I know this is a weird thing to say and post. But, I’ll say it anyways. I’ve been on Stardoll for ten years (six - seven years on this account). Stardoll is a reality like game, like Club Penguin, Meez, etc.

For those who know about Ariana Grande and the Manchester events, I have decided to make shirts that have the black ribbon with bunny ears as you’ve seen all around Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, etc. I’m giving them out for free (2 starcoins). They’re in remembrance for the ones who lost, suffering, and traumatized.

My account is angelhead501 if you want one.

A friend and I also make stop animation stardoll films on youtube,. We have planned to recreate the entire dangerous woman tour. We still are. But, we’re dedicating it to Ariana, her fans, and the ones who were in or around the area of Manchester.

I wish you love and safety.

Outfit #23 - Imma get mine

Killah Black Hat - Killah
Round Pilot Sunnies - bonjour bizou
Lace Collared Blouse - Inspired by: Balmain Tribute
BunnyHop Accordian Bag - Bunny Hop
Skulls Keyring - Mr.
Western Buckles Belt - PPQ of Mayfair
Black Charm Bracelet - Callie’s Picks
Stud High Waist Leggings - Callie’s Picks
IIoveII Boots -


Cutting it a little fine as always. I was trying to finish a lookbook which had maybe…one look I liked in it, so I gave up and went for navy and neutrals. 

 I really, really liked some of the things in this Subcouture release. I also bought the black tie oxfords ($12) and the super high white heels ($13). They are both probably my favourite pieces of the collection and hilariously I’ve not included them in this. Shoes are generally pretty easy to slot into a wardrobe, so I decided to focus on the other pieces on offer. 

The items I went for, in my opinion, are the pieces that form the foundations of a classically fashionable and timeless wardrobe: the lightweight floaty jacket, the statement coat, the modest nude dress, the menswear-as-womenswear dress etc. 

To finish, when I’m really pushing the boundaries of what’s acceptably reinterpreted, i.e. a dress as a top, oversizing scarf etc, I am a firm believer that sheer guts alone makes it work, even if the execution isn’t perfect.