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Nordics reaction to getting a cake smashed in there face?

Denmark/Matthias: “Haha! I’m getting you back once I get cleaned up, better watch out! *Plays it off, taking it as a joke*

Norway/Lukas: *Cue the hissing and icy stares* “Please do not touch me.” 

Sweden/Berwald: *Stares down at you without a word* “Mm…I guess that was entertaining” *Pats your head and sends you off*

Finland/Tino: *Laughs awkwardly because he doesn’t know if this is bullying or joking*

Iceland/Emil: *Immediately starts yelling with the cake still in his face, blushes and looks away after his rant*

Eyyy, look who’s back-

-Mod Kira

The Boy’s Locker Room: ReggiexReader! Oneshot

heeeeyy everybody! feedback would be appreciated on this one, and if you’d like to be added to the taglist for upcoming fics, lemme know :)

Summary: (Y/N) and Reggie have some fun in the locker rooms!

Warnings: this oneshot is NSFW and contains SMUT

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(GIF not mine and I’m very aware this is a 13RW gif, but it fits with the fic, and I lowkey love Zach Dempsey)

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The White Prince & the Maiden of Prayers

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 My headcanon where ghost Vader is the biggest fucking Han x Leia shipper the galaxy has ever seen leads me straight to the place where post-Return ghost Vader is trying to give Leia dating advice and encouragement through Luke.

‘Luke, tell your sister she should definitely invite that nice Solo chap around for dinner tonight.’

‘Um…yes Dad.’

‘And tell her not to settle for that Millennium Falcon. A real gentleman should provide a proper spaceship for my precious wonderful baby girl who deserves only the best in everything.’

‘By the Force - yes Dad.’

‘And what about you son? Is there no-one special? There must be a few nice girls on planets I haven’t blown up yet…”

‘Dad, I don’t actually like …’

‘Girls? That’s alright son; this is a modern galaxy. What about that Calrissian boy, he seemed nice…’

‘NO DAD, I mean I’m not interested. At all.’

Anakin I-will-defy-the-stars-and-heavens-to-get-one-snog-from-Senator-Amidala Skywalker is not impressed. ‘What?! But son, you’re the most eligible boy in the galaxy! You’re clever and brave and strong and far too good for all these scruffy rebel types you keep hanging around with - ‘


Do you want me to die without grandchildren; is that it?’

Dad - um. You’re already - I mean -’

And ghost Obi-Wan sighing in the background just like ‘Yup, this all sounds familiar…’

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Between a Rock and a Hard Place: 2/2

A/N: So I just had to crank this out! I was dying to get to the ending myself lol. Hope you guys liked this little story!

Word Count: 3k+

Warnings: NSFW! Full of smuttiness. Cursing!

Summary: When Bucky’s away on a mission, Y/N; his plus size mate, endures her first heat alone since being with him.

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Would Never Call It Love | Finale

After many many many weeks of me being gone, I’ve finally gotten the courage to write the finale of a story that I’ve had so much fun writing, and have had so much fun seeing you guys reactions to it. This story is now my most popular with the most notes I’ve ever gotten on a post, and I can’t thank you guys enough for always pushing me to be a better writer. Sad to end this one, but I have ideas in store for a new story, can’t wait to share it with you guys hopefully soon :-). Enjoy.

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Previous parts: 1 2 3 4 5 6 

This day had to come. This day was bound to creep on us sooner. This day may not seem huge to some people, but it’s huge to me. 

The last show of their first leg of the tour. Also known as, the day I’ve decided to go back home to my lonely, small, quiet home…all by myself.

When did I decide this? Probably about 5 hours ago at 7 am when I impulsively bought a plane ticket, while at breakfast with Luke, Ashton, and Arzaylea. While the couple talked throughout breakfast, Ashton kept nudging me and bugging me about what had me so fixated on my small screen, but he leaned over a little far at one point and gave an annoyed sigh before throwing his share for his own food and walked out of the eatery. Luke and Arzaylea still haven’t figured it out.

Now here I am, packing my things, the memories of the last couple of weeks with the boys coming down on me. I picked up a black and white stripped shirt that I wore the day of their 3rd concert, the one where Michael spilled a little too much water on me backstage after the show, and my bra peeked through; of course he didn’t seem to mind though. I then started placing the different colored bracelets Ashton gave me within the second week of tour inside a little pouch in my suitcase. They made me smile because they matched his, so I’d always have a little part of him.

Then it got to my lingerie and undergarments, many of which I wore when Calum was over. I held back tears, my throat becoming itchy, as I packed them deeply away underneath anything else I could. 

I heard a knock at my door, and saw Ash standing there, leaning against the door still looking displeased.

“You know they’re asking about what happened at breakfast right?” 

I only rolled my eyes. “Why am I not surprised.”

“I’m not telling them, you are.” He strode toward my suitcase and began taking out the nicely folded clothes and even took things out of the pouches. The room went silent when he saw the colorful bracelets, and even the same bra from that night when everything took a turn for the worst. He bent down and studied them both, the memories hitting him hard as well.

“After all these weeks, you still have these bracelets?” He questioned quietly. I only gave him a nod. “And this…I remember this little number…everything felt so right that night.” He smiled sadly at the moment that practically changed everything; the friendship, the relationship, his ability to forgive himself for one mistake.

“Well, at least for one person it did.” He threw it back down next to the bracelets and began striding out of the room. I took two big steps before pulling him by the cuff of his sleeve, stopping him.

“Don’t do that to me. You don’t get to be mad at me for the decision I’m making. So what if I’m leaving? So what if I don’t want to be here anymore? It is not my fault that because of my stupid mistakes I don’t want to be in a place where I am not welcome anymore Ashton. Sorry that you don’t have a choice. You’re a part of this band, these are your best friends and even though you’re having a fight with one of them doesn’t mean you can take it out on me because you can’t run away from it like I’m doing.”

“You’re being selfish. You’re thinking of only yourself. Which is exactly what Calum said the other night when you tried talking to him right?” Slap. Instantly my hand landed on his right cheek, making it head and hair whip to the side and cover his face. My breathing was heavier and louder, the feeling of my cheeks getting red growing. He turned his head back slowly, his eyes like dagger stabbing into my skin. I could just the anger dripping off of him.

“Y/N look…” he tried to sound sympathetic, but I only held up my finger and pointed it at the door.

“Just get out.” He knew he was defeated, and that he hit a spot in me that stung. Before I shut the door on him, he turned back slightly and whispered, “Just call me when you get there, please. I need to know that you’ll be safe.” I hummed in response, and shut the door, leaning my back against it. 

Hiding my suitcase backstage behind a bunch of curtains was surprisingly easy. It was easy access, and since I would be leaving 15 minutes before the end of the guys show, nobody would really know that I had left. The only person I’d truly have to say goodbye to is Ashton since he was the only one that knew, or so I thought.

Arzaylea caught me at the snack table and tugged on my jacket, getting as far away from the boys as possible. I gave her a confused look, waiting for her to tell me what was going on since she looked so worried.

