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I know I’ve made a lot of posts about Jack’s Canadian ass visiting The Pyroclastic Hellscape (Madison, Georgia) and basically dying, but I’m going to add another one because it’s summer on my side of the world and I’ve just remembered the tie-your-shirt-up-on-one-side-so-it’s-a-crop-top thing to keep cool and just… Jacques…

Jack: Look what I just saw online! It’s such a simple idea, I can’t believe I didn’t think of it.

Bitty: Jack…

Jack: I might just survive Georgia after all!

Bitty: …

Jack: From now on, all my tops are crop tops.

Bitty: uhhh…

Jack: You okay Bits, you’re all red. Is it the heat?

Bitty: Where did you get… high wasted denim shorts… that short… in your size…? And - not that I’m staring at your thighs at all - but… did you… shave your legs?

Jack: It’s hot

Now, there are one of two ways that Jack could cause a riot in that outfit. The first is by wandering around the Deep South (deep as in geographically and also in the terrifying way that parts of the ocean are deep) looking like the better looking, much chiller younger brother of Frankfurter from the Rocky Horror Picture Show and, when questioned by passers-by, yelling things like “gender divisions are dead!” just so he doesn’t have to give himself heatstroke by putting jeans on.

The second way is that ass in those shorts. I guess it depends on what part of Georgia he’s in. Either way, he’s the gay awakening of at least five people, causes a clique of slightly tipsy grandmothers to reminisce in giggles about the sixties, makes one “cool” pastor consider wearing crop tops if that’s what the Teens are into these days, and sparks a brief but exhilarating fashion trend among a local baseball team.

And eventually Jack learns the main difference between two of his closest friends; Shitty hears about it via twitter and immediately tries to convince him to become a high profile advocate for gender activism, Tater hears about it and immediately buys himself a crop top.

Min Yoongi/Suga as a husband

“this makes me look so fat! ugh look at my thighs, they are so thick! my ass looks so fat in this dress you can see the outline of my thong!” you continuing ranting about yourself in the dress you wearing to club, while Min Yoongi stares at your thighs, ass, and the outline of your thong in the tight dress. 

“yeah….” he trailed off stilling staring

“Oh thank you, oppa!” you squealed as you hugged the big stuffed teddy bear he won for you. You looked at it and it was taller than you, towering over you.

“It’s so big!” you say and looked at it. Yoongi bites his bottom lip and leans against your ear. “Wanna know what else is big?” You raised  a brow not paying attention.

“My d*ck,” he kissed your earlobe. You widened your eyes and stared at him as he walked away, looking at you hit bit his bottom lip teasingly, walking to the next game

*You were hanging out with a bunch of guys while Yoongi watches you from the corner of the party and one of the guys whisper something into your ear and he resists the urge to beat the guy up*

its my first time writing these so please don’t get mad at us if we are rusty!

Talk Dirty to Me

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Kiseok absentmindedly traced patterns over the exposed skin of your thighs as he stared at the computer screen in front of him. He’d been working on this song for far too long and couldn’t seem to think of anything that would work. It didn’t help that he’d been sitting in the same position for so long that he was sure he’d fuse to the chair if he didn’t move soon.

But as he glanced at you sitting on his lap, half asleep and more relaxed than he’d seen you in weeks, he couldn’t bring himself to disturb you. Instead, he continued tracing his fingers over the expanse of your thighs and leaned back in his chair. He couldn’t move but that didn’t mean he had to continue staring at that screen.

Kiseok fixed his gaze on your relaxed form and smiled. Both of you had had such a hectic few weeks that you hadn’t had much time to spend together. He’d been so happy to see you when you walked into his studio but the realization that he still had quite a bit of work to do put a bit of a damper on his mood. You, however, wouldn’t allow him to wallow in his misery.

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For that smutty luke alvez imagine, maybe him coming home after a long case and you make him feel better 

Requested by Anon~

After the front door shut, you heard Luke’s bag fall heavily to the ground, followed by his footfalls echoing through the apartment. He had sounded tired and a bit grouchy on the phone, which prompted an idea.

Luke has always tried his best to make you happy. Maybe you should return the favour.

So you waited for him to trudge into the bedroom. Once the door opened up, revealing your tired boyfriend, you straightened up on the bed. “Hi.” You piped up cheerfully.

Luke glanced up, only intending to say hi back, but the words got caught in his throat. He’s mentioned only once before how much he adores seeing you wear his shirts. You must have remembered. Your collarbones and part of your shoulder was visible under the shirt that was much too big for you. And Luke was staring at your thighs, only partly covered by the hem of his shirt.

Finally, he was able to speak. “Hey.” Luke replied weakly.

You smirked in victory and crawled off the bed, approaching Luke. But whatever you were going to say next was stopped when he instantly backed you into the bed.

As much as he loved his shirts on you, it was thrown across the room in a second.

Seventeen reaction you’re insecure because you have big thighs

Hey anon, I hope you like it. As someone with big thighs I get you completely.

Bottom line of this post: they all love it, they find it really sexy.

