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More Beautiful than the Sun

A/N: Hey so uh…I’m feeling part two vibes to this. So…if it gets enough feedback, I might write a part 2.

Request: Can you do a Cas X reader? A very fluffy and smutty one? Where Cas has to reassure reader that she’s beautiful and important and then he has to show her?

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Warnings: Oral (Female Receiving)

Word Count: 1.5k

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You turned your music down a some while you finished getting ready for this hunt. You did not want to go. Anytime you had to get dressed up, you tried everything and anything you could to get out of it. Dean wasn’t buying it this time though. He gave you a few hours to get ready, which you appreciated; but that didn’t help much.

You stopped and stared at your reflection in the floor length mirror, hating everything about yourself. You sighed as you slid your heels on, wishing that your legs were a little longer. You held your hair up in a pony tail, and clipped it up for a moment while trying to decide if you should tie it up or leave it down.

Down. You always thought that you looked like kid with your hair up. You let it fall back down over your shoulders and stared at your split ends. You hadn’t cut your hair in years. You’d been so bent on letting it grow out. Tossing your hair hair clip to the side, you watched yourself as you twirled a tendril of hair around your finger, thinking maybe you should curl it. But then your hair would look shorter, and you didn’t want that, considering your black dress was a hip hugger. Tonight, your long hair would be your safety net.

You grabbed your eyeliner pencil and leaned forward towards the mirror to put it on. You dropped the pencil and spun around when Castiel appeared in the mirror behind you.

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tvd appreciation week ♡  day one = favorite character

elena gilbert;  Dear Diary, today will be different. It has to be. I will smile, and it will be believable. My smile will say, “I’m fine, thank you. Yes, I feel much better.” I will no longer be the sad little girl that lost her parents. I will start fresh, be someone new. It’s the only way I’ll make it through.

Sweet Heart

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IMAGINE: You’re Rick’s daughter, and when in line up Negan takes an interest in you.

A/N : I tried to upload this as soon as possible and am so glad and that a few of you really wanted me to upload! As a gift in a way of me saying thank you, I made this chapter or part a little bit longer! Maybe even some smut? I don’t know, you’ll have to read to find out.

BTW: Thank you to all who reblogged and liked as well as followed! I really, really appreciate it!

WARNING: RATED M! For Negan’s swearing, smut and sexual tension ;)

You were stuck in that stifling room for what felt like forever but was probably only an hour. You were at a lost with what to do and found yourself often staring at the wall thinking on how things could turn so bad, so quickly. Just a week ago you were laughing with your father and giggling with your little sister. A week ago you and Carl were talking about how badass he looked with the bandage, ‘badass pirate’ you called him.

Lame, but it made you laugh. A week ago Abraham was teasing you about your tiny body and how you looked the least bit frightening. A week ago, you were watching Maggie and Glenn think about baby names. It was hard to think that a man you had known since the beginning, even before he had brought your father, was gone. Turned into mush.

You felt like crying. You wanted to see their smiling faces. You wanted to see Glenn smiling at you as you both went on a run together. You wanted to see Abraham smirking down at you as he smoked his cigar.

You were suddenly ripped out of your thoughts when the door snapped open and you were greeted by the smirking face of Negan. You coward on the inside, fear racing through you, but you kept your head high and you chin strong. You wouldn’t let him know about the fear that raced through you at the sight of him.

“There she is!” Negan grinned at you. You blinked, confused by his seemingly excitement at finding you when he was the one who left you here. But you kept your mouth shut, standing up and straightening your back out.

A piece of clothe was thrown at you, you caught with ease and with furrowed brows you studied the clothe. It was a floral patterned dress that was thin straps. “You’ll look beautiful in it, sweet heart.”

Angered by this ridiculous dress, honestly who wears dresses during the apocalypse? You threw the dress back at Negan, him catching it and staring at you with barely concealed anger. Good, you were glad you both felt the same. “I refuse to wear that pathetic clothe. Honestly, why the hell would I wear a dress during the apocalypse.”

You looked down at your own clothes, black jeans and sweater that was slightly splattered with red spots. Blood you figured. You thought your outfit was fine, fit for the apocalypse. 

“Why not, sweet heart? I think it’ll look fucking dashing on you.” Negan tilted his hand, waving lucille down. You noticed it was now cleaned off of the blood that had been indefinitely splattered on it. You eyed it carefully, guessing he meant that as some kind of threat. 

“Because, Negan,” your voice snapped. “I ain’t your doll to stare at. And i’m certainly not going to dress up all prettily for you. What’s next? My hair? Is my face gonna be all dolled up?” You had become so heated that you had let your mouth maybe run for too long.