“Arz, w-what’s going on-”

“I bugged Ashton for hours about what went wrong this morning, and he finally told me.” She crossed her arms staring me down, while I was looked down messing with my fingers.

“Look, please don’t be upset with me-”

“Oh, you think I’m just upset. That’s rich. I’m more than upset with you Y/N. You’ve become like a sister to me, I thought you were stronger and had more integrity than you’re showing right now. You’re letting a stupid boy get in the way of you living your best life. You think you’ve fucked up? You think I haven’t fucked up either! This-this is all just so disappointing.”

“You have to understand that I’m miserable here now. There’s never a day that goes by anymore that I don’t blame myself for how things have laid out the past couple of weeks. I’ve only made things worst since being here, when I wasn’t even suppose to be in the first place!” I felt the water prickle in my eyes, but clenched my fists to help make it go away.

“If you’re mad because you feel like once I’m gone you feel like we’ll never see or talk to me again, then I can make a promise that that won’t happen.” She only scuffed, but in an amusing way.

“That’s partly why.” She pushed my shoulder playfully as we both smiled at each other.

“I’ll still text you, facetime you and call you. Just because Calum and I can’t get along great doesn’t mean I have to give up some of the best people in my life. I just have to…give him some space. It’s for the best.” I peeked over her shoulder slightly to see Calum biting into a green apple, water bottle in his other hand. I couldn’t help but shutter at the veins popping out of his neck and how defined his jawline got when it jutted out to eat the piece of the apple. It’s the simple things Calum did that got under my skin.

Arzaylea pulled me into a tight hug then pulled back to smile at me, and proceeded to do what most girls do with their best friends, take a snapchat. She pulled up a funny filter to get me to calm down and smile, but after the picture was taken, something slimy and runny was piled on top of my head.

Arzaylea and I jumped back from each other as some of it did get on her too, then we turned around to find Nia with a smirk holding the big plate that was dead center of the snack table that was labeled “Spaghetti.” The crew and everyone stopped doing whatever they were doing, and watched to find out what was going to happen next.

“Nia what the fuck!” Arz yelled, wiping off the bits of tomato sauce that was now on her clothes and hair.

“She deserved it.” She came up close to my face, trying to intimidate me however I held my ground and stared her right back down.

“That’s for making Calum break up with me.” She chuckled. “You think he’d really eventually end up falling for you? Oh girl, you’ve got it so wrong. He told me all the awful things you’ve done to him, but don’t worry, I fucked all the bad feelings out of him.” Before I could hear another word, I pushed past her walking fast toward the curtain where my suitcase was located. Sure, I’d have to wait in the airport for almost 2 hours, but I couldn’t stand to be in anybody’s presence anymore. I felt an arm tug me around, and the same husky voice from before rang through my ears.

“Y/N what are you doing, you can’t leave now!” He yelled in my face.

“Ashton! Stop trying to make my decisions for me. You may love me but you don’t know what’s best for me.” His grip instantly loosened and I took the chance to take my arm from his hand. “Now let me go.” And grab my suitcase hoisting it up from the ground and running toward the back exit.

I didn’t see it, but I left Calum standing there with his food now sprawled across the floor at his feet, a dumbfounded look on his face, and for the first time in a while, an aching heart. 

Calum’s POV

The last show of this first leg of the tour was thrilling and exciting, but once my body left that crowd of energy and happiness, reality snapped back into me, and all my confusion and frustration came out of me when I chucked my water bottle at the nearest wall, and it exploded everywhere. Michael’s soft voice could be heard right behind me, telling me to calm down and to not take my anger out so aggressively like that because who knows, I could’ve hit a person instead. 

“Look, I know MIkey, I’m sorry…I just-I’m so confused right now.” We both plopped down on the couch in our dressing room, my hands coming up to my face.

“What did Ashton mean by ‘you can’t leave now’ when he was talking to Y/N? And what was in her hands when she was running away…”

“She left.”

My hands came down from my face, hoping and praying I’d see a laughing MIchael after that statement. It just couldn’t be true. But after a few seconds had passed, he continued to nod his head, as if he was still trying to make the situation seem real.

“She left Cal. She went back home tonight. Ashton told me before we went on stage tonight. He couldn’t tell you because he knew it would only distract you more. He just doesn’t want to keep making you mad mate, he cares for you so much even after everything.” His hand came up to my shoulder giving it a friendly squeeze. My chest sank lower in my chest trying to piece together just how bad everything had gotten, my life outside of the lights and music, was falling into shambles.

“I need to go make up with him first.” Michael smiled and agreed, both of us quickly grabbing our stuff before heading out. He informed me that Ashton had drove straight to the hotel we were staying at right after the show ended, and that Luke and Arzaylea were spending some time together tonight out and about. We headed straight after to him to patch things up. Even though that was the first thing on my mind, I was secretly hoping Y/N just might be there.

We raced up to the elevator and impatiently waiting until it reached our floor, only to find Ashton just closing his door as if he was leaving. I ran up to him and tackled him in a big hug, his weight leaning against mine to stop us from falling. I was holding him so tight the indents in my arms were showing through, and my hand veins were popping out. 

“Ash, ash I’m so sorry for everything dude. You come before anyone else and I shouldn’t have blamed you for everything happening.” We pulled away and he smiled so big his famous dimples showed, and the crinkles near my eyes accompanied my own smile.

“Cashton, always man.” And we did one of those bro handshakes, Michael leaning against the hallway wall watching this beautiful moment unfold. My eyes slowly drooped after things quieted down. Ashton could read my mind, and his arms reached out to gently rub my shoulders.

“So, she’s really gone?”

“I just got off the phone with her. I raced back here to see if she’d still be here but, no luck.” I shook my head in disbelief, disappointed in myself for being as stubborn as I was and almost losing my best friend, along with the girl of my dreams. “Her plane should be taking off soon, I’d say text her Cal. She needs to hear from you that you at least don’t hate her.”

“But that’s the point. I don’t hate her at all, I feel so strongly for her, more than I ever thought I could for someone…” Michael came behind me and leaned his head on me sighing. The weight of her gone now upon all of us. The atmosphere seemed different, the vibe between all of us was still off, as if the Earth was off its axis and everything seemed…wrong. 

“Why don’t we get some rest now guys, we’ve worked hard these past couple of weeks. Let’s enjoy these next few days before our next leg? Am I right?” We all agreed and they decided to walk with me to my room and stay the night, just so we knew that we were all there for each other if one of us needed something throughout the night.

As we entered the room, I walked in first to see a familiar jet black sleek suitcase sitting next to the door. My eyes widened and I looked up to see Ashton holding back a small grin, jutting out his chin, telling me to go see what I was already thinking. My legs quickly carried me past the small curve of the room into the bedroom, seeing a small Y/N sitting crossed legged on my bed in the first t-shirt I ever gave her to keep when I wasn’t around her, my Maine t-shirt.

She stood up upon hearing my loud strides and the shirt fell to just above her privates, her hair disheveled and her makeup slightly streaky, like she had been crying.

