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Just Friends...


Cam’s question rang in my ear. When i looked at my phone and saw it was unlocked, i knew that Cam answered. I was mad, mad as fuck. But not at Cam…i was mad at me. Suddenly all my suppressed emotions rushed to the top and came bubbling over. Trying to find the words to answer him, my voice escaped me and the only thing that came out were tears. I sat and pressed my face into my palms as i sobbed. 

Cam scooted closer and put his arm around my back and comforted me. 

“Hey….. Babe… whats wrong?…. What is it baby girl?” He whispered bringing his head close to mine.

I still couldn’t respond. All i could do was just cry. Cry because once again, when i think i’m making progress and i’m finally over him, the mention of his name fucks me up. I was tired of my emotions being tied so tightly to him. He had some type of hold on me that i couldn’t control as much as i tried. 

When i finally stopped crying enough to sound like i was speaking english, i decided that it was time for me to tell Cam about Stefon and my past once and for all. Why i’m so fucked up and why i’m terrified to be in a relationship again. 

I told him about our relationship, Stefon’s occupation and operations and about my miscarriage. it wasn’t easy for me to talk about, but he listened with patience and compassion as i spilled my heart to him. He didn’t ask questions, just listened and when i was through he held me tight all night as we slept letting me know i was secure in his arms. I felt like a weight had been lifted off of my shoulders for two reasons. one, because i was finally able to be honest with him about my past. And two, because i was able to really talk to someone about it. I had my friends of course, but only one knew the whole thing about my relationship with Stefon and our unfortunate end. 

A Couple Days Later (4th of July)

After i told Cameron about Stefon, I had been really clingy with him. We spent every day and night together up to the 4th because i didn’t want to be alone and he didn’t want me to be either. I blocked Stefon’s number from my phone so i wouldn’t have to deal with it anymore. I took a couple days off and rescheduled most of my clients so i could recuperate and enjoy my holiday. Normally i spend my Fourth of July with just my parents and Jeremy but this year Cameron wanted me to come out to his mother’s place too which was about an hour away from Miami. So i went to my parent’s house first then drove out here. I felt like meeting family was an important step. I mean, i know he knows my family but it’s different. He and my dad work together. He knew my parents before i ever met him. But for me to meet his mother and his sisters.. i knew it was a big step. Especially since we’re not even official. But i was happy to be with him because the few hours that we were away from each other, i missed him like crazy. 

When i got there, His mother, older sisters, and his niece and nephew were already sitting outside on the patio with the food ready and a plate for me. (Celeste-sister-White Top: Chanel-sister- Black Top: Conner-Nephew son of Celeste: Chandler-Niece Daughter of Celeste: Edna- Mother-Green Dress). I was greeted by his entire family with friendly smiles and a big hug from his mother. 

I sat down and immediately, his middle sister Chanel begin telling stories about Cameron. Chanel was a lot of fun, a life of the party type of person. She was a few years older than Cam but she had such a young personality. His oldest sister Celeste on the other hand, was snobby. Then entire time i sat there i could just feel her judging me. Cam told me his sister wascprotective of him but damn. She hardly cracked a smile in my direction. His mother, was the sweetest. She had such a genuine personality, like Cameron. I could tell where he got it from, and his looks too. With him sitting next to her, he looked like her twin. I enjoyed watching him interact with his family. He and Chanel went back and forth clowning on each other making the whole table light up in laughter. 

After a while, the topic of conversation switched from Cameron and Chanel cracking jokes over to me. Ms. Edna asked all the basics, what i did for a living, where did i grow up, how did i meet Cam and for a while i was acing right through the questions looking like the perfect candidate. Even Celeste was starting to ease up with the judgmental glares. It wasn’t until Ms. Edna asked a question that my foot was inserted into my mouth. 

“So how long have you and Cammy been dating?” She asked curiously.

and without giving it a second thought or a moment to reflect it just flew out my mouth. “Oh No! We’re not dating, we’re just friends.” Immediately i said it, i knew i fucked up. it was a real life face palm moment.

“Ouch.” Chanel said as the table fell into an awkward silence and stare.

