starcraft 2

I finally got round to playing Starcraft 2!? and I fucking loved it! I haven’t played Legacy of the Void yet but hopefully by the end of the month ill get it.

I always liked certain characters from Starcraft even before playing it, and one of them was Stukov, his design is just the coolest I had to draw him after finishing Heart of the Swarm!


Pathfinder Hawken

Finally I can show her here and.. It’s that kind of artwork that you want to continue drawing forever, developing and making it perfect. So I’m almost sure you’ll see her again and again in the future XD

Anyway - I’m glad to present you Hawken and I hope it will be a start of some awesome story I gonna continue soon.

And yeah - It’s definitely the best artwork I’ve ever done so far. I’m just.. so honored with this one..