“Calum…” her voice croaked. I looked back at the boys, watching them in awe as Michael’s face lit up at the sight of her, Ashton looking proud. And they both walked slowly out of the room, leaving us alone.

“They told me you left…” I said in disbelief.

“I couldn’t…I couldn’t do it, I couldn’t get on that plane and fly away from you, not without fixing things first.” She walked closer to me timidly. I had to bring her closer, so I pulled her in by her waist, wrapping my large hand around the back of her head and placing it underneath my chin, my other hand tightly wrapped around her waist. My breathing became heavy, my heart beat racing, my head filling up with euphoric memories.

“You’re-you’re heart is beating so fast Cal…”

“It’s because it’s happy to be close to you again.” She pulled away to look up at me, her eyes glossy once again, a happy yet sad look in her eyes, as if she didn’t know how to feel in his moment.

“Y/N I am so sorry for never letting you have a chance at explaining things to me, or never giving you a chance to speak and finish your sentences. And I’m sorry that it took me so long to realize it and that it took you almost leaving for me to realize that I never stopped feeling for you. But I promise if you stay, right here, with me, you won’t ever have to go through something like this again. We could have the love we’ve always wanted.” I pleaded. Without hesitation she reached up and brought my face to meet hers, her lips lightly pressing the softest kiss we’d ever shared. I couldn’t help but deepen it, feeling her smaller frame pushed up against mine again. We rested our foreheads against one another as she brought her hands to rest on my chest, lightly rubbing her thumbs over the material.

“I wouldn’t have ever called this love before.” Gesturing to the past complicated relationship we had.

“What about right now?”

“It’s the only word I can use to describe it.”

YAY IT’S FINISHED. I was going to add smut but this alone took me 3 hours so I’m extremely tired you guys ;( request smut though if you want it! Again, thank you so much on the love for this story! I put up a ‘would you rather’ post so if you could, please look at it and tell me which story you’d like to write next. Btw GGMOW will be up soon as well!

About Time

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Pairings: Bucky / Reader

Warnings: Swearing, Fluff, maybe a little self hatred nothing major though. 

Request:  Could you maybe write a Bucky x Fat!Reader where everyone except reader knows about Bucky’s crush on her so when Tony is working on his arm (being the little shit he is) asks reader to help and Bucky gets all flustered and stuff? Thanks, Wolfling🐺❄️

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You knocked hesitantly on the door to Tony’s lab. You could see shadowy figures moving around behind the frosted glass panes so knew he was indeed inside. He’d asked FRIDAY to get you to report up to his lab as soon as possible which in Stark language meant he’d needed you there yesterday.

Working for Tony was possibly the best and at the same time worst job you’d ever had. Sure, being a lawyer in a usual firm had its terrible points, working for corporate firms who wanted nothing but to make money had never been your scene. Working for Tony Stark had seemed like a dream come true, he had money to burn so that wasn’t his issue. What he needed you to do was cope with the ever-expanding pile of HR complaints and civil lawsuits that the Avenger’s team racked up.

“Enter” Tony’s voice shouted out “but if you aren’t Y/N then you better be leaving again”

“It is me Mr Stark” you moved carefully into the Lab following Tony’s voice as you tried not to stand on anything that looked important or expensive.

“Ah Y/N my favourite person” Tony was beaming at you as you finally managed to find where he was. Stopping awkwardly because he wasn’t on his own. “Just ignore Frosty here” Tony said waving at a shirtless James Barnes who was sat on a metal workbench completely ignoring you. “Bionic man here is rusting away so we’re just getting him up and running again, you know oiling joints that sort of thing. It happens when your pushing 90”

“Alright” you agreed when Tony stared at you like he expected you to speak. “Mr Stark shall I come back when you’re not…” you motioned to Bucky’s arm “busy” you sounded pathetic and didn’t like how squeaky your voice had become.

James Barnes made you beyond nervous. With that cold blue stare that seemed to pierce through your mind deep into your soul. He almost never spoke and when he did his voice rasped in a way that made your insides melt. He was a delectable man and he never even looked twice at you. Then again, why would he? You were nothing if not average, shaped nothing like the slender and exceptionally pretty women who hung around the Avengers attempting to land one of them.  

“No come here” Tony ordered pointing to the spot directly in front of him.

Bucky still wasn’t speaking but he had managed to look at you. You bit your lip but didn’t dare to disobey your boss so moved to stand in front of him.

“Sergeant Barnes if you would be so kind?” Tony pulled on the metal arm rotating and twitching at varying different joints.

You’d never seen the fusion of metal arm to Bucky’s skin before. He was normally very careful about covering the scar, even when he wore tank tops they were cut high enough that you couldn’t see the scaring. It was bad, skin badly fused and damaged.

Your eyes finally met his. He’d been watching you stare at him and you blushed instantly embarrassed to be caught staring.

“I know. Ugly huh?” he eventually said apparently ignoring Tony and whatever he was doing to his arm.

“What? No” you shook your head. “I just… I mean I was thinking… it must have hurt”

He actually looked surprised at that as Tony snorted. “Super serum pumped Soldiers don’t get hurt” he snarked out “Unlike us mortal people”

Bucky went back to looking tense and uncomfortable at Tony’s words just reverting to staring at nothing.

“Mr Stark, you wanted to see me?” you tried to get this strange surreal experience back onto a ground you knew. “If this is about the depositions from yesterday than they’ve already been filed”

“This isn’t about your work” Tony was grinning again “I hired you Y/N so it means I know you can do your job without me helicopter parenting over you”

“So…. What?”

“You had a date last night correct?”

Bucky’s knee twitched and you wondered just how much Tony was hurting him by fiddling with screws and such in his arm.

You had had a date last night, with another guy from Tony’s HR department. You’d gone to dinner and it hadn’t even taken you until the starter was delivered for you to know that this wasn’t going to go well. He’d talked about nothing but improving his standing at Stark Industries or the new Jaguar he was going to buy with his next pay check. You’d lasted until desert before it was either walk away very quickly or blow your brains out.

That didn’t explain though why your boss was so interested in your personal life all of a sudden. “I did” you agreed “But why?”

“Why do I care?” he asked “well Y/N I’m an inherently curious person its one of my many strong points. I like to know what my employees are doing especially if my favourite lawyer is about to jet off on a honeymoon and maternity leave and all that achingly normal… stuff”

“Ignoring the fact that you could be sued for that statement Mr Stark you can rest assured I’m not going anywhere. He was much more interested in dating you than he was me” Bucky’s jaw was now tense his teeth almost grating together and you couldn’t take it anymore. “Concentrate on what you’re doing Mr Stark, you’re hurting him”

Bucky’s eyes flew to yours once more and Tony just smirked “Oh Y/N trust me it isn’t me that’s hurting Frosty”

“Excuse me?” you stared confused at him then glance at Bucky. “Are you alright? Is he hurting you?”

“I’m fine” he paused then smiled at you “thank you”

That smile caused your stomach to drop down to your toes and your brain to stop working.

