Birthday Girl

Chris Evans/Reader 

A/N: so this is my first request, it’s for the lovely, @captainhallow  I hope you enjoy it Madi! Sorry if it’s kind of all over the place

Request: hi! It’s my birthday, so i was wondering if you’d do a fluffy birthday/easter fic with Chris Evans? Thanks <3        

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“Wake up, wake up!” Chris says cheerily while shaking me awake.

“Already?” I whine while rolling to face him. “What time is it?”

“Time for you to get ready, birthday girl. I’m going to go make you breakfast” He tells me with a peck on the cheek. 

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TalesFromTheFrontDesk: Treats

I’m just curious if there is any value added to rewarding the front desk staff with treats. Recently, I gave a bag of fave reds starburst jellybeans to the front desk staff. They were resistant at first but ultimately very appreciative. I normally stay a week at a time, minimum several days. Didn’t do it for selfish reasons but because they were great staff. Is this a good way to appreciate?

By: momo_nomo

things said in my ap psych class:

student: Starburst jellybeans suck

teacher: Shut your whore mouth

teacher: I feel great about everything, even though i’m thinking of gurgling bleach

teacher: Did I ever tell you my bear story?…no? Well my dad is a piece of shit. That’s the story.

bonus from my algebra 2 teacher: He cleans up nice for a dirtbag  

refering jokingly to class clown as he exits the room

donkeylover101  asked:

What's your spirits' favorite foods?

Novah: Fruity candies! Jellybeans and starbursts especially. And gummy worms and gummy bears…. mmmmm….

Razz: Honestly? I’m a stereotypical bacon lover. Bacon makes my world go round. 🥓

Maree: I prefer vegetables. Celery especially. That crunch is so satisfying…

Thanks for the thoughtful ask! ❤️

🎄Merry Christmas Chris🎄

Summary: Sammie and Chris spend their first Christmas married. Sammie gives Chris a gift he won’t ever forget.

Word Count: 2133

Warnings: Fluff

Author’s Note: Giving a huge thanks to @theycallmebecca for being an awesome beta!

“Chris. Time to get up. We have some shopping to do today.” Sammie whispered in his ear.

Chris batted her away, wanting more sleep. Sammie was having none of that. They had been home from their Disney trip for a couple of days and Chris had realized the night before that he hadn’t done any shopping for his family.

“I wanna sleep. Five more minutes, Babe.” Chris turned over, taking the blankets with him.

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Three Minutes: A Chris Evans Oneshot

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Plot: How well can you get to know someone in three minutes? Because three minutes, three whole minutes, is all you have with Chris Evans. Three stops together on the city bus every single day is what you’ve got in common. But in that infinite time, you learn things about each other, just little things you’d never think to tell anyone else. Like that he loves Starburst jellybeans and The Goonies and has a hidden tap dancing talent. So how well can you get to know someone in three minutes? Turns out pretty well actually. Maybe even enough, to fall in love.

Warnings: mild language

Characters: just the little meatball Chris


He always sits in the same spot, in the same chair, in the very back of the city bus. He casually tosses his jacket into the seat next to him in what started as an unconscious thing he simply did. Now he does it on purpose to save you a seat.

Only, he’d never tell you that. No, he’s already embarrassed enough at the schoolboy crush he’s got on you. So there’s no way he’d confess to the fact that he’s saved you a seat next to him for the past five months, since the day after you first met on this bus. Which is why when the bus screeches to a halt at what he knows to be your stop, he pretends not to notice.

“Is this seat taken?” you ask sarcastically. Chris looks up from his book, which he of course was not reading because the thing is upside down, and nods.

“Why yes it is.” he says in fake annoyance, “Can’t you see my jacket is occupying the space?”

You look down at the gray windbreaker as if noticing it for the first time. “Ah of course! I’m very sorry mister, I did not notice it before. But perhaps you’d be willing to make a trade for the seat…” you smile, pulling out a king size bag of Starburst jellybeans, Chris’s absolute favorite junk food. You don’t know why you know that, but you do. And when you saw them for sale at the newsstand on the corner, you knew you had to buy him some.

Before he can even respond, you snatch up the jacket and toss it in his lap, falling into the seat next to him. He flashes you a wide smile and takes the jellybeans from your hand, tearing open the package and splitting the contents with you.

“How’d that date with the guy from your building go?” Chris asks as nonchalantly as possible, trying to seem uninterested as to not give himself away.

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I’m not one for candy, really, and I definitely don’t go crazy for seasonal candy, but one thing I have missed is Starburst jellybeans. But I’m not going to buy a whole bag and I haven’t been to a kid filled Easter celebration in forever so I probably haven’t even had these in maybe six years.

But today my corner store had individual sized bags for a dollar. I bought two.

Turns out I only like the pink ones.