starbucks macchiato

The Perfect Starbucks Drink for Your Sign


Aries: Red Eye Iced Coffee

Taurus: Double Chocolate Chip Frappuccino

Gemini: Newest Frappuccino on the Menu

Cancer: Vanilla Latte

Leo: Carmel Macchiato

Virgo: Iced Green Tea

Libra: Pumpkin Spiced Latte

Scorpio: Passion Tea

Sagittarius: Flat White

Capricorn: Espresso Shot

Aquarius: London Fog

Pisces: Oprah Chai Tea


a nice day!

BTS at Starbucks~ (ft. Jikook)

Taehyung: What you guys wanna drink?

Jungkook: Just tea is fine.

Jin: I’ll have the Strawberry Acai, it’s pink~

RM: Black coffee, suga-free.

Suga: Americano. And don’t let me hit you, Namjoon.

Jimin: Caramel macchiato, please.

Jungkook: Wait, I’ll have that too.

BTS: *judging JK*

J-Hobi: I don’t even know why we’re getting coffee at 8p.m. at night like this…

like the people who ive been closest w over the year have been:

- a virgo with a pisces moon

- a capricorn with a pisces moon (cap rising)

- a taurus with a gemini moon 

- a leo with a capricorn moon (cap rising)

- a sagittarius with a capricorn moon (virgo rising)

like whenever ppl ask me how seriously i take astrology i always say something like “i dnt live by it, but there are too many weird coincidences for me to say that it’s bullshit” and this is one of those weird coincidences

I’m not going to say that Starbucks’ caramel macchiato is the worst thing I’ve put in my mouth, but it’s close, and let me explain why.

1. It doesn’t want to exist. It knows it’s a perversion, the creation of a cruel god; it feels the way that Frankenstein’s monster felt about Frankenstein.

2. The caramel and the essential latte nature (the lattetude, if you will) of the drink do not mix well. A latte should be drunk without sugar.

3. The caramel is bad caramel. It is painfully, artificially sweet. With every sip, you’re hit with it anew.

4. The caramel sinks to the bottom, leaving the last undrinkable sips as a morass of horrid, oversweet flavoring and swiftly cooling latte.

This amalgam of the elegant and the unrefined, this child of bad judgement, this ill-starred concoction should be stricken from the annals of Creation.