“Oh, you two are just so adorable” Tony clapped his hands together in one of those ways that he managed his mood changed instantly. “Frosty take Y/N back through to legal please. You’re done and I have work that’s actually important to you know, the world”

You couldn’t keep up with his mercurial mood swings at the best of times so instead of questioning him you simply moved back to the door. Bucky was moving easily behind you and leant forward to push the door of the lab open for you.

“Thank you” you whispered, cursing yourself for an idiot. Why couldn’t you say something to him, anything.

“You know that guy was a fucking idiot if he let you walk away from him”

You almost tripped over at his words, managing to look over at him. “What?”

“Well doll, if I was ever lucky enough to take someone like you out on a date I for sure wouldn’t be letting you slip away from me”

“Take me out?” you were utterly confused at this point. “Why would someone like you ever want to be seen with someone like me?”

“What?” now Bucky was the one who was looking confused. He stopped walking making you stop as well. “What are you talking about someone like me and you?”

“James” you were squirming in embarrassment as he stared down at you “come on, please don’t make me say it”

“Say what?” he still didn’t look like he knew what you were talking about. “I don’t understand”

Sighing you couldn’t look him in the face anymore as you indicated your body. “People who look like me don’t end up with people who look like you”

You heard him snort and the suddenly his hand was on your chin lifting your face up so you had no choice but to stare up into his eyes. “You are fucking gorgeous” he stated flatly no room for questions in his tone. One corner of his mouth lifted in a small smile. “When you told Tony to concentrate because you thought he was hurting me…”

“He said it wasn’t him that was hurting you”

“He was right It wasn’t him”

“I don’t understand”

“It’s you doll” his thumb stroked back and forth across your chin a few times. “Hearing about someone else being allowed to take you out on a date. That’s what hurts me. That’s what drives me crazy”

You couldn’t believe what you were hearing right now. Was James Barnes actually admitting to liking you? That couldn’t be true.

“I don’t know what to say right now” you admitted to him “I never even thought… I mean”

He cut off your babbling by using the thumb still on your chin to press against your lips silencing the words spilling out. “I tell you what why don’t a give you a question you can answer?”


“Will you come out to dinner with me?”

Finally, you smiled nodding your head at him. “I will. Of course, I will”

You got another one of those heart stopping smiles from Bucky.

“Miss Y/L/N” FRIDAY’s voice filled the hallway “Mr Stark would like me to inform you that staff fraternisation is not allowed in his hallways as per your own rules. Please take your conversation with Sergeant Barnes elsewhere and Sergeant Barnes he says about fucking time”

Crystal Snow

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Chapter One: Introduction

Chapter Two

Pairing: Namjoon x Reader

Word Count: 1320

Summary: In a world full of soulmates that can feel the others emotions, one would expect to know when their soulmate is hiding a secret.

“Move! Move! Move! We haven’t got all day people!” You shouted. You had approximately forty-five minutes to pack all your delicacies into the van and get them to the home of Kim Namjoon. Only the problem was that you were behind schedule, and his mansion was an hour’s drive away; that was assuming there would be no traffic. As quickly as you could, you helped your assistants bring the cupcakes to the company vans waiting to leave.

As the owner of the world renowned bakery, Winter Serendipity, you were constantly busy. If it were not for the large sum of money they Kim Namjoon was offering you, you would currently not be in a state of utter madness. Originally, you had rejected his request of your services because not only did you have a shop to run, but you also had months of pre-orders for upcoming events. It was only when he offered you ten thousand dollars that you accepted his request for 5,000 cupcakes. You weren’t told much except that over a thousand people would be attending the event and that you were to stay to introduce your food.

People seemed to love your food because, despite your ability to mass produce, your work always reflected the home feeling of warmth and love. You loved what you did even if it got stressful. The name of your bakery was inspired by your soulmate. Whoever it was was always with you. They could feel your emotions and you could feel theirs; all because of a simple mark on your inner forearm. Your mark, along with your mate’s, was in the shape of a small snowflake. It was a light blue, almost white color. The intricate patterns reflected the complex love and relationship you would have. Everyone was born with a soul mark. Each one was unique in its own way. Only you and your soulmate shared the mark. Through the mark, soulmates could feel the other’s emotions. This came in handy quite often for you and your soulmate. When you were stressed they often help your nerves by sending you waves of comfort. When they were angry you’d help to calm them down. You couldn’t wait to meet the person who had been with you your entire life. You didn’t know when it would happen, but something in your gut was telling you that it’d be soon.

As the last of the cupcakes were loaded into the vans, you got inside one and turned the engine on. You had to be there as soon as possible to set up. As soon as you pulled away from the bakery, your foot was on the gas. You had thirty seven minutes to get to the mansion. You wanted to curse yourself for running late.

Much to your displeasure, you were twenty nine minutes late and the staff was yelling at your staff, blaming them for the delay. You were about to yell at Mr. Kim’s personnel when a sudden wave of calmness washed over you. You knew it was your soulmate telling you to calm down, that everything would be alright. Taking a deep breath, you kindly spoke to the head organizer, explaining the situation “I’m sorry but it is my fault we are late” you said, speaking up for your workers “I’m afraid I had mixed up schedules and didn’t realize the event started at 5:00pm and not 6:00, please forgive me.” The woman just stared you down before turning around and giving orders left and right. You began helping the staff set up for the outdoor event.

Everything seemed perfect. Every blade of grass was cut to equal size and the hedges trimmed so that no leaf stood out. The fragrance of flowers wafted through the ornate acre of land. In the distance you could see where the scent was coming from. You were tempted to explore your surroundings but you knew it was best to stay and help set up. You felt the hint of amusement from your soulmate. They seemed to only make the temptation worse so you tried busying yourself with your cupcakes.


Kim Namjoon was a very busy man. In the eyes of the public, he was simply the CEO of Bangtan Industries. However, those within the company knew he was much more than that; he was the leader of the largest mafia organization in the country. Most thought him heartless but the six men and his soulmate knew that he actually cared about everyone’s well being.

At a young age, Namjoon had learned how to mask his emotions so that his soulmate wouldn’t know the pain he was in. At least, when it came down to his business. He was a calm and collected man, rarely getting angry. Instead, he was busy fussing about hiding his soul mark and keeping his mate happy. As the leader, of any rivals knew what his mark looked like, they would go out and find his mate, torture whoever it was just to get to him. He was glad that he had yet to meet his soulmate. The longer fate waited the less he’d have to worry about your safety. Long before he took over the business he had decided that his mate would never find out what he really did. Though at the same time, he was quite upset that he hasn’t crossed paths with his mate yet. He wanted to be there for them physically not just emotionally. He wanted to know what they looked like, what their personality was like, what their hobbies were. He wanted to know everything.

For now, he merely had a girlfriend for the public eye. He didn’t have to worry about rivals taking her because he knew that they knew he’d never risk a life for her. Most of the time she was too busy sleeping around with other men to be seen by the public. She was supposed to be at the event he was hosting tonight, but it appeared that she had other plans. He had seen her sneaking off with of the workers who was supposed to help set up.

