#87 “Stay awake.” RobStar

The sounds of the far away city surrounded them. Trains, cars, people seemed so far away from them. It was as if they had created a new reality just for them. Somewhere that they were not heroes with burdens to carry, here in this moment they were simply Kori and Dick. The bright stars danced in the sky, lighting the green field allowing them to just barely make out each other’s forms. Their long forgotten picnic basket lay just at their feet, the empty canisters and bags told a tale that would never be retold. It was as if time stood still just for them as if this moment would last forever.

“It’s beautiful.” His soft voice admitted as they lay in each other’s arms. She couldn’t remember the last time either of them spoke and the sound of his honey like words seemed to slide across her skin.

“Yes it is.” The princess admitted kindly. Distinctly sensing the end of their moment she snuggled closer against his chest clinging on to the remains of perfect day. The movement caused him to exhale deeply, tightening his grip on her ever so slightly.

“Stay awake.” He commanded ignoring the sound of her protests. “We still have a walk back to the car.”

“Why can’t we just stay here?” She whispered. “Why can’t it be like this forever?”

“You know why.” He replied tenderly, brushing against her arm affectionately. “We have responsibilities.”

“Run away with me Richard.” The simple request was near silent, bubbling against air as if it was never meant to be. Silence was her response. It felt as if his warm touch had turned to fire and it began to burn her. The need to add to her statement was nearly painful but she held her tongue. If life had been different than maybe the possibility of a real life would have been possible but he was dedicated to the job. He had given his life for his work and who was she to make such lavished requests.

That was why his response was so unexpected.

“Someday Star. Someday.”