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for the one who deserves it the most, my love cartermaysimmons

AU: Jemma Simmons is the head of a villainous organization that we will not name, and glasses!Grant is her loyal, handsome assistant.  Bobbi is technically head of security, but really, she spends most of her time with Jemma and Grant.  Jemma strongly believes in surrounding herself with hot people (though she is, of course, the hottest.)  It keeps her happy.

Reaction: When you’re crying while watching a movie together


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*watching movie* aw that’s cute *looks over to you*

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“wait are you.. crying?”

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“you look cute, keep crying”

Hanbin would just smile because the movie is so cute and look to the side, expecting the same reaction. When he sees you crying, he’ll get a little shock at first and wonder what is wrong but when he realizes it’s because of the movie, he can’t help laughing and would just watch you until you’re like “stop staring at me” *sniffles*


“are you crying???” *laughs*

“you know how you look right now? yeah, like this”


Bobby would cutely tease you and be a little meanie, imitating your face and laughing because he just can’t help himself. Secretly he thinks you’re the cutest and after getting beaten up by you, he’ll just hug you tightly, kissing your cheek (and repeat the crying noises before getting punched again).


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“wait are you–

“are you okay–

“do i need to–

*tries comforting you awkwardly*

Junhoe would be kind of helpless and awkward in this situation. He wouldn’t even laugh or tease you because he’s seriously concerned and doesn’t really know why you’re crying exactly. He would end up comforting you in a very cute way (which would make you end up laugh in tears and make Junhoe more confused than he already is).


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“awwwwww are you crying????”

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“why are you so cute”

Yunhyeong would think you’re absolutely adorable and end up laughing cutely because you just make him want to hug you tightly and never let go. He would just keep on saying “aww” and “don’t cryy~” before pulling you a bit closer and continue on watching the movie, handing you a tissue here and there.






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iKon and Winner: Seeing You In  A Sexy Swimsuit

Requested By: Anonymous ~ Could you do a reaction of Ikon or Winner (whichever is easier) of how they would act, seeing you in a sexy swimsuit?

B.I: “Nice babe you look real nice”

Jinhwan: “I don’t agree with this but we’re gonna be in the water most of the time”

Yunhyeong: “Oooh girl it’s gonna be hard for me to watch all them guys stare at you”

Bobby: “Damn.. I don’t feel like going to the beach anymore”

Donghyuk: “Ayy that’s my girl, always looking fine”

Junhoe: *grabs a towel* “Stay like that all day”

Chanwoo: *gets all blushy* “Wow you sexy”

Seungyoon: *speechless*

Jinwoo: “Woww all the guys will be staring at you”

SeungHoon: “Stay with me at all times today, I don’t want no guy hitting on you” 

Mino: “Do we have to go to the beach” *looks you up and down*

Taehyun: *boner alert* “Umm..I’ll be right back I need to um fix something”


Characters: Dean & Sam x Reader (family), Gabriel x Reader

Words: 1043

Summary: John is dead, and Sam, Dean and the Reader turn to each other. 

Part 2 in Dreams Series. Read Part 1 here.

Here we go- the much requested Part 2! Part of this series is going to focus on the sibling relationship between the reader, Sam and Dean, and of course part of this is going to be Gabriel x Reader. Let me know if you want more of one than the other, I’m experimenting a little. :) Anyways, enjoy!

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Reaction: Hot Photoshoot

+ you’re actually having a hot photoshoot like more skin is showing or you have to look rather sexy/seducing


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you look.. okay..” *idiotic smile* *pretending to not care* *obvious af though* *needs to control himself big time*

inside he be like

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Hanbin would try to play it cool, as always but of course /surprise/ fail at it big time. He couldn’t stop staring because damn, he can’t even take his eyes off when you’re looking normal but seeing you like this, he would have some cough thoughts in his head: you can just go home like this, i have some ideas in mind *smirk*


eyyyyyyyyy, you look hella fine babe, let’s just go home likes this” *dirty (cute) laugh*

Bobby would stare at you very obviously. He wants you to know that he likes it and he couldn’t hold himself back to make you feel a little flustered when he is there so he would whisper some weird kinky stuff in your ear to make you blush. On another note, not only because of that but he wants to see you smile at him, not only acting sexy because that’s not fair for him.


