starfire's just like


“She’d rival my daughter Diana, herself.”

- Queen Hippolyta on Kory’s fighting skill.

New Teen Titans V1 #13

THIS ^^ WHY DID YOU FORGET THIS, DC?!? Time and time again, DC keeps shitting on the true potential of the Alien powerhouse. 

Super Idols!

I saw a request to nalizzy for female idols as super heroes. I didn’t do remotely every super heroine ever, so if you have a request, I guess you can ask and I’ll try!

Mamamoo Hwasa as Captain Marvel. Known for being athletic, strong, and fiery, Hwasa was a perfect choice!

2ne1 Minzy as Black Widow. She’s flexible and feisty, Minzy would be a great spy.

Afterschool Nana as Wonderwoman. Wonderwoman is a giant Amazon woman, and Nana is one of the tallest Kpop females out there. On top of that she proved how tough she is with their rigorous “First Love” performances.

Wonder Girls Yenny as Raven. She showed us all with her solo debut that she’s a little darker and more intense than we thought, so she makes the perfect choice for Raven.

CLC Sorn as Starfire. She’s multilingual and has a lively personality. Not to mention, she’s a foreigner to Korea, just like Starfire is to Earth.

f(x) Victoria as Catwoman. She’s flexible, acrobatic, and can mold herself into any situation, taking charge with humor or seduction.

SNSD Seohyun as Scarlet Witch. Mature beyond her years and with a love for studying, she’s a good choice.

I hope you all enjoy!