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The Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino is officially extinct, as it ended its limited-edition run yesterday. But you can still inject some of that magical goodness into your wardrobe with clothes and accessories that mimic the unicorn’s fantastical style—minus the whopping 59 grams of sugar. 

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Photographed by David Sims, Vogue, September 2014.


So the All New, All Different Avengers Annual #1 : The Fan Fiction World of Ms Marvel came out today and it is delightful in so many ways (Ms Marvel getting mad at misogyny! She-Hulk! Jerks wearing puka shells! A universe where everyone is animals and there’s a hit Broadway show Ham-ilton!) but I spotted something hilariously amazing…

I bet he’s 5 min. away from somewhere he should have been 10 min. ago, that goddamn un-ironic hipster, that no one even had the chance to label as such.

Look at you, Byakuya! You’re lost because you didn’t bring your matron! You though the world of the living was easy and simple, but look at you now! You’re lost and too uptight and stuck on your pride to ask someone for directions! Your whole schedule for the day is going to run late now!

Important Announcement

I have just been alerted that we can’t say Happy Holidays because a Trump supporter on the Internet said so. There are apparently only two holidays in the winter and they are Christmas Day and New Years Day. Even though they have almost no notes on any of their posts and only use their blog to spread hate I regret to inform you all that apparently in this country we have to do anything and everything that tiny insignificant conservative bloggers tell us to do. Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, New Years Eve, Christmas Eve, and any other cultural festivities celebrated around the time of the winter solstice have all been cancelled because a Trump supporter said so. I am sorry to tell you all that Starbucks cups are officially more important than people getting harassed for having a religion that is not Christianity.

synopsis: starbucks!au based off this post!!!! 

pairing: dino/you

a/n: i will more than likely write a starbucks!au for all members as i have fallen in love with that trope, seriously. it’s hilarious!!! anyways here’s my very first scenario for our precious maknae :’)

3,526 w.

     There’s something oddly comforting about coffee that manages to warm your heart and provide you solace. Maybe it’s the way its warmth dances down your throat and sends pleasant tingles to your taste buds; or maybe it’s just the addictive nature of caffeine that makes it so pleasurable. Either way, your love for coffee lands you a first in your life: you’re more than elated when you find out that you’re hired at Starbucks for the summer.

“All right, ______. You can start your training tomorrow,” your manager, Seungcheol, says as he leans back into his black swivel chair. He’s strangely lax for a manager, especially since he practically gave you the job on the spot despite knowing how inexperienced you are.

“Thank you so much, Mr. Choi,” you stand up and clasp your hands together in gratitude. “I promise I’ll have everything memorized in no time!”

He frowns and waves you off with a hand, insisting for you to call him by his first name before murmuring something like “kids and their enthusiasm…” under his breath.

_ _ _

“And this is where we store extra syrup flavors,” Jihoon points towards a bottom cabinet. “Any questions so far?”

“No,” you shake your head, committing all of his words to memory, “I think I’m good.” You’re making a mental folder in your head, filed under the “Important Things to Remember” tab.

Jihoon nods and turns to the left. “Okay, then. Here we have—”

“Ayo, Jihoon!” a voice calls. “Who’s the newbie?”

Realizing that you’re being referred to, you turn your head towards the owner of the voice and see that it belongs to a fellow Starbucks worker. The first thing you notice is how tall he is compared to both you and Jihoon, but his good looks are a close second as you blink up at him. He’s in the middle of making a drink but his head is turned in your direction.

Jihoon heaves a sigh that definitely doesn’t conceal his annoyance from being interrupted. “This is ______. Seungcheol hired her yesterday.”

The boy’s eyes dart towards you and he’s nothing short of intimidating as he takes in your image. You shift your weight to the other foot, suddenly feeling self-conscious. You’re slightly taken aback when a toothy smile graces his face.

“Hi, ______! I’m Mingyu,” he introduces. Before you can return the greeting, he continues, “I can’t believe that Seungcheol. He makes us do all the work— including his own.”

Jihoon nods in agreement. “You’d think that giving a store tour would be fine for him, but I guess even that’s too much in his book.”

“Wait,” you interject, confused. “You mean you’re not the supervisor?”

“No,” Jihoon sighs. “I’m just a barista like Mingyu.”