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to the guys who are working there:hey, stop looking at her like that” *covers their eyes* *puts jacket over you as soon as you’re done*

Being the prince he is, he would of course enjoy seeing you like that, giving you those sly glances in between but he would also worry because for one, people staring at you, maybe in another way than they should and second if you’re being comfortable etc. He would be protective here and come over in between to cover you or to ask you if you’re okay with all that.


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“you look very pretty”

Jinhwan would show you how proud he is of you and give you compliments here and there, encouraging you and telling you what a great job you’re doing. He’d be very supportive and rather than just watching you looking like a goddess, he would also come over in the breaks and ask you if you need something, being a great help.

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in hydra the amount of bobbi staring at jemma and lack of personal space was so Gay. there is no other explanation. "assessing security procedures" nah girl you just love jem

like, i just can’t get over the fact that this was ostensibly their first time meeting, yet bobbi’s been straight. up. creepin’ for potentially months???? just like. stalking jem on her lunch breaks and watching her eat and swooping in when she fucks up a dead drop, how did she manage to fuck up a dead drop, why did coulson send me a tiny pup and why is she so endearing and oh, my god, the way she frowns in concentration is so fucking adorable i’m going to SCREAM and ahahaha fuck.

so we’ve got jem like Oh Hello There Tall Goddess Of My Dreams Where Have You Been All My Life, talking to bobbi, who has literally memorised the curve of this woman’s lips as she smiles and who has actively wondered what they’ll look like when she’s throwing her head back and screaming in ecstasy and GD IT BOBBI FUCKING FOCUS ON FUCKING ANYTHING OTHER THAN HER PERFECT FUCKING LIPS.

and all this happens BEFORE bobbi palms jem’s boob.

so, yeah, in conclusion: gay.

I just want an episode where Lance and Bobbi Skype eachother. Just a whole episode. And it doesn’t even have to be them talking the whole time either.

The phone’ll be in Lance’s pocket as he’s fighting bad guys (don’t ask me how it stays there. It’s Marvel) and Bobbi will be doing a running commentary about Lance’s poor form or missing an opening. Basically how she would’ve kicked ass in 5 seconds or less and Lance would be like “Bob, I love you but you’re getting put on hold” and then it’s just 5 minutes of staring at Bobbi’s face and listening to her conversations between Mack, Fitz and Jemma.

Lost an Found (Part 2)

Read “Lost an Found Part 1″ here!

               Dean instantly walked over to the bed and began to look at you. You were sound asleep, so peacefully. Just like you used too, Dean turned and looked at Sam again who stared with disbelief on his face. “We need to call Cas and Bobby Dean” he said quietly.

               Once everyone was settled in the library, Dean stood at the head of the table and stared at it. “Y/N’s back” he mumbled. Bobby and Cas looked at each other before looking at Sam and Dean Eyes wide. “What? When? How? Where is she? I want to see her!” Bobby said to Dean who shook his head “Shes sleepin’ Bobby, leave her be.” Bobby stared at Dean, anger covering his face. “My daughters been missin’ for a year and you want me to just leave her be?!” Bobby stood from his chair, letting it fall back; the small whimper at the door didn’t go unnoticed.

               “Y/N…” the man with light brown hair and bright green eyes whispered. You stared at each of them. You didn’t know any of them “Who are you…” you asked staring at the bearded man standing next to the light brown haired man. “Y/N….sweetheart it’s me…your father” the bearded man said stepping around the table and towards you. You instantly took a step back. “I don’t know any of you…I need to keep moving or they’ll find me” you whispered. “I just…I was cold and I somehow knew where the key was to get in here so I came inside to get out of the rain because….they can…..they’ll find me in the rain…has it stopped raining?” you rambled looking at the man who had shaggy brown hair. His eyes were hazel colored and seemed soft, yet concern sat just beneath the surface of them.