I glanced over at Cam who sat there tensely looking down at his hands. His mother kept her awkward smile as she looked over at Cam too. The brim of his hat covered his eyes. He didn’t look up. I glanced back over to his sisters direction only to find them both staring at me in confusion. Chanel tried to fake smile but Celeste went right back to mean mugging me. The rest of the meal was a little awkward for me. Cam didn’t say another word and i tried not to either. i only spoke when spoken to. I tried to hold Cameron’s hand under the table but he pushed it away. I knew i had some serious making up to do. 

After we finished and cleaned up a bit, I knew it was time for me to go home. Cam wasn’t even trying to be near me. When i announced that i was leaving and giving everyone my goodbye hugs, Cam acted like he wasn’t even gonna walk me to my car. His mother gave him a look and he reluctantly followed behind me.

When we got outside to the driveway away from listening ears, i turned to him and tried to fix the damage i had done. 

I turned around to pull him closer to me by his waist and said  “Baby, i’m so sorry, it just slipped out. I know we haven’t really talked about it in a while but..” 

“Save it Kala.” he said cutting me off and pushing me back. 

“Come on Cam don’t be like that.”

“Be like what? i’m just keeping things like friends would right? After all that’s all i am right?”

“It slipped out Cam. And we haven’t talked about it. What am i supposed to say to your mother? ‘Oh we’ve just been fuckin for about four months now?’ huh? I can’t say that.” I said as my tone became more serious.

“So you’re telling me after all this time, all you see me as is someone your just fucking?”

“Yeah…. Well… no.. but.”

“Wooooow” he said stepping back. “What the fuck are you even doing here then? Why the fuck did you tell me all that shit the other night. Why have you been staying with me, sleeping over at my place and leaving your shit all over my house? I mean i know you have commitment issues but God damn.. you can’t even admit to yourself what this is. You know we’re more than just fuckin. but if that’s what you believe then go. i don’t wanna do this shit anymore. I tried to give you your time and be patient with you hoping you might change your mind once you see what type of guy i am. but apparently not.”

“So you’re honestly mad because i called you my friend to your mom?”

“I was. But now i’m honestly mad because you really believe that’s all we are.” He said turning his back and walking toward the gate to the backyard.

“Cameron. Where are you going?… Cameron??” I yelled softly as he walked into the backyard and slammed the gate. A tear slipped down my cheek as i unlocked my car and got in.

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Me, Cam, His momma, his sisters, His niece and Nephew when Kala said “we’re just friends” 

Like Deadass, i’m over Kala and her dramatics ughhhhh

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College AU! Jung Sewoon
  • Group Member: Produce 101 (Starship trainee) Jung Sewoon 
  • Type: Fluff
  • Style: Bullet
  • Summary: Honey vocals from orientation is teaching you guitar two years later?

a/n: dkjfh I’m an idiot and forgot to tag Jaehwan’s scenario this morning with “wanna one scenarios” and “produce 101 scenarios,” so a lot of people missed it. I didn’t forget him I promise!! Read here: Kim Jaehwan

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i luv u and ur writing! mwah! can i get a headcanon where MC is a daredevil who lives life like everyday is her last. include my boys saeran an v if you want, or not, but youd be sugar sweet if you did! calibunga baby!

Thank you boo! I hope you enjoy!

Daredevil MC


-this boy thinks it’s the coolest thing ever!!

-until!! you almost die!!! right in front of him!!!!

-not really, but he would worry about anything even close to sketchy

-if you manage to injure yourself, this bab would not let you do anything ever again

-because who can refuse those puppy dog eyes



-oh dear, this woman won’t let you get away with anything

-not unless you’re equipped with full protective gear and wrapped in bubble wrap, that is

-if you hurt yourself, prepare for the longest ‘I TOLD YOU SO’ lecture ever

-(she secretly thinks it’s the coolest thing ever but shE WANTS YOU TO BE SAFE)



-he thinks all of the crazy things you do are insanely cool!!

-as long as he’s there to be your knight in shining armor and save you if you fall or hurt yourself

-if you were comfortable with it, he would encourage you to record your crazy stunts and post them online!

