2014 Sim Evolution: Gloria Morigan

January 1, v2. I had given bby Gloria a makeover maybe a month or so prior to the New Year and was rather happy with it. Gloria is a book character of mine and I felt like I was able to get across both her physical and mental strength in this version.

January 4, v3. After dragging Gloria through China and then abruptly moving her into the desert, away from friends and family, I sought out a different look. I tried softer, thinking the tattoos and ombré from v2 were “too much,” but now, in fact, I love those features about her.


December 18-19, v6. I updated Gloria solely due to the fact that I had to transfer all of my games and cc to my laptop, but it was very worth it. I changed her wardrobe to something more minimalistic, futuristic, and gave her a new ‘do for a splash of individuality. I think this is the closest I’ve ever gotten to truly producing the Gloria Morigan I devised in my head many years ago: a twin, hacker, lover, and soldier.

(( I am an aspiring author. Gloria is, like all of my characters, based off of a book character of my own. If you’d like to learn more about the project, ask me about Stargazer. Thanks! ))