Your heart raced at the look on Negan’s face. Unreadable. He took a step forward and you took a step back, it continued like that until our back hit the wall and you were stuck to face your fear. Negan continue to walk towards you until his face was in the crook of your neck. You sucked in a breath, your heart seemed to freeze for a moment and you kept your eye on lucille. Knowing better so you could brace yourself for whatever was to come.

A sudden chuckle snapped you out of your own mind, and suddenly Negan leaned out of your neck and smacked his head back. “And that’s why I like you!” He cheered, grabbing your hand and pulling you out of the room. “C’mon, I promised you that fucking tour and you’re gonna fucking get it.”

The ‘sanctuary’ was large and was filled with hundreds of men. You felt slightly small and less than these men as they sneered at you. Staring at you with unhidden lust and disgust. Despite yourself, you stayed behind Negan, who in turned stared at you bewildered as to why you were suddenly so shy.

Upon looking around him, he noticed the million of looks. “Now understand me, you fucking pricks.” He suddenly spoke up, “Y/N here is a guest, or rather my guest and she is to be treated with the up most fucking respect. I see any of you idiots frightening my sweet heart again, I beat your asses.”

You felt slightly grateful at Negan as the two of you began walking away. To a different section of the sanctuary. Once you were sure you guys were alone, you caught up to him. “Thank you,” you mumbled.

Negan smiled, taking his hand around your waist as he smiled down at you. “No problem, sweet heart.”

Negan only waited four days instead of the full week. You truthfully had expected to be left here when Negan took his men and visited Alexandria. You knew better than to ask because despite the dying need to want to see your family, you couldn’t think of something to convince him enough to allow you to go.

But then, you were frighteningly shocked when Negan took you by the hand and dragged you to a truck. You opened your mouth to ask, but Negan fixed you with a look and you stayed silent.

“I brought you to prove to these fuckers that you’re mine.” Negan spoke, his voice tight and left no room for argument. “That’s it.” When you came face to face with the gates of Alexandria you wanted to run in, but kept your feet glued down. 

“Little piggy, little piggy.” Negan taunted, “let me in.” The doors opened to reveal Spencer, you had never liked the man. He was rude and weird, and you almost wanted to shoot yourself when he dared to ask who Negan was. Negan looked ready to hit the men but restrained, looking back at you. 

Rick came up and you jumped at the thought of seeing your father. He opened the gate after some restrained tension between your father and Negan. When your father saw you, he looked apprehensive and almost seemed like he was going to walked towards you until his eyes caught something else. Turning your head, you saw Daryl in some sort of tan clothe with a giant A written on the front. You wanted to walk over to him and see if he was okay but knew you wouldn’t be allowed to.

You walked back into your home, the home you actually wanted to be in and your father was by your side. “Y/N…”

Negan stepped in between you two. “No Rick.” He sternly said, “you don’t speak to her. You don’t look or even breathe her way. Same with Daryl boy over there.” You turned to Negan, a plea on the tip of your tongue. 

“Negan, please…” 

“Nope.” He smiled, “sorry sweet heart but he needs to know where he stands.”

You head fell in shame and disappointment. “Maybe Rick would like to show me around? Oh and carry this for me!” Negan handed Rick lucille and fire burned within you. How dare he!

You watched as Negan’s men went into each and every room, taking out way more than half. Rick led Negan around as you stayed behind, following slowly. You had blanked out, ignoring what Negan was saying as you stared desperately at the houses around you. Wanting to just stay here.

That was, until you heard Negan speak up about Maggie. “Especially widows, they’re empty. But not for long.” You glared heatedly at him, hating him for talking so lowly of the woman who had helped you grow as a woman yourself. Your eyes burned with fire, to which he must have mistaken as jealousy.

“Oh, don’t worry, sweet heart. You’re still my number one.” He went to wrap his arms around you but you stepped away.

He ignored your defiance, “anyways. Where is she?”

“Would you care to pay your respects?” Both Negan and you jumped at the sudden voice, turning around you were shocked to see Father Gabriel. Pay your respects… did that mean? No, it couldn’t be.

“Jesus christ, you’re creepy as fuck.”

You stared bewildered at the grave in front of you. Your heart sinking once more at the though of loosing another family, she had lost her husband and now both her and her baby were gone.

You felt tears coming to the brink and you swallowed deeply. suddenly you caught your father’s eyes and there was something that looked like anxiousness? Turning to Gabriel you saw him wiping his hands against his black pants, something that looked like dirt? Your eyes widened and relief flooded through you.



