starbucks vanilla latte

affictitious replied to your post: “i expected someone to reblog that with malec au’s in mind ?”

the target one makes me laugh tho like. late night target run. magnus really wants vanilla coke and alec is standing under a red neon target sign smoking. magnus comes back out and steals a drag from it and his arm lifts enough for his jacket to show the gun under his armpit. “since it’s movie night, I splurged and got oreos.” he hands alec a starbucks cup with a vanilla latte. both of them kill 4 circle members on the way home.

YES PLEASE look you know i would write forever w/ u about domestic magnus and alec casually crushing circle members along the way like:

  • magnus and alec pulling up to a drive thru in a classic black muscle car. alec wants to know if magnus ordered extra fries. there’s a pounding in the trunk. one of valentine’s men is inside. magnus turns up the radio and they drive off.
  • alec is waiting alone at a bar. he checks his watch and eventually magnus shows up. there’s blood on his cheek. alec casually wipes it away with his thumb and kisses him. he asks, how many? and magnus replies, drinks or bodies?
  • magnus lounging on the kitchen counter with a cup of coffee. he looks sleepy as they chat about the weather while alec disassembles his sniper rifle.
  • they argue about whose turn it is to do the dishes. i had to clean the blood out of the car last night because of you so technically you owe me. magnus is too distracting, though. the dishes never get done.

Assassin’s Creed: Coffee Imagine
Everybody gets a “tall vanilla latte” from Starbucks.

Altaïr: would drink it and make a face. Would take one sip and the rest he’d spit into a plant.
Ezio: he’d be cool with it, but he’d insist on having it iced with whipped cream on top.
Connor/Ratonhnhaké:ton: would be initially confused by the fact that it’s really a small coffee instead of actually being tall, and would think it’s too sweet but not say anything. He won’t like the aftertaste, and will probably want water afterwards.
Edward: would sneak a shot of rum in there, and get a foamy mustache because he’d toss it back in one motion.
Arno: will taste it and refuse to finish it, bitching about the taste and calling it lousy.
Shay: burns himself on the first sip and can’t taste it.
Jacob: drops it on his lap and pouts because it’s hot. After he gets an iced one he complains that it’s too bitter and dumps a lot of sugar in.
Evie: drinks with her pinky out, and accepts it for what it is without complaining, whether or not she likes it.

Bonus! Haytham: takes a sip and asks for a plain espresso. Raises an eyebrow and tells Connor coffee isn’t for children when Connor doesn’t like it.

I forgot Desmond: Desmond knows it’s bad coffee, and he ends up having to pay for everyone’s latte (and Haytham’s espresso)

Scene: tonight at Starbucks
  • Me: *buys skinny vanilla latte*
  • Barista: *hands me the drink*
  • Me: Could you please give that to me in a plain red cup, because I am a godless heathen?
  • Barista: Oh, me too. Word.
~ cafe date ~ preference

“Hey, so what do you want?” Dan asks you in the line at Starbucks.

“A vanilla latte. Call me a ‘white girl’ all you want but it’s hella good.” You say to him.

Dan laughed. “O-kay,” he separated the syllables, “anything else?”

“That double chocolate brownie looks delicious.” You say scanning the baked goods.

It was then time to take your order. Dan repeated what you said you wanted and added his own stuff. The cashier smiled at you when Dan paid for the entire order. You raise both of your eyebrows laugh as if to say 'I know right’. When you collected your food and drinks, you sat down at one of the couches rather than at a table. Dan set down the drinks on the coffee table. You took a bite out of your brownie. You roll your eyes back while you let out a sound.

“Mmm this is the best thing I’ve ever eaten in my entire life.” You say between bites.

“Better than mine and Phil’s spooky cupcakes?”

“Sorry, but this one beats the Shrek-cakes.”

Dan laughed. You break off a piece (about a third of the brownie) and give it to him. He took it and had the same reaction.

“That’s good.”

“See, I told you.”

You and Dan start to talk about the latest top hits in the music industry and about newly released songs by your favorite bands. Dan then talks about his next video idea.

“You haven’t been in my videos in a while, do you want to film one after we get home?”

“Sure, what kind of video do you want to make? A challenge or an anecdote?”

“How about something that requires both?”

You think about things you could do.

“2 truths 1 lie?” Dan suggests.

“Nah it’s kind of overdone. How about a true or false kind of thing where the questions are about our child past or relationship.”

Dan thought about it. “That could work. There we go, video idea done.”

You and Dan finish up your drinks and get ready to go home.

“Let’s go film that video.” Dan says while draping his arm over your shoulder.


“Strawberry vanilla frappuchino?” Phil asks in the line.

“Ah, you remembered.” You say gratefully. It was what you ordered every time you went to Starbucks.

“You can go look for seats while I pay.” Phil said to you.

It was quiet busy as it was close to lunch. You found a table by the window with two seats. You walked over and sat down on one of the chairs. You took out your phone to make the wait time go by faster. Phil came back holding two drinks and a bag. He set the drinks down and you looked for your name on the cup. You glanced at the bag.

“What’s inside this?”

“Two cookies. One’s for you.”

“Aw, thanks Phil.” You grab a cookie out of the bag and take a bite. “Much soft, very chocolate.”

Phil laughed. You talked about many things as well as the notable tumblr posts you saw today.

“There was a really good fan art of you and me. I think it was a recreation of one of our Instagram pictures but it was really well drawn.”

“I’ll have to see that later. My favorite tumblr post of the day would have to be the cool drawing of you, me and Dan. I’ll show you later.”

You took a sip of your drink and talked for an hour. You never ran out of things to talk about when you were with Phil, who was now talking about awkward celebrity encounters.

“Hey, did I ever tell you about that time I saw Emma Watson…”