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I need to see 🐱 for Avdol and Caesar plis

yeah for the what they look like part im gonna use visuals bc idk how to describe what i picture in my head - but i got you !!!

🐱 they’ve been turned into a common house cat! what do they look like and how do they handle their new form? + Avdol & Caesar 


  • x - something like that but also with like the scars (marks?? im not sure what they are) on his face.
  • He’s freaking out honestly. He figures the only way this could happen would be due to the work of an enemy stand !!
  • He’s running around trying to find the stand user and lets be real, none of the others are even gonna realize what’s going on.
  • Refuses to accept the cat form and won’t stop until he finds the stand user and defeats them.
  • Bonus: Iggy is the only one who realizes it’s him but doesn’t care and lets him suffer on his own.


  • x - something like that and his headband gets turned into a collar.
  • Yeah he has absolutely no idea what’s going on or how he ended up like this.
  • He’ll try to get Joseph’s attention to realize it’s him but Joseph doesn’t realize and shoos him off.
  • He’ll try to search for a way to go back to normal but he’s got no ideas on where to even start.
  • However, likes the attention he’s getting from girls and will use his cat charm to cuddle up to them and get pets.

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⚰ with Polnareff please?

okie dokie !! ✨✨

⚰️ their presumed dead significant other shows up on their doorstep, how do they react? + Polnareff 

  • There’s gonna be so many emotions. He’s definitely gonna be overwhelmed at first. Just ??? They’re alive??? How??? When?? What’s going on?
  • And then he’s gonna break down crying. He’ll take their hands, wonder if they’re real and if this isn’t just some sick cruel joke another enemy stand might be playing on him.
  • He’ll pull them into his arms, hugging them tightly and refusing to let go. They’re okay. They’re alive. He’s not sure how it’s possible, but he’s thanking every god he can think of.
  • Give him some time to calm down and breathe and he’ll listen to them about what went down and how they’re still alive.
  • No matter what he’s just…. so happy. There’s moments where he finds himself tearing up all over again because he’s still just so full of emotions.
  • Either way: They’re alive and that’s all that matters. And they’re gonna be getting so many hugs and kisses. 
  • He’s also gonna be a lot more protective over them now. He thought he lost them once, he refuses to lose them again.