself with a knife and a block of wood or something else to do with his hands. There’s a rocking chair in Ered Luin that Bifur made for him that he often ended up falling asleep in.

Ori falls asleep curled up but is one of those peeps who turn into a starfish during the night. When he was little he usually fell asleep holding on to one of Dori’s braids.

Balin can sleep anywhere and in any position, and he’s good at pretending that his power naps during long boring council meetings is just him really concentrating on some question.

Óin’s hearing being what it is it can be difficult waking him, but if you poke him gently he comes awake at once, and he’s probably the one who moves the quickest between sleep and fully awake, even quicker than Dwalin.

If Dwalin does not feel safe he’ll lie stiff as a board, alert even in sleep, but if he’s comfortable he’ll turn into a cuddle monster almost as bad as Glóin.

Dori is also a very still sleeper (one who denies he snores) and he doesn’t really sleep walk but he definitely can go on autopilot if something happens after he’s fallen asleep. On the quest both Nori and Ori found themselves being treated like they were twenty-something pebbles again if they moved too much or made noises on the nights Dori fell asleep first.

anonymous asked:

where would starfish and quartet night have their first child be born (ex; what island, state, country, city, etc) thanks!

Natsuki: Hokkaido or France.

Tokiya: No preference as long as they’re born in Japan.

Cecil: Agnapolis

Ren: Italy

Otoya: No preference.

Syo: No preference.

Masato:  Good ‘ol Japan.

Reiji: London

Ranmaru: A big city in the US

Ai: Doesn’t really matter

Camus: Permafrost, of course

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What kind of nicknames would STARFISH+QUARTET NIGHT boys give there s.o.? (I want you to know I enjoy your blog very much ^.^)

STARFISH XD im sorry i also hate autocorrect

Natsuki: Cupcake

Tokiya: Babe

Cecil: Princess

Ren: Gorgeous

Otoya: Flower

Syo: Bae

Masato: Precious

Ai: Angel

Camus: Honey

Reiji: Sweetheart 

Ranmaru: Hot-stuff

#6- Sleep

“Goodnight kiddos, we’ve got a big day ahead of us. Get some rest.” Melissa smiled. The next day Melissa and Sheriff were treating you, Stiles, and Scott to a few days at the beach. Lydia would be joining the 3 of you, so you wouldn’t be the only girl there. “I’m not even tired.” You groaned, rolling over to face Scott. He laughed and pulled you closer to his body. “Scott! I’m not tired!” You whisper yelled. “I’ll stay up until you fall asleep.” He offered. “Ok…” You sighed. You readjusted yourself, laying your head on his chest and drawing random patterns on his shirt clad chest. Around 30 minutes later your eyes began to droop and Scott chuckled. “Goodnight.” He said rubbing his thumb on your arm and lulling you to sleep. “Good morning!” Melissa exclaimed, opening the door, but you and Scott slept through it. “How cute.” She mumbled, taking her phone out and taking a picture. “Ok love birds, time to wake up.” She told the two of you, going over to shake the both of you awake. You sat up suddenly and took in your surroundings, smiling at the sleepy Scott beside you. “Morning.” You smiled, your voice raspy and a horrid taste in your mouth. “Good morning, how did you sleep?” He asked you, sitting up and pulling you onto his lap. “I slept fine, kind of upset that I woke up this early but I know the beach will be fun and we can sleep in the car.” You chuckled. He laughed and then the two of you began getting ready. After getting dressed and eating breakfast, you all hauled your things to the car and began your journey to the beach.

