starbucks bracelet

If you befriend...
  • Aries: You receive, unexpected jogging, laughing until your stomach hurts, shared lunches, the very best hugs, passion.
  • Taurus: You receive, homemade brownies, really genuine smiles, listening ears, video game playing, patience.
  • Gemini: You receive, free car rides, small talk, many books, mix CDs, giggle fits, open honesty, party invites.
  • Cancer: You receive, lots of hugs, maybe even kisses, borrowed jackets, kindness, hot chocolate movie nights.
  • Leo: You receive, style advice, life advice, friendship bracelets, free Starbucks, late night phone calls, joy.
  • Virgo: You receive, loyalty, someone whose never late, inside jokes, wonderful listening, wisdom, intelligence.
  • Libra: You receive, morning hikes, style help, charisma, lots of laughter, adventures, solid friendship, goofy faces.
  • Scorpio: You receive, love, reassuring stares, lots of cheering on, generosity, concerts, sleepless nights.
  • Sagittarius: You receive, sporadic trips, random coffee dates, the best sleepovers, start gazing, really great jokes.
  • Capricorn: You receive, bagels and coffee, classy outings, really meaningful conversations, a new taste in music, talent.
  • Aquarius: You receive, random gifts, so many jokes, the best nights out, optimism, honesty, ambition, lots of trust.
  • Pisces: You receive, imagination, cloud gazing, ideas, lots of small conversation about silly things, very sweet gazes, many meaningful hugs.

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