S.Coups/ DK / Mingyu / Jun

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Would find it soooooo sexy, especially when you walk around in shorts or short skirts.


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*staring at a picture of your thighs 24/7*


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*admiring your thighs all day everyday*


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*Hoshi about your thighs*


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*makes sure you eat well to keep them thighs thicc*


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*this is how much he loves your thighs*


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*checking out them thighs like*


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*Seungkwan approves of your thighs*


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*inconspicuously checking out your thighs like*


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*whenever he sees your thighs*

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Request: could u pls do a dan x reader where they are dating n the reader is very insecure (about her thighs n body, cause she is a bit chubby n has tons of stretch marks) n she finally has the confidence to wear pajama shorts in front of dan but she’s kinda timid about it n regrets wearing them n then dan goes on this rant about how she shouldn’t be ashamed and then he just go’s off how she’s amazing she is and he can’t even explain how gorgeous she is to him n it’s just cute n fluffy n they kiss a lot

Word count: 689

Warnings: Self Deprecating thoughts?

Lmao I’m bad at getting things on tumblr in time. I’m trying I promise. Enjoy!

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You had always been insecure. From the age eleven, you had become more and more worried about your appearance, stopped wearing tight or revealing clothes. There was no-one you wouldn’t worry about them staring at your stomach or thighs, or stretch marks. You had never been skinny, no matter how hard you tried.

You sighed and continued staring at mirror. You had built your confidence up, and eventually decided to wear pyjama shorts, ones you had kept for years but never worn them, even when you were on your own. They were short enough to reveal most of your thighs and stretch marks. You felt your eyes beginning to brim with tears, but you calmed yourself down.

You were terrified about how Dan would react when he saw you. He’d never seen your legs unless it was extremely dark in the room, so he wouldn’t be able to see them really. You shook your head. Dan wouldn’t care. He wouldn’t judge. Would he?

After a few more minutes of contemplating, you moved away from the mirror and shut the bathroom door, anxiety flooding through you as you began to make your way up the stairs. You heard Phil talking in the longue, presumably doing a live show, and made it to yours and Dan’s shared bedroom. You opened the door.

“Hey,” He greeted, grinning at you when you turned around from shutting the door. You forced a smile.

“Evening.” You sat down on the bed next to him, trying not to wince when your thighs spread. You avoided his gaze. “What you up to?”

“Just scrolling through various social media.” He sighed, but you could tell he was looking at your legs. Your heart began to race.

“And watching my latest video.” You pointed to the tab, recognising the title. He laughed.

“I got to know what you’ve been up to recently.” He told you. “Apparently, a lot of eating.” He joked, as your video was you trying different candy from all over the world, but your eyes began to fill up with tears, thinking he was talking about how big you looked.

“Do my legs really look that bad?” You whimpered, before bursting into tears. Dan stared at you for a moment, then realised why you were crying, and he became frantic, shaking his head.

“No, no, I wasn’t talk about your legs!” He cried.

“Then my stomach?” You shouted, jumping up and storming over to the wardrobe and rooting through it. Dan followed you, but you turned around, covering your legs with a jumper. “Stop looking at them!”

“I wasn’t talking about your body, I was talking about the video.” He explained gently, and you paused, shaking your head and burying it in your hands. “Oh, love, come here.” He spoke softly, pulling you into a hug. You sobbed into his chest, dropping the jumper and wrapping your arms around him tightly. When your sobs turned to sniffs, he sat you down on the bed, rubbing your back comfortingly.

“I would never say that about your body. You’re beautiful.” He began, and you shook your head.

“No, I’m not. I’m fat. My curves go in and out in all the wrong places. I have scars and stretch marks. I’m just gross.” You mumbled, causing Dan to drop his arm around your shoulders and hold your face in his hands to make you look at him.

“Y/N, you are not gross, or fat, or anything. You are perfect to me. You are just the way I like you. You don’t need to be any skinnier, or prettier because you are amazing. You’re honestly stunning. I wish you knew that.” You let yourself smile a little, and as soon as you did, he beamed at you. “I promise you. You’re perfect.”

You leant in and kissed him softly, and when he kissed you back you rested your hand on his shoulder, allowing him to place his hands on your hips.

Eventually you broke for air, laying back on the bed, your fingers lacing together.

“Perfect.” He whispered as he nuzzled into your neck.

“Stop it,” You laughed, blushing.


Secret Love Song || Conor

Requests: Conor imagine where he brings you around for the first time to meet the rest of the boys? Xx

I was wondering if you could do a imagine where the reader is dating Connor and she wants to tell everyone but Connor doesn’t.They fight but ends happy. Inspired by little mix song “secret love song"💕

love Little Mix, love that song, love these two requests put together x


You were quiet as you sat in the passenger seat of Conor’s car. The radio was playing as a soft hum in the background, and that was the only noise that filled the car. Conor was holding your hand in his, both of your hands resting on your thigh. You stared out the window, careful not to let Conor see the tears that were silently rolling down your cheeks. You hated this part of the night, where he had to rush you back to your flat before his roommates came back to his. “Do you think,” you spoke quietly, startling Conor by breaking the silence, “maybe we could go out tomorrow? There’s this cute cafe downtown I’ve been wanting to go to.”

