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[to the tune of “Fathoms Below” from the Little Mermaid] EONS AGOOOOOOOOO I posted this fic meme, but then had work exhaustion and was mentally tired for ages, SOOOOO much belatedly I present you with….

43. “Why are you/we whispering?”

Kid!Cherik AU. They’re about first grade here.

“Why are we whispering?” Charles whispered.

“Because the teacher could come back at any minute,” said Erik, face set and gray-blue eyes blazing, just like the men on the covers of the adventure books Charles liked nanny to read to him before bed.

Miss Elroy was in the teacher’s lounge, flipping through a People magazine and absentmindedly waffling back and forth between getting a pedicure the next day, but Charles said, “Okay,” because Erik hadn’t asked where Miss Elroy was, and Charles didn’t tattle.

Not much, anyway.

Well, he was trying to be good, even if sometimes his words got out of his mouth before his brain could stop them.

“Come on,” whispered Erik finally, after ages had passed and he decided it was safe to open the storage room door and sneak back out into the classroom.

“Did you see where she stashed them?” he whispered to Charles as they tip-toed, hand-in-hand, through the classroom, gray and full of muted colors with the overhead lights off. It made Charles’s nerves jump.

“Yes,” he whispered back, having plucked the action from Miss Elroy’s head when she had stashed their “pop quizzes” away in her desk. He squeezed Erik’s hand. “This way.”

“How could she do that to us?” seethed Erik as they inched around lifeless desks, skirting Ororo’s purple sweater sagging on the floor from the back of her chair, and giving a wide berth to Emma’s perfectly organized desk with her sparkly gel pens all in a line. “How could she just… test us, without giving us a warning? We didn’t have time to prepare!”

“Well, she did say she wanted us to pay attention to the story,” Charles pointed out fairly. But it was a beautiful spring day, and all the children had been bored and restless and Miss Elroy had wanted them to pay attention instead of looking out the windows at the bright blue sky and playground…. Not that Charles was supposed to know that. He was trying very hard to be good and stay out of her head, but it was hard! It was so fascinating, learning stuff, and thinking about teaching it to other people….

“Where are they?” Erik asked when they reached Miss Elroy’s desk, and, hesitantly, Charles showed him, opening the bottom drawer where their responses to her reading Frog and Toad Are Friends were stashed.

Erik reached in and grabbed them with reckless hands, then - Charles gasped and covered his mouth, saying “Erik–!” - he started tearing them apart, little white pieces of paper flying around and drifting to the ground while Charles watched in horror.

“Uhhhh, aren’t you kids supposed to be at recess?”

Charles whirled around. At the door was a… it looked like a fifth grader, leaning against the doorjamb and squinting at them.

“Gonna get your teacher,” she muttered, straightening and disappearing.

Charles’s heart felt like it would burst from his chest.

“We have to run,” he said desperately, clutching at Erik’s arm. Erik seemed to be frozen, staring at the deserted doorway with huge eyes. Charles looked at the littered ground. “We’d better clean up first.”

He bent down and started grabbing at the torn pieces of papers.

“No, Charles!” Erik said, coming back to life. He grabbed Charles around the waist and started tugging him away. “We have to hide! Back to the closet!”

The pit pat pit pat of someone running down the hallway signaled the end of the adventure. Charles tried hard not to shrink back as Miss Elroy burst into the room and flicked on the lights, out of breath and alarmed.

Her frantic look changed into resigned chagrin when she spotted them.

“Erik Lehnsherr,” she sighed. “More anarchy in the classroom, hm?”

“It isn’t fair!” he shouted, fists balled by his sides. “You didn’t give us a chance to study for a test!”

“Oh for…” said Miss Elroy, massaging her forehead. “Everyone got a point just for doing it, Erik. I wasn’t going to grade you, I wanted to make you think about the story.”

A confused, slightly embarrassed look replaced Erik’s bluster.

“All right, then, each of you to a corner until recess ends,” said Miss Elroy, putting a hand on each of their backs and ushering them toward the back of the classroom. She got a stool for each of them to sit on and face the corner and Think About What They’d Done while she returned to her desk and worked read The New York Times (not that Charles was supposed to know that).