“Yeah, I’m sure he won’t mind. He told me he went out with Scott, but I don’t really know where he is, but make yourself at home. I’d love to stay, but I’ve got a lot of work at the station. See you later.” Sheriff smiled. You sighed, setting your things down and getting started on homework. After finishing your homework, Stiles still wasn’t home. You hopped in the shower for a few minutes and came out of the shower, wrapped in a towel to get your clothes. You pulled on one of Stiles’ shirts and a pair of pajama shorts. “Hello?!” You heard Stiles yell. You panicked and hid in the side of the bed furthest from the door. “(Y/N), I know you’re here. My dad left a note and I can smell your soap.” Stiles laughed. You heard him kick off his shoes and the bed creak under his weight. You inhaled sharply when he grabbed full from under your arms and pulled you onto the bed. “You took forever.” You smiled. “Sorry, just had to do some research on some new things.” He explained. “That was very vague.” You mumbled. “I know, I meant for it to be.” He laughed. He hopped off the bed and stripped down to his undershirt and boxers. “I even finished all my homework while you were gone.” You sighed. “Oh crap! Homework!” He exclaimed. You groaned and threw yourself back, you were so tired. Stiles sat in his desk chair, bit the end of his pencil, and started on his math homework. You slowly fell into a deeper sleep. Maybe an hour later, you felt Stiles trying to find a spot near you. “I should have remembered someone likes to sleep like a starfish.” Stiles whispered. After he moved you and slipped you and himself under the covers he lightly kissed your forehead as you curled into a ball right near his chest. “My starfish. Good night.” Stiles chuckled.

“We need to find out what they are.” Scott stated, running a hand through his hair. “We don’t know! Malia is the only one who has seen them and lived.” Stiles replied. “Liam, thoughts?” Kira asked Liam. “Well clearly they create things and if they don’t succeed they die. How often do we see supposed hybrid, mythological creatures?” Liam asked. You laid your head in his lap, extending your legs to take up the remaining space on the couch. “Well Deaton told us that there was kanima, werewolf, and traces of eagle in the creatures we’ve seen so far, how does that happen?” Malia asked. “Chimera.” Scott stated. “What?” Stiles asked. Liam began running his fingers through your hair and running his hand up and down your arm. “When I went to Tracy’s house I found this book.” Malia said pulling a book out of her bag. “The Dread Doctors.” Scott read. “I’m so tired.” You mumbled. “Go to sleep, I’ll tell you when we’re leaving.” Liam smiled down at you. You settled down and let your eyes close. A sudden darkness took over and you heard an odd clicking. Three steampunk Doctor Who looking figures walked towards you. They looked down at you and raised their hand, as though they were going to hit you but they snapped their necks to the opposite side and walked away. You awoke with heavy breaths and rushed to Malia. “I saw them! I saw them in my dream.” You exclaimed, grabbing her by the shoulders and also attracting everyone else’s attention. “How? You were passed out on the stairs to the basement.” Malia asked. “I don’t know! I must have not been completely out.” You hyperventilated. “We’re going to figure out what’s going on, calm down.” Liam reassured, pulling you into his chest and rubbing soothing circles on your back.

“You could have at least called! I stayed up for 2 days straight, wondering if you were even alive! Then you come back and expect everything to be fine! You are sadly mistaken.” You said, venom practically dripping from your voice. “I shouldn’t have to tell you everything! You’re not my parent!” Derek yelled. “You’re right, but I am your girlfriend and I deserve to know whether or not my boyfriend is still alive! I was worried sick about you!” You screamed. “Oh give me a break! I’m sorry I was out saving people.” He scoffed. “You know what maybe a break would be great! I’m so done with you!” You yelled, grabbing your keys and storming out of the loft. You drove to Lydia’s house, knowing she was more likely not to call Derek immediately and she was the closest to you. “(Y/N), is everything ok?” Lydia asked. “I think Derek and I just broke up.” You stated. She sent you a look of confusion, but led you to her room either way. After venting and crying, Lydia’s phone went off. “Scott just texted and said Derek went by and asked for you after he went by Stiles’ house. We’re next.” She read. “Quick drive me to Liam’s! Wait no! Malia’s, she lives near the woods, so I can run and hide there!” You exclaimed rushing around the room in a frenzy. “We’re a little too late.” Lydia sighed, peeking out her window. After Derek practically dragged you into his car and dressed you for bed, you were laying on top of him completely still. “I’m sorry.” Derek stated. “I know you are.” You replied. “Do you forgive me?” He asked. “I guess, I can’t stay mad at you.” You joked. You got comfortable on his chest and fell into a deep sleep. This was much better than having a sudden, sad sleepover at Lydia’s.