-except when people start calling you out in public instead of him,,, he may or may not get very salty


-”MC NO”  “MC YES” is your relationship in a nutshell

-this child is arguably the most protective of them all

-has at least 3 security guards glued to you at all times in case you spontaneously decide to jump off something very tall

-this child,,,, just wants you to be safe,,,, why do you stress him out like this,,,,

-if you hurt yourself he would wrap you in many layers of bubble wrap


-he thinks it’s so cool!!!!

-encourages it all the time

-“Hey MC, can you jump off of that??”

-but he’s always lowkey worried that you’ll hurt yourself

-so if he’s not with you he’s most likely staring at a CCTV cam to make sure you’re safe

V (assuming he’s blind)

-he wouldn’t even notice at first

-and then one day all of a sudden he would hear this loud THUMP and a quiet “I’m okay!!”

-he kinda panics but you quickly explain that you live for this type of stuff

-he makes you promise to tell him before you do anything crazy

-and to give some sort of sign that you’re okay afterwards

-definitely doesn’t get you a collar with a bell for his peace of mind what are you talking about


-let’s be honest here he’s the same way

-power couple of dangerous stunts that give everyone else a heart attack!!

-it quickly becomes a bonding thing, you guys do crazy pair stuff!

-you two would get into little competitions over who does the crazier stuff

-one day you see a video of you two on trending in youtube… you never took a video…


CHASING SUNS: Chapter 4 Red

2,238 words
Please don’t hate me while I sprinkle on the happiness then take it all away…

When Cam’s alarm went off at eight, she’d already had the phone in her hand and was browsing the recent news reports. She sighed at the total lack of sleep she got, stretched and grabbed her toothbrush and headed to the showers.

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Depresie sau imaginatie?

First of all, inainte sa incep ceea ce vreau sa zic, tin sa va anunt ca imi permit sa comentez pe tema asta, fiind un om care la 12 fucking ani a fost dus la psiholog, i s-a spus ca are depresie.

Deci, deci, deci. Imi pierd răbdarea, iar eu sunt un om foarte calm. De când ma stiu pe Tumblr, adica 3-4 ani, am cunoscut 2 tipuri de persoane depresive:

1. Aia care chiar aveau depresie, din niste motive foarte…“dure”.
2. Aia care CRED ca sunt in depresie.

Faza naspa e ca se cam umple online-ul de oameni din a 2-a categorie. Hai sa nu-i numesc falsi, ci naivi. Naivi pentru ca au vazut, probabil, postari despre depresie, stari de depresie, si asa mai departe, si pentru ca nu prea poti spune exact ce simti legat de acea stare, s-au cam regasit in chestiile alea. Nu-i rau ca s-au regasit, ci ca s-au regasit gresit, intr-un moment naspa, un singur moment. Are TOATA lumea un motiv serios? Nup.

Realizați ca sunt oameni care, din cauza chestiilor prin care au trecut, chiar ar putea fii in depresie, si nu sunt? Iar voi din niste cacaturi va crizati asa…

“Vai dar stii ca sunt unii mai sensibili…”

Serios? Asa de sensibili? Toti? Hai ma lasi, asta e o chestie legata de dorința de a arata ca esti puternic, ca ai caracter si nu vrei sa fii o leguma.

Si nici nu stiu de ce a luat asa multa amploare toata chestia asta. Cumva toata lumea e in depresie. Acum cativa ani depresia era asociată persoanelor “emo”. Suntem toti emo? Nu. Sunt cativa oameni cu o imaginație bogata? Da.

“Si care-i problema ta?”

Problema mea e ca oamenii astia se cam joaca cu focul, stii? Spui tot timpul ca esti in depresie, cand de fapt nu esti. Si cand o sa te lovească pe bune starea asta, ce o sa mai spui? Nu vrei sa stii cum e sa ai depresie, starile alea de anxietate si faptul ca nu poti spune ce simti…esti pur si simplu… futut emotional.

Faceti depresia sa para ceva asa de firesc, asa de simplu, o faceti sa para ca si cum apare oricum, din orice si instant.