Charles curled into a ball as best as he could on his stool and put his head in his arms in despair. Punished in the classroom! He’d never been disciplined like this before. Occasionally he got too excited talking to the others, especially Erik, and had to be told to calm down and be quiet, but this - !

Loud scraping of metal on the floor echoed through the room. Miss Elroy’s tapping on her mouse stopped and Charles peeked through his elbow. Erik was now half a foot closer to Charles. For a few seconds nothing happened, then Miss Elroy began tapping again. A few seconds more and Charles just barely managed to suppress a surprised yell as his stool jerked to side, loud across the floor, closer to Erik.

“Oh, for…” Miss Elroy muttered and everything stopped again. Eventually she sighed heavily and began typing, clearly ignoring them as Erik, sweating and face scrunched in concentration, used his power to pull them close enough to each other they could lean over and whisper together, hands entangled and legs kicking against each other as they waited out the rest of their sentence.

The day I lost you (Joshua,BMP)…part 20

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″Joshua…” You felt tears prick your eyes once again as you stared down at the note. “…I’m sorry…I made you suffer so much…” Clutching the small piece of paper to your chest, you sank to the ground in tears…

Crouched down on the floor, you began to look around, squinting through the tears. It was then that you realised…unlike all the alterations out in the living room…your room had been barely touched. Things were virtually the same as the way you had left them, save a few layers of dust and some papers that wind must have blown to the floor. You couldn’t help but notice that the creases in your bed were still existent, clearly illustrating the hunched way jn which you used to sleep…the toys and art supplies had been stayed in the same order that they used to be in. You smiled fondly as you remembered the way Joshua used to sneak into your room, just to rearrange them into the order that suited him and were surprised to see that he had left them be. The mirror in the corner was still at the same angle, untouched. It was as if time had stopped since the day you left or a person had preserved evehthing in the room that made it…yours. Lost in thought, you started to zone out.

Suddenly, a voice called out. “…_______?” You looked up, confusion showing through your tears. “…J-Joshua…?” Carefully, you rose from the ground and edged towards the doorway, peaking out into the living room where a very flustered Prince stood, looking around frantically…until his eyes met yours. “…________…” You jumped, letting the door creep open, note still in hand and bowed. “Y-Your Highness…S-Sorry…I-I don’t have permission to be here but-” you were cut off by Joshua running over to you, wrapping his arms around your body and pulling you in close. “J-Jo…I mean, Your Highness?!” Your eyes widened in shock at the sudden contact as you felt the sheet of paper fall from your hands and drift to your feet.

“Finally…I’ve finally found you…finally…” As Joshua struggled to catch his breath, you felt yourself begin to relax in his warm embrace. All of a sudden, you were attacked by a flood of emotions. Maybe it was the fact that you were in your old house. Or the fact that Joshua was there with you…or even the fact that, after so long, you were finally in his arms again…whatever it was, you felt the feelings rise up from within you in the form of tears that had begun to fall steadily down your face as you nuzzled into his chest - something you had missed doing for so long. And for the first time in 3 years, everything was the way it should’ve been. It was as if the universe had finally begun to show sympathy and allowed the two of you to be together once again. Since you had regained your memories, unmeasurable floods of tears had fallen from your orbs…but the tears you shed now were not of the bitter pain that they were once made of…They were of relief, and comfort. Finally, you were home, in the arms of your loved one.

Joshua’s POV

It felt like I had been searching for hours. I knew that what I was doing would cause all sorts of misunderstandings and gossip…but tonight, as I saw __________ walk away, looking like she had been shot through the heart….I understood. It didn’t matter what had happened in the past. It didn’t matter what my situation was now or what my duties meant… What did matter, was __________. Tonight’s engagement party taught me a valuable lesson. I was wrong to think that my Princely duties over-ruled our time together. I was wrong to assume that keeping my word was most important…because I know now that the most important thing in the world…is _______ and her smile.

So, when I finally found her, it was as if everything was back to the way it should have been. There she was, standing in the door way, like she was waiting for me to get home and I did what my heart told me. I ran up to her and pulled her tightly towards me. Oh, how much I had missed being able to bring her petite body to me, how much I had longed to be able to pull her close again and finally…finally…my wish had come true.