Calum Hood Imagine - 5SOS

Prompt: You and Calum are in rivaling bands, but are secretly dating. Things get sort of interesting.

So you probably could’ve picked a better secluded spot than Starbucks. For one thing, it wasn’t really secluded at all. Also, there were obviously people there who knew that your band and Calum’s band supposedly hated each other. You were rivals. So obviously, it was weird for people to see you together. Especially if you were making out. Which, admittedly, you were.

But, to be fair, you weren’t in Starbucks. You were standing to the side of the building. It was a big city; how hard could it be to stay relatively hidden?

Well, seeing as though Calum was pressing you up against a wall and kissing you so hard you were afraid your lips would bruise and turn purple, it was pretty hard. 

“Cal,” you said between kisses, “maybe this isn’t the best place. We could go back to my hotel …” Your voice was suggestive.

Calum hummed deep in his throat. “Can’t,” he mumbled. “As amazing as that sounds, I have to be back in forty minutes. Also, your band is in the hotel, and we can’t risk them seeing us.”

Rolling your eyes, you sighed in exasperation. You were no longer kissing, but you were standing as close to each other as you could get, and Calum had his arms wrapped around your waist.

“I hate keeping this a secret,” you said grumpily. “God, I hate media, and I hate not being able to even be friends with the rest of your band because there’d be so much talk, and I just–”

“I know,” Calum whispered, cutting you off. “But there’s nothing we can really do about it. You know how some of the fans are.”

You nodded in understanding, winding your hands around his neck. “Kiss me again, then … You know, to make up for it.” You smirked slightly.

Chuckling, Calum leaned down and brushed his lips against yours once again. Gradually, it heated up like it had before, and it was your second full-blown makeout session in a very public place. No one had seemed to notice so far, but obviously, someone had to. And obviously, it had to be just the wrong person.

Luke stood in front of you, a huge coffee in his hand, eyes wide.

“What the … Calum?”

let me know if you want there to be a part 2 to this, please!
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Shackled In My Embrace

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by Mist_And_Shadow

Bucky, he tried again, lids sliding shut against his will. Memories strobed across the backs of them, more vivid than the present: a rough charcoal sketch of a shirtless young man curled up asleep in a mound of blankets; a kiss in an alleyway, the taste of liquor and Bucky on his lips; the rough wood of a bunkroom door biting into his back as he was pushed up against it, gasping for breath as a soft, familiar mouth laid claim to his neck, his collarbone, each new inch of skin that his best friend’s quick, dexterous fingers uncovered.
I’m with you till the end of the line, whispered the Bucky of another time, another place, another life. And if anything comes after that, I’ll be with you then.

The friends, the lovers, and the reunited.
Or, two times they kissed, and one time they should have.

Words: 6289, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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Too close

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by mabomanji

Bucky can’t hold it in anymore, he’s so sad because ever since he came back, Steve is being so distant with him. But it doesn’t surprise him since he’s an ex assassin. Steve finds him crying on the balcony during a party at the Avengers Tower.

Words: 1854, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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