Henry accepts your challenge Staredown Kid. Game on! 🎶😺👀⚾️ ESPN #staredown #stare #gameon #BringIt #lol #vine #cat #espn #baseball

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Today’s doodle: A staring contest between these two triangle-haired mofos. i accidentally drew their eyes unleveled & had to rely on teeny tiny eyeballs to stare at each other -___-
Amethyst & Skwisgaar are snacking on Dethkorn. & as an equivalent to Steven’s starry eyes I gave Toki kitty eyes :P

I’m starting to crack-ship Peridot and Murderface. i shouldn’t be. help.


Looks can’t kill, but as Rajon Rondo found out Thursday night, they can get you an early trip to the showers.