A playmat done for, to start off the fall Open Trial season. I’d play in them, but I’m legit the worst human at playing competitive Magic, haha. So instead, you should play in them! Go do it.

This scene takes place on the plane of Innistrad, during some sort of fall festival (canonically it can’t be the Feast of Goldnight due to the night being very much a regular purple night… to my nerdy chagrin). I intended the retreat on the clifftop over yonder to be reminiscent of Clifftop Retreat, one of my favorite land cards. :)

I hope WotC decides this plane is worth visiting again! Ravnica/Theros/Khans are all fantastic (really, can’t complain!) but there’s a special place in my heart for gothic horror.


A new piece for revealed today! Force of Squirrel. :)

This time, I got to pay homage to the incredible Terese Nielsen. She’s one of my very favorite Magic artists, and I also had the pleasure of meeting her at GP Charlotte, making this an extra personal assignment for me. (I hope I did you proud and make you smile, Terese!)

It was also great as a technical exercise. It was very important that I get the lighting/values right, and because of the nature of the piece I spent a lot of time really studying the light and form on Force of Will. I took away a lot from that.

(And just like Terese was her own model for Force of Will, I modeled my squirrel’s excellent physique myself. ;) )


Winter Invitational Qualifier playmat for! This is the first playmat featuring Robin… she miiight be showing up on these a bit later, too. :)

It was going to be more pulled back, but it was decided to zoom in more on Robin. I wish I could have continued with the flooded desert, but I’m sure I’ll fit that into another painting later! :)

7 Invitational winner Tom Ross, freshly compleated! Better hope he doesn’t give you that 10th counter. 

It’s always fun seeing how much my sketches DON’T look like the person I’m supposed to draw, haha. If I remember to follow my own advice if I can, I usually tackle the face first… I find it the hardest to paint. 


WIP and finished token for the judge program… finished awhile ago! I’m surprised I had this in my drafts folder and never actually posted it.

Ganked a pose from SenshiStock for the Spartan hanging off the rope… because rope is hard. Also used a few screenshots from Harakiri to get the main guy’s stoic expression down.