🌱Snow Drop Protection Spell🌱

inspired by neil gaiman’s stardust, a floral charm to protect you from magic meant to cause you harm of grief

“The Snowdrop, in purest white arraie,
First rears her hedde on Candlemas Daie.“

 — An Early Calendar of English Flowers

🌱 the Snowdrop, or milkflower, is a harbinger of spring, signifying renewal and life at its most new and vibrant. From this, its use in magic the snowdrop is considered sacred and is a symbol of purity. It can be used to negate baneful magic and ill intents.  

🌱 gather: a snowdrop flower and clear quartz. 

🌱  if no snowdrops are available, make one from craft supplies and consecrate it with dew, or melted snow.

🌱 in the book, the charm is made of glass. charge the snowdrop over a piece of glass or clear quartz.

🌱 chant:

"It is a frozen charm […] A thing of power. Something like this can perform wonders and miracles in the right hands. Watch.” (Stardust - 8.164)

🌱 seal it with a kiss before using it, as in the book it was bought for a kiss. 

🌱 attach it to an article of clothing when you wish it to protect you.

Klaine Advent Day 7

G: Guess

Word Count: 250

Their tenth wedding anniversary approached in a hurry. Kurt did everything in his power to convince Santana and Brittany to not celebrate the joint day with them, including buying them tickets for a cruise. He wanted the pair of them out of their hair, and their precious children shipped off to Grandpa Burt’s and Grandma Carole’s for a super long, sugar packed weekend. His dad arrived Thursday afternoon to take Ara, Finn, and Xavier.

           “Enjoy yourselves,” Burt told him, after they strapped Xavier into his car seat and gave him his teething rings. “Have fun with that gift, too.”


           “He’s managed to keep it from you then? He is learning.”

           “What gift? Dad, tell me!”

           “Nope, see you Sunday.”

           Burt left. Kurt hurried inside and dialed Blaine’s number.

           “What’s my anniversary present? Why does Dad know what my anniversary gift is?”

           Blaine chuckled. “Guess.”

           And he hung up. That evening Kurt pestered him through dinner and their soothing bubble bath.

           “Is it a vacation to Paris?”


           “That sex swing I’ve had my eye on?”

           Blaine lathered up the shampoo in Kurt’s hair. “Keep guessing.”

           He guessed over breakfast in bed, during their long afternoon of sex and naps and cuddling. By dinner, Kurt wanted to howl. Their anniversary was still a day away, and somewhere over the last fifteen years of knowing each other, Blaine had learned to tease him just as well as he teased Blaine.

           “Am I even close?”

           “Not within half a mile of right.”

Klaine Advent (6/24) - Vogue Verse: FAIR is FAIR

Hohoho everyone, this is my Klaine Advent contribution - a AU! I hope you’ll enjoy it. :) I apologize that this is not going to be updating daily/regularly because my busy schedule simply won’t allow it. However, I am planning on making a full 24-part series out of this - hopefully before the countdown to Christmas ends. :D

Rating: PG | ~ 1200 words

beta’ed and approved and all that jazz by @a-simple-rainbow

PREVIOUS PARTS: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

Step 6 of How to Succeed in the Fashion Industry: Settle into a comfortable routine and enjoy the occasional surprise.

Blaine goes home that night with a spring in his step and a smile on his face.

Wes almost destroys the remote control when he throws it at Blaine for being such an idiot but misses him and hits the wall instead. Blaine only shrugs with that same doofus smile plastered on his face and gets comfy next to Wes on the couch.

And over the next few days, the smile only continues to grow.

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Author Spotlight: Quizasvivamos

Our author this week is @quizasvivamos and throughout the week, we’ll be featuring their works.  If you haven’t yet, check out the main post: HERE

Next Fic Rec: Journey

Summary:  Badboy!Blaine and Skank!Kurt: Kurt and Blaine meet on the long-abandoned railroad tracks of a technologically advanced dystopian society. They are outcasts. With being gay comes being marked or “branded”, and they must carry the burden of the literal stigma wherever they go so that the world knows what they are. This story is about where they go when they live in a world that doesn’t want them.

This story was a product of an overworked pensive mind in the midst of student teaching, just before completion of 5.5 years of courses to obtain two college degrees and a teacher certification. Needless to say, I was feeling and thinking a lot. The inspiration was the existential Samuel Beckett play Waiting for Godot, a play I read back in high school that left a lasting impression on me. For that reason, I wrote it as almost a stage or screenplay, so it’s a bit unusual in the way it reads. My inspiration was the badboy!Blaine and skank!Kurt tropes; I had read quite a few fics with the tropes, but not many of them explored the reasons behind Kurt and Blaine’s behavior or how they both physically and emotionally reached a state in which they had taken on those personas, got tattooed, pierced, etc. I approached the topic in a dramatic and almost overly poetic manner, but the story was honest and deeply personal, and I’ll always look back on it fondly.