Negan turned to you, giving you a soft hug. “I’m sorry.” He whispered to which you nodded. 

A sudden gun shot went off and you stared fearfully. Fearing someone else had been hurt.


Please request story ideas!!!

The first word that pops into my mind when i saw this picture - butt

Then the second word - thigh gap goals

Then i look down at mine - not yet, not even close.

Can we just take a minute or longer to appreciate how both of their guns are tucked in & that long sleeved shirts’ half tucked out? 

-stares for about an hour-

Night Falls: Chapter 11

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Swearing, two caring dorks 

Summary: After witnessing a murder, Y/N becomes a protected witness to FBI Agent Dean Winchester, who needs her help to do more than just solve one man’s murder.

Word Count: 3,149


A/N: The chapters just keep getting longer and longer! 

Sorry this took forever! But enjoy this Dean-centric chapter. 

And a happy Fanfiction Writers’ Appreciation Day to all my fellow writers out there!

Night Falls Master List

“What?” Dean throws his hands out as if he has no idea why Cas would be upset.

Cas just stares Dean down, disappointment etched into his face. 

“Really?” Cas lets out a deep breath, clearly not amused by Dean’s antics.

“Oh come on.” Dean waves off his partner. “I was just having some fun with her.” He drops his eyes back down to his plate and picks up his burger and takes a big bite. 

Castiel just continues to stare Dean down, moments like these reminding him how young his partner really is. 

“You should apologize.” Cas keeps an even tone, his hands still folded in his lap. Dean just keeps egregiously chewing

“It was an accident.” Dean attempts to defend himself again after swallowing his chewed food. 

“I know that.” Cas rolls his eyes. Dean was smart when it came to a lot of things, but sometimes he was a few clowns short of a circus. 

“It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t apologize.” Castiel picks up his burger again and finally take a bite since the entire encounter began. A silence falls between the two men and Cas gets halfway through his burger before he puts it down again. 

“And there’s no need to tease her.” He looks pointedly at Dean. “It’s not like she’s going through enough, as is, without you antagonizing her.”  

Dean takes in a deep breath and sighs, knowing Cas was right, as usual.He sometimes hated that about the guy. 

“Fine,” Dean smirks tightly at Cas, who just smiles back at him, his shoulders rolled back with a clear victory under his belt. 

Once Dean clears his plate, he picks up your unfinished burger, cold and sad looking, and tosses it in the trash before putting both your plates in the sink.

“I think she may have wanted that,” Cas comments to Dean’s back, but Dean doesn’t respond, just opens up the fridge and grabs what he’s looking for.

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Sadnecessary//Tripartite- Part I

A/N: Here it is! It’s a bit slow as it’s just an introduction, but I hope you lovelies like it anyway! I’m also sorry it took longer than I meant it to, I had some technical difficulties, so that’s why!

Any constructive criticism is appreciated as this is a trial run for another novel I’m planning out at the moment. Please keep it constructive though, rather than hateful.

You can find the song here.

Word count: 2,074

Girls who look like their mothers are destined for misfortune.

Euphemia found herself becoming increasingly distraught when she noticed how similar her dark hair and hazily grey eyes were to that of her mother, finding her reflection worriedly staring back from a golden edged mirror.

It’s only the sound of her name coming from downstairs that interrupts her daze, prompting her eyes to dart away from the mirror and towards the heavy oak door. With a wearisome sigh, she bellows a reply:

“Coming Mama,” her yell sounds strangely polite, breaking the thick anticipation of a response. She takes a final look in the mirror, and smooths down the front of her navy blue dress before grabbing a cage containing a small, chestnut brown owl from her bedside table, an angry hoot escaping the bird whose sleep she’d clearly disturbed.

“I’m sorry, Philomena, but we’ve got to go,” she whispered empathetically to the angered bird as she ran down the stairs, the speeding, bumpy motion displeasing the already irritated animal even more than the interruption of her slumber.

“There you are,” her mother said with a relieved sigh as Euphemia stepped foot on the spotless ground floor of the grand Victorian house, her small hand still lingering on the cool, marbled banister.

Annabeth Erested was a very beautiful woman with a stunning smile that the world barely ever got to see. If a hair in her permanently perfectly arranged bun happened to be out of place, Euphemia knew her mother was having a bad day, and no questions should be asked until everything was back ‘as it should be’.

