starbucks official

01.10.17 // day 10 of 100 dop // 🎶my dear - red velvet

Spent all afternoon at Starbucks so I could finally get a decent amount done on my ap literature project. Got done all that I wanted to! (Because I seem to only ever be productive at Starbucks whoops)

P.s. My Starbucks is officially out of the holiday drinks and it makes me sad

hi guys I got a job offer today for a real job™ so I got to finally put in my two weeks with starbucks and I’m officially leaving the company! I’m so excited haha to finally move on w my life. A lot of you were following me when I got my initial starbucks job so it’s crazy to finally be leaving it behind. But yay!!!!!!!! No more making lattes for assholessssssssssssssssssssssss stir your own fucking drink you fuckinnnnn pussies hell yeah

my boss just took me out to starbucks to officially meet him and I was too nervous to tell him I already had 4 cups of coffee today and now my hands are shaking and I’m way too awake

Fun Fact:

The “Secret Starbucks Menu” isn’t really an official Starbucks thing. If we wanted to sell you those special drinks, they’d actually be on our menu. If you order something from it, please provide the recipe. Don’t assume we know what you’re talking about. If you don’t know the recipe, you’re not getting it. Also, we’re probably judging you. (At least I am.)