starbucks mocha frappuccino

The Crows on a Road Trip


-Wylan is definitely that one friend™ that packs all of the fruit and gluten free snacks in the brown paper bags and passes them out when everyone starts to get hangry

-Matthias is the driver, because the only other good driver is Inej and she doesn’t like going long distances

-Nina is that one person on every road trip. You know the one.

-”Are we there yet?”

-”I’m hungry!” “You just ate an entire box of Oreos.”


-Wylan gets carsick

-So does Kaz, but he’ll never admit it

-Jesper taking this opportunity to rub circles on Wylan’s back soothingly


-”For the last time, Jesper, we are NOT listening to eighties music!”


-”I still think my music is better…”

-”Wylan, all you listen to are classical symphonies and Broadway showtunes.”

-”Well, they’re quality!”



-Kaz and Inej predicted this would happen, and packed their own earbuds accordingly.

-In the end, Matthias gets to choose because he’s the driver, and everybody groans when he puts on some weird Gregorian chant.

-Wylan is really just a Harry Potter nerd and they’re his favorite books for Jesper to read to him so they’re cuddled in the backseat, Wylan’s head on his shoulder, Jesper’s arm around his back, crying at all of the deaths and eventually falling asleep in each other’s arms

-Inej thinking it’s the cutest thing ever until Jesper starts loudly snoring

-Kaz wondering how they ever got him to agree to this

-Matthias currently staying awake off of Peanut M&Ms and Starbucks double mocha caramel frappuccinos 

-Which he makes Nina order for him at the rest stops because his masculinity mUST BE PRESERVED (Anybody else see that interview with Leigh XD)

-Nina just laughing and agreeing

-Finally everyone makes Matthias turn the chants off and they take Wylan’s suggestion and start listening to Hamilton, which is the only thing they can agree on

-These nerds are assigning each other parts and they all have to sing along accordingly

-Wylan gets all of Eliza’s parts, which he is very happy with because Jesper is Hamilton

-Everyone else picks their jaws up off the floor because Wylan has a bEAUTIFUL singing voice

-Like he SLAYS all of Eliza’s belty riffs in the Schuyler Sisters and Helpless like w o a h 

-But whenever someone compliments him, he breaks character and goes back to being a blushing mess and mumbles, “thank you”

-Matthias can also surprisingly sing very well

-But everyone else is actually terrible

-Like horrendously bad

-”You’ll be Back” was torturous because it was just Nina singing by herself for three minutes straight

-Kaz secretly enjoying himself

-But right when everybody starts to get hangry, having finished all of Wylan’s healthy snacks hours earlier, they start to get at each other’s throats

-Everyone is swearing and moaning and it’s terrible

-So when they find an I-Hop, it’s like walking into heaven

-And they gorge themselves on waffles and pancakes

-And Jesper flirting heavily with Wylan the entire time, causing him to blush furiously

-Kaz just rolls his eyes and says, “Get a room,” but secretly is the captain of that ship

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kin things include forgetting what you're supposed to call yourself for the starbucks barista to write on your cup and havin a wee little moment of panic about it before blurting out the first name that comes to mind, only to realize, ah, I picked the least appropriate name to use at Starbucks, incredible, tall mocha frappuccino for cthulu

[introducing studying-virgo]


I’m Sarah, I’m super excited to be part of the studyblr community! Everyone seems so nice too! I can’t wait to start posting I actually start school tomorrow so, I may post right after this!!

about me!

- i am a huge hamilton fan so if you see any quotes from songs they are most likely from that

- writing is my passion! i like to write on my spare time

- coloring is so cool! i like to color in the adult coloring books! it is a new addiction of mine haha

- black and white are nice! they are my favorite colors after all! (pastel colors are also cute)

- books are great you know! i love to read! so if you want you could recommend me some books? i like general fiction and fantasy (and a lil’ bit of sci-fi)!!

- music is my life! i love music (especially hamilton…) please recommend some songs to me if you’d like!

- starbucks mocha frappuccinos are amazing! don’t get me started…

- i can’t write in cursive…i was never taught how to do such a magical thing!

- photography is also my passion!! i am the photographer of my family haha!

- my birthday is sept. 17 (i am a virgo!)


are you still here? good! here are my goals this school year! <b>

- i want to be a lot more serious when it comes to studying, i wasn’t a fan of it last year

- i want to actually study when i have time!

- make friends on here! i’m really shy and i would like to speak to some people soooo come and talk to me if you will!

- make all a’s!! i want to be better than i was before!

 you are still here?? wow! well here are the classes i have!

- algebra I

- language arts

- high school physical science

- social studies

- honor band (i play the flute!)

- marketing

oh! hi there! one last thing…things i want to learn!!

- french

- polish

- japenese

- how to do calligraphy

- how to doodle?

thanks for reading everything! (if you did, if not thanks for stopping by!)

here are some studyblr’s that are awesome and inspired me!

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by the way i track #heyvirgo and my posts are tagged with #stressed life