Fiti serioși oameni buni, nu va mai jucati atat cu niste cuvinte…

P.S.: nu aruncați cu hate, mi-am exprimat si eu opinia, ca toata lumea. :)



Request:  Hi! i saw ur post today :) Can i still request? If yes, uhm…. a Cam Dallas fanfic where he’s a werewolf or a vampire tnx :)))

photo creds: vebston-rose

author’s note: sorry this is so cheesy, it was inevitable since this was a vampire fic, hehe. 


Cameron had always been quite sensitive around you, but you’d had no problem until tonight. You were pulled up at a drive in movie, the seats in your car pushed back, the floor soft with thick woolen blankets and cushy pillows that you both lay across. A horror movie flickered across the big screen, and the crowd at the movie drew a collective gasp as a lurking actor with fake vampire fangs pounced onto a young woman, who let out the typical & cheesy “I’m being attacked in a movie” scream. You were a little scared, but you laughed it off and nudged Cameron, who stared rigidly at the screen, his jaw firmly clenched.

“Scared?” you teased and wriggled closer to him, turning your head so you could rest it on his chest. He noticed and grunted softly, edging your head onto his shoulder instead, and turning back to the screen, his eyes steely.

“You okay?” you asked, looking up into his big brown eyes.

“I don’t like this movie,” he sighed heavily.

“Oh, well, no need to stare daggers at it, Cam.”

He pursed his lips and brought his eyes away from the screen, lifting you gently and then scooting away from you.

You weren’t sure if you should be angry or confused, so you were both.

When the movie ended, every car pulled out, but you took your time, wanting to face Cameron before getting on the road. The moon glimmered across his stern features, the grass soft between your bare toes as you tiptoes across the grass and to the car door, where Cameron was leaning with his eyes closed.

“Hey,” you tried.

“Hey,” he said, not opening his eyes.

“So, are you going to talk to me about why you were acting like an ass?” you said bluntly.

He ran a hand through his already tousled with brown hair, his eyes opening slowly, “You wouldn’t get it.”

“You haven’t even given me a chance to,” you said, hurt.

“I just want to keep you safe, (y/n).”

“Cam,” you begged, wrapping your arms around his neck. He turned his head away from yours, so you took your chance and brought your lips to his neck. His throat rumbled softly, his fists clenched when he cautiously brought them around your waist. You sucked softly on his neck, but his eyelids fluttered, and something came over him, causing him to spin you around and slam you against the car door where he had been only a second ago.

Your eyes grew wide, “C-Cam?” you stuttered, “Open your eyes, babe.”

And he did.

They were the color of fresh blood, and a system of black veins swarmed across his features and under his eyes. He opened his mouth, not to hurt you, just to take a breath in, and you clearly made out fangs protruding in his mouth. He didn’t say a word, he simply looked you over, his crimson eyes flickering over your face for a response.

“How…?” you felt in your chest that you should feel fear, but there was nothing stirring within you except confusion and curiosity.

“I just am,” he murmured barely audibly. You knew there was a story to tell behind this, but you didn’t press him for more on the matter.

Your chest rose heavily, bumping Cameron’s softly.

Looking into his eyes, you knew it was him, but it felt like you were staring at a stranger, this new side of a boy who you thought was the most normal guy out there.

“Are you scared?” he growled quietly.


He raised an eyebrow, then laughed, his mouth stretching wide as he smirked his goofy Cameron smirk you knew all too well. He flicked his tongue across his fangs, gazing at you in disbelief.

“Liar,” he snarled without warning and pinned your hands above your head, his teeth coming down on your flesh but never piercing the skin. You yelped softly and turned your head away from him.

“See?” he smiled, but his smile was twisted cruelly.

You panted softly, eyes watering.

“Every one of my instincts is telling me to rip you apart right now,” he said, “every instinct tells me to sink into your flesh and suck every ounce of your blood until you become a rag doll that I can leave for dead. And I could, and god, do I want to,” he moaned hungrily.

“All I see,” you interrupted sternly, “Is that the love of my life seems to be more scared of himself than I am of him.”

Cameron’s smile vanished, and he released your hands, his breathing faltering as you saw the boy you knew again.