You gape at the revelation. No wonder he had such a laid-back persona during your interview. Judging from their words, he’s got little to no responsibility.

Mingyu lets out a throaty laugh at your expression. “If there’s one thing you need to know about Seungcheol, it’s that he gets paid to do nothing.” He caps the drink in his hand and gives you a grin. “Anyways, I’ll see you around.”

You say your goodbye but he’s already heading back to the counter to hand the (gushing) customer their drink with a charming smile.

“Where were we?” Jihoon’s query draws your attention back to him. “Ah, right. The cabinets.”

_ _ _

Over the course of your training you get to meet more and more of your co-workers, some of them including Seokmin, Junhui (better known as Jun), and Jisoo. Everyone is nice, and it doesn’t take long for you to discover that ranting about manager Seungcheol’s indolence is a joint topic of discussion.

So when Jihoon deems you adequate enough for the job and no longer needing of further training, you’re so happy that you can almost hug him on the spot.

“I expect nothing but the best from you,” he says as you jubilantly up jump and down. He’s trying to look stern and serious, but you can see a ghost of a smile peaking through his lips.

_ _ _

Your first day as an official Starbucks barista finally comes. You make sure to show up fifteen minutes earlier for your morning shift and when you do, you’re met with an unfamiliar figure working at the counter. It looks like he’s getting everything set up for the day and it’s not until you’re a few feet away from him does he notice your presence.

“Hi,” you say unsurely. You’re about to introduce yourself but you can’t help the involuntary yelp that escapes your lips when a beaming Seokmin pops up from behind the counter, looking bright and brazen as ever. 

“Good morning!” Seokmin greets you happily. You’re too shaken to properly return his greeting as you clutch your pounding heart. “It’s your first day! Excited?”

“Not if you do that again, that’s for sure,” a second voice comments. You recognize it to be Mingyu’s as he appears from the doorway of the back room. “You okay, ______?” He sounds more amused than concerned.

You blink your fright away and give a not-so-assuring nod while Seokmin looks at you obliviously through crescent eyes.

“Oh, that’s right,” Seokmin gestures between you and the unfamiliar boy who’s now looking at you with sympathy though he’s clearly trying to stifle a laugh. At least he has the decency to try to hide it. “You two haven’t met yet, huh?”

You glance his way. Standing across from you with a washcloth in hand, he looks around your age, which is younger than both Seokmin and Mingyu but old enough to be working at Starbucks. You have to admit, he’s pretty cute, even if he found your tremor funny. “No, I don’t think so,” comes your reply.

“______, this is Chan, Chan, this is ______! Looks like you’re not one of the youngest anymore,” Seokmin laughs.

“Welcome to the club,” Chan jokes. “It was getting kind of lonely.”

You laugh and Mingyu snickers.

As the day ensues, you do your best to make your drinks to perfection just like Jihoon taught you. Since Mingyu’s the one working the cashier, Chan and Seokmin engage in conversation while they’re whipping up customers’ orders. It’s nice because their laughter brings a lighthearted ambience to the shop, and they even make to include you in at times.

When your shift ends, you bid goodbye to your co-workers as you untie your apron.

“Wait!” Seokmin stops you. “Our shifts ended too, remember?”

“Eager to leave us already, ______?” Mingyu asks teasingly.

Your face warms. “No, I forgot! I’m sorry.” You don’t expect for them to actually walk with you as the four of you head out from the back door. You’re a bit nervous since you they all seem to be good friends and you’re clearly the odd one out, but you’re slightly grateful towards Chan since he doesn’t tower over you like Seokmin and Mingyu do. He’s much closer to your comfortable height.

“Oh, do you need a ride today?” Mingyu asks, eyeing Chan.

The younger one purses his lips before nodding. “Yeah. I don’t really feel like walking today.” He stretches his arms over his head.

“How about you, ______? Do you need a ride?”

Surprised that they’re kind enough to offer, you shake your head, pointing to the direction of your house, “No, it’s okay! My house isn’t that far from here.” Even if you lived farther, you probably would’ve said the same thing. You know that they’re not some crazed kidnappers but you hardly know them and you’d much rather take precautions.