               “Honey, who will find you?” The bearded man asked sitting you down in a chair. You instantly pulled your knees up to your chest, wrapping your arms around them. “They will” you said looking up at him. He looked at the other three men in the room who were staring at you. “Can I speak with you three alone for a minute?” he asked motioning them to the other side of the room where they stood together and lowly whispering, taking quick glances at you.

               “You guys, something’s wrong here…she doesn’t remember us but she remembers something” Bobby whispered. “Cas, can’t you get a read on her mind?” Cas shrugged “I can try; I’m not sure what good that will do though…its only pictures.” He said looking at them. Dean sighed and walked back over to the table. “Y/N….my names Dean, this is my brother Sam, your father Bobby and our….other brother Castiel…do you remember us at all?” the man named Dean asked you.

               You stared at him before looking to the others “Are you the ones that put me in the mental institution?” You whispered.

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Junkyard Part 4

Junkyard Part 1 Junkyard Part 2 Junkyard Part 3

               Bobby watched over you while you slept that night, he didn’t want to think about what really happened to your mother, if those letters were actually a lie, or how long that demon had been in your body. He worried that the demon may have made you do things that would forever screw you up. What if the demon had killed your mother? While in your body? Bobby sighed staring at you as your body laid snug against his couch with the old worn tan blanket thrown over you. “I’m so sorry Y/N” he whispered. Suddenly the door opened and Dean poked his head in.

               “How is she?” he asked quietly as Bobby looked back at him, “I don’t know, she hasn’t woken up yet…what if…” he let out a shaky breath as Dean sat down beside him. “She’s gonna be okay Bobby, because she’s got family, she’s got us” Dean whispered as the fire cracked in the fire place. Bobby stared at you, the light of the flames dancing across your face. Worry not only covered his features, but it filled his heart as well.

               “How’s Sam doing?” He asked as Dean sipped his beer. “He’s finally sleeping after all that research, but the worst part is, when they moved and she disappeared with her, we have no trace or track of where they went or anything…I’m sorry Bobby” Bobby only shook his head and got up walking over to the old metal box and grabbing the letters. “I just can’t believe she never told me, we’d kept in touch for years. She….she had several chances to tell me….why didn’t she?” Bobby asked looking at Dean before sitting back down.

               “I don’t know Bobby, maybe she was scared of what could happen to her, or maybe she just wanted to stay hidden forever” Dean mumbled as he moved some hair out of your face. Bobby watched Dean as he stared at you, his eyes crinkling as he smiled. “I appreciate all your help with her” Bobby whispered as Dean looked over at him and nodded. “Anytime Bobby, that’s why we have each other, Sammy and I will always be there for you Bobby, just like you have been for us” he said with a look of love shining in his eyes.

               Bobby smiled and nodded “anytime Dean, thank you” he whispered when Sam walked in, “you guys are never going to believe this.” he held a piece of paper in his hand as he walked over to them. “I thought you were asleep?” Dean said looking up at him. “Yeah, I lied.” He began to look over the paper. “So I went back through and began to dig more into the credit card transactions, and something struck me as odd. Y/N said she had no money on her whatsoever.” Dean shrugged “yeah so?”

               “Well, if she doesn’t have her mother’s credit cards, who does? They just spent $65 at some Market in Westport yesterday…when she was here.” Bobby’s eyes widened slightly, “Sam…” “Now, I’m not saying it’s her mom, but it could be, I mean, it would kind of make sense. The demon lying about everything?” Bobby and Dean looked at each other before Dean took the paper from Sam. “Westport is about a three hour drive from here. Let’s hit the road, got an address for her mother?” Dean said standing as Sam nodded. “Yep, 4521 Yellow Bee Drive.” He said holding up a piece of paper.

               Dean grabbed his jacket as Bobby stood as well. “Uh, Bobby why don’t you guys stay here? Just in case there are more demons looking for her, you want to keep her safe right?” Sam said looking at him. Bobby stared at him for a moment before a small noise came from the couch, everyone turned looking at you, where you sat wide eyed and white as a ghost. “Where am I? Who are you?”