As expected, you were met with a sigh. “You know I don’t want to keep talking about this,” Conor said, his voice gentle but his words stern. “I’m not ready to make this public yet.”

“Right,” you said coldly. “Not ready to make it public, not ready to tell your friends, no, I get it.”

“(Y/N),” he said.

“No, it’s fine,” you said, shaking your head and pulling your hand away from him. “I get it, you’re still embarrassed of me. It’s fine.”

“Why would I be embarrassed of you?” Conor asked. “You know that’s not it.”

“I don’t know what it is then,” you said, finally turning to look at him. “I don’t understand why you won’t tell people. What are you afraid of?”

Conor didn’t say anything. He stared at the road ahead of him, both of his hands clenching the steering wheel. “I see all these couples everywhere I go,” you said. “I see them walking hand in hand down the street, I see them kissing in photos on Instagram, and I wonder why that can’t be us. I wonder why I can’t tell my mom about you when she says so, do you have any men in your life yet dear?” You sniffed and turned to look at Conor again. “Why are you still hiding me?”

You were in the parking lot of your flat now. Conor killed the engine and laid his head on the steering wheel. “I’m scared,” he said quietly.

“Scared?” you repeated. “Of what?”

“I’m scared you’ll run away,” he said, turning his head to look at you. “I’m not, it’s not easy dating me. A lot of girls are caught off guard by the lads. They’re really, I guess, overwhelming is the best way to put it. And the fans, I mean, I’m no Harry Styles but the girls can still get pretty possessive. No one stays because everyone else in my life kind of scares them away from me.” You unbuckled your seat belt and turned to face Conor.

“I’m not going anywhere,” you assured him. “You should know I’m not that easily scared.” Conor smiled and leaned forward to place a kiss to your lips. You smiled before you both pulled away.

“Tomorrow,” he said with a firm nod. “Tomorrow you can meet the lads.”

Tomorrow came and you were getting ready to meet Conor’s brother and friends. Conor picked you up so that you could ride with him to his friend Joe’s flat where everyone was to meet before going out bowling. You couldn’t help but feel nervous. You weren’t nervous that the boys would, as Conor put it, scare you away, but you were nervous that they wouldn’t like you. What if they scared the others away because they deemed them unfit for Conor? You, of course, didn’t share any of this with Conor.

When you and Conor pulled up to Joe’s flat, Conor turned and gave you a smile. “Ready?” he asked.

“Yup,” you said, feigning as much confidence as you could. Conor nodded and opened his car door, to which you did the same.

You and Conor were the last to arrive at Joe’s flat. All six of the other boys were lounging around, talking and laughing loudly with each other. You knew them all from the YouTube channels Conor had shared with you when you first met him. “Lads,” Conor said once he made his entrance. Everyone turned to look at the two of you, looks of confusion spread on all of their faces. “I want you to meet (Y/N), my girlfriend.”

“Girlfriend?” Jack said, his eyebrows furrowed. “What are you talking about?”

“I feel like this is a prank,” Josh laughed, “but you don’t make those videos.”

“Maybe she does,” Mikey offered. “Maybe she’s an up and coming YouTuber-”

“I’m serious,” Conor said firmly, wrapping his arm around your waist. “We’ve been dating for…” he trailed off and looked to you for support.

“Seven months,” you laughed. “So glad you remembered our anniversary yesterday.”

“Are you serious?” Conor said, his eyes wide.

“No I’m just joking,” you teased. “It’s next week or something like that. Even I’m not quite sure.” You both laughed and then looked back at the other boys.

“So this is serious?” Oli clarified.

“Dead serious,” Conor said. “You always scare people away so I didn’t want her to meet-”

“Hang on!” Caspar said defensively. “We don’t scare anyone away!”

“Barking!” Conor laughed. “I could list all the girls you’ve sent packing!”

“A whole list, huh?” you smirked, folding your arms across your chest.

“Uh,” Conor stuttered, “I mean, there’s only been one or two I suppose.” The other boys laughed and began listing some of the girls Conor had introduced to them. “But none are as good as you,” he said loudly to you, trying to get the other boys to shut up. “See what I mean, they’re trying to scare you off!”

“We’re only joking around,” Joe smiled. “It’s good to meet you, (Y/N). You want anything to drink?” You nodded, saying a water would be fine, and Joe handed you a bottle from the fridge.

The rest of the day went swimmingly. Conor couldn’t stop beaming the whole time and was constantly holding you or kissing your cheek. Needless to say, you weren’t plan on running off anytime soon.

