SO I was being a cliche and writing a screenplay in a Starbuck’s when I noticed these young women at a table nearby, sort of furtively eyeballing me and whispering in Japanese. This continued for a couple of minutes, and the only words I could make out, repeatedly, were “Nick Miller.” It struck me that, while I don’t think I look A LOT like Jake Johnson (Nick Miller on New Girl), I AM an almost-attractive scruffy white guy with a couple of days stubble on his face and permanently sleepy-eyed?? So when I got up from my table to grab a refill I awkwardly moonwalked out of the room Nick Miller-style and they LOST THEIR SHIT.

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Something So Precious

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by steveandbucky

Bucky Barnes has two major weaknesses: small babies and big men.

Enter Steve Rogers: tall, blonde, all-around dream hunk, and awkward single parent.

Words: , Chapters: 0/15, Language: English

Series: Part 17 of in any version of reality

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“If you press me to say why I loved him, I can say no more than because it was him, because it was me.” - Michel de Montaigne 

Small Print

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by boopboop

Once upon a time in 1944… aka Steve contemplates the merits of hiding under a desk before Bucky finds out that they are maybe, kinda, just a little bit married.

Words: 1345, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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nasıl iş bu
her yanına çiçek yağmış
erik ağacının
ışık içinde yüzüyor
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gözlerin kamaşır

oysa ben akşam olmuşum
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usul usul
adım sonbahar 🍂 ☔️ 💨

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The Signs as Basic White Girl things
  • Aries:Justin Bieber
  • Taurus:taking pics with your iPad in public
  • Gemini:ombré hair
  • Cancer:tie dye parties
  • Leo:Starbucks
  • Virgo:high waisted shorts
  • Libra:Dylan O' Brien
  • Scorpio:American Eagle jeans
  • Sagittarius:flower crowns
  • Capricorn:white converse
  • Aquarius:crop tops
  • Pisces:writing yourself into a novel/fanfic

This Day in Spacey History in the year 2011 finds Kevin sharing the foursome of photos on the left from a photo shoot he did for the Wall Street Journal. Said Kevin: “Photos of a photo shoot I did today in LA with photographer @chrismcpherson_ and stylist @jargan”

The one on the right was used in the article. Dear Kevin, need more. xo

The One Where (Somehow) the Team is Oblivious

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by Darksknight

Everyone notices how close Steve and Bucky are but, of course, that’s only because they’re old-timey best friends, right? They only act like lovers, right? Discovering that it’s exactly what it looks like shouldn’t come as a huge shock and yet, somehow, it does.

Words: 4767, Chapters: ½, Language: English

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