stardust ballroom

Guns N’ Roses at Los Angeles’ Stardust Ballroom, June 28, 1985

“We formed Guns N’ Roses within a couple of months of me moving to LA. The band was a really cool amalgamation of punk, metal – like Motorhead – and basically just really good, deep-cut records. Axl even brought in some stuff like Nazareth that I’d never been exposed to before. There were Prince and Cameo, and all this cool funk stuff in there as well. That’s what you hear driving the backbeat on Appetite [for Destruction]. We’d listen to that stuff all the time. And Hanoi Rocks were a big influence on us, too. Slash and I had tickets to see them at The Palace [Avalon Hollywood], and the week before the concert was due to take place the car accident happened. Razzle [Nicholas Dingley, drummer in Hanoi Rocks] died and the band broke up. That was during the winter of ’84. Afterward, there was a wide-open space. It felt like whatever happened next was going to be on our shoulders. But then again, at that time every 20-year-old kid who was in a band in LA probably thought that.” - Duff McKagan