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BTS Starbucks Drinks


Midnight Mint Mocha Frappucino

This drink has layers of dark chocolate and coffee, just like how he has layers of savageness in him. At the same time, it has “cooling mint crystals” cuz let’s be honest, Suga’s swag is off the charts. A dollop of cream at the top cuz he’s actually a sweet baby


Espresso con Panna

Espresso encompasses his personality, fierce, strong and bitter (looks like someone loves to remind his members about the things they did wrong) At the same time, he’s so extra just like how this drink needs a dollop of cream.


S’mores Frappucino

This drink literally has everything from marshmallow creme to graham crumbles. Just like this drink, he’s super sweet and he encompasses everything you want in a boyfriend. His aesthetic is literally the warmth of snuggling together in front of the campfire.


Unicorn Frappucino

What more to say? Just like this drink, V has a bunch of weird shit blended in him to create a magical drink that’s flavour-changing and colour-changing. He’s a peculiar person that raises everyone’s optimism on life.


Strawberry Acai Refresher a.k.a Pink Drink

“A refreshing sip of spring, no matter the season” That’s exactly what Jin is. He is the definition of life and happiness and a carefree spirit. Just like this drink has Acai, Jin has a special something in him that people tend to overlook.


Caramel Brulée Latte

The dessert is too good that Starbucks had to make a drink out of it. That’s exactly what Hobi is, a straight out sweet guy with so many talents. Like how this drink is a Christmas Special, every second with Hobi is like celebrating a festive.

Rap Mon 

Coconut Milk Mocha Macchiato

This drink is so complex and intricate, even the name can be part of a tongue twister. Just like how RapMon is a person who is multi-talented and is very philosophical about everything. At the same time, he is just like the 5 layers of sweetness this drink has.

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BTS (Types of Starbucks Drinkers)
  • Seokjin: Being a morning person, he'd be up pretty early to order a cup of hot tea. One of classics is his go-to; English Breakfast Tea or an Earl Grey. Uses some milk and agave nectar/low calorie sweetener. In addition, also enjoys iced teas (passionfruit tea) and herbal teas (green, ginger or lemon). Overall, a tea drinker. Grabs a breakfast sandwich/lunch wrap/pastry to accompany his drink.
  • Yoongi: Freshly brewed coffee, a black dark roast coffee. Drinks it straight - no sugar, no creamer, no milk. Occasionally orders two or three cups because you know he will stay up for days on end to compose, produce and write music. When he's in the mood, he'll try a beverage he's never tried before; occasionally adventurous.
  • Namjoon: The Gold Card Starbucks drinker. Take my word; he has the most complicated and detailed order ever, but he's at an advantage being a regular, he knows all the workers. Comes in at least 3 times a day. The cashier does not even need to ask his name, they just write 'NJ' and the entire side of the cup is filled with sharpie scribbles because of his order. His order would sound something like this. "A Venti Iced White Chocolate Mocha sugar free with no whip, skim milk, 1/4 non-fat, 7 expresso shots, 3 1/2 pumps of vanilla syrup, chocolate sprinkles, and caramel drizzle." Imagine being his barista...the horror. Always orders a toasted cream cheese bagel with his drink. Usually in a rush.
  • Hoseok: Not an avid Starbucks drinker, goes in mostly for the food but will try out new drinks every time he stops by. Very adventurous and likes to try out new things! Always asks the cashier and barista for their recommendations or what was the most popular order that day. He would be the person to try out the new menu items off the list that catches his eye. Orders one of the Teavana Iced Teas and maybe a brownie or danish.
  • Taehyung: A pumpkin spice latte. He won't stop there, he will literally embody and buy everything pumpkin related off the menu. Pumpkin Scone, Pumpkin Cookie, Pumpkin Bread, Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffin - you get the picture. That's how autumn he'll get for ya. Isn't a regular customer but enjoys going in to order the festive drinks and foods once the seasons change (Halloween, Christmas, Valentines Day, etc).
  • Jimin: Simplicity. Goes for a drink and something light to eat. A cup of coffee and a pastry, most likely. A cinnamon roll - I mean; isn't he just ordering himself off the menu? Enjoys the sweeter drinks that doesn't have such a strong coffee aroma or taste that is too bitter. Something like a Frappuccino (Hazelnut, S'mores, Caramel Ribbon Crunch) or a Tea Latte (Iced Chai Latte or Iced Green Tea Latte). Often asks for extra whip and chocolate sprinkles.
  • Jungkook: Is not a designated coffee or tea drinker. Orders water or picks out one of the bottled up drinks on the shelves like an orange or apple juice. Along with his non-Starbucks drink, he'll order a lot of food. A grilled cheese sandwich, an English muffin sandwich, a bacon/cheese/sausage sandwich - just...all the sandwiches. He will take all the sandwiches and hot foods. Doesn't really order any of the sweets or baked goods, avoids them.

i wanna do this….. its sad that i dont drink coffee




Starbucks Rap. lol

My labmates as tumblr memes

Postdoc: *shows up 15 minutes late with Starbucks*
RAP: I’m always a slut for data
Other grad student (not me): *looks at smudged writing on hand*
Tech 1: I didn’t get no sleep cuz of y’all
Tech 2: But that’s none of my business
Roton: Okay… that sounds fake but okay