I loved so many things about you.
Your breath, I liked it more when it tasted of cigarettes and mint. Not vodka and regrets.
Your eyes, I liked them when they were staring at me. Not your ex.
Your thighs, I liked them when they were closed for everyone except for me. Not open like the 24 hour mcdonalds we went to on our first date.
And second.
And third.
I know I sound petty,
But how do I tell you that you were the best fucking thing that happened to me.
I don’t.
So now I’ll go out and make my breath taste like vodka.
And I’ll stare at whoever I want.
And I’ll bring that boy that smells like sunflowers to the 24 hour mcdonalds that we went to on our first date.
And second.
And third.
And I’ll tell him about you,
So he knows that when I leave him,
You’ll be the one to blame

@loviely idk if this is good lmfao

"The skirt is supposed to be this short" {Bucky x reader}

Words: 830ish
Warnings: dirty talk? swearing? brief fingering?
A/N: This was supposed to be a drabble lmaoo, thanks to @anya-lv for the request. Didn’t plan on making this so sexual but like it just happened so I’m gonna go with it? It’s late pls don’t judge my hormones bye

“What is that?”

You whirled around at Bucky’s question only to find him staring at your thighs with a flustered look on his face.

“This is a skirt, Bucky. Have you never seen one before?” You answered, feigning innocence while trying to hide a smirk.

He hiked up an eyebrow and finally tore his gaze from your legs. “You can’t wear that.”

“Excuse me?” You said incredulously, crossing your arms over your chest.

He shook his head, trying to find the right words. “It’s just really really short. Won’t you get cold?”

You scoffed. “The skirt is supposed to be this short, James.”

He seemed genuinely confused at your admittance. “Why?”

You sighed. “Because this little dance we’ve been doing these past few months? It’s got me coiled tight. And you’re not doing anything about it. I’ve got an itch to scratch, Barnes, and if you won’t do it, I’ll just have to find someone else to.”

Not waiting for his response, you turned around and made your way to the elevator. But before you could press the button, a warm calloused hand wrapped around your wrist. Bucky. He spun you on your heels, turning you so you were facing him. Your breath hitched when you caught the intensity in his eyes. He was looking at you like he wanted to eat you up. The sudden change in his demeanor had your heart rate speeding up. The corner of his lips turned up slightly before he pulled you flush against his body. He brought his lips to your ear, the feather light brush causing goosebumps to erupt over your arms.

“Woah princess, I was just waiting for you to ask. All you had to do was ask.” He whispered, his voice rougher than it had been before.

Your eyes flitted to his, uncertainty and need visible in your [Y/E/C] orbs.

You swallowed before speaking, hoping your voice wouldn’t betray your emotions. “How are you so sure I even want you to do it anymore?”

He smiled, a dangerous glint in his eyes, and lifted his thumb up to your bottom lip. He dragged it over the flesh, his eyes zeroing in on your lips. Then he leaned in, slowly, and you hoped he couldn’t hear the loud thudding of your racing heart. His lips finally touched yours, but barely. He brushed them against yours with the lightest touch, you weren’t sure if you were imagining the tingling at the feather light contact. Just as you were about to lose your patience entirely, he finally pressed his mouth into yours in a hard kiss. His lips captured yours and you swallowed a moan that threatened to spill from your lips at the firm press of his surprisingly soft lips. He ran his tongue along your bottom lip, briefly stopping his ministrations to nip at the plump flesh, coaxing you to open up for him. You happily obliged and soon enough his hot tongue was exploring your mouth. It was over before it even started when he pulled back seconds later, causing you to let out a whimper. He grinned at the sound.

“That’s how I’m sure. I’ve barely even had the privilege to touch you and I’ve already got you making sweet little sounds for me.”

You glared at him, but squeezed your thighs together in an attempt to alleviate the growing ache in your core. The small movement didn’t go unnoticed by him, his eyes flickered down to your thighs. He smirked at you, “Mmmm, and I’m willing to bet you’re already wet for me.”

You glared at him again, scoffing, “Well, if you’re so sure why don’t you find out?”

He smiled at you, the dangerous glint in his eyes returning upon hearing your challenge. He brought his flesh hand up to cup your breast and quickly traveled down your body. You bit your lip to hold back a moan when his warm hand brushed over your hipbone. He didn’t stop there though, and he never slowed down. His eyes still locked with yours, his heavy gaze somehow heightening your senses. Every brush of his flesh against yours had tingles shooting straight to your core. He made his way down the waistband of your skirt and cupped you through your panties. Running a finger over the soaked fabric, he suddenly applied pressure, the unexpected movement had you involuntarily bucking your hips into his palm, a frustrated moan escaping your lips. He finally tugged your panties to the side, running his finger down your slit, gathering your slick. “You’re soaked.” He said, his voice coming out more strained than cocky. You smirked at hearing how affected he was. Good, you weren’t the only one turning into putty.

“You know, I really do like this skirt, I just don’t like the idea of another man seeing you in it.” And then he pushed a finger into you, robbing you of the ability of coming up with a response to his ridiculous, but admittedly hot, caveman ways.

