starfire controversy

For my Gender and the Body class. 

This is my artistic reaction to the Starfire controversy. I was going to draw her teammates in her outfit- or them in her pose- but instead I drew her as a man. I call him. Manfire. To illustrate how stupid these poses are and how un-empowering they are. This goes with my paper titled:

The Issue that Melted the Internet: The Continued Objectification of Women in Comics

One of these days I will post it online. It is incredibly long but here is this. 

I have re-appropriated the background from the original comic book. 

(continuing on Starfire’s costume/beach-wear and need for support)

“A costume can be revealing and make sense. When Amanda Connor was drawing Power Girl, I completely believed that Kara was comfortable in her outfit. Sure, it showcased her ta-tas, but Amanda emphasized the seaming enough so that I believed she had the necessary support. There is no doubt in my mind that Amanda did this because she has worn a bra.”


Martha Thomases, Superhero Fashion Inaction from ComicMix

(the fact that she provides no emphasis anywhere in “because she has worn a bra” suggests to me that Thomases might be a past-master at deadpan. I laughed my ass off at that sentence)