stardom is the worst

hello i used to be a topp dogg fan in korea and i have a lot of sources for information, i don’t want to out ppl who helped me or stuff i overheard but if u use ur mind i’m sure u can put it all together yourselves.

im just really sick of stardom’s shit.  this really is maybe the worst ent company in korea and because td members are stuck there they dont get an opportunity to showcase themselves, they’re constantly stuck with the “nugu” label and i guess watching yano and kidoh be not only swept away but spat on by former stardom trash themselves i have had it up to here with their shit.  yes it is worse than you think it is, even if you already think its bad.  i tried to highlight the real red flags instead of just the general side eyeish nugu fare like pimping the members out on dates with fans and seogoong and the whole under dogg thing so yea those also happened but the things im gonna talk about are like driving down the wrong side of the highway concerns that truthfully scare me

i was inspired to write this not just by mino on smtm, former stardom trash who now seems to think he’s better than people stuck behind the bullet he dodged so shoutout to mino…u piece of shit… , i was also inspired by the ticket sales for their european tour leg which is in dire straits.  i am so sorry if this hurts their fans or hurts the boys although it really shouldn’t, i hope exposing how shitty stardom is panders for sympathy and ends up helping them.  no one from stardom is explaining anything to anyone so maybe its time for me to share what i know..

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stardom is the worst: part 2

hi so hopefully you read my friend sasha’s post about why stardom is the worst and if u haven’t please do i’m just here to add onto why stardom is the worst from another fan in korea’s perspective with the more minute details of their shitty management regarding td and hell i’ll throw in evol and amazing ability to destroy all their own opportunities! incredible

stardom has always been a shithole, we knew that from the block b incident, but actually most of td has been around since before that time and were already locked into this hell, and probably had some dreams still that everything would still actually be okay because you have to have /something/ to hold onto after you sit through all of that

the stardom philosophy is: we have only one plan if that doesn’t work then fuck them i guess! for topp dogg you can see they thought they were going to promote like crazy for one year, hit the big time, and go on tour. and even though they don’t have enough fans for this, they decided they were going to continue with the tour and pretend they had enough fans to do it anyway. instead of doing the smart thing and just promoting in korea and trying to gain more of a fanbase, while not losing their loyal korean fans (which actually are now leaving, girls that had been around since the debut times). these concerts that they basically did for fucking free have not only gotten them zero money, but they’ve also destroyed topp dogg’s korean fanbase in the meantime while their intl fandom loses all interest as well!

pls click the read more for more of the shitstorm

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  • <b><b></b> what a girl says:</b> I'm fine<p/><b>what she means:</b> seogoong has been demoted to underdog who doesn't even do anything why does stardom ent kick one of their main singers of topp dogg to a sub unit that only promotes in foreign countries and literally have no other purpose so far he is far too talented to be slept on he should be doing solos this is why I have trust issues<p/><p/>
attention !!!

keveryone please try and help get topp dogg and evol out of stardom! there’s so much shit going on and the idols are getting mistreated horrible. kidoh is extremely underweight, hansol may have been forced to undergo surgery and seogoong along with sangdo’s injuries have yet to heal. there’s so much more going on 

here’s some links to some post to inform you


the most we can do is give support to the boy sand notify block b in hopes that they will help because topp dogg is going under almost the exact same situation that block b did when they left please leave them tweets in hopes of getting their attention to help their former hoobaes.

zico: twitter / ig

kyung: twitter / ig

bbomb : twitter / ig

u-kwon: twitter

jaehyo: twitter

taeil: twitter

📷 Heath Ledger photographed by Sam Jones for Rolling Stone, March 2006.

“I’d been concentrating on how to act, not how to be a salesman. Agents, publicists – they all say, ‘Go out and create a character!’. I don’t want to create a fucking character, but on the same hand I don’t want to give myself, either. When you don’t go on Letterman and say, ‘Hey! I’ve got a joke!’ – when you sit there honest and nervous and like a normal human being, you get written down as boring and ungrateful.” []

[NEWS 130521] Former Head of Block B′s Former Agency Found Dead on May 20

The former agency head of Block B′s former agency was found dead at his home after committing suicide on May 20.

A source close to the deceased told enews on May 21, “[The former agency head] Mr. Lee committed suicide in the basement of his home on May 20. He was found dead by a friend, and the wake is currently underway.”

The wake started at a hospital in Seoul since the evening of the day he was found dead. The coffin will be borne out on May 22.

Mr. Lee gathered much attention as an important official in the charges Block B had brought against its agency.

On January 3, the group had filed for the cancellation of its contract against Stardom Entertainment. Block B had asserted that Stardom had failed to pay it a year′s worth of profits, and that Mr. Lee had received 70 million won from the members′ parents and disappeared.

Stardom Entertainment, however, had countered that it had never failed to pay the members, and that there was a mastermind behind the members.

It seems Mr. Lee came to kill himself as he suffered while the case continued to go on.

A family member told enews, “We have nothing to say.”

Source: enewsworld, Photo credit: enews DB