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campfire, check. friends, check. alcohol, double check. cute boyfriend… well, you didn’t need to check that, you knew he was cute. the night started off so well, your boyfriend ashton and his bandmates playing music and goofing around, everyone poking fun at luke for his marshmallow roasting shortcomings (it either caught on fire or fell off the stick every time, guaranteed), and for once, you weren’t thinking at all about your body, just the fun time you were having and getting to be with your beyond perfect boyfriend. ashton was everything to you. he had stuck with you through everything, through your uncle’s health scare, the time you thought you failed a class… and without fail, every time he saw you start to pick apart your body, pinching your stomach or staring at your thighs when they jiggled a little, he was there, reminding you about how perfect your body was. it didn’t matter that you were bigger, he would say, not one bit. you were beautiful, in every way, and being plus-sized didn’t make him love you any less. he was there for your heart, your mind, and your soul… and as long as those were “plus-sized”, did it matter at all if your body was? sometimes though, you couldn’t help yourself. he was more slender than you, and you became so insecure about yourself. it had taken you a while, but you no longer questioned him; you knew he loved you and nothing would change that. but it was the tabloids, the websites, other people… they were the critics, they were the ones who took pictures. they were the ones that made you feel bad about your size, even though you knew deep down every size is a beautiful size. “c'mere, babe,” ashton said now, leaning back in his chair and patting his lap. at his actions, you flinched a little bit. god, why did he have to say that in front of everyone? he noticed your reaction to him, frowning a little and leaning in your direction. “what’s the problem, babe?” “ash,” you whispered. “i’ll crush you, i’m not sitting on your lap.” at your words, his eyes widened, looking both hurt and disappointed. “y/n,” he said softly. “you are not going to crush me, are you for real? babe, come sit in my lap. please.” sighing, you stood up off the ground and shyly made your way towards your boyfriend. he was slowly starting to smile as you approached, clearly trying to reassure you, but nothing could fix the tension you felt in your body as you turned around right in front of him and slowly started to sit, trying not to think that it was a person you were about to sit on, not a chair. your face turned bright red when his arms wrapped around your tummy and pulled you down onto his lap fully, and it took a second or two for you to fully adjust to the feeling. the position you were in was currently uncomfortable, and you figured the best way to remedy the situation was to scoot back on his lap a little bit. you tried to do so subtly, but as you pushed yourself further back, you could feel yourself putting more weight on him, and that was bad enough in itself… until you heard him gasp from behind you. instantly, you stood up, almost bursting into tears and jogging away from the group. you could hear him following you, mumbling your name frustratedly, but you didn’t turn to look at him until you were far enough away from the others, and far enough into the dark that he couldn’t see the tears starting to trickle down your cheeks. “i told you i would crush you,” you cried softly, and you heard him inhale sharply as he turned you around to face him now. “you what?” he asked, completely confused. “i’m too heavy, ash, i’m too big, i hurt you by sitting on you,” you sniffled, and much to your surprise, ashton actually laughed at you. feeling hurt, you looked him in the eye now and asked what was so funny about you being fat, but all he could do was smile and roll his eyes. “you’re beautiful, y/n,” he told you. “if you think the reason i gasped was because you hurt me, think again, babe.” “what?” you asked quietly, now extremely confused. “you were wiggling your cute ass on my crotch, sweetheart,” he informed you, reaching a hand out to wipe your tears. “i gasped because you gave me a boner, not because you’re big, y/n.” your eyes widened, and you couldn’t help but laugh a little yourself before whispering, almost mouthing “i’m sorry” at him. “no matter, babe,” he said with a wink. “actually, i kinda like that we moved away from everyone… maybe you could take care of it?” probably a really bad blurb for acoustcmichael ’s plus-size!5sos blurb night!


Prompt: “If you keep looking at me like that we won’t make it to a bed.” (Pietro x Reader)

You stare at Pietro from over your book, your foot trailing up his thigh.

“What are you doing?” He mutters, his eyes on the TV screen.

“Trying to get your attention.” You reply, shimmying closer to him on the sofa, gently kissing his neck. It’s only then he turned to look at you, your face inches from his. He brushes a piece of hair out of your face and runs his finger down your jaw, pausing under your chin.

“If you keep looking about me like that we won’t make it to a bed.” Pietro muttered, holding eye contact.

“Looking at you like what?” You ask, biting your lip gently.

“Like you’re undressing me with your eyes.”

“Would you rather I undressed you with my hands?”

Preference: going down on you

Matt: He would start by kissing at your throat sucking and bitting at your skin as he went leaving a trail of hickeys till his head was between your thighs. He would put your legs over his shoulders, gripping your ass he pulled you closer.

Wesely: He pushed you up against the wall in the stair way, the only moment alone you two had, had in far to long. You didn’t have time to react as he pushed your skirt up dropping down to his knees, throwing one of your legs over his shoulder as one hand held you in place against the wall.

Anatoly: never before had a conference call been so stressful. Anatoly sat between your legs under the desk as you tried to keep your breathing steady, as you talked bussiness over the phone.

Vladimir: He pushed you up on the counter tugging your pants off as he dropped down to his knees pulling you into him, staring by leaving hickeys on the inside of your thighs and leaving indents of his hands in your hip.


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Summary: Prompt #1.

