we-are-but-stardust  asked:

What do you like and what do you not like about Uncontrollably Fond so far? ✨


  • Main male lead
  • Second male lead
  • Kim Woobin screaming
  • Suzy screaming (+ crying)
  • Main male lead’s mother
  • Second male lead’s mother
  • Main male lead’s mother’s lookalike
  • Female lead’s brother
  • Second male lead’s sister
  • Pororo forced to live outside
  • Making Suzy allergic to Pororo
  • Every male character
  • That ‘fun’ ost
  • Suzy’s ridiculous red dress (????) after her makeup
  • Main male lead’s mothers hate for entertainers
  • Her stupid reason of hate (the father doesn’t even know he’s his son)
  • Episode 6′s ending
  • Main leads stupidity, arrogance, egoism, narcissism, rash decision making and mood swings etc
  • Him throwing shoes at her, kicking and tripping her
  • Both of his proposals
  • Suzy not pushing him of the stage during second proposal (but yeah, too many eye witnesses + cameras)


  • Visuals
  • Lightning
  • Coloring
  • Directing
  • Landscapes
  • Cinematography
  • Kim Woobin’s body
  • His car
  • Pororo
  • Suzy’s beauty
  • Her style
  • Her hide-me-from-fame sunglasses
  • Second male lead’s fiancees makeup
  • Second male lead - ahjussi version

stardust-shifter  asked:

Hey Siru, love your art! Can you draw Kyros from AoS with the Karasuno uniform? :3 Thanks!

listen this is the best request i got everyone else can go home.
its kinda messy but this prompt was too good to not color in some way, i might do more with it later.
take a guess at who is captain