Today, the first day of September, however, Annabeth appeared to be even more nervous than usual, her eyes glancing to and from the clock a few times before she finally gave another call towards the upper floor. Euphemia’s eyes darted towards the upstairs as she heard heavy, rushed footsteps following her mother’s bellow, and settled on the anxious woman as she shook her head. Looking back at her daughter, she straightened the navy blue bow tied in her hair and brushed down the shoulders of her matching cardigan.

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anonymous asked:

Just a tiny, tiny drabble: Killian never saw himself as attracted to men. Sure, he could appreciate the male formz, but he never really felt any attraction towards them. At least, until he met a Emrys Swan. He couldn't help but stare at the muscles rippling under his white shirt, his large green eyes, and delicately handsome features that (though he would never admit it) put his to shame. He could feel the tightening in his pants the longer he looked at Emrys, but couldn't bring himself to care.


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“I thought it was a problem for you, that it made you feel uncomfortable… when we go out everyone stares at us if I don’t cover my metal arm” he says looking at you with scissors still in his other hand because he was cutting the right sleeve from an old shirt.

“It doesn’t make me uncomfortable at all!“ you sit on the chair next to him “I know you see that metal arm just as a bad thing because you used to hurt people with that, but I don’t think the same. It’s a sign of your past but it’s a past that no longer exists. You’re Bucky, my Bucky, and I appreciate every part of you, even this one” you caress his metal hand “I understand if you don’t want people to look at us or at you, but if you’re doing this for me don’t do that then because this isn’t a problem.” you give him a kiss on the cheek.

“Thank you”

“It’s just the truth, besides…” you whisper in his ear “For me it’s kinda hot.”

He grins and looks at the shirt on the table “Well, I guess this can wait then!” and saying this he stands up an kisses you.

A tiny sneak peak of my next story for fiddlefest:

He’d first seen him in front of the dinner out one morning on his daily walk. Humming to himself and strumming his banjo, he had felt some fear he couldn’t quite identify seeing him here. He’d run away after that, his son frowning at him but saying nothing as they headed to the lake for him to work that day.

The next time he saw him, he was more prepared. He didn’t run like he had done previously, he took a deep breath and walked up the steps of the dinner and sat down at the table he was at waiting for Susan to bring his pancakes.

He paid him no mind continuing to play his banjo and play his song, Fidds smiled back and placed a crisp one-hundred-dollar bill in the hat in front of him making him smile in appreciation. That smile began to fade and become a confused line the longer Fidds sat across from him, just staring.

“Is there something I can help you with, stranger?” Ivan asked him a smile breaking on his lips, making Fidds stir a little in his seat in discomfort. His one good eye had no recognition in it, he didn’t know who he was.

“Do you remember me at all Ivan?” he asked softly almost afraid to look at his glassy eye he had tattooed a red X over.

“Ivan?” he asked with a small chuckle, “You have me mistaken friend! My name is Toot Toot Mcbumbersnazle!”

Fidds nearly burst into tears but found some restraint to hold it in and leave silently as the man waved to him on the way out. He stopped at the counter before he left to ask Susan to put his check on his tab whenever he ate here in the future.

One Day {Bucky Barnes}

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Prompt: “I just wish you saw yourself the way I see you.”

Character: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Note: #MomentOfWeaknessProject drabble :) This was meant to be a short prompt but I wrote it a lil bit longer. Reader is insecure about their body.

Author: @alloftheimaginesblog aka @bigblueboxwiththemadmaninside

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This is one of my favorite gifs of AmazingPhil…am I the only one? 

(no but seriously….I may have stared at this slightly longer than what is considered normal…more than once…) 

Exo Reactions To You Having Dirty Humor & Always Making Dirty Jokes

Hopefully this is interesting… I wasn’t sure if it ended up being stupid haha also, it’s a little short but my next one will be longer. xo

/I do not own any gifs unless stated otherwise/


Baekhyun: “Oh, you want to play this game?” *proceeds to have a dirty joke contest*

Chanyeol: “Jagi, I didn’t know you were such a pervert.” *gives you side eye but is amused by it*

Chen: *laughs at literally every joke as hard as he can*

D.O.: *slightly amused sometimes, but only smiles at the really dirty things*

Kai: *gets caught off guard by the dirtiness occasionally but it makes him laugh*

Kris: *doesn’t totally appreciate the art of dirty jokes so he just stares at you with confusion a lot*

Lay: *they usually take him a while to figure out but he tries his best*

Luhan: “Finally… someone who gets me.” *happy because he’s a dirty joke lover too*

Sehun: *entertained like a little kid watching someone slap themselves in the face*

Suho: *no reaction whatsoever because he’s trying to ignore the jokes* /Chen is not amused either apparently/