Baekhyun looked at his thigh as a drawing of a butterfly appeared on his skin. He admired the simpleness of it. He knew it was his soulmate and began wondering who it was. He began daydreaming about them and ignored the world around him. He was snapped out of his thoughts when Kyungsoo pushed him off his chair. He glared up at him but stopped when Soo just glared back even more intensely. He got back on his chair and looked back at this thigh once again ignoring their teasing.

You stared at your new drawing making sure everything was how you wanted it before adding small details. After finishing you proudly looked at it. Your eyes widened as the butterfly was covered by black scribbles. You screamed in frustration and anger grabbing a pen and writing words on your skin. “What the hell man?!?! Is this how you treat your soulmate?”

In seconds a response came. “It was my friends! I thought your butterfly was beautiful. I am so sor-” More scribbles covered his words and you rolled your eyes. It was a mess, you had scribble marks all over your thigh. “If they don’t stop I will never meet you. This is a total mess.”

“I am sorry please forgive me it wont happen anymore.”

“So, tell me about yourself.”

He went on to talk about his job and some of his friends. You found out his name was Baekhyun. It wasn’t until he told you were he was that you got excited. He was only 10 minutes away from you, you jumped in excitement and told him to meet you at shop near him.

Baekhyun saw a pen come into view and cover the butterfly in black ink. He yelled and pushed Jongdae off him but Chanyeol started marking it as well. Baekhyun stopped them and saw the words appearing on his skin. He apologized and began talking to them. He felt a wave of excitement when he was invited to a shop not far. He announced his leaving to the boys and began for the shop.

He walked in and found a seat. He looked around having been told what they looked like. 5 minutes went by and he saw no sign of them. He didn’t give up though and waited longer. He put his head in his arms thinking they skipped out on him. He sat up when the ring of the was heard. He saw them looking around and quickly waved them over.

Out of the corner of your eye you could see a hand moving and looked seeing who you were sure was Baekhyun. You smiled and made your way over to him. He greeted you with a wide smile and a cheerful voice.

“Hello~ You are (y/n) right?” He said already knowing the answer.

“Yup! And you must be Baekhyun.” You giggled.

You sat on the chair and started a conversation. He told you that his job was actually an entertainer, singer specifically. He gave you a small sample of one of his songs, which you recognized, and he had such an amazing voice.

“The song sounds like one my friend showed me. Wait, are you one of their singers?”

“Yep~ Do you like it?”

“I think it’s wonderful, Baek. Oh, do you mind me calling you that?”

“I love it. Only if I get to call you my butterfly~”

You continued to ask and answer questions. He had such an amazing personality and the brightest smile you’d ever seen. You didn’t expect to leave the shop with your hands intertwined but you did. He was the love you’d been waiting for and there he was, holding your hand, and smiling like an idiot. He was undeniably adorable and you couldn’t wait to spend the rest of your life with the ball of sunshine that you now know as Byun Baekhyun.

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He’s walks in late to class the first day of school so has to sit in the only available seat which just happens to be next you, because you chose to be in the back to avoid people. Turns out the seats are permanent for the rest of the year so you’re stuck with the most arrogant kid in school who tries to flirt with you. He shows up late to class everyday giving you a cup of coffee in exchange for notes or answers, has a bad habit of staring at you while you take notes, puts his hand on your thigh and claims it’s “accidental”, whispering stupid things to make you laugh during lectures and receiving glares from your teacher, giving random complements like “your hair smells really nice.” “Not gonna lie, your butt looks cute in those jeans”, but also just being really observant of you like “you don’t know the answer do you? You crinkle your nose when you get confused” or “what are you thinking about? You pout your lip when you zone out.. I’ve noticed” and just he’d have the cutest crush on you and awe wait

Too good - Chibs

Chibs watched you pull into the lot with a small smile on his face. You didn’t tend to come to the lot straight after work but you left of early so you though you could help out Tara with the little boys, Abel and Thomas.

You were dressed in a white blouse with a red, tight leather skirt teamed with black heels and a black trench coat. You could feel the eyes of all the workers on you as you stepped out of your car.

You eyes searched for your old man. When your eyes met a large grin blessed your face. You made your way over to him, he looked so manly with his hair pushed back, overalls slightly undone to show his chest.

But Chibs couldn’t stop staring at you. Your tight leather skirt touched every inch of your thighs all the way down to just below your knee, you trench coat hanging off your shoulders. The only thing he didn’t like was the looks your were getting from his workers.

“Hey baby” You kissed his cheek avoiding the grease and oil that somehow seemed to find its way there.

“Hey lass, how was work?” His eyes drank in every inch of you. Your curves were on full display as you stared up to him with your green eyes. He needed you; you could see it on his face.

“Oh same old, I just couldn’t stop thinking about you all day. But you’re still working so I’ll go help out Tara.” You pressed your lips to his, gently and pulled away before he was able to deepen the kiss.

You winked at him and turned your back and started walking towards the club house, making sure to sashay your hips slightly more than more than normal teasing him. You heard tools hit the floor.

“Oi! Eyes off my old lady” His deep Scottish voice boomed in your ear as his picked you up and threw you over his shoulder.

He propped you onto the back of his bike. You hiked up your skirt to get more comfortable.