That annoyed him but the feelings he was getting from his soulmate seemed to reduce that annoyance. He knew that his mate was frustrated and curious which he found was quite the amusing combination. He wished he could know what they were curious about. Sighing, he dressed in an expensive black silk suit. He paired the suit with a dark blue dress shirt and a black tie. His brown hair was styled to the side, a slight curl to his bangs. His watch, a silver Rolex, fit snugly on his wrist as he adjusted his jacket sleeves. Deeming himself ready, he glanced at the time. It was 4:30pm, time for him to head down and check on everything. Guests were sure to be arriving soon.


Sweat rolled down your forehead as you completed the last of the preparations. You wiped your sweat with the sleeve of your white jacket. You had rolled your sleeves up and discarded your apron in attempt to stay cool. Having your sleeves rolled up meant having your mark exposed but you didn’t mind. Nothing about your mark was something to be ashamed about and it was a good conversation starter.

Your cupcake display was all set up, beautifully showcasing each of the cupcakes unique decor. You were quite proud of your work.

One of Mr. Kim’s staff came up to you and wordlessly handed you a glass of lemonade. Before you could thank them, they turned and walked away. Sipping on the lemonade you noticed cars beginning to pull up as guests arrived. You quickly finished your drink and discarded the paper cup in a nearby trash can. Brushing your hands off you stood by your display, preparing for the onslaught of people coming to socialize and talk business.

Meddling Kids - Derek Hale x Reader

Request:  “The ladies love a guy who’s good with kids”, “She’s hiding behind the sofa” and “The kids, they ambushed me” with Derek Hale.

Pairing: Derek Hale x Female Reader 

Derek Hale Masterlist

Originally posted by iminlovewithderekhale

Derek stood in Stiles’ hallway, a little bit lost as people he barely recognised greeted him like an old friend. He was starting to regret coming, the loud chatter combined with the strong smell of various different perfumes and aftershaves was already giving him a headache. Stiles spotted him, smiling widely as he sauntered towards him.

“Dude, you don’t have to look so scared” He clapped Derek on the shoulder and ignore the werewolf’s glare. “It’s only a barbeque”

Derek rolled his eyes, shoving the flowers he’d bought for Lydia into Stiles’ arms before elbowing past him. Stiles only laughed before following him into the kitchen. He smiled at the flowers Derek had bought his wife, he was definitely going soft. Pressing a kiss to Lydia’s cheek and handing her the flowers, he got Derek a beer from the fridge that was practically overflowing with food. He smirked when Derek took a long swig.

When his son toddled into the room, Stiles scooped him into his arms before handing the 18-month-old to Derek. The older man shook his head until Stiles shoved the child into his arms. If he hadn’t been holding Adam, Derek would’ve growled.

“The ladies love a guy who’s good with kids.” Stiles wiggled his eyebrows playfully while Lydia smacked his arm. “Maybe there’s a certain lady here today you could finally ask on a date”

As if on cue, (y/n) walked into the kitchen, setting down a tray full of empty glasses before turning to greet everyone. Her eyes widen when she noticed Derek, she tried to fight off a blush as she pressed a kiss to his cheek. She cursed whoever had given him Adam, he was far too attractive with a baby in his arms and it caused images of what could be if they ever built up the courage to be together to swirl behind her eyes.

“Hi” Her voice was soft as she got lost in his eyes. Derek found himself doing the same thing, not realising he hadn’t spoken until Stiles started to snicker.

“Hi, I feel like I haven’t seen you in ages” I miss you. He has to clamp his mouth shut before he embarrassed himself.

They fell into conversation while Derek tried desperately to ignore the ‘supportive’ gestures and smiles Stiles was offering him behind (y/n)’s back. He was attempting to focus on the woman in front him when Adam started to squirm in his arms. (Y/n) cooed softly before gently taking the little boy from Derek. She swayed on her feet while ticking his stomach and smiling down at him. His heart started to beat itself into a frenzy as he smiled at her. Someone called her name, prompting her to leave the room. Without realising what he was doing, Derek’s eyes trailed after her.

“Stop looking at her like you want her to have your babies, you haven’t even been on a date” A snarl escaped his mouth, making Stiles jump away from the werewolf. He recovered quickly, winking at Derek as he picked up a tray of appetisers and made his way into the garden. Lydia turned to him with a sympathetic smile, silently apologising for Stiles’ antics.

“Tell her” His eyes squeezed shut as he took another swig from his beer. He wanted to, god did he want to but he didn’t know how. It wasn’t like he could walk up to her and say that he loved her after years of brooding and longing glances.

“I will” Even as he spoke, he doubted himself.

“She won’t wait forever Derek” Lydia offered him a kind smile before squeezing his arm and leaving to speak to her guests.

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Hufflepuff × Slytherin
  • Hufflepuff: That guy/girl is staring at me
  • Slytherin: I'll kill them
  • Hufflepuff: Babe please calm down
  • Slytherin: I'll slit their throat
  • Hufflepuff: Love no
  • Slytherin: I'll burn them alive
  • Hufflepuff: Honey -
  • Hufflepuff: Come on darling, let's go have some cookies
  • Slytherin: Cokieeeeeees
The Colors Of The Girl // Draco Malfoy // Pt. 2

Originally posted by rosaesse

Pairing: Draco Malfoy X reader

Type: Fluff

Word Count: 2396

Summary: Draco saves you from killing yourself but when his plan to bring his people into the school threatens your life - he’ll do whatever he can to keep you safe.

A/N: This Chapter is dedicated to @milkywaygalaxygirl for being my first ever submitted comment! I hope you like it :) (PT. 3 coming soon!) 

Also feel free to submit any idea you have for future parts, these will be answered privately, to not spoil any possible events.

( @faithful-music @mrs–banner )

Warnings: Talk of suicide, physical encounters, Technically torture.

Part 1  :  Part 3

Draco sat outside the infirmary wing waiting for Madam Pomfrey to give him some sort of report. His hair had grown greasy from not leaving that seat to shower for days, and every time he ran his hand through his hair, the more of that grease got on his hand. His hand shot up from his hands when the door to the infirmary opened.

Dumbledore and all the house heads emerged… he’d been so distracted he hadn’t even noticed them even going in. They all seemed sullen and the house heads walked away as Dumbledore sat down on the wooden bench with Draco.

“You were the one who discovered her… yes?” Dumbledore questioned lightly. The pair had not had good relations, and they both knew it. Draco only nodded, staring down at his shoes. “Would you please tell me the details of what happened that night?” Draco nodded, sitting up taller and wiping his hands on his trousers before speaking.