You shushed him and raised your hand gently to his skin, feeling the pattern of his veins with the tips of your fingers, caressing him gently and assuring him he was fine. The veins beneath your touch seemed to sink slowly back down, and you smiled a bit to yourself, bouncing up to your toes to press your lips to Cam’s. He tensed at first, but gently kissed back, unsure. You pulled your lips off his, not wanting to push him too far, and he nuzzled into the edge of your neck, his hot breath right on your skin. His two fangs pressed right into your skin, just enough to leave a faint mark, but not enough to worry you. Cameron raised his head again, his eyes brown, his features molded into a saddened expression.

He opened his mouth, water trickling from his deeply pained eyes.

“I love you,” he managed, as no other words seemed to come out.

“I love you too,” you smiled and kissed his nose.

Cameron flashed a soft smile, “Thank you, (y/n).”

“You are most welcome. But, I think you won’t love me after I ruin this moment with a reeeeeeally shitty pun,” you said.

“Test me,” he smiled playfully.

“Okay, well, I love you too, my Campire,” you snickered loudly and burst into uncontrollable laughter, Cam shaking his head in disgust, but unable to hold back from doing the same.

“I think you’re right,” he snorted.

Nijis Youtube Channel Part 2

Niji: So guys! I got this cute fanart from you! Let’s take a look together!

Niji:-cries- it’s so beautiful!
Niji: -screams- IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL
Niji:-licks screen- I can taste their love. And it tastes beautiful.

Niji: So and next..Nijis everyday life! Have fun!

Niji:-plays drums–set drums on fire- how is that even possible.
Niji:-twerks on zoro poster–-sets poster on fire- what.
Niji:-dances–sets floor on fire-..uh.. THE FLOOR IS LAVA…?
Niji: -sings–sets micro on fire-…uhm..THIS BOY IS ON FIREEE…?
Niji:-draws–sets pen on fire–looks at pen-…?
Niji: So guys i realized..I’m too hot for this stuff
Niji: -Badum tsss- -fire- WHY IS THIS HAPPENING?
Niji: -fights fire with extinguisher–sets extinguisher on fire–screams-

Sanji: So we gonna tell him that you are setting everything on fire?
Ichiji:…-puts lighter away- Don’t know what you are talking about.

Niji: okay now that over I will move on to the next topic! A&Q’s with the vinsmoke brothers! And here are my brothers Sanji and Ichiji!
Ichiji: -stares into cam-
Sanji: is this live? Am I famous now?
Niji: Not yet! Let’s read the first Question!…‘Hello Niji, I love your Channel’ Oh thanks dear! ‘I have a problem, I don’t know what to do! my friends cries because of her break up, can you help me?’ Ohh you know I think the best way to end someones crying is to kis- To make them food. Right Sanji? Be there for them. Comfort them.
Sanji: Uh..yeah that Is actually a good Idea!
Niji; and what do you think Ichiji?
Ichiji: Seek brutal revenge in their Honor.
Niji: and that’s why your only friends exist only in books.

//I need help. Welp. ALSO SORRY FOR MY …SHITTY ENGLISH HHRHRJGNGNGNGNG @ask-the-vinsmokes

AN: This drabble has been a wip for months now…I decided to just post. It’s a fun idea but idk what else I want to do with it.

Working alongside Kylo Ren was vexing and often fruitless. Searching for a kriffing map together had led to the untimely demise of Starkiller Base and the deaths of thousands–not that General Hux held a grudge. That would be unproductive, to say the least.

Still, dread pooled in his gut when Hux was summoned to a communication chamber aboard the Finalizer, much less grand than the vast hall Supreme Leader Snoke would appear to them on Starkiller. Kylo Ren, the juvenile, bumbling oaf, was already present and had undoubtedly been kneeling before his master’s visage for some time, if the stiffness of his shoulders were anything to go by. 

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will you continue with the murder mystery fic?

I will, yes! Here’s the newest part. Follows 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Let’s go find out does not entail returning to the station to do some more research as Cam would have guessed, but an impromptu road trip to the power company that’s located about an hour and a half outside of the town proper. Past Halifax.

“What’s the plan here?” Cam asks while they’re driving. “We just gonna show up and ask to see their records? Without a warrant? Wouldn’t it be easier just to check the logs back at the station? See if they ever made a report about foul play or vandals causing the power outages or something? They must have known the power was being cut deliberately.”