“Chibs my car” You laughed out.

“Aye prospect, bring my lady’s car home and – hey her eyes are in her head” You threw your keys at him.

“Your too good for me lass.” He boomed as you began to kiss his neck. You laughed as he put his foot down and you sped off out of the lot while the club members howled and whistled.

Party of 4(Namjoon/Mino/Zico/reader)

Summary: You tease Namjoon in the morning and he makes you regret it at your party. Namjoon drags you to a room but two friends walk in by accident and get curious.
Warnings: lots of SMUTTTTTTTT
P.S this is my first foursome so I’m sorry if this sucks :/
Thank you for reading!

Beep beep beep* beep beep beep*

“Ahhhh” You lazily woke up and turned off the loud alarm. Your boyfriend, Namjoon’s Strong arms were wrapped around your waist.You smiled because having him sleeping next you felt like heaven.
He lazily opened his eyes and gave you a light smirk. You suddenly felt something poking on the side of your naked thigh. Your stare gazed down and It was his morning wood.
“Wanna help me y/n?”, He said with half opened eyes.
“Aish! Go to the bathroom and help yourself."you scowled.
His eyebrows furrowed in frustration
"Ahhh you are such a tease babe”, he sighed with a pout.
He got up and walked into the bathroom.
“Y/n don’t forget about the little party later on!” He yelled from inside.
“Okay namjoon” you answered.
“Don’t forget to wear that dress that I like” he added.
The black dress that barely covered you ass, of course you would wear it. Teasing namjoon was your favorite thing. Watching him want you so badly and the outcome of him being dominant made you feel so weak and good at the same time.
A loud moan came from the other side of the bathroom. He probably just came. That made you more eager for the night to come.

Onto the night***

The music was blaring and Jay park’s song mommae was playing. You were sweaty and grinding all over namjoon. He was wearing his tight black leather pants and a simple navy blue shirt. He grabbed your hips and and rocked them onto his. Your butt was all over his crotch and he loved every second.

You pulled away to beer table. Just one for tonight you thought, you don’t want to forget these wonderful memories.
You felt a hand grab your arm. You looked and it was namjoon. “Hey let’s keep dancing y/n” he had this aggressiveness in his eyes that said to obey him. You obliged and went to dance again.

The dance floor was dark with flashing lights. While grinding on namjoon, you weren’t shy so you palmed him. He grabbed your hips more tightly pulling you harder on his crotch. You could feel him growing hard on your butt. You loved to tease Namjoon so next you started grabbing and squeezing his semi hard clothed member.

He let out a small whimper then he pulled you close and growled in your ear.
“Are you sure you want to do this right now?” He asked.
“What Am I doing?"You said with a smirk.
"Y/n don’t tease me, you know I can’t handle my actions when I’m being teased.”
You just looked at him innocently.
He grabbed your arm and pulled you up the stairs. “Hey where are we-?”
Before you could finish your sentence he pulled you into your room and pushed you softly onto the bed.
He closed the door behind him.

“Now where were we princess?” He asked with a huge grin on his face.
“I’m not sure, why don’t you show me?” You questioned with a smirk.
You wanted him. Every single piece of him.

“So you wanna play it that way princess. This will be fun” he said while kneeling near the bed.

He pulled your legs, putting you closer to him. He grabbed your head and pulled you in for a kiss. It was needy and his tongue was everywhere in your mouth. You held the back of his head, pulling him in to make the kiss deeper. He started grabbing all over your body, making a slight moan come out of your mouth.
He slid your dress up a little, just enough to touch your core slightly.
“Y/n your so wet, already”
You tried to push a little onto his fingers to get more friction but he pulls his hand away quickly.
“You think it’s going to be that easy? You teased me and now I’m going to tease you, princess.”
You frowned “Namjoon I need you now, please.”
“No, you know what happens when princess teases, she has to be punished.”
He grabbed a rope, but before he tied you up he asked “is this okay y/n I don’t want to make you feel uncomfortable”
“Yes please Namjoon, you are going to slow”
With that response he flipped you over and unzipped your tight black dress. He took it off slowly, admiring what was underneath. He flipped you back over to face him and grabbed your wrist to tie you on to the headboard.
You felt a little uncomfortable but you knew how he would make you feel soon.
He unhooked your bra and threw it onto the floor. He sucked on each of your boobs making them both feel loved. Then he went down.
He started kissing and sucking at your thighs, slowly meeting up with your wet warmth. You laid with nothing but your bra and underwear.