Tao: *rolls his eyes so hard that they get stuck up in his head but you can see a smile sometimes*

Xiumin: *on the outside he looks like he’s judging you so hard but on the inside he’s dying over how turned on he is by your filthy sense of humor*


i had the time of my life [fighting dragons with you] last night in greensboro with arden ( @coffeeatmdnght ) i no longer have my voice but that’s alright as i had a great time singing screaming dancing etc and it was the perfect way to have fun before i have my surgery on my hip monday and i won’t be able to do anything for over a month which unfortunately includes dancing, anyways i kept noticing you staring over to where i was sitting or while standing and that in itself killed me, i loved when you brought on miranda, and it was an amazing first concert (unless the wiggles in 2004 count) and i really appreciate it
thank you taylor,
love zoë

Who said that Shamy shippers no longer wish for anything? Here's a short list.

1. Sheldon kissing Amy’s cheek.
2. Sheldon kissing Amy’s forehead.
3. Amy having a piggy back ride on Sheldon.
4. Amy and Sheldon doing the nose to nose thing.
5. Amy kissing Sheldon’s neck.
6. Sheldon initiating a hug with Amy.
7. Sheldon kissing Amy’s hand.
8. Sheldon staring at Amy randomly appreciating her beauty.
9. Sheldon standing next to Amy and holding her waist with his one arm.
10. Sheldon and Amy sentimentally dancing over a quiet and romantic song.


Title: Bad Girl // chapter 2

A/N: I’m glad you guys are enjoying it so far. I really like making it as realistic as possible so I prolong all smutty stuff until it slowly falls into place perfectly. This chapter starts spicing up the tension between Nate and Y/N and hopefully you all like it equally or more than chapter 1! Feedback is always appreciated. Enjoy! (Also I do not own these pictures)

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Rumbelle Fic: Hearts in Armor

Title: Hearts in Armor
Rating: PG
Summary: During the events of The Bear and the Bow, Rumple and Belle have an extended conversation in the library.

A/N: Like many of you, I had a lot of emotions after The Bear and the Bow. I delved a little deeper into Rumple and Belle’s psyche in these moments. This is a longer, more intimate conversation before they head to Rumple’s shop. I hope you enjoy. If you like it, I’d really appreciate a reblog. :-)


Rumplestiltskin stares down at the remains of the chipped cup and rubs his chaffed wrists. A gash on his palm oozes blood. He smears the crimson stain with his thumb and it mingles with the salt in his sweat, making the cut throb. He tests his weight on his bad leg. After hours of swordplay, it is tender and sore. His throat is parched and swollen. With magic always at his disposal, he hasn’t suffered too many effects of physical pain in the past 300 years. But the sensations of being a normal man come flooding back, and he wheezes with anxiety. Though he has shattered the cup to set himself free of Merida’s Boot Camp for Heroes, he remains trapped in a hell of his own making. He feels broken, alone, and scared.

No, he argues with his addled brain, clenching his trembling hands together to stop the tremors, you can’t do this now. You need to find Belle. Fighting off waves of panic that threaten to pull him under, he leaves the camp, abandoning the pieces of their cup. Merida can deal with the Dark Swan on her own.

Resolute, he hobbles through the woods, stabbing the ground with the crude walking stick his jailer fashioned for him. The stick scrapes his palm, leaving jagged splinters in his hand, but he ignores the sting. He needs to see Belle. Dragging his abused body, he navigates the mines and enters the basement of the library. As he steps into the lift, he prays that Belle will be there. Alone. If Hook, Charming, or another one of her hypocritical friends is with her, he will surely crumble into dust. The gears whir and creak as he slowly ascends out of the bowels of the building to the ground floor. When the doors open he shuffles to the back corner of the elevator, huddling in the corner for protection.

As light streams into the darkened lift, he sees Belle standing there, poised to defend herself with a fire extinguisher. The scene reminds him of when she locked herself inside the lift to escape Hook’s attack. When he had arrived and opened the doors, she had flown into his arms like a startled bird, petite and wide-eyed. He’d promised to always protect her. Now, void of the confidence his power always delivered, the days when she loved and trusted him to honor those vows seem a million years away.

“Rumple! Oh, my God, Rumple!” Belle quickly casts her makeshift weapon aside. “It’s me,” she assures him, holding out her hands. “It’s only me. You’re safe now.”

“Belle. You? Really you?” he stutters stupidly.

And for the first time ever, he looks at her not with eyes tainted by the Dark One. He gazes at her with the eyes of a man.


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