“Ok now we’re gonna watch… 17 Again!” Theo exclaimed. “Theo, babe, it’s 2 in the morning and I’ve been staring at a screen since 8 at night, I’m too tired to stare at Zac Efron’s face.” You whined. “Ok ok, I’ll grab a few movies and we can go lay on my bed, that way if you fall asleep you’ll be comfy.” He smiled. You smiled sleepily and cuddled into the couch. “Are you coming or what?” Theo chuckled. You held your hands out and made grabby hands at Theo. “Aw my little baby, come on now.” Theo laughed. He picked you up and you wrapped your arms and legs around him. “You can watch 17 Again while I sleep, cuddle you, and dream of Zac Efron.” You laughed. “Hey! I’ll drop you!” He joked. “You can’t blame me! I can’t help it if you like watching Zac Efron.” You smiled, pecking his cheek. He rolled his eyes and playfully threw you on his bed. You made yourself comfortable on your the side of the bed you had made your own. “Can we switch pillows?” You asked Theo, your eyes squinting at the brightness of the laptop. “Sure, may I ask why?” He chuckled. “It smells like you and it helps me sleep better.” You explained. “You’re not even going to stay over there but be my guest.” He smiled. He was right, you didn’t intentionally roll over to him but you did. You went full on koala on him; your arms wrapped around his chest and your arms wrapped around his waist. He knew this would happen so he purposely stayed awake. He chuckled, leaning over to place a kiss on your forehead. “How coincidental.” He sighed sarcastically. He didn’t care though, he loved you and even your weird cuddling.

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Achilles and Patroclus lie in the grass, side by side like little starfish. It’s a cloudless night and the sliver of a moon allows for every star in the sky to be seen. Wind whistles quietly over them, and they reply with even breaths. Achilles lifts his hand at points up at three stars in a row. “Orion,” he says. Patrolcus follows the gentle lines of his muscles up to his hand, perfect and shining. “Someday you will be up there,” Patroclus tells him. He smiles at this. “As long as you can come with me.”

They spend the night ever more close to each other, and Patroclus learns all the softness of his body anew. Achilles’ gorgeous figure is illuminated in the pale moonlight, and Patroclus drinks it up. They know that the stars are watching, but they don’t mind. 

The next morning he wakes up with his face in Achilles’ shoulder, one hand on his stomach. Achilles is already awake, playing with a strand of Patroclus’ hair and humming a song that Patroclus has never heard before. “Good morning,” Patroclus says, and he presses a kiss to Achilles’ collarbone.  Achilles hums in response and holds Patroclus tight. “I didn’t mean to spend the night in the grass,” Achilles says. Patroclus laughs, his eyes crinkling with joy. “I’d stay anywhere with you.” 

Open Secrets

Written around a poem of the same name by Gwendolyn MacEwen. (Ao3)

Because you are beautiful I will have to tell you a number of my secrets.

(What does anyone hide anything for except to have it found?)

“I wasn’t always on the island,” Oliver says over garlic bread.

Danger has not forced his hand. Old ghosts have not screamed up to haunt him. This is not crucial intel to ensure his team lives out the week. There is absolutely no reason to tell her, except that she looks warm by candlelight. So warm that the memory alone could last him through a month of black, breath-frosting nights in Purgatory.

Without pity or accusation, Felicity says, “Where were you?”

Ollie Queen did every single one of the fun drugs (and a few of the sucky ones just for bragging rights). He was never addicted to anything as he is to this brief weightlessness when he tells her about Hong Kong. When her only reaction is to hold his hand that much tighter.

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