“She had offered me some tutoring in astronomy and when she didn’t meet me after dinner I got worried, but I didn’t think much of it. I started asking people around if they’d seen her and no one had… Curfew was coming so I went back to my dorms, but I couldn’t sleep thinking about where she was and if she was okay. I noticed her when she was sinking… I think she may have put stones in her pockets or something. She was already out at that point… she almost seemed… happy. At first, I thought she was some…. creature, I couldn’t see her hair and her eyes were transparent but when I realized it was her I just… ran. I don’t know how I found her in the lake… but somehow I did. I grabbed her and just… ran with her in my arms. What was I supposed to do ya know? I couldn’t just let her die.” Draco spoke as though he was talking to someone he trusted, though he most certainly did not trust Dumbledore.

“Do you have any idea why she would do such a thing? You seem to know her…” The old man spoke.

“Yeah… her parents died and everyone picks on her. She’s been getting a hard time from my friends lately and I didn't do anything… I let them torture her. Shit fucking Christ!” Draco’s head fell into his hands as he realized that he should have done something more to stop them. Dumbledore made no effort to criticize him for his choice words, he was in pain and telling him to watch his language was not going to help.

“Perhaps you should head to the bathroom… clean up a bit, you don’t want her to see you like this when she wakes up now do you? That’s no way to impress the girl you love.” Draco was baffled as Dumbledores words, but the old man only chuckled and stood, walking away whistling to himself. I hit him then harder than it had before… Y/N tried to kill herself because he had done nothing to stop his friends.

Draco went to the bathroom as Dumble door suggested, and he surely did look a mess. He pulled his vest over his head and looked angrily at himself in the mirror.

Originally posted by fallingforamalfoy

How could he have let this happen to you? Almost every evening for four months you two had been together. Every evening your connection grew stronger… yet he did nothing to stop his friends. Bloody hell he even laughed along with them. He knew he should have stopped them. She was kinder to him than them all combined, though she’d never admit to it.

“Bloody hell Draco what are you going to do about this?” His voice resonated through the empty bathroom like a soft breeze over calm waters, smooth and with nothing to stop it. Looking at himself in the mirror, his hair was a mess and his eyes were sunken deep into his skull, hovering above dark circles that looked as though they could have been drawn on with a quill. He splashed his face with cold water before fashioning his hair the best he could to look acceptable before turning and walking away from the mirror, leaving his reflection behind him.


When you woke up, all you felt was a twinge of disappointment. How could you have failed… again? You were sure of it this time… perhaps this was heaven? No, the pain you felt in your body was too real for this to be some godly alternate dimension. Madam Pomphrey scurried over to you when she noticed you had woken. She looked at you pitifully, obviously trying to show her sympathy without having to bring up your failed attempt to end your own life.

“Oh good, you’re awake. Please dear, drink some water. I’ll go fetch the headmaster.” She spoke as she handed you a glass of water and then walked hurriedly out the door. You thought you’d be left in peace then, but the silence was short lived as the heavy doors to the infirmary flew open. There he stood, his platinum blonde hair in his face and he appeared breathless as he scanned the room. His eyes landed on you and he stumbled into the room. Anger and confusion bubbled up inside you, your hair turning white. Though you never thought you’d see it turn colors again.

Draco approached you carefully, as though not to spook you and cause you to flee from him. You watched him as he inched closer to you. You mostly just wanted to be left alone. You especially didn’t want him around. Why was he here anyway? Is he here just to rub salt in the wound?

He didn’t sit when he came close to you, he just stood there in silence, the way you would when you were in the room of requirements. You rolled to face away from him. No words were exchanged that day… or in the two days following that one. It wasn’t until the fourth day that he had the courage to speak to you.

“It’s happening tonight… the whole… vanishing cabinet thing. I thought, maybe you’d want to know.” He went silent, not expecting you to respond, and you didn’t for a few minutes. But when you did your voice came out hoarse and tired.

“Am I going to die?”

Originally posted by imagine-everything41

He lifted his head to look at you after you spoke. The color of your eyes had reverted back to blue, along with your hair, but there was almost a fear in your voice as you spoke.

“No, I think… only one person is going to die tonight.” The voice he spoke in did not seem like his own. It was thick and sour to hear.

“By the end of your wand, no?” The words slipped past your lips like sands through the hour glass, there was really nothing you could do to stop them. He began to speak;

“If I don’t-”

“-they will kill you.” In an effort to finish his sentence you interrupted him. His eyes fell then, he looked more upset than he did before.

“No, Y/N… they will kill you.” He sighed and looked away, “I don’t want you to die.” He sighed as you rolled away from him. He knew what you wanted to say, you did too. You were dying to say ‘well I do.' “I know it may not seem like it, but you know Y/N…. I really do care for you. Despite everything I’ve done, and everything I’ve let my friends do… I care more about you than all of them combined.” He paused for a moment. “Look, Y/N.” He reached for your hand and grasped it lightly.

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You were simply limp in his grasp, you had nothing left in you to do more than roll over and choke out a few words every now and then. You couldn’t tell if you wanted to hold onto him for dear life or to rip your hand away and tell him to leave you alone. After all, how could you possibly trust what he’s saying? You’d seen him lie to others, and he could be very convincing.

“You don’t have to believe me Y/N… I know how you are. After all, I’ve spent every day for months with you, I know you don’t in believe what you can’t see with your own eyes.” His voice was softer now, though there was aching pain behind it. You closed your eyes and just listened to his voice as he spoke of the little memories together. Eventually, his words became a mush of sound, and you unintentionally drifted to sleep as he spoke. You only startled awake when his hand withdrew from yours. “Just… don’t say anything okay? I… don’t know how tonight’s going to go and… I’d like to hope that we’ll be able to talk about it in the morning.” He didn’t give you a chance to explain you hadn’t heard what he said, he stood and left as quickly as he could.


You were still in the infirmary when everything went down. You almost wished Malfoy hadn’t pulled it off, just so that he wouldn’t feel guilty for the rest of his life. But then again, he’d be killing someone no matter what he did, the only difference is that one of you saw it coming, and the other didn’t care.

You weren’t scared when the doors to the infirmary burst open and Bellatrix Lestrange came storming in, followed by other death eaters. Including Malfoy. Your hair was still a deep dark blue as you watched them, you had nothing to fear for, so there was no reason to fear them. You were silent and your expression bored as the gang of people approached.

“And what have we got here.” She waved her wand at you as a gesture of who she was talking about. “What’s your name?” She looked at you intensely, you didn’t answer, only let your head roll to the side. “I said!” Bellatrix screamed, “What is your name?” You rolled your head back to look at her, your eyes tired and your emotion unchanging.

“What’s it matter? If you’re going to kill me just do it.” Draco looked between the two of you anxiously, worried that Bellatrix might hurt you. She tapped her wand on her chin and spun in a circle as she spoke;

“What to do, what to do.” She backed away from you pressing her tongue to her cheek, then she shot you a devious smile.

Originally posted by 01000101-r

“What do you think Draco? What shall I do to this… figure of… tainted blood.” She asked him as the rest of the group got busy trashing the building. The pale boy looked taken aback.

“Uh- I- Well,” He looked at you with a sorry expression, “She doesn’t fear death… so maybe… leave her to live would be torture enough?” His hands shook lightly, you watched as he gripped his wand tighter. She laughed out loud. 

