Submitted for your consideration: what if Holly Kujo possessed at least as much strength/will as that eleven-month-old baby(!) who got a stand?  What if she then went on a globe-trotting adventure to kill a vampire and save her son with the power of her own punchghost? 

I swear this is the last piece of fanart for a bit! Gonna go back to designing characters and environments for my own project, but I had to get this out. 

Fic: One and Only

anon prompted: Could you write a story about how prince Kurt and his servant Blaine are falling in love, trying to hide/fight it but absolutely failing at that?

This is more “discovering their love and trying to keep it secret,” so I hope you like it, anon friend! It’s still fluffy as all hell, at least. ~1790 words, G.

Kurt wasn’t sure if he could pinpoint when he’d fallen in love with Blaine, exactly. There was that first heart-stopping moment on the stairs, when he had called out and Blaine had turned around, revealing those bright hazel eyes, and Kurt’s breath had caught in his throat. There were the stolen moments of conversation when Blaine was helping Kurt dress or escorting him around the castle, moments that flew by all too quickly in their haste to discuss a new novel or current event before they had to seamlessly reassume their duties. There was the kiss they’d shared at Christmas under a sprig of mistletoe on Kurt’s balcony, over almost before it began but perfect all the same.

There were all the kisses afterward, fleeting yet meaningful, as they finally admitted their (blessedly mutual) affections. Kurt cherished each one, happy to finally love and be loved in return.

At least, he hoped he was loved in return. Neither of them had actually spoken the words yet, and Kurt wasn’t sure he wanted to be first. Too many lesser-ranked guests at galas had informed him that they were only flirting with him because they wished to be royalty, not out of any particular interest they had in Kurt himself. Kurt wasn’t sure he could handle learning that Blaine was just as shallow and status-obsessed as the rest of the ton.

These uncertainties plagued him as he settled into his large, four-poster bed and attempted to find a comfortable sleeping position. Unfortunately for him, sleep didn’t come easy that night, and he kept waking from terrifying yet formless nightmares every hour.

After the third bad dream left him choking back tears, he finally reached out and tugged the bellpull near the head of his bed twice, signaling for Blaine.

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First Gentleman Material

Author: Chatterboxrose

Rating: PG

Status: Complete

Word Count: 5,177

Summary:  Blaine Anderson is the most powerful man in America; the freaking President of the United States. He can’t, however, get a boyfriend to save his life.

Tropes/Genre: President!Blaine, political!Klaine, fluff, romance

Lynne’s review:  Very, very cute - love!!

Read at: AO3

anonymous asked:

Klaine, 11

11. things you said when you were drunk

Kurt was leaning against the wall, slowly sipping his drink, wondering why he agreed to come to that party at all. Everyone he knew seemed to be already drunk out of their minds or at least halfway there, and Kurt wasn’t particularly interested in mingling with the crowd. The drunk, very loud crowd. But he knew that if he left, Brittany would be devastated and Santana would probably rip his head off for abandoning her girlfriend’s party and making her sad.

He knew he had to do something though, especially when he noticed that the creepy blonde guy that had been shooting him saucy winks from the other side of the room for at least fifteen minutes was slowly making his way to him. Deciding he needed another drink, he headed to the kitchen that for the night was turned into a bar. Figuring getting wasted was not a good idea since he had a morning shift at the diner the next morning, he settled for a Diet Coke and was about to leave the kitchen when someone coming from the leaving room stumbled right into him.

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