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Why don't you like rhato?

Hello anon. Why don’t I like Red Hood and the Outlaws? Well..

- First and foremost I hate Jason’s characterization in it. I hate his characterization in new52 in general, but rhato played the biggest part in ruining him. Jason went from a very complex, emotionally unstable, morally gray vigilante with a strong connection to Gotham and the overwhelming desire to destroy crime (and get revenge) to some stereotypical white boy, screwing a bunch of ladies and pining over others while making cheap jokes and using guns just for kicks, a reluctant hero most of the time. Jason lost his moral ambiguity and his complexity. At this point my mind refuses to see pre and post-flashpoint Jasons as the same person. 

- An honorable mention goes to rhato retconning Jason’s past and how he came back. Replacing “The Lost Days” with some lame supernatural ninja school was a crime. Now apparently Jason’s whole life as planned out by the Joker, and I hate that so much. It were Jason’s choices that made him who he was, not the Joker’s. That and fate always played and important role in Jason’s story, and now that’s gone. 

- Starfire’s sexualization is disgusting, I know in the later issues she becomes more complex and less sexualized, but she’s nothing like the strong, willfull and intelligent pre-flashpoint Kory. In the fisrt issues she’s used as a sex toy and the art does a good job at making her outfit almost non-existent, and throughout the series she doesn’t play much of a role. 

- Roy Harper suffered a lot too, he was literally reduced to a clown. I did not see his friendship with Jason evolve, I did not see his relationship with Kory evolve, and I didn’t care for either of them. Roy Harper lost his complexity, and despite some issues trying to introduce his addiction etc, I found those attempts to be poor and pointless. They didn’t influence anything. 

- The plots are awful. They’re boring, they’re unnecessarily sci-fi (who thought it would be a good idea to send Jason to space?), I dropped the book at the League of Assasins arc because “Jason you must become the new R’as Al Ghul” was a horrible plot device and one that was also used in Arrow (where it was executed just as poorly). 

- I found the team dynamic to be boring. I know lots of people dig the Outlaws as a concept (I don’t)  but even if the idea was cool, the book never explored these relationships enough, we were told Roy and Kory loved each other, we were told Roy and Jason were friends, told, not shown, 90% of the time. 

These are my opinions. I’m not forcing them upon anyone. But I honstly hated RHATO and it’s such a shame that Jason’s first sorta-solo was so horrible.
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