“No.” She lifted her wand at you, “Avada-”

“-Expeliarmous” Everything happened in the blink of an eye, Bellatrix had made the decision to kill you, but Draco Malfoy had made the decision to save you. You don’t know which one made you happier.

Draco!” Bellatrix screamed, stomping her foot like a child. “What is wrong with you.” He shook his head and stepped between the two of you.

“I’m sorry Bella but I can’t let you do that.” He spoke softly. She looked between the two of you, before breaking out laughing.

“Oh!- Oh! Merlin!-” She choked out between fits of laughter and catching her breath. “The Draco Malfoy care’s for some half-blood filth?” She laughed louder before quieting down and thinking for another moment. “Oh wait… She’s not the one you’re-” Draco coughed loudly and stepped toward Bellatrix.

“Just leave her be.” His tone was deep and threatening, though she didn’t seem to care.

“Oh… wait a moment. I have a good idea! Quite a good idea indeed!” She skipped over to get her wand, and when she finally fetched it, she pointed it at Draco. She watched you as your hair turned black. “Oh! OH! OHHH! We have ourselves a Meta over here now?” Upon hearing those words Draco snapped his head to see you sitting straight up in bed wth pitch black hair and eyes. This was the first time he’d ever seen you scared.

“Don’t hurt him.” You were practically pleading since there was really nothing you could do about it, your wand had been lost in the lake. Bellatrix’s smile grew.

“Oh yes, now we can definitely have some fun.” Bellatrix cackled, “Sectumsempra!” Draco cried out in pain and fell to the ground. His white shirt began to stain with red blood. In a panic, you flew out of bed to his side, your hair turned blue again as you felt the distress of Draco in pain set over you. His pale skin seemed paler as he struggled to breathe and stared at the ceiling, blood draining from his body, getting all over you as you held his body close to yours. Bellatrix only laughed as she screamed and begged for her to stop. You didn’t have time to think before Bellatrix was casting another spell at you, knocking you out beside Draco on the floor.

Bechloe looking at the horizon during sunset
  • Beca: it's too nice out... It's cliche...
  • Chloe: I'm Sorry , is it too majestically beautiful for you? Would you like me to turn down the sunset?
  • Beca: yes please... *Stares at Chloe* your not gonna take a picture?
  • Chloe: *shakes head* it's not worth it.
  • Beca: why?
  • Chloe: Cause you could never capture it quite right. Something so beautiful..
  • Beca: *stares at Chloe confused*
  • Chloe: what?
  • Beca: But you capture yourself.
  • Chloe: *blushes* oh.
Fucking Gallagher





You opened the front door to make your way to school and just as you swing it open White Boy Carl was getting ready to knock on the door “Hey baby you ready for school?” He said gently wrapping his hands around your waist which caused you to stiffen up. Your brother wasn’t the only guy you worried about going back to jail. You squirmed out of him grasp.

“Okay look, I’m doing this for my brother so don’t think you can start playing this charm bullshit on me. I’m not your real girlfriend so fuck all the bitches you want because you’re not crawling into bed with me. Don’t touch me unless you see your ex around, don’t come pick me up at home or in school, I’ll find you. Don’t think I have some crush on you, I’m not these dumb bitches in school and since I’m doing you the favor you do as I say. Got it?” You said poking his chest with your finger “Alright little mama damn, you feisty. I like that in my woman.” He said licking his lips staring you up and down.

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The Truck

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Happy, happy birthday to my fellow smutketeer and #queenofdrabbles, @xerxia31​! Here’s a little story laced with angst and smut, liberally sprinkled with f-bombs and topped with a shitty red Corolla. Enjoy your day my lovely friend! I <3 you a whole bunch.

Rated M

The minute I heard the hum of Peeta’s new truck in the driveway, I was unimpressed. It was the first major purchase by either of us since we moved in together a few months ago, and I guess I’d just assumed we’d buy our next vehicle together. After all, both of our college cars are entering into their geriatric years. His Jeep wheezes and gasps up the hill toward our little house. Every bolt in my shitty red Corolla rattles the minute I turn the key.

He was barely out of the driver’s seat before he started going on and on about how useful it’s going to be and how much he’s going to save on Jeep repairs. He showed me the extended cab with the front bench seat and laughed about how I could snuggle up beside him.

I couldn’t enjoy his enthusiasm. I was too upset that he left me out of the decision-making. But since I’m the one to blame for that, I can’t complain.

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anonymous asked:

"you were the lilac blossoms of spring and i was the glistening, murderous lava, yet you still loved me" prompt based-ish on your header image ((it's so cool!! i can't tell what it is but it's so cool!!)



Seung-gil glanced up as a body draped over his back and a camera appeared in front of his face. He barely had a second to blink before the flash went off, blind him momentarily.

“Wǎan jai,” Phichit whined, “Why didn’t you smile?” His boyfriend of two years whined before getting off his back and appearing beside him with a pout and his phone inches from his face.

“What does that mean?” he questioned while bending down slightly to get a better look at the photo. He didn’t mind the photo, it was rather cute. Phichit on his back with an arm around his neck grinning wildly for the camera which he stared blankly at. He made a note to try and send it to himself next time Phichit was separated from his phone, maybe he would have the chance tonight if Phichit fall asleep before him.

“What? Wǎan jai?” Phichit repeated while closing the photo and slipping it away. He hummed softly in confirmation, earning a bright smile in response.

“It’s just an endearment. Nothing bad, promise!” Phichit said with a wink before leaning up on his toes to plant a kiss on his cheek.

“Endearment,” he mumbled while quickly grabbing Phichit’s hand before the tanned male could slip away.

“Yes, endearment. Use one on me,” Phichit gasped, looking up at him excitedly. He stared down at his boyfriend as a light blush covered his cheeks.

“You want me to use-“

“To use an endearment on me. Please!” Phichit begged. He stared down at his boyfriends face for a moment before gently squeezing Phichit’s hand.

“Yobo,” he said ever so softly.

“Again.” Phichit demanded, startling him.

“Yobo,” he repeated, clearly and a little louder this time.

“Again.” He raised an eyebrow, not understanding why Phichit wanted him to say it again.

“Chagiya,” he said instead, earning himself an excited look.

“Have I ever told you how much I love you speaking Korean?”

Seung-gil couldn’t help but snort and shake his head in amusement.

“Lilac,” he stated simply, earning a confused look from his boyfriend.

“That was in English?” Phichit said hesitantly, clearly not sure.

“Yes,” he hummed before pulling Phichit closer, “but you are my Lilac.”

“Why a lilac?” Phichit questioned while wrapping his only free arm around his neck, holding them closely together.

“You are my lilac blossom of spring,” he mumbled while pressing their foreheads together.

“Oh? And what are you?”

“Glistening, murderous lava,” he replied while letting his eyes slide closed.

“Huh?” Phichit mumbled, confusion clear in his tone.

