Starfire dialogue I want in “Injustice 2″

Starfire: “It’s nice to finally meet you, Batman.”

Batman: “Dick spoke highly of you.”

Starfire: “As he with you.”


Starfire: “You are the new Robin?”

Damian: “No. I’m better.”

Starfire: “You are unworthy.”


Starfire: “VICTOR!”

Cyborg: “STAR! Want to grab some pizza after this?”

Starfire: “Very much so!”


Red Hood: “Kori.”

Starfire: “Jason.”

Red Hood: “How’s Roy?”

*cut to Roy Harper back home*

Roy: “Finally! The whole place to myself! Hmm… which socks go together?… JASON! KORI!”

*after the fight*

Either Jason or Kori: “Hope Roy’s doing alright.”

*back to Roy sitting in his destroyed room, still holding two different socks while sobbing*