Pritchett shakes his head. “Call Ginny back at the station and have her look into it. In the meantime, we’ll go straight to the source. There’s something off about this.”

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Shower (Smut)

You walked into the bathroom and placed down a towel on the counter. Your plans for the night were to take a warm relaxing shower and change into comfy clothes, and cuddle with Cameron all night.

However, you hadn’t seen him since you came home that night. You were pretty sure he was in the bedroom. But whatever he was doing wasn’t something you were interested in interrupting.

You placed a pair of sweatpants, panties, and a Calvin Klein sports bra on the counter, laying out your clothes for after your shower. You reached for the shower handle and turned on the water, which was currently frigid. You pulled your hand away at the cold sensation of the water on your skin.

As it steamed up, you heard Cameron call for you. So you slipped out of the bathroom and headed towards your bedroom, opening the door and seeing him, sitting quietly at the edge of your shared bed. His back was to you, and you smiled seeing him, but your smile quickly turned to sudden surprise when you looked into the mirror that ran along the wall across from him.

His hand was placed firmly around his cock, pumping it up and down.

“Oh baby, just like that,” he moaned.

You resisted the temptation to sneak your hand down into your own pants.

You sucked your lip between your teeth, “Why do you need your hand, when you have me in the house?” You asked.

He jumped up and turned around, covering his junk with the blanket on the bed.

“Oh, I didn’t hear you come in,” he said, a pink tint lighting his cheeks.

“Cameron,” you said again, “I’ve seen your penis before.”

“But this is different,” he said quietly, shying away.

“Why?” You asked, placing your hands on your hips, and cocking an eyebrow up.

“Because I was… Masturbating,” he said

You resisted the urge to giggle, and instead just grinned, flashing your teeth at him.

“Cameron, I’d rather you let me jerk you, or at least let me watch,” you said, leaning against the doorframe.

You could practically see the goosebumps rise up on his skin. He gulped and smiled a tiny smile, “Oh, o-okay,” he stuttered.

“Come with me,” you motioned for him to come along and he followed you into the bathroom, still covering his junk, now with his hands.

The room was now steamy and warm, and he slowly took his hands away from his cock, and it rose slowly as you began to strip of your clothes. You bit your lip and pulled down your panties, slowly bending at the knees to take them off.

You walked into the shower and he bit his lip, joining you, and wrapping his arms around you from behind. The warm water ran over your breasts and you felt his lips begin to leave kisses up and down the back of your neck.

You could feel his cock pressing to the back of your thigh and you couldn’t help but smile and suck your lip into your mouth. You reached behind you and grabbed his penis, tugging it slightly and causing him to jerk back.

“Baby, don’t tease me like that,” he moaned out.

You turned around and leaned against the cool tile, looking up at him hovering over you. The water droplets that covered his chest made you want to drag your fingertips over his skin. His lips were parted slightly and he was staring directly into your eyes.

“Cam, make love to me,” you arched your back off of the wall and he smiled lowly, gripping your sides with his hands, up near your rib cage.

“Mm, of course princess,” he leaned into your neck and kissed up to your jawline. He reached down and found your clit with his fingertips. He gently and slowly started to rub it and toy with it, your hips squirming around with every touch. “Stay still for me, darling, so Daddy doesn’t have to punish his little girl,” he bit down on your neck and left a small hickey in its wake.

He continued to invade your private area, and he glanced down at his hand and your pussy, before shoving his two middle fingers up into your vaginal hole. You squealed and squirmed away, into the corner of the shower. He laughed and followed you over there, his fingers still inside of you. Your eyes were clenched shut, and you began breathing heavily.

“Don’t move baby, I’ll give you one more chance,” he said, grinning and then pressed his lips to yours, moving his fingers in and out quickly, thrusting them at a steady pace.

“C-Cam, that feels so-” you felt his fingers curl upwards, stroking your g-spot, and you reflexively closed your legs around his hand, clamping down on his fingers. “Fuck!” You yelled and sheepishly looked up into his eyes.

There was a hard and stern look on his face, almost something you should fear, but a lustful twinkle in his eye kept you quiet.