“You are my lilac blossom of spring and I am the glistening, murderous lava. And yet, you still love me.” He mumbled, content to just stand there pressed against his boyfriend.

“Where did that come from, you dork?” Phichit chuckled before shoving him back a step, he opened his eyes just in time to watch Phichit grab his face in both hands and draw him into a deep kiss.

“But I love you too,” the words were mumbled against his lips and they tasted so sweet.

Fuck it (Smut)

(A/N: aaa smut isnt rlly my forté but i loveddd this idea by @robot-anon and an anon had requested for me to write more!) 

summary: connor had a bad day and really needed to calm down and smoke some weed, but he cant find some anywhere! so he results to drinking and you come over to check on him but you discover something…new… about connor ;) 

“Connor? You home?” You knocked on the door. 

You waited a few minutes before you sighed. You knew Connor was home, he left school early after he had a fight with a couple other students and you see his car parked in the driveway. 

“Connor?” You yelled. “I know you’re home! Let me in or I wil—you know what fuck it.”

You walked around the side of the house until you were under Connor’s bedroom window. You climbed up the planter that lined up the house before finally crawling through the window. 

“Connor? Where are you?” You ask the seemingly empty house until you heard a pan falling followed by a loud curse. You rolled your eyes and followed the sound down to the kitchen where Connor was attempting to make food. 

You giggle when you see Connor angrily throw a spatula. He whips around at the sound to see you laughing at him. 

“What are you doing here? I didn’t even here you come in.” You were about to answer him when he cut you off. “You know what? It doesn’t matter I’m just glad you’re here.”

You were about to question Connor’s odd behavior until he pulls you into a hug He smelled like alcohol. You pull back from the hug while he whines. 

“Con, are you drunk? I came over to see if you were ok.”

Connor walked over to the couch and plopped onto it. 

He put his face in his hands before responding, “I had a bad day so I came home early to get high but I can’t find my any of my weed so I got drunk instead and then I got hungry but I can’t fucking make anything!” He mumbles. 

You giggle at how cute and frustrated he looked. He pouted at your laugh which made you giggle more. 

“Ok, how about you take a nap while I’ll make some food. I’ll wake you up when I’m done.” You smiled at him. 

He grinned which made your chest ache at the rare sight. He’s never this happy when he’s sober. 

You throw a blanket on him while you prepare to make macaroni and cheese, since it was Connor’s go-to food when he is high. 

Every once in a while, you would glance over at his sleeping figure and smile at how peaceful he looked. 

“Con? Time to wake up.” You gently shook him awake. 

Connor looked like he was about to murder whoever woke him up but relaxed once he saw it was you. 

You popped in one of his favorite movie before sitting next to Connor. The two of you ate in silence until Connor moved to cuddle up next to you. Now, movie nights were normal, but Connor snuggling with you was new. As much as you wanted to cuddle, you moved away from him in case in was a mistake. 

But Connor followed your movement. You looked down at Connor to see if he was alright and he smiled back at you sheepishly, “Sorry, you’re really warm.”

Your face turned pink and shook your head to show you were ok with it.

In fact, you were ecstatic. You loved touching Connor but Connor hated to be touched, so this was a huge opportunity for you. You started stroking up and down his back which caused him to latch onto you more. You giggled and started petting his hair, but this caused Connor to whimper and move against you. 

You immediately pulled your hand away, “Connor, baby, are you ok? Did I hurt you?”

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Waiting (Part Nine)

Last chapter guys! SOOOO glad no one freaked out over the stuckony twist lol, hopefully everyone likes how I brought it around! Thanks for reading along with this fluffy fic! Love my readers!!!


Enjoy :)

“Hey Buck.” Steve said softly, and Bucky looked up from his book with a hesitant smile.

“Hey guys. How are things?”

“Hey Bucky.” Tony was fidgeting rubbing his chest. “So this might seem a little weird but–”

“But what?” Bucky put his book down slowly. “What’s going on?”

“Hey you know, I’m just going to kiss you.” Tony blurted. “Surprise kissing worked on Steve, Im sure it will work on you.” 

Bucky’s mouth dropped. “You’re going to what?”

But Tony was already moving, already leaning over the chair and running his fingers through Bucky’s long hair, touching their lips together gently.

Bucky didnt do anything for a few seconds, but then he made a desperate sort of sound and wrapped his right arm around Tony, tumbling him into his lap and Steve’s soulmark started tingling and burning so badly it nearly sent him to his knees.

“Oh damn.” Tony broke their kiss and stared down into Bucky’s eyes. “That’s um—”

“Please. Please kiss me” Bucky muttered and Tony him in for another long kiss, reaching out with his left arm and motioning for Steve.

“Bucky–” Steve took his hand and allowed himself to be pulled closer. “Bucky do you know what this means—”

“Of crouse I do. Come on. Please.” Bucky sounded like he was begging. “Stevie, been waiting forever for you.”

What?” Steve asked, but Bucky didn’t let him finish just lifted his lips from Tony’s and pressed them right to Steve’s, swallowing the shocked sound he made.

They kissed for a long moment, and when Steve pulled away his eyes were wide, his face flushed.  “Bucky. That was…that was….”

“Me next me next me next.” Tony said impatiently, and tugged Bucky back over to him again, working his hand up Bucky’s shirt to press firmly against his soulmark.

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104th’s reaction to your costume being too sexy. 🎃

*He thinks you look great but he prefers you look like that only around him and no one else. He gets jealous throughout the night*
“Why do they keep staring at you? Its pissing me off.”
“Eren, calm down. Please?”
*gif is eren*

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*He thinks you look great and his self confidence boosts up quite a bit knowing he has a s/o as good looking as you do. He would have troubles with the guys trying to pick you up but you can handle yourself*
Random guy: “Hey, sexy!”
You: “Fuck off, dipshit.”
*armin is gif*

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*He’s another guy whose confidence sky rockets. As if his ego wasn’t big enough, when he sees you he has instant heart eyes and he walks around the whole night boasting about how hot his s/o is. But that comes to an end when the jealousy kicks in bc of the guys trying to get with you*
Random guy: “So you single?”
Jean: “Actually no, I’m their boyfriend. Hey.”

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*She doesn’t care as long as no one touches you*

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*Good luck trying to keep him off of you for two minutes because he’s on you all damn night trying to get lucky*

*A nervous mess and you have no idea why? He’s seen all of you before but with that costume on he’s how he is when you both first met. Shy and nervous. Its cute.*

*Same as Mikasa but she probably wouldn’t even let anyone try to talk to you. She can sense whores and douche bags from a mile away*

*He’d be his regular sweet self and complement you all night.*
Marco: “Did I tell you that-“
You: “That I looked wonderful tonight? Yes.”
Marco: *gif*

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*In all honesty you would probably have to worry about someone trying to holla at her because we all know Historia is fine as hell*

*No one approaches you because Ymir will break someone’s arm if they tried to so instead the admire you from a distance*

*He’s a mix of Armin and Marco. He thinks you look great and tells you every chance he gets.*

*She literally doesn’t care either, as long as she has food*