“Aww, are you sure?” Seokmin frowns. “That would be rude of us to let you walk when we can drive you.”

“I’m sure,” you smile. “Thank you, though.”

“On second thought,” Mingyu coughs loudly, “there’s not enough room for you, Chan. Sorry about that.”

“What?” Seokmin’s head cocks to the side. “But there’s three extra sea—”

Mingyu coughs even louder and nudges Seokmin’s shoulder. He gives him a warning look and Seokmin seems to understand as his mouth forms an “o” shape.

You, on the other hand, have no idea what’s going on. You look to Chan to see if he understands but thankfully he’s wearing the same confused expression as you.

“Well, we’ll see you guys later! Bye!” Mingyu waves as he and Seokmin practically hasten to his car.

You and Chan watch as they leave. When they drive pass you Seokmin waves happily from the passenger’s seat. You see that the back, however, is completely empty.

“Those two,” Chan sighs under his breath.

“What was that all about?” you wonder aloud. Why couldn’t they just give Chan a ride?

Chan shakes his head and shoves his hands in his pockets. “They’re always so weird. It’s best to get used to it right now,” he laughs.

“I figured,” you chuckle, toeing the ground with your shoe. You only met him this morning so you don’t really know what to talk about. At least Seokmin always has something to say or joke about, and Mingyu’s somewhat playful and easygoing nature makes it easy to talk to him. You’re sure Chan’s the same way but you just don’t know him well enough yet.

“So,” Chan clears his throat amid the silence, “you said you live over there right? I live around there too. We can walk together if you want?”

Realizing that there’s no harm in walking together and that this would be a good opportunity to get closer to him, you say yes. Chan grins and your heart leaps because wow is he attractive.

As you two begin walking, you decide to ask him about the shop. “So how long have you been working there?”

Chan makes a thinking noise. “A few weeks after my sixteenth birthday,” he says, looking up at the sky. A smile forms on his face and it looks like good memories are surfacing to his mind. “I’m so grateful. Working there is really great.”

You can tell that he truly is happy working there and it brings a smile to your face. It makes you excited for the days to come.

“So which school do you go to?” he asks.

You tell him the name of your high school and he makes an “ahhhh” sound. “That’s where Seungkwan hyung went,” he says. Seeing your confused expression, he adds, “Oh, he also works at Starbucks. You’ll meet him eventually.”

You nod and he tells you about how the majority of the workers went to his high school. It’s supposed to be your school’s “rival school” but you pay no mind to trivial things like that. Luckily, he doesn’t either.

For the rest of the walk you and Chan engage in light conversation, getting to know more and more about one another. At one point your shoulders brush and unaware of how close you two got, you nearly jolt away from him.

“Sorry,” he quickly splutters.

“No, it’s okay!” you try to assure him. But his cheeks are tinged pink.

It’s silent for the rest of the way.

_ _ _

A few weeks into your new job you find yourself getting more accustomed to the fast-paced environment of the shop. Today especially is bustling with customers and your ability to multitask is being put to the test. You’re shuffling about your corner, trying to balance all of your tasks at once.

“______, I need that caramel macchiato,” Jihoon reminds you from the counter.

“Almost done,” you say. You’re in the middle of making four drinks; can he cut you at least a little slack?

“Do you need help?” Chan asks you. He too is making several drinks at the moment so you politely decline him. Your pride wouldn’t allow for it.

As you’re adding whipped cream to the drink, Jihoon sighs your name loudly, “______.”

“Right here,” you shuffle towards the counter where he is and hand him the completed drink. He gives you a curt nod of approval and takes it from you as you move back towards your station where three more unfinished drinks await you.

“Okay,” you mutter to yourself, shuffling towards the uncooperative blender. You’re trying to figure out why your green tea crème frappuccino isn’t blending as you narrow your eyes and grab a spoon, uncapping the lid of the blender to inspect what’s wrong. The spoon comes in contact with a large piece of ice and you crush it with the utensil. “There we go,” you sigh out of relief, capping the blender and pressing start. It only takes a few seconds before the blender croaks and seems to shut off, the power stagnating.

You’re about to voice your frustration but you bite your tongue, uncapping the lid to see what’s wrong this time. Reaching for the spoon, you place it in the blender and stir, looking for anything that could yet again hinder the blending process. As you stir the contents, the blender starts to act up again and before you know it, there’s unblended matcha flying about and it splatters onto your face and apron.