He went to the drawer to grab something, but you had no idea what it was.
You heard a small vibrating sound, but thought nothing of it. You saw him take out a small device and put it over his finger. Namjoon then slowly put his vibrating finger on your lace panties and you jumped in shock. You looked down and saw a small clear toy on his finger. He slowly slid it up and down your wet panties making you buck up your hips. He held you down. It felt so nice and you needed more. He moved his finger in such swift motions keeping it at your sensitive spots. You let out moans some of them loud and some of them quite.
“That’s right princess be as loud as you want, but call me by my special name”
You knew exactly what he wanted to be called but you didn’t want him to get the satisfaction just yet.
You held it in feeling the vibration move inside of you.
“So princess isn’t going to call me what I want to be called?” He asked. You nodded.
He ripped off your panties meaning business. Without a warning he put his head to face your wet core and licked up and down your slit while his vibrating finger stayed on your clit.You moaned loudly.
“Call me daddy princess. You teased me all day, call me daddy” he put his tongue deeper inside of you.
“Da- daddy o god you know all the perfect places to touch me,daddy. I love it when you make me feel this way.” you moaned loudly.
With that the bedroom door flew open and two boys came in. They stood there dumbfounded. Seeing you laying their completely naked and Namjoon between your thighs. You looked to see who it was and to your surprise it was Zico and Mino.
“O shit we are sorry for intruding” mino said quickly. Zico whispered something in Minos ear.
Then they both stared at you and Namjoon.
“Well since we are here, do you mind if we watch?” Zico shyly.
You didn’t mind at all.
Namjoon looked at you and asked “Do you mind princess?”
“I don’t care Namjoon, just keep going” you replied.
Having Zico and Mino in the room felt comfortable.
Namjoon was still eating you out.
Zico and Mino looked in awe, trying to hide their semi hard members.
“Daddy can I tell you something?” You asked.
Namjoon rose and let you whisper something in his ear.
“Hey boys you wanna join, y/n could see your boners, and we’ve always wanted to try this.”
Both boys looked at you and nodded.
Zico went to the left side of the bed and Mino went on the right side.

You looked at Zico.
“Hey Zico, you have plump lips, do you want to make princess feel good by eating me out?”
He nodded his head eagerly. Namjoon moved aside and let Zico come in.
Zico look at your dripping heat and put little licks up and down you slit. He then sucked your clit. You moaned loudly then tugged on the ropes that you were in. Namjoon was standing on the side slowing stroking himself.
You looked at Mino and said “Take off your boxers. Princess could make you feel good too, with my mouth”
Since your hands were tied.

He did not disobey. He took off his boxers and his semi hard cock spring out. He brought his member to the tip of your lips.
Zico was still eating you out making you moan on the tip of Mino’s member.
You then brought out your tongue slowly swirling the tip, licking up the precum. You took a little more in your mouth. He threw his head back and groaned.
You moved your head up and down slowly.
He couldn’t handle it and he went deeper making you gag on him.
“I’m sorry princess did I hurt you”
You nodded your head no.
He then proceeded to let you suck. He messaged your breast which made you squirm.
Zico was slowly putting his tongue in and out of you. You bucked your hips because it felt so good. You moaned and that sent hums on Mino’s dick, making him moan.
Namjoon was still stroking himself. He had a face of wanting to cum. You stopped sucking on Mino’s member and said"Daddy cut these ropes. I could uses these hands to make you cum"
He listened and cut them off.
“Princess I want to fuck you, is that okay?”
“Of course daddy, what ever you want”
Zico moved from your wet and ready core.
“Zico I could use my hands on you then. Mino I’m not done with you, I want to taste you.”
“I want to taste all of you” you said while looking at all of them.
With that Namjoon slid the tip of his member on your wet folds.

“Princess is so nice and wet. Are you ready?”
“Namjoon just fuck me already” you blurted out.
He went in quick with no warning. He was slamming into you quickly.
He lifted your legs to his shoulders hitting you at a different angle.

You then grabbed Zico’s hard member with one hand and Mino’s member with the other hand. You pumped them harshly making them both buck their hips into your hand.
Namjoon was pounding into you and hitting places that you didn’t even know of. You pumped Mino and Zico faster. “Y/n can we cum, we are so close” they said in unison.
“Yes but let me taste you.”
With that they both came after you pumped them a couple of more times. Aimed at your mouth but some fell on the side of your cheek. It didn’t taste the greatest but you loved making them feel good.
Back to Namjoon who was still pounding into you.
He used his thumb to play with your needy clit making you weak.
“Daddy can princess cum yet? I can’t hold it in much longer.”
“Yes princess you have been a good girl, cum on my cock”
With that you let go feeling euphoria throughout your whole body. Your walls tightened around him.
He pulled out and pumped himself fast.
“Are you going to swallow this all princess?” He asked.
You nodded and licked your lips.
“Suck it princess, I want to see your pretty lips on my hard cock.”
You obeyed and took his whole member in your mouth. He hit the back of your throat, making you choke a little. You relaxed your gag reflex and kept sucking. Namjoon spilled his warm liquid into your mouth suddenly.
You swallowed every drop. And licked off the extra around your mouth.
“Thank you Y/n. We should do this again sometime” Zico said while going out of the room with Mino.

It was just you and Namjoon and he wrapped his arms around you and hugged you. You were in the bed peacefully. Enjoying the relaxing time.
“Princess felt good didn’t she”
You just nodded into the chest.
“We should do that again, right?”
You nodded again.
“I love you y/n” he then kissed the top of your forehead.
“Love you too Namjoon” you gave him a small peck on the lips.