“I’m sorry, I just-” you started to say, but he stopped you by pressing his thumb to the front of your vagina, and keeping his fingers in you, giving your actual pubic bone a harsh squeeze. It sent a new electricity through your body. It was kind of terrifying. He cocked his head to the side and said, “Spread your legs darling.”

You slowly, and cowardly spread your legs. He flexed his arm up, reaching above your head, licking his lips and never breaking the eye contact, and he grabbed the shower head from above you on the wall. He pulled it down, as you had one with a long connector to the wall.

He pulled his other hand out of you and you felt your clit twitch. You knew exactly what he was planning on doing, and you gulped hard. He smiled devilishly down at the object in his hands.

“Keep ‘em spread, baby girl,” he said, sucking his lips back into his mouth, and kneeling down. He spread your labia with two of his fingers. With the shower head in his other hand, he lifted it and let some water rinse over your now-exposed core. He let it run down over your holes and all over your clit. Your breathing was already getting heavy. Then, he suddenly twisted the top of the shower head, which made the force of the water more powerful. Instead of coming out in 12 small streams of water, it came out of the center in a hard forcible hose-like stream, at full power. He smirked again and bit his bottom lip, resting his full weight on his arm that he pressed to your waist to keep you still.

“No, no. Cameron, please.” You whined at him, but he looked up at you once and quickly down again.

“I warned you princess,” he replied cheekily. Then he pressed the shower head against your pussy, the stream flowing right onto your clit and producing more force than a high-powered vibrator.

Immediately, your hips started to buck all over the place. Cameron’s arm did its best to keep you pinned against the wall.

“C-Cam, it’s so much,” you said, gasping for air. You were careful to say ‘so much’ rather than ‘too much,’ because it was not too much. It was never too much with Cameron. And you didn’t want him to stop even though you felt like you were going to pass out.

“You can take it,” he growled, started to move the shower head, along with your clit, in quick little circles.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,“ you whimpered.

Then, all at once, you felt your high coming on and you climaxed. Your legs started shaking, visibly to the eye, which made Cameron actually laugh out loud. Your breathing was ragged, and your knees buckled beneath you, your back sliding down the wall, while Cam held it to your clit still, forcing you into overdrive.

“Cam stop, please,” you cried out. He only smiled and held you there a little longer while your body started shaking all over and your eyes rolled into the back of your head.

Finally, when you clamped your legs around his arm again and bucked your hips up and down, and tears spilled out of your eyes, mixed with the spraying water everywhere, Cameron decided he would stop.

He turned the shower head back to normal, and placed it back where it belonged on the wall.

He leaned down and picked you up from the floor of the shower. He continued to wash your body, as well as his own, and shampoo your hair. He saw how tired you were now, leaning against the shower wall, eyes closing in exhaustion. He rinsed the two of you off and turned the shower water to a complete stop. He pulled on a pair of clean boxers and then began helping you.

He dried you off with the towel you left out for yourself, and he slid your new panties onto your legs, pulling a clean t-shirt of his over your head. It was a plain black shirt. And he found a pair of mid-calf black socks of yours to put on you too. You smiled to yourself at how kind he was. And also how he was trying to be color coordinated for your bedtime attire.

He pulled a brush out of the bathroom drawer and he slowly started to detangle your hair. He then ran his finger through it, pulling it up to the top of your head and bunching it up. He slyly took the black hairband from around your wrist and pulled it off to tie your hair up for you. You’d taught him how to do this.

Then he turned you around to face him. He leaned towards you, and kissed your forehead. You smiled again, your cheeks heating up. He lifted you, bridal style - with an arm beneath your back and an arm beneath your knees, and carried you to your shared bed. The sheets on one side were still a bit ruffled from his earlier ordeal. But he placed you on your side of the bed and pulled the covers up onto you, warming you up. He crawled in behind you and pressed his front to your back, his bare chest against your clothed back.

“I love you,” you whispered to him, as he wrapped an arm around you and snuggled his head into the back of your neck.

He pressed his lips to your ear, and he whispered back, “I love you more.” And you fell soundly asleep, with him holding you tight and secure, protecting you from all the dangers in the world.