starbolt five

Before I turn in for the night, I’m gonna add this bit of a headcanon

and I haven’t updated starbolt five tag in a while.

This is what I think Robin’s eyes look like as tamaranean. Green because his eye beams were shown green but his pupils remain blue. Just as his skin tone never changed, I like to think he has these cool unique eyes.

But then now he has to wear a hologram ring when civilian :c  

Starbolt Five - 13

Adventures of a Tamaranian Boy Wonder. When Katarou’s power-switching gem sticks for Robin only, he is left to learn just what it means to be Tamaranian.

As imagined by Ya-ssui.


Kry’s note: Um. Hi. So. Um. Since it’s been so long, I totally forgot where I was going with the rage thing, so here’s a snapshotty thing of something which might occur. I’m sure the rage thing will come back into play, once I’ve figured out where I was.

Please note, I have been given permission to angst. Tempered though it may be by the wrath of Kater, I know I can appease her by the use of -Kry writes smut-. So angst ahoy.

Rumble. Purr. Bliss.

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