Frantically reaching for the off button, your hand smashes down on it as Chan rushes to your side, “Are you okay?”

“Yeah,” you breathe out, wiping your face with the back of your hand. You frown, looking down at the counter and overall mess you made. Turning back to look at the blender, you ask meekly, “Did I break it?”

As if on cue, Jihoon tells Jisoo to take over his spot as cashier and strides over to you. “What happened here?”

Mindful of how serious Jihoon is about his job, you know that he’s going to be angry at you for causing a scene, even if it was an accident. “Um,” you blink lamely, “I think I broke the blender.”

“You broke—”

“But it wasn’t her fault!” Chan quickly chimes in. “I thought something was wrong with it earlier but I didn’t say anything. I’m to blame.”

Eyebrows furrowing in confusion, you eye the boy next to you. Was that really true? Jihoon seems to be just as wary as you as his face mirrors yours.

“Is that true?” Jihoon asks and Chan nods in confirmation. Carding a hand through his hair, he reasons, “I guess we can discuss this later. For now, get this mess cleaned up.”

Chan nods as Jihoon heads back to the front counter. Grabbing for a washcloth, you tell Chan that this is your fault and that you’ll be fine. He doesn’t listen.

_ _ _

Ever since your first day, you and Chan made it a habit of walking home together whenever you worked the same shifts. Even if your shift ended a little later than his, he would wait for you (”I like working. I don’t mind.”). Over the course of that time you learned that he was rather passionate about dancing and he held a great admiration for Michael Jackson. It made sense since more often than not you would hear Michael Jackson play nonstop over the shop’s speakers and he confessed to you that those were his doings. Sometimes he would even moonwalk over to hand the customers their drinks.

As you two walk alongside one another, you break the silence. “You never really used the blender, huh?”

“Huh?” Chan looks at you with a confused expression. Realization strikes him as he makes a face. “Oh.”

“Yeah,” you stare down at your sneakers. “Why’d you do that?”

He forces a laugh in an attempt to diffuse the tense atmosphere. “Jihoon can get intense sometimes. I didn’t want you to face that.”

"Chan,” you sigh. “Really. Why’d you do that?”

Chan frowns and bumps your shoulder lightly. “Hey, don’t make that face! You should just thank me if you’re grateful,” he jokes.

When you get home, you lay in your bed, staring blankly at the ceiling. How did you get so lucky to have a friend like Chan? He’s caring, hard-working, funny,  and of course, annoyingly cute. Before you know it, your face is burning and you get up to turn on your fan.

You just now realize that you’re crushing on your co-worker. Why it took you so long to figure it out, you don’t know, but all you can think of is how you got it bad.

_ _ _

You’ve been an official Starbucks barista for a month now and your co-workers are sweet enough to treat you to barbecue. Even though you insisted that they were overreacting and you didn’t need a celebration for something as small as this, they paid you absolutely no mind.

And that’s how you ended up squished between Mingyu and Jisoo. You’re sitting across from Chan who he shoots you a grin as your eyes find his. He’s in between Seokmin and Seungcheol, two of the most rowdiest of the crowd.

“To ______’s one month as a barista!” Seungcheol announces, bringing his glass to the middle. Everyone cheers, glasses clinking as Seungcheol downs down his glass of soju.

You take a sip of your water and laugh uncomfortably. He’s obviously drunk (or is, at least, getting there).

“So, Chan,” Seungcheol slurs, throwing a lazy arm around his shoulder, “when are you going to—hiccup—confess to ______?”

Your eyes widen and you watch as Chan tenses, looking up at the manager with shock.

“What are you talking about?”

“Don’t play dumb,” he snickers. “We all know about it.”

Seokmin looks panic-stricken as he reaches over Chan and places a hand over Seungcheol’s mouth, laughing nervously. “Oh, silly Seungcheol. I think he’s had way too many drinks.” He looks at you and his eyes crinkle, “It’s best not to listen to him!”

“Get ya hand off me,” he swats Seokmin’s hand away and looks at Chan. “You’re never gonna get this chance again. She’s right here and it’s the perfect opportunity!”

“But I don’t like ______,” the younger quickly refutes. He sounds so defensive and you can’t deny that it sends a pang to your chest. It’s definitely a blow to your self esteem.

“Yeah,” Mingyu, upon hearing the situation, jumps into the conversation, “Chan definitely doesn’t like ______. Where’d you get that idea from?”

“Ouch,” you laugh dryly, eyes fixating on an arbitrary spot on the table. “Is the idea of liking me that bad?”

You can feel their eyes land on you but your gaze remains rooted, the once light and playful atmosphere long gone. It doesn’t take long for your other co-workers who were previously engaged in their own conversations to take notice of the change in mood as their attention shifts towards you.

The silence that hangs around the table is almost deafening and the pounding in your ears is all you can hear. You bite your bottom lip and stand up. “I’m going to the restroom,” you say quietly before turning on your heel. You can feel their gazes on your back.

_ _ _

You’re only half surprised when you see Chan leaning against the wall next to the bathroom, waiting for you, when you finally come out. He looks nervous as he rubs his palms together.

“Listen,” he sighs, turning his body towards you. His eyes can’t seem to meet yours and honestly, you can’t blame him; you put him in an awkward situation. It’s you that needs to come to terms with the fact that your dumb little crush isn’t reciprocated.

“It’s fine,” you cut him off before he can say anything. “I’m not mad or anything.” You brush past him to head back to the table but he stops you mid-step when he grabs your wrist.

“Wait,” his grip softens but he doesn’t let go, fingers hanging loosely around your wrist. “The idea of liking you… isn’t bad at all.” He sucks in a breath and you wait for him to continue. “In fact, it’s the opposite, really. I feel pathetic for liking you. Because there’s no way you’d like me back.”

Your heart flutters. Chan likes you? And he thinks you could never like him back?

“The others know all about it. I was planning to confess eventually, but definitely not like this,” he releases your wrist and scratches the back of his neck.

It takes you a while to register his words. Your head’s spinning and you’re a bit wary. Is this some sort of prank? “Wait,” you say slowly, “you actually like me?”

Chan blinks and heat visibly climbs his cheeks. “Well, yeah,” he breathes, looking down at the ground, “how could I not…”

“But,” you can’t help but utter, voice cracking, “I like you, even though you shamelessly blast Michael Jackson and moonwalk to the counter. I didn’t think you’d actually feel the same way.”

Chan’s eyes widen and when it settles in you that his confession is genuine, you’re reduced to a blushing mess. He clears his throat and through a stutter, shyly suggests for you two to head back to the table before the others start worrying. Your blush deepens even further when he softly takes your hand in his and interlaces your fingers together on the way back to the table.

For once, Seungcheol actually did something for the better—ironically enough, amid his drunken state.

anonymous asked:

Melly- sorry to hear about your Grandma. who is Jordan Payton and what is the significance?

Melly, why we dislike Jordan Payton? Im new here, thanks for your time. Hope u have a full day of cuddles and snacks.

It’s gone from his instagram again tho. (If I remember correctly he has posted and deleted posts/pics w/ Liam before)


Alright, let’s talk about Jordan Payton since folks are asking!

Jordan Payton is a player for the Cleveland Browns. Currently suspended for getting caught with PEDs, in case you were wondering.

To say that Jordan has had a subpar year in the NFL is putting it kindly, and Jordan wants to be famous. The last time he was spotted out and about with Limothy, it was prior to the NFL draft, where his association with Liam could have done a lot. Spoiler alert: It didn’t really though. He got picked fifth round in the draft.

Jordan did indeed delete last night’s instagram post. But not before leaving it up long enough for the fandom to see it. Which, not shady or anything, bruh.

I don’t know if we would call it a dislike as much as a

Jordan Payton was presented to the fandom last year the way that the typical 1D winter beard was.

Putting this under the cut, because its a little long and has screen shots and such.

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01.10.17 // day 10 of 100 dop // 🎶my dear - red velvet

Spent all afternoon at Starbucks so I could finally get a decent amount done on my ap literature project. Got done all that I wanted to! (Because I seem to only ever be productive at Starbucks whoops)

P.s. My Starbucks is officially out of the holiday drinks and it makes me sad